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Thoughts on yoshi recovery

Don Pablo

Smash Rookie
Sep 8, 2016
I know this has been an idea thrown around for a while but what is everyone's thoughts on giving Yoshi a slight boost in height while using up b? I believe it was in brawl and was taken out during the pm transition but never understood why. I realize the strength of the armor on stage with the double jump cancels but gimping him seems pretty easy and I feel like this would be more of a quality of life change than anything just to make Yoshi feel more stable . Thoughts?

Deleted member 189823

Having picked up Brawl for a bit again, and even taking a look at Zudenka's sets...I can actually see more of a case for that than I ever did before. A lot of times he actually just powered through attacks with armour (which would've otherwise sealed his stock), other times he airdodged. I think people didn't punish airdodges as much in Brawl.

Cliff, our recovery's solid, I'd say. Unless you're either really good at footstooling, then it's doable.
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Jun 22, 2012
I think he needs that slight boost. C Falcon or any other character can gimp the hell out of him. Options are very limited too.
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