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The Official APEX 2012 Results Thread! ALL RESULTS UP. International takes it all!


Smash Master
Apr 4, 2007
killing the evils of this world
Tourney was awesome!! Can't be perfect. My only issue was the brackets. Me and Fow got bracket ***** hard in doubles. Didn't make sense. Doesn't matter that their was that many players. It is obvious it was done wrong based on "apex seeding" points.

We had to face Gnes and Razor mad early and if we won anti and m2k next. And that wouldn't even had been for semi finals. After we lost to Gnes and Razor we had to play Ally and Dojo.
It's not fun to get screwed over at such a big tourney. Someone needs to do better research. Cuz certain areas in the bracket were definitely more stacked than others. We are paying for a fair tourney based on the seeding points. I know other players like Razer and logic saw it was done poorly as well.

At apex 2013 there needs to be a way for less human error. This event is official. I say we emulate some of MLG style. Let's have a National circuit for example!! That's good money for yall TO's as well if it can be organized well. 4 nationals a year and then a Grand national would be amazing.


Smash Master
Apr 4, 2007
killing the evils of this world
On that note how did he get top seeding points in everything when he hasn't even played in a long time. That is what I'm talking about. He didn't have any apex points yet had an easier bracket. That doesn't make sense.


Banned via Administration
Apr 30, 2008
*'~-East Coast/Quebec/Michigan-~'*
Chu did MAD work. Nick Riddle got shut up real fast.
And Salem :troll:

Alex Strife, stop being stupid, we're all waiting for the next one. Just change what wasn't necessarily perfect. No one runs perfect tournaments, don't give up, I'm waiting for the next one already, it's the only smash tournament that will bring MOST of us together. (And many upsets!) JAPAN!


Smash Master
Nov 8, 2010
St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Honestly I believe that yes Alex' schedule may have been a bit tight, but honestly any failures that may have occured or believe to have occured are on the community itself. Yeah he did have his Staff, but being realistc, I was there, everytime he asked for people to get off the setups for pools/bracket, people ignored him. When pools were going on, people kept disappearing for friendlies and money matches. Players also had multiple games running at the same time so they have that confliction. Players straight up ignoring pools, or taking forever to do them. prime ex; Day 2, Brawl pools started a bit late, yes, around 5ish. Now 1 oclock hit, 6 ****ing hours later. People are still doing pools or couldnt be ****ed to hand in their sheets. Like, I was running around trying to get pools and **** going and I wasnt even staff. I was also with Chibo when he was trying to do pools at 1am, not having all the sheets. Yes there were a lack of setups(mostly our fault) and yes **** happens and delays occur, but the blame for any delays or lack there of poor scheduling, its mostly on us.

Thank you Alex, you ran yourself into the ground for us, and this event. So did the rest of the staff, 1 oclock day 2 DM was limping he was so tired. So again thank you. I truly hope that you can find it in you to accept the challenge of running the next Apex, yes, some changes need to happen, but nothing perfect. You Failed no one. We failed ourselves as a community.

Shoutouts to the whole Apex Crew. And a special shoutout to Alex for pulling my name for the Gold Controller <3 It works wonderfully :D


Smash Legend
Aug 6, 2006
Montreal, Quebec
Alex you promised me you wouldn't give up, so you can't. You said on skype there's gonna be 2013 and then 2014... cmon!! =D I'm going to be a fighter, you need to keep fighting or doing things.. If you stop doing things, then.. life becomes without purpose.


You can't break those cuffs.
Jul 10, 2004
I thought what Alex was saying was that he wasn't planning on posting on SWF anymore? I think I even saw him mention something about Apex 2013 in one of his farewell posts.


Smash Lord
Aug 30, 2009
Route 12
You should run the next apex so youcan find out for yourself.

this should be at the end of every post in this thread.

excuse me? You must not be familiar with my bay Dat Random Ni gga.
here, ill introduce you...

look at that, hes so humble too. He beat a top MK to get the placing he got and the bum he tied with only beat a scrubby ZSS to get that placing.

DRN for bess ZSS.
LOL just saw this post.

Kid <3


Smash Legend
Aug 6, 2006
Montreal, Quebec
Lmao.. but real talk. It's not like you are gonna sit on your *** on your couch and think everyday: "What should I be doing today?" lol.


Smash Champion
Feb 28, 2011

Don't feel bad about not making it out of pools at Apex.
This was only round two's upsets.
Don't matter how someone puts it. I'm salty I didn't meet my expectations (make bracket). I humbly accept that I got outskilled, but next time, that ****'s not gonna happen. Gonna practice my *** off for 2013.

To Alex, you did an amazing job at handling the problems that came during the tourney, and you shouldn't feel ashamed at anything. ****'s gonna happen, and you might as well improve from it. You kinda started to bridge the gap between the FGC and smash, but Saturday, you were taking a lot of heat from the FGC. The prizes were great, but they weren't the main focus that you wanted. It felt as if you tried to jump a little too far when you needed to just make everyone happy and have a great experience. Also, the fact that registering (and almost everything else) for the traditional FGs was soo different compared to smash kinda made everyone pissed off too.

If you're gonna try to bridge the gap again, my advice would be to focus more on having ample setups and treating registration (and anything else) the same as you did for smash. Also, I prefer the venue to stay cold entirely since it's easier to put layers of clothes on than being hot. It was pretty intense in the other room. You can add in the prizes later when the gap between the FGC and smash is smaller.


Smash Apprentice
Aug 9, 2011
Houston, TX
Alex Strife and Company - Thanks for making my first big tournament an enjoyable one. I hope you'll reconsider and hold another APEX.

Mr. F - Thanks for housing us and giving me more Puff practice. I hope to see you again over the summer.

Tirno - Good job representing Texas and almost making bracket. And thanks for helping me on that project.

gaR - Nice to see you again. Thanks for taking so many pictures and stuff.

fOof - I hope you were able to make it back to Houston after missing your flight. We should play more!

VTS and Nintendude1189 - It was nice to meet you guys. :)

Citizen Snips / Bladewise / that Samus whose name I forgot / other people I played - GGs

Houston Brawl players - I ran into Leaf a ton and Sync a fair amount but I never saw anyone else. I hope you guys did well in Brawl / Pokemon and I guess I'll see you at the next joint tournament.

Papa Mink - You're pretty cool. I hope you did well in pools.

FGCU guy with long hair - I forgot what your name was but thanks for telling me about how you got all that stuff to work with your school. It's pretty amazing.

All those people I got autographs from - You made a random Houston player very happy.

Vudujin / Crismas / PB&J - Thanks for selling cool stuff. As a note to all other future sellers: I need more Ice Climbers paraphernalia!


Smash Lord
Mar 13, 2008
Fullerton, CA
Shout outs:

Illmatic: that Peach was mad fun to play. It was pretty sick watching those beast combos on some snake you were playing. Glad to finally play you.

Tin-Man: My Canadian brotha; we didnt get to play but you were too good mah dude. We'll chill soon I hope.

Ryo: Too much swagger in your soul. Your Ike was amazing and Im glad we were able to play one another. I do wish I got more friendlies in with you though. I wanted to learn more haha. Keep pushing that character. You are an amazing player, and an even better person. Talk to you soon.

vvv Zero: Awesome playing you in a MM! I got that two stock second game but you edged it out on Game 3. You are a very VERY competent MK! It was great playing you.

True Blue: My fellow sonic it was awesome chillin with you. I also love your sonic's swag. Keep it up man. Hit me up on Facebook so u can send that new number. Stephenson Oluwadare Bamidele ( i know its a damn long name)

Larry, Rich Brown, Tyrant, Havok, Zekey, MikeHaze, Tearbear, FoW, Z, Aisght, KP, Laurel: You already know. WEST COAST ALL DAY.

San: Nice to meet the man behind the wisdom. It was great conversing with you, and just plain chillin. I guess Ike mains are just raw people? hahah

Apex Sonics: I am proud of you all. I know some matches were rough, but im just glad we were all able to meet one another. I am so glad to call myself a Sonic main and be apart of our community.

Orion: Kinda pissed we didnt get to play our matches (damn the free play setups, but congrats on your placing. And thank goodness youre apart of this community; we need more sane people. Im sure we will talk more in the future my brotha, hopefully we'll meet up soon.

NEO: Excellent Marth, so glad I was able to play EC's best. Keep beasting in your progress in the rap game as well as Brawl. Hopefully Ill get to play you more in the future.

Ish: Theres too much to say so ill just condense it. Ish, thank you for being the greatest host I have had in years. Thank you for being a gracious human being and truly kind soul. Theres very little people in this world that would do what you did for us all. You have my overwhelming thanks, and I hope you know you are ALWAYS welcome in So Cal.

_X_: You are Sonic personified so it goes without saying that you are too good. Cant wait to chill with you again.

Mampam and RedHalberd: You 2 are too amazing. Im sad you all had to leave early, but you 2 brothers are good people. Not to mention hilarious and damn good at brawl.

Dabuz: great playing your Olimar; it is amazing. Im truly scared at what you and Rich will bring to the table post-Nietono. Keep pushing that metagame!

Arizona: Wheres Dekar? hahah

Nick Riddle: You are too funny man. You + X is just a great conversation.

Vinnie: I wish I had a chance to play your Gdubs; i know my training partner Paper wouldve loved that. Nonetheless, from the little we interacted, you seemed to be a very humble player. Hearing your stance on MK and seeing you 3 stock Ally just made me glad that there are actual players that continue to never give up and train until they achieve greatness.

Gnes: Didnt get to play you, but I saw your matches with my boy Larry and I must say your Diddy looks even better in person. It was awesome to see you amazing style and I hope you conitnue to improve.

ADHD: You are brilliant player. I know that tourneys havent been the same for you, but I do hope you continue to play and push that Diddy Metagame. Without you and Gnes, Diddy is lost lol. Keep on being amazing.

Ramin: Your Snake and Marth are soo sick haha. Not to mention you are chill as hell. Glad to finally see you in action in the States.

Leon: Spectacular Marth and Peach man. Im sorry that you got in last minute and I sure that was rough on you, but you did well in this ridiculous tournament. And i will NEVER forget that Sexy *** kill on MVD in doubles. That ish was absurd.

Famous: That Fraud man. that Luigi is too much haha.

Anti: I hope you dont quit man. I really do. you are an amazing player, and chill as hell. The community can always use more of that.

TKO: You really shouldve been a commentator. Spittin too much truth for the masses.

Alex Strife, Dmbrandon, Doom: Thank you all for doing the best you could to make Apex memorable. Thank you.


Smash Hero
Nov 14, 2010
In the rain.
Did the Brawl USA vs World crew battle happen? If so, is it going to be uploaded?

If both answers are yes, don't spoil the ending for me -.-


Smash Master
Sep 28, 2008
Shpongle Falls
alright, time to do this. time for the shoutouts post of a lifetime.

3. Nairo - cheer up mang 3rd is still pretty good :awesome:
4. ESAM - sometimes you make me giggle.
5. Kakera - i know you'll never read this so i can safely say you're cuter than otori
7. ADHD - that set vs. OCEAN... that is all :awesome:
9. Rich Brown - way to crush m2k's spirits like a bug lol, nice hanging out with you after apex. now go find out the japanese' secrets for me :bee:
9. OCEAN - you're a very snappy dresser :3
9. DEHF - you're cool as **** :bee: it was great being in the same housing and i hope we didnt keep you up all night lol. we'll get some games in next time.
17. Havok - good work, excellent placing, do more socal things so NM has a reason to visit :reverse:
17. mikeHAZE - you and havok, it figures you'd get the same placing :awesome: we'll see each other again sometime
17. Mr. R - your marth and snake are so ****ing fun to watch and play against, keep doing nasty things to innocent people
17. Shugo - i didnt even meet you but i wanted to at least tell you your falco is super sexy :woman:
25. Coney - you're as awesome IRL as your posts are lol, keep up the D3 **** :bee:
25. Jtails - i said hi once and that i wanted to play your diddy but never saw you again. lack of setups lol. next time fo sho :embarrass:
25. Zex - be nice to choice ;)
25. Reflex - **** apex, i'm gonna go watch your backlog of PT videos. that ****'s sexy as ****. keep being awesome.
25. Seibrik - use D3 goddammit
25. Will - wtf, a DK in 25th? get out of here. though good work dominating that nicole/yourself/illmatic/ripple match, that whole thing was your doing lol
33. Leon - nice peach bro
33. Trela - excellent work, keep beasting everyone with luc ;D
33. Denti - you look a lot like bees. ginger power :cool:
33. Illmatic - very nice to meet you and thanks for being patient and stuff. it was honestly an honor to finally get to meet/play against the peach player whose vids i've been watching for years.
33. Trevonte - you and choice, wtf
33. Salem - sorry that i thought you were anti on like 3 different occasions lol good work destroying people
33. DRN - dat ZSS, nice meeting you when we had subway n ****
33. DeLux - nice to meet you :D
49. GDX - **** how do i play against a diddy who isn't super crazy technical? :embarrass: i'll figure that out and get back to you. i'll tell dekar you said hi. you go tell him how bad i am :awesome:
49. False - a friend of arda is a friend of mine rofl your snake is cool and i'm gonna keep watching your vids n stuff
49. Sky`. - you're a funny mother****er and i'm a shameless fanboy :awesome: norcal isn't that far, i'm sure we'll run into each other some more.
49. _X_ - you're silly as ****. good **** photobombing the japanese :awesome:
49. san - you and ryo are basically jak and daxter. you're composed, sagacious, and obviously an intensely intelligent player. i've always enjoyed watching your ike and i'll keep watching :D
49. Vinnie - you're a superhero. i think the humility just makes it worse for you :awesome: you're a hero to the people so keep on doing awesome things lol

John #s - nice meeting you, you frazzled spaz :awesome:
FGCU BDJoe - fun pools matches, keep up the pika work, figure those matchups out they're both totally doable
Tony T - nice meeting you, always fun to meet more lucario mains :bee:
K.I.D.Goggles - nice meeting you, nice goggles :awesome:
Espy - also nice meeting you, friend of wofls, fellow ponyfag, sonic using crazy man :reverse:
Red Ryu - great games, nice meeting you, intriguing little 2-minute metagame discussion lol
FGCU Viper - good games, i apologize for being out of it, super late on the final day of the tournament means at the time i just wanted to crawl in a hole and die lol. but keep up the scene at your college and all that stuff :bee:
Vermanubis - you're awesome and it was great meeting you. you and DLA are terrifying. keep up the amazing work!
Stroumbert - nice meeting you, amazing falcon, keep doing work :bee:
Old Man Grey - finally got to play against you lol, that accidental point-blank misfire was the greatest :awesome:
[YRSF] Tin Man - nice meeting the man behind the DI :awesome:
Lain - i've been watching your smash videos my entire smash career and your ICs were always stylish and crazy and fun to watch. was amazing to meet such an inspirational figure and find out he's a ****** guy as well :D keep playing and beasting :D
RedHalberd - you're a super cool dude and i heard you had a sweet adventure with ish lol. glad that all turned out alright and it was a pleasure to meet you :D
Bleachigo - glad to meet you too, your falco seems really unique somehow and i hope you get back into the swing of things. also, sorry they didn't have cheesesteak at subway :awesome:
Leaf - great seeing you again. didn't get to play but keep doing dirty pikachu things lol. and come to NM sometime :p
MVD - stop trying to money match me and play friendlies already :p but seriously you're fun to talk to lol
Roller - barely talked this time :awesome: but good seeing you and keep chaingrabing *****es
Mink - you're chill as **** and it was awesome playing and hanging out. doubles was great :awesome: sorry we didn't party, but maybe next time
Dapuffster - basically all of the above. you're definitely up there on the troll diddy tier list along with dekar :awesome:
Steep - nice meeting you briefly and stuff :)
Red X - good games, your ness is awesome, keep working on it and see you next national perhaps :D
Dr. PP - again sorry about the lack of jamba juice, nice to finally meet you :3
King - Nice meeting you at the airport :)
Stealth Raptor - lol same plane ride. nice meeting you, i'll play against your pika next time :urg:
Sago - lol, also same flight. and nice meeting you :bee:
Dazwa - youve been blessed with the gift of the funniest face ever, good **** and nice meeting you lol

Luminoth - you're awesome, keep being awesome, don't let this get to you, just keep practicing :D wofls forever
Kain - you were fun to hang out with and i dig that hat lol, no worries next big tournament you'll **** harder; you have much better fundamentals than the rest of us. we all have a lot of work to do though.
Seagull - way to be at the bottom of the list. no one likes seagulls. they swarm people who eat in public and **** everywhere. fun games in pools and **** btw we need to make our character not suck
KRDSonic - you were here in spirit man. you were definitely one of the most missed wofls and i hope we can still meet somehow eventually.
choice - good to see you again :D keep playing! next time NM/norcal meet up i'll beat up your falco some
Ishieymoro - You have no idea how grateful I am for the work you did to make sure your house guests had a good time and that everything went smoothly. The lack of sleep from driving people around, the free housing for people who needed it, it was all amazing and you are one of the coolest people I've ever met. We'd better meet again and I look forward to it :D


Kazekun Kunai - Your TL is beastly, and so are your other random characters lol. Glad to hear you made a good impression on the players here and good work on R2 pools :D
Ravenlord - Also great work on R2 pools and for doing mad work with Lucas. You're superb and it was great to play against you :D
Timo - Awesome work shuffling in Nintendo World for that high score lol. Hope you had a great time :)
Esper - Nice meeting you, hope you had a great time here :D
Crifer - Your Fox and DK are awesome and were way fun to play against. Keep it up! Tell Semifer I said hi!
Tysk - Great meeting you, take care, hope the trip was fun :)

Kadaj - fun friendlies, nice meeting you, stop spacing **** so well :mad:
Ryo - see san's shoutout. you're the daxter to san's jak lol. funny as hell, fun to talk to, it was awesome hanging out with you. i hope we meet again :D keep up that ike ****!
TrueBlue - Your sonic was pretty sweet and it was fun playing against you in doubles. Great team chemistry :)
B.A.M. - super chill and fun to hang out with :D when NM finally travels to Socal we'll definitely get some friendlies in. keep up the good work with sonic!
Stingers - Was awesome meeting you; I totally forgot that you lurk in the NM thread lol. keep lurking, you're chill as **** and your ROB was fun to play against :D
Kuro - GGs, keep using pit and not wario because **** wario :glare:
Internet Explorer - Thanks a ton for housing lots of cool people and generally being ****** :D
Kevin Magic - 3rd seed R1 pools all day lol. didn't play against you but i saw that ROB, it's looking better so keep up the good work :D
Bris - nice accent bro, i'll loiter about the lucario IRC from now on :awesome:
AlexoftheAura - great hanging out with you, nice lucario, also get trolled by my snake :awesome:
ShounenKel - you're chill and funny as hell lol, great meeting you and keep up the melee :D
Armada - good work, nice meeting you, come take our money again sometime

Vendors including crimas, Laurel, whoever else i bought stuff from - you sold awesome **** and i bought at least one thing from everyone rofl, great job and thanks for being there :D

Special anti-shoutout to Vex Kasrani, who was apparently a GIGANTIC douche to one of the German players in R2. picked Marth after Ravenlord picked Lucas and refused to do a double-blind re-pick, went Luigi game 2 to spam misfire, picked D3 game 3 to chaingrab for the win. I'm glad Ravenlord told you in person that you were an *******. Way to misrepresent our country to the internationals.

For the record everything else I heard from the Germans about the people here was all really good stuff

to anyone i forgot, ggs, keep ****ing them *****es <3


The Assault of Laughter ﷼
Apr 18, 2010
Special anti-shoutout to Vex Kasrani, who was apparently a GIGANTIC douche to one of the German players in R2. picked Marth after Ravenlord picked Lucas and refused to do a double-blind re-pick, went Luigi game 2 to spam misfire, picked D3 game 3 to chaingrab for the win. I'm glad Ravenlord told you in person that you were an *******. Way to misrepresent our country to the internationals.

are you serious?


Smash Hero
Oct 28, 2008
lol @ "misrepresent"


Also Alex Strife, you shouldn't give up. No TO in this community actually lives up to the hype or runs things the way a schedule says when it comes to big events. As the community saw in 2011, you can **** up ALOT worse than running a few hours behind.

Vex Kasrani

Smash Master
Jul 13, 2007
Philadelphia, PA

are you serious?
It's actually 100% false lol

I picked DDD game one, ***** him, game 2 wanted to warm up luigi for kakera's IC's but lost barely, then game 3 won with DDD on frigate, somebody told me it got cleared up though, but he took it offensive when it happened, I wasn't counterpicking him at all lol. He was only mad because he thought I was sandbagging vs him, which I actually wasn't and he almost beat me because I tried luigi.


Novus Ordo Seclorum
Sep 22, 2008
North Carolina
There was only one real problem with this Apex........


I know there are few of us, but it's still sad that not even a single Bowser main made it to Apex. We need to launch a full-scale invasion of the next national or something, lol.
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