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The Mushroom Kingdom Tykes! Baby Mario & Baby Luigi support thread!


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Feb 8, 2014


Now you probably have a few questions

1. Why Them?
There's no denying they face serious competition from the rest of Mario universe. With likes of Toad, King Boo, Waluigi, Daisy, Paper Mario and many more to contend with. Heck, even if you say "They'd be a Yoshi character" They still have Kamek to contend with. But the thing is, as Yoshi characters, they have Kamek beat, especially the Baby Mario half of the duo. Sidekicks always beat the villains when it comes to Smash, we got Luigi before Bowser, Zelda before Ganondorf, Falco before Wolf, Diddy before K Rool. Ect. They even very common in spinoffs, appearing way more often Kamek (again, especially the Baby Mario half of the duo. Who was in sports games before Daisy and Waluigi) They even joined forces with their adult selves to save the Mushroom Kingdom from an alien invasion. They also don't look like a generic enemy like Kamek does. They also receive a number of different merchandise and are quite prominent in the home console Mario Karts.

2. How would they play
It is generally believed that they would use the Hammers from Partners in Time for a lot standard attacks. But they have acquired many talents over the years. They could access many of the Partners in Time bros items, the Yoshis Island bubbles, the cape from Yoshis Island for a dash or Kirby esk "Hi-Jump". One of their signature Mario Karts, Mario Sports Superstars shows a fondness for balloons, Crying and of course, their Double Dash Chain Chomp.

3. Double character with hammers? That sounds too much like Ice Climbers
Just because they use hammers, doesn't mean they would be too similar. Also as Rosalina & Luma and Duck Hunt Duo show. There are many ways to utilize a double character. One way would be to have them act more like the double cherry power up instead of an ai buddy. Perhaps make it more double based. Ice Climbers is only one way to use the double method

4. Do you really want to punch a Baby?
Punching Babies is horrible, so is blowing them up, kidnapping them, running them off the road, making them play soccer with adults, eating them with Piranha Plants and the entirety of Partners of Time, have you seen the Final Boss of that game? These guys have seen some serious stuff in their time. Getting a warlock punch to the face would be nothing.

The babies are cute and adorable and kick some serious koopa shell. I know they are incredibly unlikely, but that doesn't stop me from wanting them!

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