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Nov 6, 2019
So a few weeks ago I made a post about fighters pass for a single company... But looking back now, none would work quite as well as the Pokémon Company.

There will only be 4 on this list, since on my other post it was made clear that a whole 5-character pass was a bit generous for one company. Plus, there are already around 10 playable pokémon in smash, counting pokemon trainer as 3 fighters.

Heres what I'm thinking:
1. Obstagoon
-Obstagoon is one of the first pokemon that only evolves in a game-exclusive form.
-He/She would be the first Gen 8 rep.

2. Chimchar
-We don't have as many small characters as we do huge ones like Charizard or DK.
-He's got great moveset potential.
-You could argue he is the most popular starter from gen 4

3. Leavanny
-Leavanny is a powerful, fast pokémon with a decent movepool, which could be transfered into a moveset.
-Leavanny is very recognizable in the nintendo community.
-We do not currently have a rep for gen 5, and Leavanny could fit here
-We do not currently have a playable Bug-Type pokémon.

4. Sceptile
-Great moveset potential, including a Mega Sceptile final Smash.
-He would complete the trio of fully evolved starters. We currently have fire-type thanks to incineroar, and water-type thanks to Greninja. Sceptile would be the grass-type starter, and add some more Grass-type like moves to the roster.
-He would be the first gen 3 pokémon to be a playable fighter in the game.

What do you think? Would you buy this? Would you change anything I've chosen? I tried to step away from only starters, since (counting Pokémon Trainer as 3 fighters) we are currently able to play as 6 starters (and I'm obviously counting Pikachu.

Can't wait to see your thoughts!
Oct 24, 2009
What we need is something more original and unique: a musical type Pokemon. Combine that with Gen 8 and you have Obstagoon, Rillaboom, and Toxtricity

So Toxtricity gets it as it's currently the most popular Gen 8 Pokemon

Toxtricity, Gengar, Sceptile, Heracross for me
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