The Move Swap Thread


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Feb 24, 2019
The title says it clearly. This is a thread about swapping moves on characters. There are 2 criteria for this thread to engage with, so let's go over them.

1 - Choose any 2 characters in Smash Ultimate, then, exchange 1 move from each of those characters with one another.
2 - (OPTIONAL): Choose 1 Smash Ultimate character and 1 other character from any OTHER Smash game (melee, brawl, 4, 64, pm etc), and exchange their moves with one another.

My examples

1 - I would switch Ganon's Wizard Foot (down special) with Incineroars Revenge. I'd do this because Ganon would hit like 20 trucks instead of 10 as well as have another get off me option that isn't his Jab. Would be funny to me.

2 - I would replace Ultimate Roys downtilt for Melee Roys downtilt, because the popup hitbox in Melee is a combo tool that reliably pokes.

Another example for Ultimate to Ultimate shift would be changing Snakes Nikita with K Rools Cannon. THAT would be funny.

What would your choices be?
Apr 28, 2008
Samus/Dark Samus' u-tilt is now Joker's Tetrakarn/Makarakarn (Down+B w/ Arsene).

Ridley's Wing Blitz is Pit's Power of Flight, but he still maintains his hitbox.

I figured since these two are practically the same, a change to one would be a change to the other.
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