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Things you can do with pre-hitbox autocancels (A-cancel)


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Dec 24, 2008
The Netherlands, sometimes Japan
Recently a video has been released about A-cancel, which is a trick to land on the ground with minimal lag by using the autocancel frames of an aerial before the hitbox comes out.Yes, for some reason you can autocancel your aerials before your hitbox comes out during certain frames. If you land during these frames, you will land with no lag (of course you will also get no hitbox out because your autocancel before it comes out). Aside from landing with no lag during a tumble state (see vid), there are several other tricks Peach has with this mechanism.

First, let's go over her frame data to see what move allows us to A-cancel (I think this has become the official name for it?) the best.

Aerial Autocancel frames
Nair 1-4, 36>
Fair 1-9, 41>
Bair 1-4, 30>
Uair 1-4, 41>
Dair 1-11, 38>

The numbers before the comma are the autocancel before the hitbox comes out. Fair and Dair are the easiest (and thus best) aerials to A-cancel with because they have the largest window. I recommend A-canceling with this two moves.

Some of the following techniques may not be possible to perform without using tilt-stick!! just switch to tilt stick

Fast Fall Float Hop
Discovered a long time ago by a Japanese player, it is possible to fast fall your empty float hops with a fast fall if you use A-cancel. This trick is very useful for those who like fast movement! The way to do this:

1. Ground float
2. Release ground float
3/4. Input a Fair (or any other aerial but Dair. Fair has the largest window so it works the best)
3/4. Simultaneously, press down to fast fall.

THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH SMASH STICK! Doing an input on the analog stick while doing an attack on the C-stick is impossible at exactly the same. Since you have to press down (to do a fast fall) and an aerial at the same time, this technique is impossible on Smash stick.

For some reason Dair does not fast fall so it doesn't work well with Dair, despite the autocancel window being larger. Fair is your most reliable option.

Tip: If you feel the distance you get is not enough, you can jump a little bit higher before fastfalling your Fair. You will land one or two frames later but you will increase your distance.

Short Hop Airdodge Cancel
Thanks to her floatiness and her float, Peach has a million tricks to use out of an airdodge, such as airdodge > second jump > float, airdodge > float, or airdodge > aerial. One other technique she can do is using her A-cancel to land after a shorthop airdodge as fast as possible. Aside from mix-up potential, this also leaves her invinicible for a long time which suffering very little lag. It's also super super easy.

1. Short hop airdodge
2. When your shorthop airdodge is over, fast fall a Fair

That's it! Your will land almost laglessly.

Peach is not the only character who can do this, a few other chars can do this as well, but what makes it so strong with Peach is that this is only one of the many options she has out of her airdodge, making a strong airdodge game very unpredictable.

Platform cancel
You can platform cancel using A-cancel, preferably with a Dair or Fair. This allows you to immediately land on a platform.

1. Do a full jump OR jump and double jump (whatever that takes you on platform height)
2. Fast fall Fair or Dair to land on the platform.

This technique is easy to screw up though, and it's not super fast either. It's a good mix-up though when mastered. I haven't seen anyone using this technique to its fullest potential yet though.

Dair to Fast Fall
Fast falling immediately from a floating Dair can be made easier and faster by using A-cancel. In order to do this, you will need to do an aerial after Dair and fast fall immediately. Dair works best with this technique, although Fair can work too. If you screw Fair up you will be in a lot of landing lag though!

1. Do a floating Dair (on usualy Dair high, above your opponents head)
2. During Dair's ending lag, input another Dair and fast fall.

You will land with a fastfall after your Dair.

While perhaps good to know, this isn't the most important technique to know since you can also autocancel your Dair (landing while doing the last hit of Dair). It is also possible to fastfall after Dair without doing an aerial, although it seems to take a bit longer before you can fastfall after your Dair, than if you would use A-canceling.

Will upload some gifs soon :3
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