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The SSBU roster swap

Butters Stotch

Smash Ace
Sep 17, 2021
South Park, Colorado
This is very similar to the SSBU: Make your own roster... with a twist thread, but with a few additions to the rules:
  • Series counts must be the same before and after. Zelda should still be at six, Mario at nine, FE at eight, etc.
  • However, you can outright replace series if you really want to, just as long as, again, character counts are the same as they were before.
  • To make things easier, you aren't required to use previous games as references for character replacements (see my Dr. Mario replacement, who didn't exist until after Brawl) and can just focus on Ultimate.
  • Clones cannot be switched for unique characters. I know some may not agree with this, but Sakurai was unable to do this.
  • For the characters remaining, you are allowed to give them different movesets as an extra, but keep the latter and former rules in mind for Ganondorf.
I'll admit that this is basically a more restrictive version of the thread above, but I figured it'd be a fun challenge regardless.

Here's an example for the Mario series:
Midbus (replaces:ultdoc:)
Toad (replaces :ultrosalina:)
Waluigi (replaces :ultpiranha:)
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Smash Ace
Jan 26, 2021
Wherever good books are sold.
The only changes I'd really make within the ruleset are:
  • Dark Bowser as Bowser semi-clone (Super Mario, Dr. Mario axed)
  • Toad (Super Mario, RosaLuma axed)
  • Waluigi (Super Mario, Piranha Plant axed)
  • Skull Kid (Zelda, Sheik axed)
  • Meta Ridley as Ridley clone (Metroid, Dark Samus axed)
  • Raven Beak (Metroid, ZSS axed)
  • Genesect (Pokemon, Jigglypuff axed)
  • Raichu as Pikachu clone (Pokemon, Pichu axed)
  • Garchomp (Pokemon, Lucario axed)
  • Crash (Crash Bandicoot, Ice Climbers series entirely replaced)
  • Lyn (Fire Emblem, Corrin axed)

Butters Stotch

Smash Ace
Sep 17, 2021
South Park, Colorado
Alright, here are the remaining changes I'd make:
:ultwario: = :4wario2: (Wario Land based moveset)
:ultsheik: = Impa
:ultzss: = Sylux
:ultjigglypuff: = :175:
:ultpichu: = :026:
:ultsquirtle: = Zoroark
:ultivysaur: = Sceptile
:ultlucina: = Eirika
:ultcorrin: = Lyn
:ultisabelle: = Tom Nook
:ulticeclimbers: = Isaac
:ultjoker:= Travis Touchdown

Fine with :ultdarkpit: staying, but he could potentially be replaced by Medusa. Maybe replace:ultchrom: with Alm and :ultincineroar: with :052:?

Full roster with changes:
:ultbowser:Isaac Impa:ultzelda: Midbus :026::ultfalco::ultmarth:Eirika:ultyounglink::ultganondorf::ultmewtwo::ultroy::ultchrom:/Alm
:ultgnw::ultmetaknight::ultpit::ultdarkpit:Sylux:4wario2::ultsnake::ultike:Zoroark Sceptile:ultcharizard::ultdiddy::ultlucas::ultsonic:
:ultshulk::ultbowserjr::ultduckhunt::ultryu::ultken::ultcloud:Lyn :ultbayonetta::ultinkling::ultridley::ultsimon::ultrichter::ultkrool:Tom Nook:ultincineroar:/:052:
Waluigi Travis:ulthero::ultbanjokazooie::ult_terry:Anna :ultminmin:ultsteve::ultsephiroth::ultpyra::ultmythra::ultkazuya::ultsora::ultbrawler::ultswordfighter::ultgunner:
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Smash Lord
Oct 29, 2018
The Velvet Room
Screw it, I'm replacing Sonic with Classic Sonic just to really annoy someone out there. Classic Sonic is a hair slower (but is still the fastest character in the game) but is a lot lighter. Also, all of his voice lines are just sound effects from the Genesis games. Also, he doesn't actually reference any classic games, but should only represent Sonic Forces.


Smash Apprentice
Aug 19, 2013
Cut from the roster: Mewtwo, Pichu, Dr. Mario, Dark Pit.

Differentiate clones: i.e. Dark Samus, Chrom, Lucina, Richter, Ken

Suggestions to add:
  • Waluigi
  • Andy (advance wars)
  • Midna & Wolf (zelda)
  • Rayman
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Master Chief (halo)
  • Dixie Kong (please dont make her a clone)
  • Isaac (golden sun)
  • Leon Kennedy (resident evil)
  • Knuckles (please dont make him a clone)

Wario Wario Wario

Smash Hero
Sep 3, 2017
First up, full series replacements, within the same company:

  1. the Banjo-Kazooie series is replaced with Microsoft Windows. The representative is Clippy
  2. ARMS is replaced with Drill Dozer
  3. F-Zero is replaced with Mole Mania
  4. Castlevania is replaced with Frogger. Frogger's clone is Purple Frogger.
  5. Wii Fit is replaced with Nintendogs, represented by Ted & Archie
  6. Persona and Bayonetta are replaced with Ristar and Bonanza Bros.
  7. Xenoblade is replaced with Brain Training. The second rep is Devilish Kawashima with a unique moveset.
  8. Fire Emblem is replaced with Hardware. It's reps are Wii Remote, Wii Silicone Jacket (semiclone), Wii Motion Plus (Full clone), Wii Motion Plus Silicone Jacket (full clone of the semiclone), Link Cable, SNES Mouse, Face Raider, and Amelia N.
  9. Tekken is replaced with Mappy
  10. Kingdom Hearts is replaced with Club Penguin.

Now, replacements within a series:
  1. Daisy is decloned, replacing Rosalina.
  2. Daisy's clone spot is replaced with Small Mario
  3. Ken is replaced with Akuma
  4. Zero Suit Samus is replaced with Kraid
  5. Inkling is replaced with Callie and Marie (alts, not a duo)
  6. Little Mac is replaced with King Hippo
  7. Pit and Sonic gain their classic designs. Palutena doesn't use her NES era design but rather an original design more in line with Pit's NES-era proportions
  8. Ness and Lucas are replaced with Kumatora and Lloyd
  9. Lucario, Pikachu, Pichu, and Greninja are replaced with Onix, Igglybuff (clone), Genesect and Trubbish
  10. Sheik is replaced with Impa, specifically her elderly iteration
  11. Young Link is replaced with Toon Zelda
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Smash Journeyman
Nov 11, 2016
Highest Priority
Ashnard over :ultincineroar: (I just dislike Incineroar being in Smash)

Medium Priority
Lilac from Freedom Planet over :ultbanjokazooie:
Bryan over :ultkazuya:

Low Priority
Galacta Knight over :ultdarkpit:
Platimous from Temtem over :ultsteve:
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