The Relationship of all games and the competitive community


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Feb 18, 2020
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I feel like the relationship of the games and competitive scene were like this

64 - The first child bringing potential

Melee - The one who has brought life to a new scene and community who still thrives, and which tries to survive time and the dismay of others.

Brawl - The child that meant to do the original purpose of the first 64 and overshadow melee but got hated for it and seen as the bad guy for eternity

SM4SH - I don't what to say about it was a mess in terms of storyline and was each by it's own community ( tell me your thoughts own how it was)

Ultimate - The one who brought compromise to competitive and causal while not making melee obsolete it does bring a balance.

Tell me your views on how the competitive community view each game and your own as well

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Mar 12, 2007
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Fighting games: I will beat most people at them no matter it's design. If a human and/or AI design a game I can't beat you probably can't beat it. I'm not the absolute best and don't speak for everyone. Those who best me I commend them, those who are worse than me strive to get better.
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