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The Shape of Melee To Come 3 (Dec 21, 2013) Results and Shoutouts


Smash Journeyman
Jun 19, 2013
Kent, OH
Mango vs the Christmas Ales​
Once again thanks to everyone for coming we had an insane amount of people. I think 73/76 total entrants. And once again, sorry if you couldn't get in to singles things were crazy and we did the best we could with the situation we had.​
Note: I have a blue jacket that needs a home, if it's yours, let me know. Also, I am missing my controller (white with a teal strip of tape. I would very much love to have it back.​
Melee Doubles Results:​
1: FlipX + 4%
2: Mango + Lauren
3: HIV+ + Tremor
4: KJH + Dempt
5: Taki + Mach
5: Carroll + Sweet
7: Tm + 1der
7: kittymw + ojayna
9: housewife + Pat
9: Get Low + JWnz
9: Beanwolf + Etwas
9: DONGSQUAD420 (Derf+Z-axis)
13: AR + Beegs
13: Flash + Stro
13: Kanye Rest + the D
13: Coffeemug + Butter
17: awesome123 + moris
17: M.A.D.D. + ShroudedOne
17: Slarti + QU
17: Vert + Dirac
17: Pistallian + elitest
17: Flop + Gunpunch
17: Jbro + Dokz
17: Baby Jacob + Skyson
25: John Madden + mousey
25: Not Kain + Sils
25: Dave T.B.G. + 9volt

Melee Singles Results (Pools results to come soon hopefully)

1: VaNz
2: Taki
3: KJH
4: 4%
5: Mango
5: PGH Carroll
7: Naka
7: dkuo
9: Stro
9: Tremor
9: Zaxis
9: Sweet
13: 1der
13: Pat
13: Dempt
13: Logan
17: Gunpunch
17: TM
17: Kanye Rest
17: Mach
17: KittyMW
17: Skyson
17: Get Low
17: Jwnz
25: Shroudedone
25: Mordicon
25: Jbro
25: Ar
25: DerfMW
25: ojenga
25: Pistallion
25: Etwas

Pools Results:
33: PGH Housewife
33: Joe
33: Ders
33: Beegs
33: Beanwolf
33: Amalie
33: Baps
33: Awesome123
41: Tricky
41: Aero
41: 9volt
41: Vert
41: Dirac
41: Coffeemug
41: BabyJake
41: Beautiful Beast
49: Nick@Knight
49: Flash
49: Newbreeze
49: John Madden
49: Dokz
49: Mousy
49: Goast
49: Turok
57: FrekyMW
57: Butt Zone
57: The D
57: Elitest
57: David the bowser guy
57: Sils
57: OreoKirby
57: Moris
65: GGLycan
65: Brad
65: Kayvon
65: Naruto
65: Flop
65: Hanjieballs
65: Spwin
65: Nero
65: Not Kain

Thanks again! check for videos soon at http://www.youtube.com/user/DjNicholasRAGE


Smash Apprentice
Sep 17, 2013
Twinsburg, OH
For all wondering: Mango was hardcore wasted halfway through pools. He doesn't play well drunk, considering I almost beat him. Lol.

Don't really have many specific shoutouts, but thanks to all who came out. Was a great time. Can't wait for Shape 4!


Smash Lord
Apr 21, 2010
San Jose, CA
amazing amazing tourney
i didnt really mention this but theres a chance this will be my last tourney in the region
love you all though


Taki: good ****. rookie of the year heh
KJH: your spacies are sick. wanted to play more friendlies and absorb all your falco stuff lol
Mango: good seeing you again. trusted my gut like you said and it worked out pretty well i guess (until i went against it lol)
PGH Carroll: im comin for you
Naka: i liked our friendlies lol, we should play more
dkuo: pls
Stro: you keep doing these crazy things with link. best link status is around the corner
Zaxis: ggs. your falco had me on the edge there
Sweet: sup :^)
1der: i liked our pools set. both games were pretty close. your fox is solid
Pat: MY REVENGE! lmao ggs
Logan: yo. you are a lot better than i expected
Mach: we should play more. all the standard jokes aside, your fox is pretty damn solid
Skyson: i dont think you shouldve quit out game 2 :(
Shroudedone: we finally played! ggs, sorry about the fox cheapness lol
HIV+: wish we got more games in. i was having a real hard time vs your fox
Beegs: I actually expected you to get 4th seed in our pool. ggs though
Baby Jacob: THE LEGEND HIMSELF! you did phenomenally for your first tourney. good ****, glad you enjoyed yourself
Freky: good seeing you again
Dokz: good meeting you. teach me how to wavedash next time pls
Torok: your play was significantly better this time. good stuff
Buttzone: good tag
John Madden: good tag

VaNz, Dempt, Kanye Rest, KittyMW, Jbro, Derf, Anna, Mango, Beanwolf, Coffeemug, Slarti, Dirac, Baps, etc: we didn't play! :(

***Coffeemug***: you are THE MAN for this tourney. thanks for running the show and everything, fantastic job. also props to all the TO assistants and what not
and also for the poster :D

playing fox in bracket made me realize how flimsy he feels under pressure. sticking to falco from now on B)


Smash Ace
Jul 5, 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
Josh, thank you for another sick Shape. You da bessss.


1: VaNz - congrats to the best riven NA
2: Taki - you still da goat (also cumfart inn)
5: Mango - sorry for taking advantage of your inebriated state, but i wasn't going to miss a chance to beat you in tourney
5: PGH Carroll - standard
7: Naka - 6 years later, we still don't know where each other lives
7: dkuo - say it ain't sooooo. don't leave :(
9: Stro - the hero of time dominates once again. i love watching you play.
9: Sweet - ur bad
17: Gunpunch - ggs in both teams and singles. really interesting matchup that i need to learn.
17: Kanye Rest - ggs, you're getting better but still beat me with jank :(
17: Mach - also standard
25: Jbro - you magnificent *******
25: Etwas - gg in pools
33: PGH Housewife - you were robbed. but i am partially responsible and regret nothing.
41: Tricky - ggs in pools. one of the weirdest but fun sets i've ever played
41: 9volt - really cool meeting you, dude
49: Dokz - someday J-Z will win a set :(
49: Torok - keep at it, my dude. also come play with us more!
57: FrekyMW - ggs, would have been hype if you beat mango too. real close.
57: Butt Zone - best tag ever.

People I didn't shout out, I either don't know you or didn't talk to you or maybe just didn't get your name. I love you all. Had a **** ton of fun last night. Catch you all at Shape IV.

Also I beat Mango in tournament.

Get Low

Smash Ace
Mar 20, 2011
Niles, Ohio
Funnest tourney I've been to in a long time, and I was shocked by the turnout.
Even though I loved this venue, I think we might need a bigger one in the future.
Melee is growing. <3

Jwnz - For being my homie and the best doubles partner that I've ever had. We'll place into the money at a bigger tourney one of these days. Peach/Sheik is where it's at.
Amalio - For learning this game super quick, being awesome to talk to and play friendlies with, and for playing a bad character, haha.
Coffeemug - For hosting this Godlike tourney, and for being a super nice dude.
Carroll - Thank you for forcing me into singles against my will, loooool. Coolest guy I know.
OreoKirby - You're really good for being new to the game, and you and your girlfriend are so adorable. We'll start hanging out and playing more. :3
ShroudedOne - You're the man, Shrouded. You're so good at the ditto, but I think I can beat you eventually. ;)
Sweet - You finally did it, man. Congrats! I've never seen anyone so happy to beat me, haha.
Tremor - I enjoyed being in your pool, dude. You're super chill, and that Sheik is mad good.
Nakamaru - Ouch.
Awesome123 - Longest set of my freakin' life. You have the weirdest Peach I've ever seen, but still very good.
Freky - I love how stoked you get at tournaments. Now start making it out of pools. :b
KJH - You have an amazing Fox. You're also one of the freshest looking people I've ever seen.
Pistallion - GGs in bracket, man. You got a nice Marth, but I've just been doing super good against that character lately.
Stro - Thank you for teaching me everything that I was doing wrong about drinking beer.
Housewife - For being a girl who is good at Melee. We need to actually play next time.
TM - Shoutouts to you for having long hair and maining Ganon. You're automatically awesome.
1der - You're glasses are awesome. :D

Shoutouts to all of the other homies who were in my pool. Usually pools run a lot smoother and are bit funner than ours was, but we unfortunately got stuck with only one T.V. Regardless, you guys all have a lot of potential, and I'm glad to see all the new faces.

And shoutouts to everyone else whom I either played against in doubles, played friendlies with, or just talked to and chilled with. You're all awesome. Long live Melee. <3


Fresh Eskimo
Mar 31, 2011
Cleveland, OH
1: VaNz - jaden, you're always the man. Great to see you again.
2: Taki - still ugly. but I love you anyway <3
3: KJH - I always have a lot of fun playing you, your fox gives me the business. Thanks a bunch for coming out.
4: 4% - Dave you're one of my favorite people, it was great to see you again. We'll have to play again soon because I want to see how my ICs hold up now :)
5: Mango - It was really cool to get to see you and lauren again, sorry you didn't do that great, but that's ok.
5: PGH Carroll - good to see you, fun set in pools.
7: Naka - Thanks for coming out naka! It's always awesome to get to talk to you, hope we get a chance to play again sometime soon!
7: dkuo - ***** don't leave me! I need to play you more!
9: Stro - haha our set was the derpiest. It was great to see you, and its always fun to play you.
9: Tremor - good **** in teams, we never got to play singles or anything, but it was nice meeting you, you're a pretty chill guy :)
9: Zaxis - DONGSQUAD 420!!! <3
9: Sweet - we didn't play D:<
13: 1der - It was great to see you again! next time you get the chance to come up here we need to play!
13: Pat - hey sexy <3
13: Dempt - mattycakes!
13: Logan - hey we never got a chance to hang out at this tourney! >:|
17: Gunpunch - you're the man, it was good seeing you again
17: TM - we never got to play, but its nice seeing you
17: Kanye Rest - you're the homie <3
17: Mach - I love this guy.
17: KittyMW - OUR SET WAS TOO CLOSE! I love you chris :) MW crew <3
17: Skyson - enh, you're pretty gay.
17: Get Low - I love you little matt <3
17: Jwnz - <333
25: Shroudedone - you coulda placed better!
25: Mordicon - your marth caught me offguard! it was cool meeting you, thanks for coming out :)
25: Jbro - Davey! <3
25: Ar - hey boo, let's make babies.
25: DerfMW - ha you suck.
25: ojenga - you didn't hang out with me enough you bum! <3
25: Pistallion - hey I loved your marth! It was cool to meet you :)
25: Etwas - don't know if we met or not.

Pools Results:
33: PGH Housewife - Anna! you were so close! I think you'll be able to make it out next time if you keep practicing <3
33: Ders - we didn't really get to see each other this tourney, but keep coming around, your sheik is getting cute
33: Beegs - you got this next time corey, it was great to see you, you're the man <3
33: Beanwolf - we didn't get to play! but it was cool to see you
33: Baps - good set in pools, your falcon is getting pretty cute
33: Awesome123 - miiiiike! keep coming to stuff man!
41: Vert - awesome job for your first tourney! I love seeing how you've improved over these last few months
41: Dirac - Rob I'm gonna miss you!!!
41: Coffeemug - Josh I love you. You are the ****ing man for hosting this! This was the best tournament I've been to all year
41: BabyJake - Dude you are the ****! Great job for your first tourney! I'm looking forward to seeing you around in the future :D
49: Nick@Knight - Yo I love this name!
49: John Madden - waltrip! you're the man! <3
49: Dokz - Zak you're so cool, it's always awesome to see you. I'll have to be the one to teach YOU how to wavedash next semester :p
49: Goast - GMAMA!!! <3
57: FrekyMW - keep rockin' that MW tag, it's the best way to get better ;)…. well that and learning to L-cancel.
57: Butt Zone - this is the best tag.
57: The D - Josh you're amazing, come to more stuff <3
57: David the bowser guy - BOWSER THE DAVE GUY!!?!?!?
57: OreoKirby - nice set in pools, good job for your first tourney
57: Moris - moris! you could have made it out!
65: Spwin - hey man, your link was dope! definitely caught me off-guard! Super fun set, keep coming out to stuff!


Smash Rookie
Jul 11, 2013
Eastern PA
Shape was fantastic and a total blast. Loved meeting all you awesome people and I look forward to comin to more tournaments in the future!

And mad props to everyone in attendance, this community is the best of the best.

4% APR

Smash Champion
Sep 5, 2006
I cant believe how many new people are showing up around this area. We're gonna put NEOH on the map son


Certified Ponch
May 2, 2010
Mantua, OH
Shoutouts to one of the best locals I've been to in FOREVER

VaNz - Good **** taking 1st bud. We need to get that league rollin' more
KJH - My *****. Still a lil ***** when you're around my dog but you went man mode in teams and as your partner, you did hella good.
4% - Missed you dude. Good to see you coming out to these things more. Next time, I'll be sending you to loser's instead of vice-versa.
Mango - get wrecked by ohio's finest.....drink
Tremor - Nicely done in teams man. Was fun hanging out at the house........just learn to control how much you talk when you're drunk hahaha
Z-Axis - Just when you thought you were done....isn't that how it always goes though? Congrats on your win. I'll have to learn not to choke vs you in bracket next time
Pat - fgt
TM - Way to rep NWOH with that Ganon. You've got a great future ahead of you dude.
Mach - you're so cool
KittyMW - fgt
Skyson - Best rager ever.
Get Low - Good job being Christian.
Jwnz - Show up to these things more.
Shroudedone - Pesimisticone
Mordicon - Good to finally meet you, and thank you so much for the ride.
Ar - Way to outplace Beegs LOOOL
DerfMW - Aesirgod
ojenga - I'll get to your place eventually for one of those infamous smashfests i always hear about. should be fun
PGH Housewife - How did you not get out of pools and when did you get so good? I'm going to have to stop sandbagging you pretty soon
Ders - Come over more fgt
Beegs - Definitely one of my favorite players. Not even gunna ask what happened in pools. Just fix it, cause you should have been WAY higher.
Dirac - You take care in Australia dude. I'll miss the **** out of you.
Coffeemug - Congratulations on hosting one of the sickest events for NEOH in a while. Now you know what it takes to run **** at this level. Can't wait to see what you bring to the community.
BabyJake - *** you I want my poster
Goast - nah ***** <3
FrekyMW - get better scrub
Butt Zone - lol jonas
The D - Please play more. That Marth was looking hella good in pools. Awesome job taking a game off of me too, I'm really impressed.
Juggleguy - You're now officially known as "Flakeyguy". Hope you feel better soon.

Love you guys. Let's make this last please. <3


Smash Lord
Oct 25, 2008
EC or a mitten
you hear that guys? if i beat you at this tourney you should mm ctl to prove him wrong
look for a chinese guy in ness attire

~_~ Except I never do MMs.

David, you're leaving already? Don't you have a semester left?

Triple edit!
Looking at the entrants reminded me of something: I realized that when Buttzone's tag was missing at BH3, it was probably taken by that one random man that was watching porn on his phone on Friday, since I remember him wearing a lanyard.


Smash Apprentice
Jan 11, 2010
canfield, OH
Shout outs to the after party. Pikachu pretty much has to be my new main now :p.
Also gunpunch for doing that samus thing and making me remember the good old days. Also shout outs to all my bros and homies for being awesome. Glad it was huge, glad we are growing, and now lets start showing people the Midwest is a major threat!


Smash Cadet
Jan 17, 2013
Kent, Ohio
1: VaNz - Yoo nice job on 1st place. Our pools set was fun. That first game, anyway. You wrecked me really bad the 2nd one haha.
5: PGH Carroll- The ****ing homey. Always good to see you man. Thanks for coming to the after party and playing that ****ty game that's not melee.
7: Naka- Thanks for coming to the after party man. Sorry I wasn't being a very good host. I think I was just as tired as you were.
9: Stro- Thanks for coming to the after party. Always a pleasure seeing you and watching you do Link things.
9: Zaxis- DOn't think I ever got to play you before this tourney. You are super solid, dude. Hope to get better and give you a challenge next time.
13: Pat- Sorry we didnt get to play or talk much, but thanks for coming to the party yo. You're a cool guy.
13: Dempt- **** YOU DEMPTWELL. GGs in pools. Yeah, I do need to come over more. You played super well. Thought for sure you were gonna beat 4%
17: TM- Your Ganon is outrageous. GGs in pools. If only I had a good Ganon to play against. (Hi Josh)
17: Kanye Rest- The homeyyyyy.
17: Mach- Also the homey.
17: KittyMW- Solid dude. Thanks for coming to the party. Always a pleasure.
25: Shroudedone- Yoo thanks for coming to the party, dude. Would def like to play some friendlies sometime at one of these.
25: DerfMW- The ****ing homey. Wish we couldve gotten some games in. Your ICs are cool af
25: ojenga- Chillest ************ NA

Pools Results:
33: PGH Housewife- Yoooo thanks for coming to the after party. We should play a bunch of friendlies next time. I think the matches would actually be p. interesting.
33: Ders- Your punish game is so bad lol
33: Beegs- BEEGS. Always good to see you man. I know your disappointed with your placing. Let's both make a pact to do better next time haha
33: Beanwolf- How could you lose to Coffeemug? sheesh.
41: 9volt- Pools matches were fun. You have a lot of potential imo
41: Dirac- **** you Rob Taylor.
41: Coffeemug- GOAT tournament. Terrible venue. Now we know. Awesome work with everything, dude.
49: Newbreeze- Yoo, were you the Samus I played in pools? Our set was the funnest/hardest I played all day. Hope to see you again so we can play a ton.
49: Goast- The ****in homey. Good seeing you, man. Your Samus was looking leaps and bounds better than I remembered it being.
57: The D- Fun set in pools. The sheik ditto is ****ing obnoxious lol. I don't know a lot, but I can show you stuff next time if you want.
65: Not Kain- Yooo awesome seeing you dude. Sorry we never played those friendlies haha. Hope to see you soon.



Smash Cadet
Jan 27, 2011
Not Milwaukee, WI
Wow so I realized I never made shoutouts but I just wanna say I love everyone, I'm sorry I got so mad, and how have I not met Butt Zone yet and shaken his hand for having the best freaking tag I've ever heard.
And Coffeemug I see you're viewing this thread, great tournament dude.


bair-condtioned nightmare
Aug 21, 2011
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Wow so I realized I never made shoutouts but I just wanna say I love everyone, I'm sorry I got so mad, and how have I not met Butt Zone yet and shaken his hand for having the best freaking tag I've ever heard.
And Coffeemug I see you're viewing this thread, great tournament dude.

shake my hand instead for making up that tag


Smash Journeyman
Jun 19, 2013
Kent, OH
I forgot I had left this tab open cause I intended to finally type out shoutouts but I ended up watching youtube instead >.<


Above all: Thanks everyone for the awesome words about the tournament. I'm so happy that because of our community something like this was accomplished near the year mark of me getting into this. I was a nice pseudo-anniversary gift and an amazing christmas gift haha
PGH Carroll: Thanks for all your help with seeding. you always help me run this smoother. and even with all of that you still placed pretty well. good job dude.

1: VaNz: nice job as usual showing ohio isn't that bad. It's always nice to see you, and I promise, next time, PM will happen.
2: Taki: defending that number 2 spot. you were playing pretty incredible all day dude.
3: KJH: I was so worried you would JV 5 man. your fox was just overwhelming me hahaha
4: 4%: I'm glad to see you showing up to stuff, I love watching all your characters!
5: Mango: that christmas ale was an intense opponent huh?
7: Naka: It was fun talking games with you at andys, if you ever wanna coop dark souls, let me know
7: dkuo: NOOOOO DON'T LEAVE, I still need to learn from you!
9: Stro: F*** Turbo link. thats all.
9: Tremor: Thanks for bringing MI down. I love seeing you guys at things.
9: Zaxis: I mad you and derf ended Butters and my teams career. but ggs haha
9: Sweet: who are you?
13: Pat: sorry I ruined yours a tremor's game >.<
13: Logan: second seed, nice job dude! stop training beanwolf. I don't have a sensei as good as you.
17: Gunpunch: Your samus is unreal dude keep it up.
17: TM: dat ganon. definitely need to put in work to get up there with you.
17: Mach: tough luck with that koolest category. but nice job getting better faster than everyone
17: KittyMW: Best set NA. counterpicking to Green Greens more often now.
17: Skyson: I know you hate it but when you get angry, it's really funny.
25: Jbro: Upset of the century, amazing work.
25: DerfMW: same as zach, Allen and I will beat you next time!
25: ojenga: I'm actually super salty about our match. My first time playing serious fox against you, I pull random tech skill out of my A** take you to last stock and still lose! ughhhhh soon though, our training is paying off

Pools Results:
33: PGH Housewife: stop being better than me. and I'm glad you came to an ohio tourney!
33: Ders: Awesome house party afterwards. I wanna see you make it out of pools once. don't worry, i'll teach you.
33: Beegs: thanks for being super helpful! I would like to play with you again too when my characters are actually on point haha
33: Beanwolf: Sorry there was no grudge match, everything was so hectic. next time.
33: Amalie: your link was unexpected good job, you caught me off guard and deserved that win.
41: Dirac: they let you in?
41: Coffeemug: wow you suck
41: BabyJake: knew you were cool
49: Flash: did you do the beatboxing? you were insane dude.
49: Goast: thanks for being my go to equipment dude. you always got my back
57: OreoKirby: I hope you got your stuff back, you came out of nowhere with all those extension chords and it really helped out
65: Hanjieballs: you seem like an awesome dude, let's play some more next time we're at a tourney together.

also Butter: we somehow pulled together that team and did decent. next time we'll go farther.

Shape 4 will happen sometime in the coming months and I hope you all come back! let's keep this community growing. and like kitty said, let show we're a threat.
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