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The spirit listener: Asha from Monster World IV for Smash


Jul 14, 2014
The Land of Oz
Switch FC



The protagonist of Monster World IV, Asha is a young girl from Estafan Village. One day, she hears spirits whisper on the wind pleading for help. She then embarks on a journey to save the spirits. Along the way, she finds a genie in a bottle and a blue Pepelogoo who aid her on her journey.

Monster World IV?

Technically the sixth game in the series, Monster World IV was initially a Japan exclusive release. Since 2012, the game has been available on the Wii Virtual Console (standalone), PS3 and Xbox 360 (part of a collection of games in the series). The rereleases are translated in English despite the game never being released outside Japan.


Most of Asha's standard attacks would have her use her sword. Her special moves would allow for Pepelogoo to assist whether she throws him or rides him as a recovery option. But Pepelogoo can be KO'd and if Asha tries to summon him, he won't come, similar to Rosalina and Luma. The sole exception would be down special which brings out a special shield. Works similarly to Links but like King K. Rool's armor, it can break. When it does, Asha won't be able to pull it out. Final Smash would involve the Genie hitting fighters and Asha performing an all out attack, followed by Pepelogoo eating fruit and slamming fighters back to the arena.

Songs would mostly be pulled from Monster World 4 with a few from other games in the series. The list below showcases a few song ideas:
Main theme
Kool Dude/Boss theme
Kingdom of Rapadagna (Palace of Rapadagna City theme)
Volcanic Cave
Malevolent Deity

Victory theme/Poses?
Victory Music
1. Pepelogoo flies around Asha before Asha hugs Pepelogoo.
2. The genie flies in with Asha hopping off him.
3. Asha blocks an unseen attack with her shield before performing a sword slash.

Asha would certainly shake up the standard sword gameplay with Pepelogoo being the driving force behind her specials. Without him, Asha would have to wait before he respawns and carefully keep her distance. Asha therefore, would have to be defensive of Pepelogoo lest she lose the ability to use specials.

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