The PM Player Locator Project


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Mar 29, 2009
20 miles south of Irvine, SoCal
Hey everyone,

So, I've decided to see if we can make others in the smash community easier to find. This project's aim is to have a record of all known player locations in the world! The website I plan to use to make this work allows for people to search player names as well as see the player population density in whatever city/state/region/country they might wish to view.

Those who wish to be placed on the map, please post in the thread. In addition, if individual community leaders wish to post a list of their smashers to add them to the list, that will work too. If anyone does not wish to be on the map, please let one of the admins or I know. I would love it if this gained some steam and we had several hundred...perhaps even 1,000+ smashers recorded. So please tell your friends about this project and direct them to the thread!

All I need are the cities and states/provinces (or countries, should your country not have states or provinces). Try to be somewhat specific in the case that your region has multiple cities with the same name (such as Ashland, OR; Ashland, MA; Ashland, AL; etc.). The location must be mappable by the Google Maps engine. In addition, feel free to write down what name you would like to be identified by (within reason).

Without further ado, I present to you the following:

Map Editor Admin:

Here is my location and format I would appreciate you guys to use:
Dana Point, CA (USA)

Project M Facebook Groups:
New York/New Jersey Project M
Maryland/Virginia Project M

List of players:

Name Address URL
Name Address URL
117 Huntington, NY
`dazrin Richmond, BC, Canada
,..., Grand Rapids, MI
[oni]LoKo San Antonio, TX, 78229
\Apples Redmond, WA
$heen Millbrae, CA
42_ Victoria, BC, Canada
9bit Elgin, IL
A2 Muskegon, MI
AdahyBearclaw Detroit, MI
Airrider Hönö, Sweden
Alex Night Sugar Land, TX
Alex615 Murfreesboro, TN
Aliami Armador Plano, TX
Alternate275 Columbus, GA
Amphrites Gulf Breeze, FL
AnMex Chandler, AZ
Archangel Newark, DE
AzureLight Huntington, NY
Beorn Nashville, TN
BJN39 Bloomington, IL
BlackRainNFire Santa Barbara, CA
Brim Evergreen, CO
Brown Link Austin, TX
BryE Winterville, North Carolina
BSL Tuscaloosa, AL
Burnsy Phoenix, AZ
Canon Kawartha Lakes, ON, Canada
cmart Laurel, MD
Cydios Kamloops, BC, Canada
DarkMagicX2 Putnam, CT
Dfire Grand Rapids, MI
Doberboy Grand Rapids, MI
DooWop Queens, NY
DoqtorKirby Sweet Home, OR
DP Columbus, GA
DVK Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
EddieJ Yardley, PA
Eli Queens, NY
Ellondu Jacksonville, FL
F. Blue Philadelphia, PA
Fishnax Grand Rapids, MI
Flan~ Muskegon, MI
ForteFreak Tucson, AZ
Foshio Hong Kong, China
Gallo New York, NY
GenoBlast St. Louis, MO
Gmaster171 Halifax, Nova Scotia
Gohan Tacoma, WA
Greenpoe Orlando, FL
GuruKid Brooklyn, NY
H8SNW Coquitlam, BC, Canada
HanAmes San Jose, CA
HeWhoCanSee New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Canada
HighAWK Traverse City, MI
himemiya Des Moines, WA
Hope Fremont, CA
Humble Dojo Murrieta, CA
Hylian St. Louis, MO
Hyperrcrow Boston, MA
Ian Gulf Breeze, FL
icecream Tyler, TX
iFFy Skokie, IL
iode Parsippany, NJ
ItalianStallion Springville, CA
J666 Van Nuys, CA
Jandles Melbourne, Australia
jappygolucky Berkeley, CA
Jawesome Muskegon, MI
Jcaesar Savage, MD
Jcwest2007 Columbus, OH
JOE! Dedham, MA
Jolteon London, UK
JTsm Ypsilanti, MI
Juushichi Columbus, OH
KayB Hightstown, NJ
Kellyk Louisville, KY
KFCawesome North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Khlx Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Kink-Link5 Waterloo/Evansdale, IA
Kneato Rochester, NY
KOKingpin Murfreesboro, TN
Korean Panda Columbus, GA
Kris Sweetser Newburgh, NY
Kujaku Grand Rapids, MI
kujiro Miami, FL
Kurt Victorville, CA
kyroN St. Louis, MO
Leelue Hempstead, Long Island, NY
Lolikanon Tacoma, WA
Lordhelmet Grand Rapids, MI
M.O.S.T. Fargo, ND
Mac Tacoma, WA
Machine-Elf Huntington, NY
ManaX Traverse City, MI
Mankosuki Pensacola, FL Cicero, IL
Mask6 Byron, NY
Mattyboy Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
MaxThunder Siggerud, Norway
Mch12 Yorba Linda, CA
McKillington Grand Rapids, MI
MegaGuy Marlboro, NJ
Meiling Tacoma, WA
Meme Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico
MercuryHg Huntington, NY
Minor Pandemic St. Louis, MO
Mithost Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada
MonkUnit Eau Claire, WI
Mr. Pickle Westmoreland, TN
mudkyp Marlborough, MA
Naggy Indianapolis, IN
Nintendude Bethesda, MD
NkGuy Houston, TX
O-Koa Oakland, CA
OkamiBW Dana Point, CA
oksas Tucson, AZ
Oldeeber Vienna, VA
Oniperson Blue Springs, MO
OptimusRhymez Petaluma, CA
Oracle Arlington, TX
orly? Philadelphia, PA
Paradoxium Palmdale, CA
Paz Miami, FL
Paz Tallahassee, FL
Perfecthell Huntington, NY
Phailure Valkenswaard, Netherlands
Plup Orlando, FL
PrivateJoker-Brown St. Clair Shores, MI
Protoman Pensacola, FL
PurpleJetskies Las Vegas, NV
Ram Pensacola, FL
rapcat Kelowna, BC, Canada
RayCharles Halifax, Nova Scotia
Red Muskegon, MI
Robjoe Muskegon, MI
root Grand Rapids, MI
rsr2 Traverse City, MI
Rude Charlotte, NC
Sadface Raleigh, NC
Sanity's Thief Bristol, RI
Sarix Grand Rapids, MI
Scooter Pendleton, IN
Scrambles_Prime Monroeville, PA
Sethlon Plano, TX
Shadic Olympia, WA
Shocksauce Grand Rapids, MI
SinisterB Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Sir Combee Kalamazoo, MI
SkaterBaj Pensacola, FL
sluigi123 Tontogany, OH
Smalls Muskegon, MI
Smeagol44 Ciudad de la Costa, Canelones, Uruguay
Sol_Vent Mitchell, IN
Sophy Muskegon, MI
SouthernGent Houston, TX
Spiffy Lewiston, ID
Spiffykins Albany, NY
Squirrely Brooklyn, NY
standardtoaster Eau Claire, WI
StarX Columbus, GA
Sumodude-S51 Anacortes, WA
Super Muskegon, MI
Swann Raleigh, NC
Sync8699 Minneapolis, MN
TCom Fargo, ND
TerraScythe Kumamoto City, Kumamoto, Japan
TheBoss Pensacola, FL
TheReflexWonder Phenix City, AL
tiGGer! Gilmer, TX
Tmacc St. Louis, MO
Tofu Tacoma, WA
Torvus Grand Rapids, MI
Trinsic Valencia, CA
TripleOG Humboldt County, CA
TRNZi Grand Rapids, MI
Tugnus Boston, MA
Twin Rhapsody Stevens Point, MI
Vaerix Houston, TX
Vigilante Saint-Constant, Quebec, Canada
Wieners Winnetka, CA
Wizzrobe Orlando, FL
Wrestlemania Orono, Maine
X-13 Tallahassee, FL
XACE-K Staten Island, NY
XACE-K Stony Brook, NY
XxalchemistxX Queens, NY
YarsRevengerson Fredericksburg, VA
Yeerk Omaha, NE
yogurtgun1245 Bear, DE
Yoshiiscool Murfreesboro, TN
Zef Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
ZeonStar Vallejo, CA
Zolom Canyon Lake, CA
ZONE Pensacola, FL
jayeldeee Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Malart Orono, ME
monkfunk Bangor, ME
F$=D Ontario, CA
murio Manteca, CA
Abebo San Fernando Valley, CA
Ariyo Las Vegas, NV
XincMars Queens, NY
AbstractLogic College Station, TX
SpaceJello West Palm Beach, FL
RedGamer San Antonio, TX
Zhea San Antonio, TX
PK-Thunder San Antonio, TX
Xilo San Antonio, TX
King San Antonio, TX
LoKo San Antonio, TX
Pwnz0rz Man Abilene, KS
Luigifan141 Deerfield, IL
Mewtwo2000 Benicasim, Spain
Zhime Johnstown, PA
Bread Philadelphia, PA
Scotch98' Lewisville, TX
TheNotSoShyGuy Haltom City, TX
TravisT Anaheim, CA
Shins Pensacola, FL
Nyte42 Baldwin Park, CA
Chillz New York, NY


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Aug 9, 2006

PrivateJoker-Brown - Saint Clair Shores, MI
Meiling - Tacoma, WA
Tofu - Tacoma, WA
Lolikanon - Tacoma, WA
Gohan - Tacoma, WA
Mac - Tacoma, WA
Strong Bad - Lee's Summit, MO
metroid1117 - Evanston, IL

Yung Mei

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Jul 20, 2009
Tacoma, Washington

theres a few other players as well, but they rarely ever play, so it wouldnt be recommended to add them


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Mar 29, 2009
20 miles south of Irvine, SoCal
Albany, NY

This is a fantastic idea. Where my NY players at???
If you like, you can feel free to talk to all your friends and post their locations and such. It may be a good idea to get their consent first. But regardless, if for some reason there's a problem (though I don't forsee it) with someone's personal privacy being violated, the "blame" would be on the person who posted the location.

Basically just a fancy way of saying, "Post the locations of your friends if they're okay with it."


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Dec 8, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio (USA)
R000ster (soon to be in NY, however)
And (this is his tag)
Master WGS


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Apr 4, 2011
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Come check out our venue sometime if you haven't already, all info can be found here in our MiTH9 thread, our next upcoming tourney. The main event is Melee but PM will be there too.

we usually smash a few times a week, kind of whenever people feel like it. Keep up to date and stuff in our BC thread.

-if you use facebook we also have a fairly active fb group, here


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Feb 16, 2008
Baton Rouge
-Ran, New Orleans.

It might be easier to just make it a Google Map, and allow anyone to edit it. Less management, and it has the potential to spread around.


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Mar 29, 2009
20 miles south of Irvine, SoCal
That's what I'm working on right now with the Melee one. I'll work on Project M in a bit. The problem I've run into is that if I make it all just one giant google doc, then people can edit the map with false data as well as delete names off the map. Which is why if possible, I'd like the final big version to be fairly controlled with who can edit it.

The other problem that I might have with Project M, but am not having with Melee is that with Melee, I'm asking each region to make a Google Maps doc of their region and then I'll compile those once I receive them. The problem with Project M however is that there aren't as many set communities as there are for Melee, so I personally only know of the Arizona Project M Facebook group, but no others.
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