The Red Striker - Proto Man Support Thread


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Sep 17, 2014
So brother, you are not as weak as I thought. Let's see which of us father made stronger!
Proto Man (Blues)
Who is he?
Older brother of Mega Man, he made his debut in Mega Man 3, appearing as an enigmatic rival character under the name "Break Man" only to reveal his true identity by the end of the game. Since then he's made various appearances, be them playable, or simply to aid Mega Man on his efforts to stop the current crisis. Being Mega Man's brother, he shares many of his abilities, including the signature Buster arm cannon, as well as being able to use different Robot Master weapons acquired through the Variable Weapons System. His main difference is his shield, which can block oncoming projectiles.

What could he do in Smash?
Donning his Proto Buster, he could simply be an echo of Mega Man himself, as they share many abilities. Although, given how varied the weapons in Mega Man are, it certainly would not be unprecedented for Proto Man to get a full-on new moveset for himself should he become a full on fighter. Not to mention his Proto Shield, that could make quite a difference. Here's a few move ideas:
Neutral B: Rebound Striker (from Mega Man 10)
Proto Man throws a ball forward, which can be angled like the Metal Blade. Upon contact with ground, it bounces for more damage. It can bounce up to 3 times for a x3 damage increase. Gets destroyed when it hits a target. Initial damage ranges between 3% and 5%.
Side B: Proto Shield Strike
Proto Man crashes forward with his shield. Has high knockback, sturdy damage, and blocks oncoming projectiles with the shield. It can also be used to help with recovery. Damages around 15% to 20%.
Down B: Chill Spike (from Mega Man 10)
Shoots an ice shard diagonally forward downwards. Has a very small chance to freeze the opponent for a short time, and it remains on the ground like a landmine. Low knockback, damages around 7%-10%.
Up B: Beat
Proto Man calls upon Beat to help him up, much like the custom move in Smash 4. It makes no damage, purely for recovering purposes.

In addition, Proto Man has a unique property, when he's jumping in the air, he raises his shield, which can block all oncoming projectiles. This is pretty much 1:1 to how Proto Shield works in the games.

Now, WHY would he be in Smash?
There's a few reasons I could think of. For one, he's an easy Mega Man echo. Another, he's a pretty prominent character in the Classic Mega Man series, being possible for the taking in case they want to go that route for a new character from it. As of now, Proto Man is a spirit, and a DLC Mii Costume, so especially with the last, I'd say that sadly his chances aren't good. Nonetheless, he is a cool character, and I was mostly surprised there wasn't a support thread for him already, hence I made this. Maybe there's no telling for Ultimate, but who knows what the future holds beyond?

Of course, this couldn't go missing. I couldn't put his whistle directly as the quote, so to finish, here's his theme.
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