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The Official Ohio Brawl Power Rankings (11/25/12: NEW RANKINGS UPDATED!)

Chronodiver Lokii

Chaotic Stupid
Aug 11, 2009
i worked on the FMA one

but seeing as i havent even had time to finish RAGE badges (YES IM STILL WORKING ON THOSE), i was not left in charge this time . u .;;;


Smash Lord
Mar 1, 2009
Canton, Ohio
This does need some activity. The old social group the panelists had to discuss the updates still hasn't transferred over afaik. I asked Kel about it a while ago and he didn't know either. Still, it was underused for some time before the server move.
@Soulpech: As far as the 3 inactives, I know KB was asking Michigan to take over the Ohio PR in the MI discussion. Clowsui handed the reins of Armageddon over to Kel and is distancing himself from smash for the time being. As far as the third: idk if its me or sneakytako you are referring to.

The Ohio Brawl community definitely needs more activity. The I-71 series was a nice attempt at some revival but that fell through.


Smash Master
Dec 8, 2007
Columbus/ NW Ohio
I think due to inactivity on the PR panel, I think it would be wise to have MI take over the OH pr temporarily until there's more activity...or we need new panelists.


ignite the fire
Mar 6, 2008
I think what you guys should do when addressing this situation is reform your panel and get more organized.

• Get 7 people, active and knowledgeable of your scene and go from there.
• From my perspective As an outsider of your state, I feel like this would be a beneficial list of players to be on your panel.
- Kel
- Sneaky​
- Eddie G​
- Jiffy​
- Soul Pech​
- 1 or 2 MI panelists that can help get your **** together.​

• You guys, Ohio, need to have a list of every tournament that happens during your Ranking period.
• You also need to establish how ling your ranking period is. (MI updates every 4 months.)
• In order to keep track of who is truly active, set up a google doc with all the players that you feel have a chance at being ranked in the season. Michigan's doc has like 15 players that we follow and track performance of.
• Make that spreadsheet editable and viewable to your panelists. If 7 people can update it, there is no excuse for it to be not up to date.

I'll post more later, I'm off to work.


Smash Lord
Jun 8, 2009
Cincinnati OH
It's been some time, but IIRC there's only been like 1 tournament where even half the PR has entered.

PR members attended
Armageddon - MX, Karls, Me
Rain 1 - Kel, MX, Fizzle, Carls, Shugo, KB (Lumi and I forfeited before bracket)
Rain 2 - Kel, MX, Carls
Outrage - Same as above

I mean, if you want a 3 man PR with Kel MX Carls well here you go.

0. Shugo
1. Kel
2. MX
3. Carls
HM. Soul Pech

Otherwise we need some more statewide attendance to make some decisions.


Smash Legend
Feb 14, 2007
Chapel Hill, NC
What Tako said.

I will even go one step further and say this: Ohio's PR is the LEAST of its problems atm.

Right now, you don't need a PR. Everyone knows where they stand, and if they don't, here's a unordered:

S Tier

A Tier
Kel, MX, Carls, Blue Rogue

B+ Tier
Fizzle, EddieG

B Tier
Suyon, Luminoth, Sneakytako, Sorasin

C Tier
Soulpech, clowsui, Smash64, Jiffy

But the list isn't really the point of this post. I recognize that our PR group has disappeared, but frankly as a (former?) panelist I am not even worried about that.

If a community of players is a house, and a PR is a roof, then Ohio's problem is that it doesn't even have a god damn foundation. How are you supposed to put a roof on a piece of land that has nothing built up? A PR is not a viable means to an end right now. A PR inspires competition and improvement and gives players a goal, but first you need to meet a threshold of relevant/interested players.


Smash Journeyman
Apr 21, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
Alright it's time that get some new panelists on here.

As of right now, I am volunteering to be panelist for our state's PR.


Smash Rookie
Apr 4, 2013
NW Ohio
So, I just got here.. What's going on/Can I do anything to help Ohio get smashing again because its DEAD lately..


Smash Journeyman
Apr 21, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
Damn I wish I could read.
Well, there's been a whole lot of reading and not enough updating.
We need to have this PR updated, but more importantly, we need new panelists to do so.

I can't say this for everyone on the panel, but a good portion of our panelists are either inactive or are occupied with irl things. Which is understandable, but they're still not here, regardless.

Eddie G

Smash Hero
Nov 24, 2006
Cleveland, OH
Clowsui makes a good point. Having an updated PR intact is nice but lately it just seems like the state has reached a complete stall in terms of activity, relevant/interested players, and even OoS interaction (coming AND going). I'm just as willing to jump into the fray as ever...but real life things have really picked up over the years. I work, will be attending school soon, have a new girlfriend whom I spend a lot of my time with, and the only time I touch the game is on Wifi to stay sharp. I love the hunger that Carls, MX, and SoulPech have for the game - it's very reminiscent of the first couple years of Brawl in Ohio, but a lot of our previously very active players have either

A. Quit (Smashfield comes to mind)
B. Moved (God Kai original 3 members, Beegs)
C. Became very preoccupied with real life (Smashfield again, Clowsui, Beegs, myself)
or a number of other reasons.

And no matter how hungry you are...when the bulk of your community is gone and the influx of new players has come to a screeching halt, it's difficult for any scene to come back no matter how big you used to be. I'm not saying it's impossible because it's not, but marketing out a 5 year old game that has more of an acquired taste for spectators than something like Melee/Marvel which have captivating combos/high speed gameplay isn't a walk in the park, especially for a scene that had issues with unity/interaction/traveling even during its heyday. I would love nothing more than to get a good scene burst for this game before the new title comes along, but I don't even have the first clue where to begin.

Not to mention the "perfect venue" I located wants to charge an assload of money (something with a difference that would totally shrug off a venue fee) which I'm not willing to pay on an attendance gamble in 2013. I'm still looking...though my time and motivation constantly flip flop.

Ohio no longer has a foundation to work with. Our state needs help and some luck to get another influx of interested players/tournaments.
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