Time Travelers - Town wins! Time travel mechanics rarely used!


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May 4, 2005

The following links may help new players become acquainted with the game:

Newbie Guide: Introduction for new players.

Basic Rules: Reading these rules, along with the game's specific rules, will help you understand the game.

Common Roles: Includes a description of the roles both commonly and uncommonly found in Mafia.

Smashboards Mafia Archives: This archive includes examples of past Mafia games in Decisive Games.

1. Disputes with and private questions for me should be handled through PM or instant messaging. If you notice that I have made a simple mistake or if you have a simple question, please address them in the thread in bold.
2. Dead men tell no tales. Once you have died in the game, you are dead (unless, later, I tell you you're not). Dead players are not allowed to make any more posts in the thread for any reason whatsoever. No communication about this game is allowed with non-players or players who are dead, even if you yourself are dead. (If you are dead, you may not discuss the game with anyone who is currently playing, even if you could while you were alive.)
3. Unless your role PM specifically allows you the power, you are not to communicate with anyone about this game outside of this game thread. This includes posting content outside of the game thread and linking to it in the game thread. If your role PM does allow you this power, you are to post all conversations in a quick topic. Copy paste instant messages. They're amusing. This includes hydra logs; any private information remains private and must be paraphrased.
4. Editing your posts is not allowed.
5. I reserve the right to deny anyone from signing up/replacing.
6. Personally attacking another player is not allowed.
7a. You are not allowed to quote any mod communication of any kind, real or fake, to anyone. You must paraphrase all information you wish to claim. You are not allowed to post or refer to any images in your role PM, nor may you post metadata about mod PMs in an attempt to break the game (e.g., message ID in the URL, time of day the message was sent, etc.). The same rules apply to hydra logs, masonries, and any other form of non-forum communication.
8. Do not attempt to post generally unreadable or hidden text, as by changing the text color to match or resemble the page background. (Spoiler tags are allowed because they are easily noticeable. If a player in the game has issues with your text color, you must change it upon request regardless of the reason of said request. This rule is not meant to disallow breadcrumbing within the visible text of a message.)
9. You may not use ciphers, encryption, or similar techniques.
10. You must post in English when typing a post.
11. Assuming your role PM does not say otherwise, breaking any sort of posting restriction will result in a punishment of having a permanent vote on you, meaning you take one less to lynch. These punishments can never kill you alone, but one vote and many punishments can.
12. Hydras, if in the game, must post in their Hydra accounts. This is so other players can easily review their posting history. The first mistake in this will result in a warning, further mistakes will be dealt with via a punishment from the mod. All hydras must have the name of both players located in the bio information (location or custom title).
13. All the rules in this post are constant, but powers and statements by the mod in a role PM can trump them. If you feel the mod has told you something that conflicts with the rules above, please check with the mod.

Voting and Lynching
1. Each Day, you may vote for a player to be lynched using a bold vote command. For example, vote: Inui.
2. To unvote, use the command unvote. For example, unvote vote: Xyro.
3. No lynch is a viable lynch choice and a majority will end the Day without a lynch. For example, vote: No Lynch.
4. The Day will end when a majority lynch is decided or a pre-set deadline has been reached. If deadline is reached without a majority lynch decided, there will be no lynch.
5. After the majority lynch has been decided but before the lynch scene is posted, there will be a Twilight phase. Everyone can post in this phase, including the lynch majority target. After the lynch scene is posted, the game will move to Night.
6. There is no posting in this thread during the Night phase. Doing so will result in a visible warning, and future posts will result in a punishment by the moderator for the following Day.

Activity and Deadline
1. You are required to post every 72 hours. If you fail to do so, you will be prodded. An accumulation of too many prods over the course of the game (however many I think that is) will result in your punishment, replacement or a modkill depending on the circumstances. When feasible, I will tell you if I'm considering replacing/modkilling you. If you will be inactive for an extended period of time, you must notify me in advance. Unexcused or particularly long absences may result in your replacement or modkill. There will be no replacements after D4 has started except in extreme circumstances; if the person can post on smashboards, they won't be replaced.
2. We will have strict day cycles set on 10-days in real life. The town must stay active and be willing to punish inactive players if they hope to succeed.
3. I do not expect to grant deadline extensions, barring extenuating circumstances. In the event I need to replace a player, I may extend the deadline to accommodate the new player. Certain game events may also result in a change of deadline.
4. Nights will generally last approximately 48 hours. If you have a Night action and do not wish to use it, please send me a PM to that effect, lest I have to wait until the deadline for naught.

Special Notes
1. There are no jesters in this game, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone’s win conditions are uniform!
2. Ties may be possible in certain circumstances. If this is the case, both factions will win unless otherwise stated in their role PM.
3. I would like to actively encourage everyone to pressure players that are inactive and punish them by lynching them if necessary. I will replace players that need to be replaced, but the town shouldn't let that be an excuse to let players get away with staying quiet.
4. Knowledge of Tim Travel isn't necessary to play, but it might be useful. Try reading up on wormhole theory and Stephen Hawkings recent papers.
5. If you rely on flavor, you might get burned. Try to focus on information and player actions if you want to succeed.
6. Time travel can be very confusing. Don't assume you know how it works; try to think logically to piece things together.

Sample Role PM:

Welcome to Time Travelers Mafia, (name). You are the Scrooge! You've traveled through time and space to see your life in all sorts of ways... but what does that mean for you?

Greed: Each Night, you may choose a player. The following Night, that person will not be able to use their abilities unless you allow them to.

Charity: Each Night, you may choose a player. The following Night, they can use their ability twice.

You have to post all your text in Green, the color of money.

Win Condition:
You are town aligned and win when all threats to the town have been eliminated or nothing can prevent this or maybe if godzilla comes and kills all the bad guys.

Surviving player list:

2. Raziek/Ryker (Degrey)
3. Kataefi/Soupamario (SoupaKatamari)
9. Gova
10. Ranmaru

1. UTD Zac

The Dead:
6. July The Sorceress, Mafia Sorceress
13. Nicholas1024 Donnie Darko, Doomed Townie
8. Kawaii Kangaroo (Vandy/J) Hiro, Independent Time Traveling Role Blocker
1. T-block James Cole, Town Paranoid Gun Owner
4. videogames.jpg (Asdioh/X1-12) John Connor Town Time Traveling Doctor
11. Reyth The Terminator, Independent Serial Killer
12. Swiss Bill & Ted, Town Time Traveling Tracker
5. Nabe Trevor Fitzroy, Mafia Time Traveler

Removed from the game:
7. Prehistoric Laundry Sex Dance (Laundry/Kuz) The Sorceress, Mafia Sorceress

Important posts:
Day 1
Day 1 begins again
Day 1 finally ends
Day 2 begins
Day 2 ends
Day 3 begins
Day 4 ends


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Oct 12, 2008
^that's good news Kuz! Sharing is caring! I hope this applies to everyone as it saves vanz and myself from having to gouge our eyes out trying to kill him...

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Sep 15, 2010
If I get scum with swiss, I'm gonna go on a trolling spree with him.

Kataaa, still can't make the super secret awesome special hydra?

That's our name by the way, the SSASH.


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Jun 23, 2008
i just checked videogames.jpg, no role PM. hopefully he sends role PMs to the hydra account and the players' accounts :3


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Jun 1, 2010
Philadelphia, PA
Prehistoric Laundry Sex Dance, you have Trixie the Triceratops in your avi and for that I applaud you, by far one of the best yet least appreciated new characters from Toy Story 3.

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Feb 14, 2010
So basically he's gonna follow you around and do whatever you do Kuzi. Like you are the shepard and he is your sheep following you. Get it haha?


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Feb 10, 2008
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Antelopes are like sheep but live in Africa. Inside joke between me and July.


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Feb 10, 2008
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SW-0654 7794 0698
You'll snake Kuz? Erotic.

Or do you mean you'll Snake him? Hide in a cardboard box and pull him in?

No, Soup. He would couger me, so I'd counter with snake. : D Most likely constriction.