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The Pac is Back: Pac-Man for SSB4

Discussion in 'Character Discussion' started by kingmario92, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. kingmario92

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    Sep 16, 2010
    Hayabusa Village
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    Pac-Man is a character who needs no real introduction. He is one of the most famous characters in not just video games, but possibly in all of media. Debuting in the smash arcade hit of the same name, Pac-Man was created by Namco (Now known as Namco Bandai) and is consider the mascot of Namco. Pac-Man is hands down the most popular and well known arcade game ever and even had a spiritual successor two years later by the name of Ms. Pac-Man. Pac-Man has starred in many other of his own games, and even had his own 3-d platformer trilogy by the name of Pac-Man World. He even crossed over with the Mario series in the game "Mario Kart Arcade GP" which also got a sequel later on. Mario even appeared as the announcer in the multiplayer only, Gamecube exclusive game "Pac-Man Vs."

    Super Smash Bros. 4
    Pac-Man is not really as experienced in combat like other characters in Smash, but he has a potential moveset, especially if you've played any of the Pac-Man World games. In terms of attributes, He'd probably be a little similar to Mario. You know, average speed, power, weight, etc. He'd most likely be more suited as a jack of all trades, master of none (Again, like Mario). He may not look acrobatic to you, but he is shown to be quite agile in the Pac-Man World games, not to mention he would have good power with those big fists of his (Which he uses in Pac-Man World 3). You might be thinking right now "Why do you keep on bringing up Pac-Man World?" "WHY?!" Well, those games show his true potential for a good moveset that at the same time makes sense to his character.


    Neutral A: Pac-Man delivers a 3-punch combo (Originates from Pac-Man World 3)
    Forward Tilt: Pac-Man does a quick headbutt that has a chance of tripping the opponent (If tripping returns)
    Down Tilt: Pac-Man does a quick one, two jab
    Up Tilt: Hops in the air, hitting opponents with his noggin
    Dash Attack: Pac-Man does a forward roll

    Forward Smash: Pac-Man chomps with all his might. Poor range, but strong damage and knockback
    Down Smash: Quickly ground pounds the ground, causing a short ranged shockwave
    Up Smash: Tosses a Pac-Pellet about 5 inches above that'll blow up

    Neutral Aerial: Rolls in place (Similar to characters like Sonic or Pikachu)
    Forward Aerial: Pac-Man does a forward drop kick with both of his feet
    Back Aerial: Thrusts his butt from behind, hitting anyone who touches it
    Up Aerial: Pac-Man performs a Flip Kick (Originates from Pac-Man World 2)
    Down Aerial: Does a downward screw punch

    Special Attacks (These moves come from the Pac-Man World Trilogy)

    Neutral B: Pac-Pellet Throw: Tosses a Pac Pellet that explodes on contact. Holding down the B button will charge up the Pac-Pellet, dealing more damage and having a larger blast radius
    Side B: Rev-Roll: Pac-Man runs in place and then charges forward in the form of a ball. Performs similarly to Sonic's Spin Dash and Yoshi's Egg Roll
    Down B: Butt Bounce: Pac-Man leaps into the air and ground pounds the ground, similar to Bowser & Yoshi
    Up B: Flip Kick: Pac-Man does a giant Flip Kick into the air, which launches him several feet high

    Final Smash
    Power Pellet: Pac-Man eats a Power Pellet and morphs into a giant 8-bit Pac-Man and can move freely around the entire stage. If he manages to take a bite out of someone, the poor victim will suffer a huge amount of knockback, to the point of being a 1-Hit KO 50% of the time (At 0% of course). This transformation will only last for about 8-12 seconds.
  2. CalumG

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    Smash Lord

    Feb 20, 2013
    Nice moveset, but Pac-man already has a thread. Have a little scroll, it should still be somewhere on the first page. (:
  3. Swampasaur

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    2Spook or not 2Spook?

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    Jan 4, 2013
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