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This is a very light guide because of the small amount of information out right now.
Note that damage values are taken from Training Mode and Stale Moves set to OFF.
As usual, if there is anything that needs to be updated, please leave a comment in this thread.

Kirby Move Set Data
A few notes on terminology used:
"Damage" is the damage in percents inflicted on the opponent, typically the strongest hitbox of the attack is noted.
"Hits on" is the first frame an attack will score a hit on the opponent.
"FAF" is the abbreviation for "First Actionable Frame" meaning the first frame Kirby will be able to act out of an attack, not counting exceptions such as canceling into another action.
"Start-up" is used for attacks, such as Smash Attacks, that must have a required amount of start-up frames before being able to charge.
"Release" is used for attacks, such as Smash Attacks, that have a required amount of frames to release from a charge before activating.
"Landing" is used for Aerial Attacks for the frames of animation when landing during the attack, also known as "Landing Lag".

Standard Attack
Consists of SA-1, SA-2, and Rapid Jab (Vulcan Jab).

Damage: 2.1%
Hits on: 3
FAF: 16

Damage 1.9%
Hits on: 6
FAF: 21

Rapid Jab
Damage: 9.8 total
Hits on: 15
FAF: 69

Strong Forward "F-Tilt"
Damage: 9.6%
Hits on: 5
FAF: 28

Strong Down "D-Tilt"
Damage: 7.2%
Hits on: 4
FAF: 21
Notes: can trip at lower percents.

Strong Up "U-Tilt"
Damage: 6.0% (4.8% weak)
Hits on: 4
FAF: 21
Notes: foot invincible frames 4 - 10

Smash Forward "F-Smash"
Damage: 18% (25.2% full charge)
Start-up: 1-4
Release: 5-12
Hits on: 13
FAF: 48

Smash Down "D-Smash"
Damage 16.8% (23.5 full charge)
Start-up: 1-5
Release: 6-9
Hits on: 10
FAF: 54
Notes: feet invincible 5 - 14

Smash Up "U-Smash"
Damage 18.1% (25.2% full charge)
Start-up: 1-7
Release: 8-11
Hits on: 12
FAF: 46
Notes: feet invincible 12 - 17

Neutral Air
Damage: 10.2%
Hits on: 10
Landing: 6
FAF: 63

Forward Air
Damage: 4.0%, 3.0%, 5.1%
Hits on: 10, 17, 25
Landing: 8
FAF: 48

Down Air
Damage: 8.6% (10.2% full hop)
Hits on: 18 - 34
Landing: 15
FAF: 55

Back Air
Damage: 13.2%
Hits on: 6
Landing: 10
FAF: 41

Up Air
Damage: 9.1%
Hits on: 10
Landing: 7
FAF: 40

Special Attacks

Neutral Special
Consists of "Inhale" and can cancel into "Copy" or "Star Shot".

Damage: 0%
Hits on: 14 (standing immediately next to opponent).
Notes: Opponent is "Swallowed" completely on frame 17 and Kirby gains full invincibility frames 17 - 31. Can cancel at frame 32 into Copy or Star Shot.

Damage: 12%
FAF: 21
Notes: Copies from frames 1-8 (in addition to Inhale, making 52 in total).

Star Shot
Damage: 7.2%
FAF: 31
Notes: Ejects the opponent as a Star Shot frames 1-8 (in addition to Inhale, making 62 in total).
*See "Star Shot Damage Chart" for the amount of damage the Star Shot itself can deal as a projectile.

Forward Special "Hammer"
Damage: 22.8% uncharged (42% fully charged)
Start-up: 1-14
Swing Time: 15-25
Hits on: 26
FAF: 70
Notes: The values above are for uncharged unless otherwise stated.
Kirby's Hammer will ignite on fire on frame 46 during charging time.
Kirby's Hammer will be fully charged on frame 136, signified by opening his mouth, flashing lighter color, and taking damage after 27 frames (if under 100% damage).
Gains full invincibility when swinging a full-charged hammer on frames 2 - 10 of the attack.

"Aerial Hammer"
Damage: 19.2% (33.6% fully charged)
Hits on: 28 & 42 (or 11, if fully charged)
FAF: 72
Notes: Swings twice when uncharged.

Up Special "Final Cutter"
Damage: 6%, 2.4%, 6% (cutter shot deals 7.2% as a projectile)
Hits on: 23, 42, 54
FAF: 83

Down Special "Stone"
Damage: 21.6%
FAF: +32 from cancel (79 minimum)
Notes: Maximum transformation time is 160 and then the Stone automatically cancels.
Can manually cancel by frame 47, sooner if colliding with a hurtbox.
You can hold the Special Attack button down to auto-cancel on the first possible frame.
Grounded Stone hits on frame 11, and can manually cancel on frame 29.

Grabs & Throws
Grabs on: 6
Dash Grab on: 9
Pivot Grab on: 11

Damage: 1.2%
Hits on frame 1 after Grab
Can Pummel every 16 frames.

Forward Throw
Damage: 6%

Back Throw
Damage: 9.6%

Up Throw
Damage: 12%

Down Throw
Damage: 12.2%

Miscellaneous Attacks

Dash Attack
Damage 12% (4.8% weak)
Hits on: 9
FAF: 60

Ledge Attack
Damage: 10.8%
Hits on: 20

Star Shot Damage Chart
There are 10 Weight Classes based on the damage an opponent will deal as a projectile when expelled as a Star Shot. They are as follows:

21%: Bowser
20%: K. Rool, Donkey Kong, Dedede
18%: Ganondorf, Charizard, Incineroar
17%: Samus
16%: Ridley, Ike, Simon, Wario, Snake, ROB, Link, Yoshi, Falcon, Mii Gunner, Ryu, Mega Man
15%: Cloud, Mii Swordfighter, Mario, Dr. Mario, Corrin, Luigi, Shulk, Pit, Wii Fit Trainer, Ivysaur, Roy, Robin, Pac-Man
14%: Ness, Lucas, Inkling, Mii Brawler, Wolf, Ice Climber, Villager, Lucario, Palutena, Toon Link, Marth, Lucina, Diddy, Peach, Isabelle, Greninja, Young Link
13%: Little Mac, Sonic, Duck Hunt, Zelda, Rosalina, Falco
12%: Bayonetta, Meta Knight, Zero Suit Samus, Kirby, Pikachu, Olimar, Sheik, Mewtwo, Fox, Squirtle, Mr. Game & Watch
10%: Jigglypuff, Pichu

Combo Section
To be finished.
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Don't forget to add the damage for exhaled projectiles, or are those the same as the foe's projectile? Example: Samus's charge shot. I think it had also been said the inhaling a foe's projectile can heal kirby?
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Dec 12, 2018
Don't forget to add the damage for exhaled projectiles, or are those the same as the foe's projectile? Example: Samus's charge shot. I think it had also been said the inhaling a foe's projectile can heal kirby?
I'm also curious about this. there's significant frame time when inhaling projectiles and healing (or being hurt if it's a bomb) and I'd also like to know if there's a way to cancel the animation for those. I'm gonna test tonight, but that would really make that move amazing.
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