The Write Choice - DS Stylus for Smash Switch!

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Apr 15, 2017

You may be wondering, "Who is this?" Well, this is the tool used to operate the DS's touch screen. It is known worldwide as the handy tool you should never play your DS without.

A DS stylus? That's not a video game character. That didn't stop R.O.B. from getting in, now did it?

How would this character even fit into smash bros? Well, there are many ways you can use a stylus. You can swipe it, tap it, stab it... so many possibilities that could easily fit into a moveset.

This is too obscure of a character! Say that to the millions of units of DS systems sold - each with its own stylus.

What good would this character do for Smash? Many things. For one, we don't have enough inanimate representatives in Smash Bros. It would also be a great representative from the DS series. The DS stylus would add a unique playstyle into Smash Bros. that has never been achieved by any other character.

Height - Around Ike's
Speed - Around Fox's
Air Speed - Around Pac-Man's
Weight - Around Rob's
Gravity - Around Lucas's
Jump Height - Around Falco's

Jump - Hops from the ground into the air
Double jump - Taps the air below it, giving it more height
Number of double jumps - 1

Jab - Furiously pokes at opponents with tip
Forward tilt - Swipes forward at opponent
Down tilt - Pokes at the ground in front of it
Up tilt - Jabs upward with the top of the stylus
Dash attack - Slams into the ground repeatedly while moving forward

Neutral air - Spins around in a circle
Forward air - Jabs forward, like a sword thrust
Back air - Hits behind with the top of the stylus
Down air - Stabs below, meteor smashing anyone caught midair
Up air - Swipes above with the tip

Grab - Hooks the opponent onto the tip
Pummel - twists and turns while the opponent is lodged on the tip, damaging them
Forward throw - throws the oppponent off the tip forward
Back throw - Flips around and slams the opponent on the ground
Down throw - Pins the opponent to the ground and repeatedly jabs them
Up throw - Turns up-side down and jabs upwards, throwing the opponent in that direction

Forward smash - Strong stab forward
Down smash - Spins around on ground
Up smash - Draws an arch above it

Neutral special - Write. This move captures the opponent and writes on them, damaging them repeatedly. This can be used on an opponent midair to possibly trap them and lead to a styluscide.
Forward special - Select. This move taps the opponent and stuns them, letting you follow up with anything you want.
Down special - Calibration. This move sets a crosshair on the opponent, then proceeds to show lots of tapping from other styluses on the opponent, damaging them. Similar to Palutena's autoreticle.
Up special - Swipe! This move swipes upward quickly, sending the stylus up into the air and damaing opponents caught in the move. Similar to Marth's & Lucina's Dolphin Slash.

Final smash - DS. The stylus inserts itself into an empty stylus slot of a DS. You can now control the DS, allowing you to close and snap at the opponents, KOing them easily.

Any of these. Final smash is affected by stylus color.

How about an epic musical remix of DS sounds?

- The character's inclusion must make people want to buy the game.
This unique character would definitely entice people into buying Smash Bros. so they can beat up people with a DS stylus.
- The character must be unique
It represents the inanimate characters, and no other fighter is a stylus used to operate a handheld system.
- The character must fit into the style of Super Smash Bros.
You may think "Definitely not," but I disagree. It has a crazy, fun, and unique style that represents just how zany Super Smash Bros. truly is.
- They must contribute to the game balance.
This character has a balanced, fun moveset that wouldn't be too overpowered nor weak.

The DS stylus would make for a unique character that would represent what Smash is all about - zany awesomeness. It's majorly known across the world and would represent the DS we all know and love. Show your support for the stylus!
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