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The queen makes her hive Q-bee buzzes in

scarlet solsitce

Smash Apprentice
Sep 7, 2018
out all the Darkstalker characters I want in smash, she's the least likely considering she's not the most attractive nor the most popular but I love her all the same plus there's not that many pics for swarm masters
Moves list
neutral B
Triangle A
a dive move using her stinger
Side B
grab move in which she stings and suplexes her opponent
Down B
she gets close jumps behind and shoots a stinger that grows huge
Up B
Homing dash
(she won't have a recovery shell just float like Kirby)
Final smashes
she launches a swarm of bees
and for her second she well she stings you and turns you into a new body so to speak
Reason for Her inclusion
smash doesn't have an insect character and well there are characters that use insects but not many characters are bugs and use their body as if they're a human bug hybrid would be cool to see this type of fighter in smash bros someday
Reasons against her inclusion
she is not the most attractive nor is she the most popular Darkstalkers character and many others fit the bill here
Why Q-bee
Darkstalkers is my favorite franchise each fighter is unique and has a unique personality and Q- bee is no exception Honestly I want Darkstalkers to get more love



Smash Ace
Mar 11, 2019
The Cale-Zone
Switch FC
It's hip to f- uh... Nevermind.

The only Darksalkers character i'd ever consider supporting, i think she'd be a very unique character as far as fighting game characters go.


Smash Hero
Jul 2, 2013
She is under apprechiated for sure, and a shame she gets so little love outside the games. I was happy she at least appeared in Project X Zone if only as baddies, as they remembered she existed.

While I think Morrigan, Feleicia, and Demitri are more likely, I would love to see her in smash. Honestly, I really wish Capcom gives darkstalkers another try, and have Lab Zero make it. Skullgirls already is very Darkstalkers like in its designs and gameplay, and their hand drawn animation would be amazing for the series
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