theoretical best smash ultimate character


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Dec 15, 2018
Theoretical best character,
this is in patch 4.0.0
i didnt add any gimmicks like shulks monado arts, jokers ss tier Gage (rebellion gage) or hero down b. i tried not to just chose the best of each move (ie ganon nair)
Taunts are personal preference

Jab - bowser jr
is like other rapid jabs but can kill
Dash attack - snake
kills and combos


Forward tilt - wario
2 frames and kills
Up tilt - snake
kills and is frame 6
Down tilt - peach/daisy
super good combo tool


Forward smash - simon/richer
long strong whip
Up smash - lucas
kills and has massive hit box
Down smash - zss
sets up combos


Neutral air
- patutena
nair just palu nair
Forward air - bowser
honestly this is the best one i could come up with its a big hit box and can sometimes carry to the blast zone
Back air - zelda
its the strongest bair
Up air - megaman
its dumb has an insane wind box and kills off the top easy
Down air - ivysaur
best spike in the game you could go with link's dair for a good landing option


Neutral b - young link
sets up combos mii sword fighter tornado could work here too
Side b - snake
destroyer of linear recoveries easy and safe edge guards
up b - mr game & watch
the reason why i put this over pika up b is because i felt as i this "best character" was lacking in out of shield options mr g&w's up b is frame 3 and pika up b is frame 15 and mr g&w up b is still a very good recovery tool along with yoshi double jump
Down b - Dr mario
dr mario down b kills super early and can kind of help recover and its like robs side b in a way


Forward throw - lucas
strongest f throw
Back throw - incineroar
strongest b throw
Up throw - charizard
strong up throw that could kill if under platforms
Down throw - luigi
one of if not the best combo throw


Hurt box and sheild - pichu
tiny hurtbox
Weight - bowser
super heavy
Run speed - sonic
fastest thing alive and can make it easy to camp
Walk speed - marth
fastest walker
Air speed - yoshi
fastest air speed
Fall speed and fast fall - wario
warios fall speed is just in the middle i think you could maybe have a slower fall speed .with foxes fall speed this "best character" would be pure combo food and jigglypuffs fall speed would just on work
full hop - fox
while falco has the highest full hop i think its to high and fox is a good middle ground
short hop - jigglypuff
shortest of hops
double jump - yoshi
frame 1 super Armour super high jump makes yoshi recover and as a yoshi main when im being comboed i hold y
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