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Tipped Off 6 Results! Hbox/Dr. Pee Pee/Tope/Col Bol and friends!


Banned via Administration
Mar 26, 2006
Great tournament.
Fullmetal is at work and he is badly sick, so I am shouldering some workload for him.
Thanks to OOS for making the TO series such a great success!


Teams: 37 Total Teams
Payouts: 50/25/15/10
Entry Fee: 20$ Per Team
Pot: $740

1: I'm With Wizard Foot (
Linguini + Col Bol
2: THOR and ODIN *Cyrope Train* (
Tope + Cyrain
3: Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Could Float Like Me? (
Dop + Hungrybox
4: Hot **** (
Rockcrock + Harriettheguy
5: Legend of Ganon Rules (
chaddd + l0zr

5: Get your swag on (
Sleepyk + Cornel

7: Mount Everest (
Chad + Iori

7: Uber Sandwich (
PB&J + UberIce

9: Royal Blood (
Apollo + Shag

9: Like a Thief in The Night (
True Darkness + Sneak

9: We 4Stock Mango (
Articanus + DruggedFox

9: Drunken Catfish (
Everlasting Yay + Dr. Pee Pee

13: Washed up scrubs like cl0ckwork (XIF and Marsfool!)
13: Gargantually Great Gigantic Ganja Warriors (BossNasty + DarkSyde)
13: The B*tch, The Hoe, and The Eskimo (DoH + Wobbles)
13: Fresh Bowl of MariO's (DogySamich + DP's Mario)
17: Winners Do Drugs (Nicaboy + Trikrome)
17: 90 F*ck point A** (Savedge + Doll)
17: The Boys are Back in Town (Fullmetal + s0ft)
17: SleepyK Fanboys (pr0ject + No Face)
17: Munkus Beaver (Joot + Moogle)
17: Return of a Western Star (Ambix + IHaveSpaceBalls)
17: Whose Line is it Anyway HD Remix (h1roshi + Nite)
17: Team Gwylo (N2K + Red Fox)
25: The Mystic Adventure of Yzma (Arby + VTS)
25: Bobby Cox's C*cks (GAWes + Mike G)
25: The Long Hard Return of the Gay Construction Workers (SDS + Kaddy)
25: Excalibuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurr (Diatenshi + Blade)
25: Jesus Juice (Tubes + DrPepper)
25: Zero Thinking (Zero + kniht)
25: Gym Leader Whitney's A** (BunBun + Cheap)
25: Web of Deception (TRC + TheReflexWonder)
33: Sweet Berries (Firoki + Tairseth)
33: BBQ Sux because he had a laptop the whole time and didn't tell me that F*ggot we could have started teams on time (BBQ + Poehlcat)
33: Cat Planet (Myztek + Mythek)
33: Unnecessary Johns (Blindghost + VGMastaRicky)
49: CatDog (TBag + Steven)


Singles: Total Entrants: 89
Pools AiB Link: http://allisbrawl.com/event.aspx?id=9530
Payouts: 40/25/15/10/5/5
Entry Fee: $15
Pot: $1,275

1: Hungrybox
2: Dr PeePee
3: Tope
4: Colbol
5: XIF
5: Rayku
7: RockCrock

7: That Guy Over There (-Chad-)

9: Waffles (Wobbles)

9: Linguini

9: Harriet the guy

9: Cyrain

13: Dop

13: LoZr

13: DoH

13: IHaveSpaceballs

17: Rangaha

17: Uberice

17: Trikrome

17: Iori

17: Fullmetal

17: Merck

17: DruggedFox

17: Apollo

25: Articanus

25: Moogle

25: Myztek

25: Ambix

25: Savedge

25: Everlasting Yay

25: J00t

25: Cornel

33: Mike G

33: Hiroshi

33: Cheap

33: PB&J

33: Arby

33: Shag

33: DP's Mario

33: Nite

33: BossNasty

33: kniHt

33: Rx

33: Poehlcat

33: Soft

33: MarsFool!

33: SpiderSense

33: Dogysamich


Side Charity Events
Thank you so much to everyone who donated!
all the money that was collected is going to eugenio's family and ryan's family.
I think we raised a little over $200.
it was minimum $1 to enter the side events.
Many people had to leave and forfeited, but it was still a lot of fun and Grand Finals were hilarious!

Ryan Roberts Falcon Only

1: Dr Peepee

2: Everlasting Yay

3: LoZr

4: Sleepy K

5: Savedge

5: Colbol

7: Darksyde

7: Trikrome

9: Joot

9: Sneak

9: Wobbles

9: Cornel

13: Nite

13: DruggedFox

13: Poehlcat(Doll)

13: No Face

17: XIF

17: Rayku

17: VTS

17: Emma Watson's Boyfriend

17: Ihavespaceballs

17: Tubes

17: Smith

17: Yoshiman

25: Travis

25: Frames

25: Doll

25: Hyperdragon

25: Awesome Toe

25: Arby

25: Slasher King

25: Myztek

33: Dogysamich

33: BunBun

33: Iori

33: BlindGhost

33: Fullmetal

33: Firoki

33: Linguini

33: Rx

33: RJ

33: BBQ

33: pr0ject

33: Chad

49: Nicaboy

Bracket: (was completely random)

Eugenio Medina Marth Only

1: LoZr

2: Everlasting Yay

3: Colbol

4: Wobbles

5: Sleepy K

5: BBQ

7: Tope

7: DruggedFox

9: Iori

9: Fullmetal

9: XIF

9: Soft

13: Mike G

13: Hungrybox

13: Hiroshi

13: nite

17: Rayku

17: SpiderSense

17: Cornel

17: BunBun

17: Rx

17: Dogysamich

17: Chad

17: Ovonte

25: Nicaboy

25: ihavespaceballs

25: tubes

25: PB&J

25: Crimson Blur

25: Frames

25: RJ

25: hyperdragon

Bracket: (was completely random)

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Smash Champion
Mar 26, 2008
Woodstock, GA
Tipped Off series never seize to be amazing and magical.

I'll make shoutouts when I'm not completely exhausted, lol.


Smash Hero
Apr 25, 2007
lawrenceville, GA
tourny was fun..im only sad we couldnt do crews

hbox- your good kid..real good, but as long as im around your always be second best..lol

uber ice- we def need to team at like every tourny now and just win ..while playing with one hand

more shout outs later


Smash Journeyman
Mar 18, 2005
Snorlax, GA
dinga ding ding ding

Swag all d(y)ayyyy

I suggest a swag tournament, where there is a panel to judge your swag and the swaggiest swagger gets to advance

I'm not joking, let's do this.


Smash Master
Nov 29, 2005
Memphis, TN
I want to know what bizarre version of telephone was played here. Because I don't see how me telling Ambix that our team name is "Chuckie Finster should totally bang his asian stepsister" resulted in our team name being written down as "Return of a Western Star" (wtf does that even mean).


Hidden Boss
Aug 20, 2003
Sharpsburg, ATL, USA!!!!!!!!!
sup tommy, yeah man i showed up for saturday to play teams with mikey g (couldnt go sunday because of schoolwork, so im pretty bummed that the memorial tournies didnt happen saturday, oh well, **** happens). Didnt go all too hot as it could have, i really dont play but about 2 or 3 times a month if im lucky. . . lol. but its just cause of school and the fact that anyone remotely close to me has quit, while the GA scene about 2 hours north of me is apparently booming. But i graduate this december, moving to paris for like 4 months, and i'll be doing nothing but hanging with my girlfriend, cooking/eating/drinking traveling and playing smash with french kids, i'm thinking paris should have a pretty solid scene, i plan on being beast when i get back, reaaaal beast. Hows **** on your end, you graduated already right? where you living now?


No More Free Jumps!
May 24, 2009
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Thanks for hosting fullmetal and everyone that helped.

--------------------Shout Outs---------------------

My pool(-chad-, cyrain, Cornel, kniHt): So what if I got grapped, it was fun.

sleepyk: They were fun matchs, I want to play you next time we meet.
yoshido: I really enjoyed playing your yoshi.
colbol: don't touch me there. You've ***** me harder than anyone I have ever played.:awesome:
HBox: Didn't get to play you, I'll make sure I do next time we're in the same area.
Hitbox: We only played one match but it was fun.

Can't remember any other names right now. Don't be offended, I'm a forgetful person by nature.
But, if you wish to be offended, you had no impact on my life.


Smash Hero
Oct 4, 2009
Greensboro, NC
he was sheik i'm sure.

me and sneak tied with pp and yay in teams.

but neither of us even made the bracket for singles.

lol. ryan had that super stacked pool. (mike g, uberice, D'oh, nite)

fun tourney. seeing top level ganon in action is cool. but i have no real understanding on why such a huge gap exists between me and...everyone else at this tourney. ah well.


Smash Champion
Mar 26, 2008
Woodstock, GA
The dern best.


lol yeah, we pretty much had the best team name.

also, I got match 2 and 3 of rayku vs wobbles recorded. **** was the most hype all tournament.

oh yeah, and rayku only mains sheik now. his secondaries (ganon/fox) aren't nearly as good as his sheik.


Smash Ace
Feb 10, 2006
Man what a trip. That was some of the most fun I've ever had at a smash tournament. Thank you all for making this whole trip amazing!

Full-Metal: awesome tournament man. Good pick for a venue and well-run. Nice seeing you and can't wait for the next one!

RockCrock, Harriettheguy, Blindghost, VGMRicky: thanks for the travel companionship. A-Z smashers, go!

PB&J: thanks for housing buddy. Also well done in tournament.

Hungrybox: congrats buddy, brining it home for Florida! Hope you had a pleasant flight home.

Colbol: I even counterwarded!

Shag: thanks for teaming with me. I'm very pleased w/ how we did, given how little prior practice we had.

Everyone I played: gg's all, thanks for the matches. It's kinda crazy to see how good our community is when NOBODY at this tournament was bad.

G. Vice

Smash Lord
Jun 15, 2007
I see you reppin' Arkansas Arby :D

wish I could have made it. Super glad to see memorial tournies for our past smash friends.

<3 NES Noob

DtJ SmithZzz

Happy Birthday Kjell
Oct 4, 2009
Raleigh, NC
Oh this was amazing.
Even though I got back at 9AM and my Mom gave me the **** and I skipped school. ;DDDD
also I'm kinda to lazy to do shout outs, but this was incredibly fun.


Smash Apprentice
Jul 23, 2009
I wish I could have played in the charity tourneys, but I had to leave at like 6pm.
Oh well.

**** tourney, Mike.

Shoutouts some time later.
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