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The SD Psyop and it’s future in smash


Smash Rookie
Dec 2, 2020
I know most of you think that smash will continue progressing as a game and eventually arrive at a point where everyone plays to near perfection. I am here today to tell you that you are dead wrong.

I was recently doing some reading on machine learning and had a thought, since a lot of research is done to make machines complex enough to reproduce aspects of the human mind, surely the human mind is just a very complex machine. I asked a phd student friend of mine in the field and he confirmed that machine learning philosophy agrees with that statement, therefore one could postulate that much like smash cpus, human players can be manipulated into SDing. Thus was born the SD Psyop.

Knowing this, and acknowledging that melee will only be played by human players, it can be assumed that it is entirely possible to start a match, perform an extremely specific set of inputs both in the game and in real life, and your opponent will just SD every stock and hand you the win.

Now I’m not sure how one would trigger this, but it’s entirely possible the pros have been practicing this for years, brute forcing certain maneuvers, getting hit by combos on purpose KNOWING their opponent would SD at the end of them and quite possibly even seeding the self destruct into the minds of players via social media such as Twitter or using their twitch streams. It is impossible to know how deep this mind game goes, and who is in on it. Can humans practice this? How much do top players know? What information are they hiding from us?

This is the new 20XX, the SD Psyop will change how we play video games and is the entropic death of smash as we know it. Next time you or a player you are watching SDs, take a second and think. Could this be a part of the SD Psyop? Thank you for your time and stay vigilant.


Smash Journeyman
Nov 19, 2013
i agree. one time after a melee set, i pushed one of the two chairs in beneath the table, and then placed another chair behind that one. a minute later when i brought my next opponent over to that same setup, i sat down in the chair with nothing but free space in front of it and watched him struggle with the chaos that was the other two chairs. he definitely SD'd at least once in that set and it was my sick twisted mind that caused it


Smash Journeyman
Apr 12, 2010
he's figured it out. 'they' have been seeding tournaments and throwing matchings since the beginning to drive hype and incentivize specific play styles so as to be easier to counter and bait into performing 'the script'. lau zu yo
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