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Tipped Off 5 Results/Shoutouts thread!


Smash Champion
Sep 20, 2006
Lawrenceville , GA
Singles Results:

TO5 Singles (Bracket) Results:
1: Hungrybox ($774.00)
2: M2K ($387.00)
3: Dr PeePee ($129.00)
4: Colbol
5: Lambchops
5: Sugoi Kawaii Moe Chan
7: Chaddd
7: Tope
9: QueenDVS
9: Dogy
9: Sleepy K
13: Chad
13: Soft
13: I Have Space Balls
13: Cyrax from Mortal Kombat
17: NIte
17: LOZR
17: Alpha Gundam
17: C
17: Don Hudson
17: Ali
17: DJ Nintendo
17: Sinensis
25: RockCrock
25: BossNasty
25: Fullmetal
25: DP's Mario
25: Xif
25: Uuaa
25: Merc
25: Joot
33: The Doug
33: dashdancedan
33: Rayku
33: Sav-Edge
33: CO
33: Finch
33: GaWes
33: Moogle

TO5 Teams Results:
1: I'm in a Hungrybox of emotions (M2K & Hungrybox)
2: I Don't Like the Tone of Your Skin, BOY (Lambchops & ColBol)
3: NC Catfish (LOZR & Dr.PeePee)
4: Ask Tope When He Gets Here (Tope & Cyrain)
5: Harriet the C (Harriettheguy & C)
5: ThunderSkullTip (RockCrock & QDVS)
7: Reduced Sugar Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Marty & Xif)
7: The Boys Are Back In Town (Fullmetal & Soft)
9: Uno Mas (Chad & Myztek)
9: Chaddd&Wes Awesome Team (Chaddd & Wes)
9: Munkus Beaver (Moogle & Joot)
9: Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Knee (NIte & Ali)
13: Stomp Squad (Rayku & NES n00b)
13: The Darkest Gundam Ever in Anime and the Blackest Co-Pilot in Existence (TheAlphaGundam & DogySamich)
13: Cold Lonely Conn. Nights (Sleepy K & dashdancedan)
13: Fire Beats Ice Part 2 (PB&J & DJNintendo)
17: Team Uuaa & Coco (Uuaa & Coco)
17: Luigi's *****' Mansion (Hazzard & Magzk)
17: Why Are We in Georgia!? (The Doug & Savedge)
17: Wolfbeard Neckshirts (I Have Spaceballs & Coach)
17: Peachtree Industrial BLVD. (Caboose & Poehlcat)
17: Lord Darkfish (Karn & Jawsh)
17: ******** Circles (Sinensis & Iori)
17: Toaster Scramble (DP & GTFO)
25: We Hate Each Other (Finch & Rx-)
25: FullBlown Seal Sex Noises (RJ & Player 3)
25: AIDS Burger (Toasty & TBag)
25: JesusEatsQuesters (KO KingPin & M-slano)
25: Moore Detective Agency (Zero & Hyper)
25: Underdogs (Shag & Judo)
25: Upper God Tier (Smashter Link & CO)
25: Stupid Name (Jim & Vilt)
33: Donkey Kong Country (Will_ & Kismet2)
33: The Other NC Team (Seven & Darkhart)
33: Billy Bad ***** (Don Hudson & Mott)
33: Dinner (Moophobia & Foxy)
33: God & DRD (God & DRD)

More to come later!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to this, I love you guys!!!


Smash Master
Feb 19, 2009
what...djn kept on saying there were legitimately 500 + people at this. So why are there only like 40 people in the results. Maybe they got it wrong. And if you know that im wrong just tell me. Cuz I did not go to this so yeah...

P.S. He was kidding when he aid that was'nt he. Why DJ ? Why ?

DtJ Jungle

Check out my character in #GranblueFantasy
Jul 29, 2008
Think logically. Genesis had been hyped for like 6 months and was in a much bigger smash area.

What made you think that it could have almost DOUBLE that hahahaha.

I'm not trying to be an ******* just trying to help clear things up, fyi :)


Smash Master
Feb 19, 2009
Think logically. Genesis had been hyped for like 6 months and was in a much bigger smash area.

What made you think that it could have almost DOUBLE that hahahaha.

I'm not trying to be an ******* just trying to help clear things up, fyi :)
Yeah thats true...wasn't thinking on this one. Oh well thnx for clearing that up for me Junglefever


Smash Master
Feb 19, 2009
Good **** Juan, getting redemption from Herb 2. But don't stop getting better now man. You're around m2k's level but you are not better than him yet, plus he is a box of emotions lol (Jason needs to build his confidence back up and **** everyone again like he used to). Next time you and mango face each other, beat him pleeasssse.


Smash Cadet
Nov 5, 2007
I had a great time at this tournament.

Colbol- I had fun playing friendlies with you. Your fox should be banned.
Tope- I thoroughly enjoyed 90% of our matches; the other 10% were dumb because you played too intelligently or I played too stupidly. No johns.... : ) I definitely learned a lot from you.
Cyrain- Good stuff, man. Your fox is a beast.
Seven- Your marth has gotten much better since we last played. Props and keep up the good work.
Wes- I had a good time playing your falcon. What the heck? You almost landed a falcon punch on me, you tricky man, you. :) Hope to see you at future tournaments.
LOZR- Thanks for helping me out, bro. Your act of kindness will not be forgotten. Our friendlies were awesome, and that luigi of yours is sick.
Chaddd- Best ganon of all time??? Good stuff. I hope to get some more matches in with you next time.
Chad- Glad I was able to make a contribution. : )
Toasty/Full Metal- Thanks for housing me Saturday/Sunday (respectively) night.
Moogle- Our matches were waaay too close as always. Good stuff.
M-slano- Looking good man. Our matches were a lot of fun.
NES N00B- Wow, you just keep getting better.
Myztek- You've stepped up your game a lot, man. Keep up the good work.
KO Kingpin- You've still got it, you sexy beast.
Savedge- Our matches were just about as intense and awesome as they've always been. Hope to see you again before too long.
Soft- We had some good matches, bro. It was a lot of fun.
Dr. PeePee- Good times. Hope you're able to find someone to train. If you don't have much luck in NC, you can come to Knoxville, TN and train me any day.
Dogy- Your doc is a bad, bad man.

Good stuff to all.


Smash Ace
Feb 15, 2008
Atlanta, Georgia
I would have shoutouts if I could remember the names of any of the people who taught me stuff. As it stands I can only really give a shoutout to Judo since, like, nachos rule and stuff.

GA Peach

Smash Lord
Nov 6, 2005
tournament was a lot of fun, guys. i really enjoyed it. maybe next time, i'll be able to enter singles, so be on the lookout for my Roy.


Smash Champion
Jul 16, 2006
North AL

moogle: Thanks for the ride like always. I am inspired more than ever to get better. So... let's train together... and stuff.

Sugoi Kawaii Moe Chan: WHERE THE **** DID YOU COME FROM!?! You're sooooooooo goooooooooooooood.

XIF: Thanks a lot for the advice, we had a pretty close first match and then I got impatient on the second match. You're super cool.

Sinesis/Red Ninja: Good match, I'll get you next time. ;)

SleepyK: My Fox is super bad, lol. I'll stay Falcon next time. Good ****, and you are a really awesome guy. Also, YOU BOUGHT TOPE'S BEARD HOLY ****!

coach: Stop talking to me during matches. LOL. But you did help a little :)

Iori: Had fun MMing you. Game and Watch hates M2 nair :(

Ali: Our friendlies + pool match was really fun. Can't wait to play you again.

Jack: You are awesome like always.

mslano: Thanks for housing us. Waffle House was fun, even though I was super tired and had a headache.

Will_: Don't worry man, being a waiter isn't so bad. >_>; <_<;

Chad: I won't run from you next time.

Myztek: We had some good friendlies. Was good seeing you again.

This tournament was awesome, except for the singles bracket. I've never seen so many byes >_>;


Smash Hero
Apr 27, 2007
What, Hungrybox won? He's gettin better and better.


Smash Master
May 30, 2006
god dam now im mad i didnt win cause gay *** hbox won

god dammit m2k

ima have 2 train ur ***

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