The Umebura 33 & Low Tier City 6 Discussion Thread!


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Mar 17, 2018
Umebura 33 (418 entrants) (Japan)
Bracket: N/A

Notable players:
Choco :4zss:
Abadango :4bayonetta::4mewtwo:
Kirihara :rosalina:
Nietono :4sheik::4diddy:
Earth :4pit::4corrinf:
Etsuji (Edge/Tsuji) :4diddy::4sheik:
Tsu- :4lucario:
HIKARU :4dk:
Kameme :4megaman::4sheik:
T :4link:
Eim :4sheik:
ikep :4bayonetta2:
Raito :4duckhunt:
takera :4ryu:
Kuwa (Chanshu) :4ryu:
RAIN :4cloud2::4bayonetta2:
Mao :4cloud2:
Shogun :4fox:
Lea :4greninja:
Kisha :4bowser::4megaman:
Masashi :4cloud2:
Umeki :4peach:
Compact :4mewtwo:
Towa :rosalina:
shky :4zss:
Gackt :4ness:
Tea :4pacman:
Tosshi :4charizard:

Low Tier City 6 (216 entrants) (Texas)

Notable players:
Dabuz :rosalina:
Tweek :4bayonetta2::4cloud2:
Mistake :4bayonetta2:
Captain Zack :4bayonetta2:
ESAM :4pikachu:
MVD :4diddy:
Lima :4bayonetta2:
Elegant :4luigi:
Cosmos :4corrinf:
Samsora :4peach:
Karna :4sheik:
Light the Lantern :4zss::4corrinf:
Dakpo :4luigi::4diddy::4zss:
Whispy :4diddy:
NAKAT :4fox::4ness:
Awestin :4ness:
SaSSy :4rob:
Dragonite :4bayonetta:
tyroy :4bayonetta:

I will update this when each event occurs for results. If any other important events are around the end of this week, feel free to inform me! Singles numbers are mentioned next to the name of the event.

Edit: The_Bookworm The_Bookworm , is it possible you could help me out here? I don't know if you have the time to watch either of these tourneys, but if you do, I appreciate any help.
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Jun 10, 2016
Notable upsets at LTC so far:
Hakii :4zss: 3-2 Karna :4sheik:
Hotdogknight! :4bayonetta2: 3-1 MVD :4diddy:
Lima :4bayonetta2: 3-1 Samsora :4peach:
tyroy :4bayonetta: 3-2 Cosmos :4corrinf:
Also, Jumbolias :4ryu: had a pretty incredible losers run, defeating Light the Lantern :4zss::4corrinf:, McBenedict :4ryu:, Whispy :4diddy: and Hakii :4zss: before eventually falling to CaptainZack :4bayonetta:.

Top 8:
Winners Side
Dabuz :rosalina: vs Lima :4bayonetta2:
Mistake :4bayonetta2: vs Elegant :4luigi:
Losers Side
ESAM :4pikachu: vs Samsora :4peach::4bayonetta:
CaptainZack :4bayonetta: vs tyroy :4bayonetta:
Oct 14, 2014
I’ve been seeing this weird belief in Twitch chat and Twitter, that somehow Choco is bad at the Bayo matchup, and he would get slaughtered over here. That, and somehow Shky is not as bad at it as Choco.

I have no idea where this came from, and it may be people pulling crap from thin air, but, Choco is probably the best ZSS at the Bayo MU. He was mixing up his SDI and DI back in early 2017 before it was even a hint of a meme.

IIRC, Aba switched to Mewtwo for Choco for quite, in no small part because of how ridiculous Choco is. Like, what? Choco still regularly beats Aba, so I’m not sure where this bizarre idea is coming from at all.

People also hella underrating Japanese Bayos. And Choco. And Shky, too. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.


Rankings Team
Mar 17, 2018
Umebura 33 {413 entrants) (Japan)
1. Abadango :4bayonetta::4mewtwo:
2. Kirihara :rosalina:
3. HIKARU :4dk::4sheik::4cloud2:
4. Kameme :4megaman::4sheik:
5. Choco :4zss:
5. Tsuji :4diddy:
7. Zackray :4corrin::4marth::4bayonetta2:
7. Towa :rosalina:
9. Yuzu :rosalina:
9. Kuwa/Chanshu :4ryu:
9. Raito :4duckhunt::4marth:
9. Eim :4sheik:
13. T :4link::4sonic:
13. Songn :4gaw::4sheik::4diddy:
13. RAIN :4bayonetta2:
13. Yamanyon :4zss::4bayonetta2::4cloud2:
17. shky :4zss:
17. Mao :4cloud2:
17. Shanrai :4falcon::4myfriends:
17. Paseriman :4diddy:
17. Umeki :4peach:
17. Shu :4bayonetta2:
17. Yakara :4fox:
17. Kishiru :4pikachu:
25. Lea :4greninja:
25. Masashi :4cloud2:
25. Shogun :4fox:
25. takera :4ryu:
25. Supa :4megaman::4sheik:
25. Munekin :4ryu:
25. huto :4mario::4luigi:
25. Nao :4mario:
33. Tsu- :4lucario:
33. Earth :4pit::4corrinf:
33. Matcha :4mewtwo:
33. Kisha :4bowser::4megaman:
33. Gackt :4ness:
33. YB :4samus:
33. Mona :4samus:
33. Lickey :4metaknight:
33. Hare :4sonic:
33. Suinoko :4diddy:
33. Pichi :4falcon:
33. Aygoski :4olimar:
33. Adachi :4zss:
33. Nanchan :4fox:
33. Jill :4fox:
33. kenkenpa :4rob:

Nietono :4diddy::4sheik: got 65th, losing to Songn and Shogun. Tsu- :4lucario: went 0-2 in top 96, losing to Kuwa and Supa, while also going 0-4 in games. kenkenpa :4rob: notably eliminated both kept :4villager: and Teppei :4villager: in pools, at 129th and 97th respectively. Tamushika :4duckhunt: got 65th, losing to Paseriman :4diddy: & Munekin :4ryu:.

Tosshi :4charizard: got 49th, losing to Lea :4greninja: and Kishiru :4pikachu:. Ke-ya :4corrinf::4robinf: lost to Etsuji :4diddy: and Shogun :4fox: for 49th. Earth :4pit::4corrinf: did better compared to the two previous Umeburas (Etsuji to a larger extent), but lost to Shanrai :4falcon::4myfriends: again, and Paseriman :4diddy:. YOC :4corrinf::4sonic: got 49th, losing to Kirihara :rosalina: and Matcha :4mewtwo:.

ikep might have been using Mii Fighters, for he really does use them in general, so beating FILIP :4mario: 2-0 for 65th was interesting, although he did not last another round. And lastly, I heard that HIKARU :4dk: double two-stocked Choco :4zss: in losers to eliminate him. This was an interesting tourney. I also saw incorrectly say Abadango and HIKARU were playing in grand finals for over 1,000 minutes (okay).
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Mar 17, 2018
Low Tier City 6 Results!:
1. Dabuz :rosalina:
2. Elegant :4luigi:
3. ESAM :4pikachu:
4. Captain Zack :4bayonetta2:
5. Mistake :4bayonetta2:
5. Lima :4bayonetta2:
7. Tyroy :4bayonetta:
7. Samsora :4peach:
9. Crump :4cloud2:
9. Cosmos :4corrinf:
9. Jumbolias :4ryu:
9. Hotdogknight! :4bayonetta2:
13. zael :4cloud2:
13. Hakii :4zss:
13. Dakpo :4luigi::4zss:
13. C2 :rosalina:
17. Commander :4fox:
17. Karna :4sheik:
17. Whispy :4diddy:
17. MVD :4diddy:
17. Professor Cube :4sonic::4bayonetta:
17. Dragonite :4bayonetta:
17. Kwaz :4littlemac:
17. LilPac :4littlemac:
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