The Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Done

Do you think this is stupid

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Smash Apprentice
Sep 16, 2018
So while I was playing smash something fell on my rack.I finished playing online (I lost :/)I checked my rack and saw a binder.I opened it and found my old pokemon cards.Then I saw my smash cover and these cards.Now Time for my stupidness.I'm now inspired to make a smash card game based on pokemon cards.Yep ik its dumb some might say it's cool.But the cards look ugly.Well you can collect them.And they can be based on different games.You can get a melee Mario card and a a ultimate Mario card.I'm only made 2.I'll make a new thread once I made a bunch more.Well bye.Also you there free


Smash Apprentice
Dec 31, 2012
I think a card game similar to that could work. I've seen a weird sudden rise of card games (especially ones funded by YouTubers like TheOdd1sOut) It would take a lot of work but no I don't think the idea is stupid.
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