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Update: The thread is currently being remade into a general Mega Man in SSB Wii-U and SSB 3DS discussion thread. Much more will come later.

After years of massive fan demand to get Mega Man into a Super Smash Bros. game along with all the turmoil surrounding the Blue Bomber in the past few years, Mega Man finally makes his debut in Super Smash Bros. Wii-U and 3DS! Now the fans have the opportunity to pit Mega Man against the likes of Mario, Pit and Donkey Kong in a game as Mega Man re-unites with them once again! We now present to you...
As of Mega Man's confirmation, not only does Mega Man gets a thread dedicated to supporting his inclusion, but also an entire sub-forum. Feel free to use this thread and all the available threads to discuss Mega Man or even make a topic if you find nothing that relates to the topic at hand.
Mega Man and Super Smash Bros. Wii_U and 3DS Information:
Now that Mega Man is in, a variety of information in regards to him and Smash will be shared with the community. If you have something that you need to know in regards to Mega Man and Smash, it should be down here:
Smash Wii-U and 3DS Dojo - The Smash Bros. Dojo for the game.
Mega Man's Page on the Dojo - Self-explanatory.
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii-U Mega Man Joins the Battle! - Mega Man confirmed to be in Super Smash Bros. Wii-U and 3DS. Many tears of joy were shed on this day.
Thoughts, Musings, and Other Ponderings on Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. - Lots of neat stuff here. Goes into depth about Mega Man's appearance as well as mentions Capcom's collaboration with Nintendo in regards to the game and that both sides made it possible.
Namco Bandai Characters Receive No Priority for Super Smash Bros. - Said that just because the game is being developed by Namco and Sakurai doesn't mean that they characters receive special priority. Goes off to explain that Mega Man was a very special arrangement and that third-parties have to deal with a ton of licensing mess in order to make a reality.
Wii U & Nintendo 3DS Developer Direct - Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii-U @E3 2013 - Sakurai goes over Mega Man (also mentions Villager and confirms Wii Fit Trainer). Starts at when you click the link and ends at 6:04 (when he goes to discuss Wii Fit Trainer).
New Super Smash Bros. removes tripping; game speed between Brawl and Melee - Not much in regards to Mega Man here, but a good read nonetheless. Although Sakurai did mention that videos in regards to the trailer will be shown from the beginning in the game since everyone knows of the video on the Internet.
Don't Expect A Lot Of Third-Parties In The Next Smash Bros. - Sakurai said to not expect a lot of third-parties, considering Mega Man a "special case". Sakurai also hints that due to possible time constraints, some characters may be "reduced to a certain degree".
Super Smash Bros. director says character selection is stressful 'almost to the brink of death' - Sakurai said that Mega Man was added due to the uniqueness that he possessed and that he was the most wanted guest after Sonic. Mentioned that Capcom was very favorable to the idea of Mega Man being in the game.
[COLLAPSE="Mega Man In Super Smash Bros. Wii-U"]
[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Mega Man In Super Smash Bros. Wii-U "]
[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Mega Man In Super Smash Bros. Wii-U"]
[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Mega Man In Super Smash Bros. Wii-U"]
[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Mega Man In Super Smash Bros. Wii-U"]
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[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Mega Man In Super Smash Bros. 3DS"]
[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Official Art"]
[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Fan Art, Mega Man and Smash Bros."]~Yuri~:
In the year of 2012, a super robot named Mega Man had just foiled yet another one of Dr. Wily’s plan. After the robots were cured of Roboenza, Mega Man and company lived in peace. Following the event a year later came a mysterious invitation; to prove himself worthy of joining the cast of Super Smash Bros.

Naturally, Rock was curious. He had not heard of such things in his own world; he had been used to the repetitive cycle of thwarting Dr. Wily’s plans over and over again. Clearly this was something different and it required his attention.

After a long argument with Dr. Light, he reluctantly agreed to let Rock accept the invitation only under one condition; he must come back alive. Tearfully, he waves goodbye to Dr. Light, Roll and Auto as he heads his way to the portal that met home. Alongside with him were his dog Rush, Beats and Eddie who would accompany him. Once he stood in front of the teleporter, gravity pulled him and his company deep into an unknown land…

Rock then wakes up to find himself surrounded by all kinds of unfamiliar characters. A fearsome space dragon, a fat yet malevolent king, a small boxer with ferocious precision and a goddess. Not only that, Rock was greeted with a stern face from a yellow ball with a foot, a wooden puppet and an Umbra Witch with a talent for bullets arts. Clearly, Rock’s greatest battle had yet to begin and already he was about to get into a conflict more violent than anything he’d encounter with Dr. Wily…
Welcome to the official Mega Man for SSB4 Thread! This thread is dedicated to discussing anything Mega Man (or as some may call, the Blue Bomber) related, including his potential appearance as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4. Supporters of all kind are allowed in the thread and everyone is encouraged to join and help support Mega Man's inclusion. This is a support thread for not only the classic Mega Man that is most well-known, but also X, Legends, Zero, Battle Network, ZX, Star Force and even Bad Box Art Mega Man.:p

That said, everyone is welcomed to post in the thread, regardless of how you feel about Mega Man. Just makes sure that you are respectful to everyone (and this goes for supporters as well).
Mega Man: Who Is Mega Man?
Music Man: Music
Movesets Man: Move Sets
Stage Man: Stage/Assist Trophies/Etc.
Chance Man: What Are Mega Man Chances?
Info Man: Information Regarding Mega Man and Smash
Link Man: Other Places Support Mega Man As Well
Fan Woman: Fan Contribution
Support Man: Supporters
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If you're on this board, chances are you have played a Mega Man game and I'm almost certain that you have at least heard of the Blue Bomber, but for those who haven't, then let it be known that he's not the most wanted newcomer for no reasons. Scroll below everyone, you're in for a treat.
Brief History
Mega Man is one of the primary franchise people think about when they think of Capcom. Ever since Mega Man's debut in 1987, the franchise has went into the hearts of tens of millions of gamers all over the world. Many of Mega Man's games are of high quality and there are even few that are considered among the best for their respective platforms (Mega Man 2 and 3 for the NES, Mega Man X for the SNES).
Keiji Inafune, a former employee for Capcom (who now works for Comcept, which he launched), is known as the illustrator and co-designers of many of the Mega Man games, particularly the main Mega Man franchise. While generally considered the creator of Mega Man, that is not the case as the actual creator was Akira Kitamura, Inafune's mentor (the designer was already created by the time Inafune joined Capcom). Mega Man (the character himself who is known as Rock Man in Japan) was given the color blue since the Famicom only had 56 colors, giving Inafune a limited choice in design. The first game in the series, called Rock Man, was released on December, 1987. While the game sold better than expected, it did not sell well.
Success did not come for Keiji Inafune until Mega Man 2. The game had to be released as a side project due to the failure of the first game, but like the original, it was a game that the Mega Man team were greatly excited about. The game was released on December 24, 1988 in Japan, followed by a June, 1989 in North America and January, 1991 in the PAL region. Much to their luck, Mega Man 2 was a massive success, selling over 1.5 million copies worldwide. The game is also considered by most not only the best Mega Man game, but also one of the best games for the NES (or even ever made). Thanks to this game, the franchise has spawned over 100 games with six additional franchises (X, Legends, Battle Network, Zero, ZX and Star Force), continuing the legacy of the franchise to this date and along with it, a large and dedicated fan base.
Mega Man, known as Rock Man in Japan, or as a fan name regarding his blue appearance and high capabilities for fighting, the "Blue Bomber", is a super robot who's main goal is to defend the Earth from Wily's attempts to take over the world. He was originally known as Rock, created for the purpose of being Dr. Light's assistant as a general-purpose tool user. Also created at the same time to be Rock's partner was Roll, who was created for housekeeping. Before either Rock or Roll were created, Dr. Light had created Proto Man (known as Blues in Japan). But before Dr. Light tapped into his true potential of his AI (Artificial Intelligence), Proto went berserk and escaped.
Due to the success of Rock and Roll, Light created six more robots like them; Ice Man, Guts Man, Elec Man, Bomb Man, Cut Man, and Fire Man; all created for specific purposes (Ice Man was created for exploitation in extreme freezing temperatures, Fire Man was designed for waste managements, etc.). But Wily, jealous of Dr. Light's continued success, stole the six Robot Masters and attempted to take over the world by using these robots. Due to Rock having the ability to distinguish from right and wrong, he volunteered to become a fighting robot to stop Dr. Wily's plan. From that day on, Mega Man would fight many robots like him, hoping that one day, everlasting peace would finally be accomplished.
The games (at least in the original and X sub-series) are a series of action-platform games. While 7 and 8 of the original series and X starts with an opening stage, the game gives players the ability to select from eight (six in the original, not counting the Powered Up! remake). After entering a stage, the player then goes through the stage using his Mega Buster to clear through enemies (although in later games, Mega Man gains more powers). At the end of each stage, Mega Man will meet a Robot Master (or in the X counter partner, Mavericks) which he will fight. If he succeeds, Mega Man will gain a power from the Robot Master that he can use. The game specializes in picking the right Robot Master stages to make the boss fight easier as only a certain weapon will be particularly damage towards a certain Robot Master.
Mega Man is a critically acclaimed character as well as a fan favorite character. Nintendo Power listed Mega Man as their fourth favorite hero, mentioning his abilities to steal weapons from defeated Robot Masters. Famitsu, a Japanese magazine, had readers vote on what were their favorite video game character. February, 2010 issue put Mega Man as their 22nd favorite character when counting up all the votes. Mega Man also serves as an inspiration to many gamers around the world.
One thing that really stands out in the Mega Man series is the fantastic music the series provide. Some of the music has made it in among the best music ever seen in video games and help accompany the great game play encountered in the many Mega Man games.
[COLLAPSE="Classic Mega Man"]Mega Man - Cut Man
Mega Man - Fire Man
Mega Man - Guts Man
Mega Man - Elec Man

Mega Man: Powered Up - Elec Man
Mega Man: Powered Up - Oil Man
Mega Man: Powered Up - Time Man
Mega Man: Powered Up - Boss Battle

Mega Man 2 - Title Theme
Mega Man 2 - Stage Select
Mega Man 2 - Password Theme
Mega Man 2 - Metal Man
Mega Man 2 - Bubble Man
Mega Man 2 - Air Man
Mega Man 2 - Wood Man
Mega Man 2 - Flash Man
Mega Man 2 - Crash Man
Mega Man 2 - Quick Man
Mega Man 2 - Heat Man
Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Stage 1

Mega Man 3 - Title Theme
Mega Man 3 - Snake Man
Mega Man 3 - Shadow Man
Mega Man 3 - Magnet Man
Mega Man 3 - Gemini Man
Mega Man 3 - Top Man
Mega Man 3 - Needle Man
Mega Man 3 - Spark Man
Mega Man 3 - Hard Man

Mega Man 4 - Pharaoh Man
Mega Man 4 - Skull Man
Mega Man 4 - Dr. Wily Stage 2

Mega Man 5 - Gravity Man
Mega Man 5 - Charge Man
Mega Man 5 - Star Man

Mega Man 6 - Knight Man
Mega Man 6 - Tomahawk Man
Mega Man 6 - Plant Man
Mega Man 6 - Flame Man
Mega Man 6 - Wind Man

Rock Man 6: Complete Works - Tomahawk Man
Rock Man 6: Complete Works - Wind Man

Mega Man 7 - Opening Stage
Mega Man 7 - Junk Man
Mega Man 7 - Cloud Man
Mega Man 7 - Freeze Man
Mega Man 7 - Burst Man
Mega Man 7 - Shade Man
Mega Man 7 - Shade Man (Ghouls & Ghosts)
Mega Man 7 - Slash Man
Mega Man 7 - Spring Man
Mega Man 7 - Turbo Man
Mega Man 7 - Boss Theme
Mega Man 7 - Robot Museum
Mega Man 7 - Dr. Wily Stage 1

Mega Man 8 - Grenade Man
Mega Man 8 - Frost Man

Rock Man & Forte (SNES) - Cold Man
Rock Man & Forte (SNES) - Magic Man
Rock Man & Forte (SNES) - Ground Man

Mega Man & Bass (GBA) - Robot Museum

Mega Man 9 - Opening Theme 2
Mega Man 9 - Splash Woman
Mega Man 9 - Tornado Man
Mega Man 9 - Magma Man
Mega Man 9 - Jewel Man
Mega Man 9 - Hornet Man
Mega Man 9 - Concrete Man
Mega Man 9 - Galaxy Man
Mega Man 9 - Plug Man
Mega Man 9 - Boss Battle
Mega Man 9 - Flash in the Dark
Mega Man 9 - Overdrive Scramble

Rock Man 9 Arranged Soundtrack - Thunder Tornado

Mega Man 10 - Sheep Man
Mega Man 10 - Nitro Man
Mega Man 10 - Strike Man

Mega Man: The Power Battle - Shade Man

Mega Man: Battle And Chase - Kaze Yo Tsutaete[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Mega Man X"]Mega Man X -Central Highway
Mega Man X - Chill Penguin
Mega Man X - Flame Mammoth
Mega Man X - Storm Eagle
Mega Man X - Armored Armadillo
Mega Man X - Spark Mandrill
Mega Man X - Boomer Kuwanger
Mega Man X - Sting Chameleon
Mega Man X - Launch Octopus
Mega Man X - Boss Theme

Mega Man X: Command Mission - X's Theme
Mega Man X: Command Mission - Zero's Theme

Mega Man X2 - Intro Stage
Mega Man X2 - Bubble Crab
Mega Man X2 - Wheel Gator
Mega Man X2 - Flame Stag
Mega Man X2 - Overdrive Ostrich
Mega Man X2 - Zero's Theme

Mega Man X3 (SNES) - Gravity Beetle
Mega Man X3 (SNES) - Volt Catfish
Mega Man X3 (SNES) - Blast Hornet
Mega Man X3 (SNES) - Zero's Theme

Mega Man X3 (PlayStation/Sega Saturn) - Crush Crawfish

Mega Man X4 - X Opening Stage
Mega Man X4 - Cyber Peacock
Mega Man X4 - Frost Walrus Stage 2

Mega Man X5 - Opening Stage X

Mega Man X6 - Opening Stage
Mega Man X6 - Commander Yammark
Mega Man X6 - Blizzard Wolfgang
Mega Man X6 - Blaze Heatnix

Mega Man X7 - Axl's Theme

Mega Man X8 - Jakob Elevator
Mega Man X8 - Vile Battle
Mega Man X8 - Vs. Lumine (2nd Form)[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Battle Network"]Mega Man Battle Network 2 - Battle Spirit Theme (Boss Theme)

Mega Man Battle Network 4 - Battle With Myself (Boss Theme)

Mega Man Network Transmission - Internet Area (Basic Stage)
Mega Man Network Transmission - Zero Gravity Area (Star Man's Theme)
Mega Man Network Transmission - Boss Theme[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Star Force"]Mega Man Star Force - Wave Battle (Boss Theme)

Mega Man Star Force 2 - Wave Battle (Boss Theme)[/COLLAPSE][COLLAPSE="Cross-Overs"]Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom - The Flutter Vs. Gesellschaft
Street Fighter X Tekken - (Bad Box) Mega Man Theme
Street Fighter X Tekken - Mega Man's Theme (Cross Assault)
You can't have a character in without a move set. While move set potentials aren't a large factor in deciding characters, it's always good to have a decent move sets for a character. Luckily, fans have already made a lot of solid move sets for the Blue Bomber, consisting of a wide variety. Here are some to enjoy.
ChronoBound's Move Set (Classic Mega Man):

Mega Man is perhaps one of the top 5 most requested character for Smash 4, and by far the most requested third-party character, so he basically has the popularity factor going for him. Mega Man, if he got in, has more history with Nintendo by far than both Sonic and Snake combined. Mega Man started on the NES, and while many third-party series that started on the NES jumped ship (Final Fantasy), Mega Man continues to have games released on Nintendo consoles, and is still synonymous with Nintendo to this day. The creator of the series, Keiji Inafun, has also expressed interest about Mega Man appearing in Smash Bros., and said that he was curious as to why Nintendo had not approached him about it. Finally, Mega Man has a lot of moveset potential and would make for a very interesting character addition. It is the combination of these many reasons that make Mega Man by far the most worthy third-party character to enter Smash Bros. 4 as a newcomer.

Mega Man is a very interesting character. He has made many abilities in the many games he has had over the years, however, many of them are projectiles. However, in some Mega Man games, his power-ups were not projectiles, and rather interesting and unique (however, there were some very interesting projectile attacks in the first three Mega Man games in my opinion). The problem with Mega Man is deciding which of these power-ups to include in his moveset. While Mega Man won’t be given a copy ability for his moveset, he will instead have several power-ups from his games in both his A-moves and specials. Also, Mega Man has already been in a fighting game, Marvel vs. Capcom. Mega Man had special in that game. I feel the specials that Mega Man had in Marvel vs. Capcom are perhaps the best for his moveset. However, a lot of Mega Man’s regular moves will have special-like properties.

As for which Mega Man I would place into Smash 4, it would most definitely be “Classic” Mega Man. The “Classic” Mega Man is the most iconic Mega Man of all, and is certainly the most popular. Also, he is the first incarnation of Mega Man and has had the most games, and has made most of his appearances on Nintendo consoles. It is for this reason that “Classic” Mega Man is the best option as to which Mega Man to use. So here is my moveset for Mega Man, and I hope that is shows truly how much of an unique character he would be.

Mega Man regular moves:

A: Mega Man punches with his arm.

AA: Mega Man punches with his arm cannon.

AAA: Mega Man does a kick.

Running-A: Mega Man does his slide from his games.

Side-A: Mega Man does the Slash Claw from Mega Man 7.

Down-A: Mega Man shoots a Search Snake from Mega Man 3. The Search Snake is weak but it can climb up and down walls.

Up-A: Mega Man shoots a D. Wrap from Mega Man 7 (basically a bubble with an explosive in it), the explosive detonates once an opponent gets hit by it obviously.

A-Air: Mega Man does the Top Spin from Mega Man 3.

Forward-Air: Mega Man bashes a big block against his opponent with the power of his Super Arm from the first Mega Man.

Backward-Air: Mega Man shoots a Wind Storm from Mega Man 6.

Down-Air: Mega Man drills downward with the Drill power-up from Mega Man 4.

Up-Air: Mega Man shoots a few needles from his Needle Cannon in Mega Man 3 upward.

Forward-Smash: Mega Man does the S. Wheel from Mega Man 7. The fire ring circles around Mega Man’s body while charging. When he is done charging the fire ring spins on the ground just like in Mega Man 7. How long the fire wheel lasts depends upon how long you charged up the smash attack.

Down-Smash: Mega Man does W. Coil from Mega Man 7 (Mega Man 7 sure did have a lot of good power-ups). Whenever Mega Man is done charging, he will throw a bouncing spring from out of each of his arms, on each side of him just like in Mega Man 7. The number of times the springs bounce on the arena is dependent on how long you charged up this attack.

Up-Smash: Mega Man does the Gravity Hold from Mega Man 5. Upon doing this, opponent close to Mega Man will be knocked upward, and then fall back down as though they tripped. The size gravity force field for this attack is dependent on how long you charged up this attack.

For Mega Man’s Grabs he uses the Thunder Claw from Mega Man 8. In this sense Mega Man is similar to Samus. However, Mega Man’s actual throws are different

Grab-A: Mega Man punches his grabbed opponent.

Forward-Grab: Mega Man slashes them forward with the Flame Sword from Mega Man 8.

Backward-Grab: Mega Man will throw his opponent backward then quickly toss some Quick Boomerangs from Mega Man 2 at his opponent.

Down-Grab: Mega Man slams his opponent to the ground and then slides into them with the C. Kick from Mega Man 5.

Up-Grab: Mega Man will toss his opponent upward then zap them with the Electric Beam from the first Mega Man.

Mega Man special moves:

Regular-B: Mega Buster: What would be a Mega Man moveset without his famed Mega Buster attack? Well, this attack works very similar to how it works in the actual Mega Man games. You hold B to charge the Mega Buster. However, you can charge while moving. Also, the Mega Buster charges up relatively fast just like in the games, however, it is not that strong (only 15% damage fully charged). Also, the Mega Buster shot will be fired whenever you let go of the B-button, which is also similar to how the Mega Buster worked in the games.

Side-B: Mega Ball: Mega Man takes out a Mega Ball from Mega Man 8. This special move is very similar to the soccer ball in Brawl. If Mega Man does an attack on the Mega Ball, it will be launched in a certain direction depending upon the attack. If the ball hits an opponent, the ball will inflict about 15% damage on them. However, the ball disappears after it hits the opponent.

Down-B: Leaf Shield: Mega Man performs the Leaf Shield from Mega Man 2. The Leaf Shield damages nearby opponents when they come into contact with it, and will also protect Mega Man from projectile attacks. However, the Leaf Shield will disappear if Mega Man contacts an opponent while it is activated, or if a projectile hits it. Mega Man can also launch the Leaf Shield at his opponents by jumping (the Leaf Shield would automatically be launched if Mega Man was in midair in Mega Man 2), or by pressing down-b again.

Up-B: Tornado Hold: Mega Man has many viable options for a recovery move, however, the Tornado Hold from Mega Man 8 stuck me as a bit different from other options. If performed in mid-air Mega Man will shoot the gyro below him that performs a tornado gust that lifts Mega Man upward. When performed on the ground, Mega Man simply shoots out of the gyro for the Tornado Hold and then the tornado is unleashed which simply launches your opponents upward but does no damages, so it is more of an inconvenience for them. This is an excellent recovery move and has very high vertical recovery and lasts quite a bit.

Final Smash: Astro Crush: Mega Man performs the Astro Crush from Mega Man 8 as his Final Smash. While this attack only showers meteors for a few seconds, Mega Man can perform it four times (however, after a minute he can no longer perform it). Overall, this is not a powerful Final Smash, and is mostly situational.

Mega Man’s taunts are as follows:
1. Mega Man gives a thumbs-up and smiles.
2. Mega Man jumps up and raises one of his arms in triumph.
3. Mega Man sits down and scratches his head with a confused expression on his face.

Mega Man’s victory animations are as follows:
1. Mega Man will be jumping up and down with excitement that he won.
2. Mega Man will be riding Rush in his jet form, and then balance himself upside down on one of his hands.
3. Mega Man will be bouncing the Mega Ball around as though it were a soccer ball, and kicks it toward the screen.

Running animation:
Mega Man’s running animation consists of a faster version of his walking animation from Mega Man 8. Mega Man will be doing his walking animation from Mega Man 8, only his arms and legs will be moving much faster since he is running.

Idle animation:
Mega Man does little for his idle animation. Mega Man just shakes his arms and blinks, just like in the games. He also sometimes looks around like he does in Mega Man 7.

1. Mega Man’s blue parts become green, and his light-blue parts become white.
2. Mega Man’s blue parts become orange, and his light-blue parts become yellow.
3. Mega Man’s blue parts become purple, and his light-blue parts become light-green.
4. Mega Man’s blue parts become red, and his light-blue parts become grey.
5. Mega Man’s blue parts become grey, and his light-blue parts become blue.

Kirby Hat:
When Kirby’s absorbs Mega Man, he will gain Mega Man’s helmet and have the Mega Man’s arm cannon on one of his arms. Obviously, the special move he will gain will be Mega Buster which will work the same as it does with Mega Man.

Mega Man-Snake Codec Conversation:
Snake: Otacon, who is that boy in the armor?
Otacon: That’s no boy. He’s a super fighting robot… his name is Mega Man. He was created by Dr. Thomas Light. Ironically enough, he was not created with the intention of fighting, and was actually pressed into a combative role when Dr. Light’s assistant Dr. Albert Wily started using his advanced robotics knowledge for attempts at world domination.
Snake: Mega Man huh… more like Mega Boy if you ask me.
Otacon: Mega Man has gone through many trials and adventures, more than you have. He has gained many bizarre abilities and attacks through these quests. There is no way I can describe them all to you in such a short amount of time.
Snake: Just name the ones I should watch out for in particular….
Otacon: Well…. His Mega Buster is quite potent and charges up fast. His Leaf Shield can block your grenades and missiles. Mega Man will also use some sort of ball contraption which he will kick into his opponents. Mega Man can also create gusts through gyro, that will blow you upward, and possibly disorientate you. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg Snake. He uses many other attacks, though these are ones we have seen him use the most.
Snake: Hmm, does not seem that bad…
Otacon: Snake, Mega Man is probably one of the most tactful opponents you will face in Smash Bros., he is able to observe his opponent’s weaknesses fairly quickly and use a weapon or tactic that would counter greatly against them.
Snake: Hmm, lucky for me I have you to counter this guy.
Otacon: About time you complemented me.
Snake: Heh, no problem, well thanks again for the heads-up. Snake out.
End of codec.

End of Mega Man moveset.

Dudemaster47's Move Set (Classic Mega Man):

Up B: Rush Coil (Rush bounces Mega Man up, and remains for a few seconds before teleporting out, functions similarly to Sonic's spring)

B: Mega Buster (Uncharged: Fires quick pellets that do minor damage and don't cause flinching. Charge: Fires a large burst that deals decent damage and knockback. Mega Man can move while charging.)

Side B: Ice Wave (Sends a wave of ice across the ground of the stage, climbing over obstacles and dealing minor damage. Goes straight down when used in mid-air until it hits the ground, is long range.)

Down B: Leaf Shield (Brings up a shield, absorbs all projectiles fired at it but does not deflect them. If Mega Man moves, the shield is thrown in the direction pressed doing decent damage. Shield does damage on contact to any opponents who touch it, but it disappears immediately upon direct contact with another character. Melee attacks nullify it and make it dissapear without damaging the attacker.)


A-A-A: Jab-Jab-Rapidfire Burstshot (fires several shots from his buster that burst in front of him, lasts as long as the button is held)

Side A: Hard Punch (hand increases in size and lets loose a punch with the Hard Knuckle, doesn't detach though)

Forward Smash: Dust Crusher (Shoots a Dust Crusher shot a few feet in front of him, where it explodes.)

Up A: Metal Blade Slash (Slashes above himself with two Metal Blades)

Up Smash: Knight Crush (Fires a spiked ball up into the air a few feet before it returns to him)

Down A: Leg Cutter (Produces a Rolling Cutter and uses it to cut at an opponent's legs)

Down Smash: Commando Bomb (Fires at the ground to create a short-range shockwave around him)

Dash A: Charge Kick (Slide kicks through enemies)


Grab A: Buster Shot (Fires pellets into the held foe)

Grab+Forward: Super Arm (Lifts foe over head, can move around while holding the foe, and tosses them straight forward when throwing)

Grab+Up: Screw Crusher (Throws two Screw Crushers into the air and then throws the foe up into them as they arc down)

Grab+Back: Concrete Shot (Creates a block of concrete behind him before slamming the foe into it, crushing it)

Grab+Down: Deep Digger (Slams foe on the ground, scoops up a chunk of earth and slams that down on the foe)


Neutral A: Top Spin (Spins in the air)

Forward A: Slash Claw (slashes in front of himself)

Back A: Wave Burner (Shoots a short range wave of fire behind him)

Down A: Laser Trident (Produces a trident from his buster and stabs downward, does electrical damage)

Up A: Mega Uppercut (Aerial uppercut, hits hard above him)

FINAL SMASH: Time Stopper

Everything on-screen stops (this includes timers for timed battles and stage backgrounds and hazards, as well as item spawns) and a weapon energy gauge appears and begins ticking down. Mega Man remains unaffected and can run around attacking his frozen foes without any worries for several seconds.

Damage and knockback do not show up until the weapon gauge runs out of energy, at which point all of it is put in effect simultaneously.​
Thekewlusername's Move Set (Star Force Mega Man):

Play-Style Idea
Geo's playstyle should mostly be focused on being able to rush down the opponent with close range attacks, as he has a variety of close range battle cards from his games as well as his partner Omega-Xis. Megaman, in his many incarnations is known for his vast pool of long range attacks, while the moveset SFMM is mostly rush-down from what I have in mind I also have a certain "gimmick" in mind that can represent the gun-play aspect of Megaman as well. It should be noted that, while SFMM has slightly better horizontal K.O. game, but has a couple combos dedicated to vertical combat.

Basic Character(s) History
Coming Soon....Maybe.


Overall: Megaman should be a character with balanced stats across the board. The only major stat he should be lacking in is his air movement. While the only two stats that are noticeably higher are his jumping height and weight.

Ground Speed 6/10: Megaman should have some decent ground speed to make sure he can keep himself as close to, or as far from, any opponents as he needs to be.

Air Speed 4/10: In order to balance his above average ground speed Megaman should have a little bit trouble in the air.

Size: 5.5/10: This version of Megaman should be slightly taller than Peach.

Weight 7/10: Megaman might be a kid, but he's wearing armor so he should be heavier than average.

Fall Speed 5/10: Megaman should have average falling speed.

Jump Height 7/10: Having come from a franchise that mostly revolves around platforming, it would kinda make sense that any form of Megaman is good at jumping.

Traction 6/10: Megaman should have slightly above average traction.

Extra Stuff: Megaman's extra traits are similar to other Megamen, namely X. Megaman should be able to jump off of walls similar to some other Megaman characters. Unlike Diddy Kong Megaman dosen't stick to the walls, rather he has the ability to slide down on the wall slowly.

Here's what he looks like as Megaman

Here's what Omega-Xis,his EM-being partner looks like:

Moveset-wise, Omega-Xis can mostly serve as Geo's "finisher weapon" most of the moves that would involve Omega-Xis somewhat slow but very powerful. Meaning that they are the most useful for K.O.s.
Starforce Megaman Moveset:

The main reason I chose this Megaman is I thought that it'd be interesting to see how it would turn out. Most Megaman movesets are either Classic Megaman, Megaman X or Megaman EXE. So I wanted to try something "different".
A moves

AAA: First Megaman does a basic jab right hand then he attacks using a move similar to the syncro hook his left, and does a kick to the gut. Each hit does 5% damage. Last hit has a little knockback. This should just be a basic combo, nothing too special about it. Each of the attacks should somewhat fast, about as fast as Mario's AAA combo.

Forward + A: A quick roundhouse kick. Does about 8% damage. Decent horizontal knockback. This attack, if timed correctly should be able to combo into his basic three hit combo. This should be his second fastest A move on the ground. This move can also serve for poking the opponent.

Up + A: Megaman slashes his sword upward. Does around 11%. Decent vertical knockback. Like his forward A, it can be comboed in to his basic three hit attacks. This is meant so serve as an alternative basic combo for those that prefer vertical combos. This move is his slowest Non-Smash A move, it's main advantage is its larger than average hitbox.

Down + A: A quick low kick that does about 9%. Very, very little knockback. This move is pretty much meant for poking your opponent getting in a little bit of damage. In order to serve as a decent poke move this move is very quick, For comparison, It should be faster than Luigi's Down+A. The attack also has more range than Luigi's as Megaman sticks his leg out further.

Dash + A: Megaman does a sliding kick,similar to Classic Megaman that deals 7% of damage. Decent knockback. This slide kick should be a bit faster than Mario's and it should have slightly more range too.

Forward Smash: Megaman summons Omega-Xis to use the Beast Slash. Uncharged does 15% damage, full charge does 30% damage. Sends the enemy flying horizontally. This Smash attack should take about 2-3 seconds to fully charge, and it serves as one of his main KO moves.

The animation of Megaman's Forward Smash should look similar to the Beast Slash in the Starforce games. Omega-Xis lunges ahead of Megaman and slashes about the enemy.

Up + Smash: Megaman does a backflip kick. Uncharged does 11% damage, full charge does 22%. Sends the enemy flying up into the sky.

Down + Smash: Megaman does a powerful sweep kick. Uncharged does 13%, full charge does 26%. Decent knockback. This should be his weakest Smash move, in terms of knockback. As it mainly serves to keep enemies off your back instead acting as a finsiher.

B moves

B: Mega-Buster: Megaman uses his signature arm cannon to shoot people up.The Mega-Buster has three levels of power, uncharged, semi-charge, and full-charge. Uncharged shots have the smallest hitbox, they can be shot quickly while moving. Of course, its also the weakest, only dealing 5% damage per shot. Uncharged shots have little to no knockback. Uncharged shots are about the same size as uncharged Super-Scope shots and are yellow and gold. Holding the B-button down for about 1 second Megaman can shoot a semi-charged shot. Semi-charged shots are about 1 1/2 times larger and deal 13% damage per shot. Holding the B-button down for about 3 seconds Megaman can shoot a fully-charged shot. Semi-charged shots are the same two shades of green as Omega-Xis' aura. Fully-charged shots are the largest and are shot at the same speed when shot. Fully charged shots deal 23% damage and sent the enemy flying horizontally. The fully charge shots are colored blue and light-blue. The fully-charge shots are about the same size as Samus' full-charge shot. The shots fired from the Mega-Buster are about as fast as Falco's blaster. No matter the charge level, the buster shots can fired at the same speed once the B-Button is no longer held. The buster shots have the same range as Falco's blaster as well, regardless of charge level. The Mega-Buster shots explode on contact, no matter the charge level of the buster shot. it should be noted that unlike Samus, letting go of the B-button will release the buster shot.

Weapon Changing/Taunting: This is an idea that is normally seen in quite a few Megaman fan-movesets but, honestly; I think its a good idea. We already have taunts that do damage(albeit very little)so having taunts that can alter or enhance special attacks seems like the next step. Here's the idea I have for the weapon changing.

Up-Taunt: Switch to Plasma Gun: By pressing the Up Button on the D-Pad, Geo will hold a Battle Card above his head that will brightly glow yellow/golden. Once he does this Geo's Mega-Buster will change into the Plasma Gun. The Plama Gun shoots a ball of electric energy at the opponent. The Plasma Gun does the same amount of damage as the semi-charge shot(13%). But the Plasma Gun is a bit slower and has slightly and has 10% less range. The Plasma Gun can't be charged, so you'll constantly have the raw power of the semi-charge shot, but with less speed and range. The main advantage of the Plasma Gun however, is to stun foes when fired for about 1 second. This will leave enemies wide open for a finishing attack. The secondary advantage for the Plasma Gun is that is can pass through enemies instead of exploding on contact. Meaning that if you have good timing you can hit 2 or even 3 enemies with a plasma shot, giving you the change to take out multiple opponents. Pressing Up-Taunt again while the Plasma Gun is equipped will cause Geo to hold another Battle Card above his head, this time it will glow the same two light green colors as Omega-Xis' aura. This indicates that you've switched back to the Mega-Buster.

The Plasma Shot's Buster on Megaman's arm should look kinda like this:

Side-Taunt: Switch to Mech Flame: By pressing the Left Button or Right Button on the D-pad, Geo will draw a Battle Card and hold it right in front of him and it will glow red/orange. This signifies you switched to the Mech Flame. Pressing and holding the B Button with the Mech Flame equipped will cause Megaman to spray a continuous stream of fire from his buster. You can hold the attack for 4 seconds as the flame fades away slowly. The attack does 3 hits per second and does 2% per hit. So attacking an enemy with the Mech Flame at full power deals 24% damage. Unlike Bowser or Charizard, Megaman's Mech Flame is shot straight in front of him. This gives this attack more horizontal range. But it can be a it hard to enemies on lower levels. Pressing either of the Side-Taunt buttons on the D-pad while the Mech Flame is equipped will cause Geo to draw a Battle Card and hold it right in front of him and it will glow the same two light green colors as Omega-Xis' aura. This means that the Mega-Buster has been re-equipped.

The Mech Flame's Buster on Megaman's arm should look kinda like this:

Down-Taunt: Switch to Chain Bubble: By pressing the Down Button on the D-Pad, Geo will draw a Battle card and hold it behind him. The card will glow navy/blue this means that the Chain Bubble gun is equipped. When the Chain Bubble is shot in 3 directions, forward, up-forward, and down-forward. Each Chain Bubble shot has he same range as Ness' PK Fire. Each Chain Bubble deals 7% damage per shot. Each Chain Bubble explodes on contact. The biggestadvantage of the Chain Bubble is to hit enemies on higher and lower levels. Pressing the Down Button on the D-Pad while the Chain Bubble is equipped Geo will draw a Battle card and hold it behind him. and it will glow the same two light green colors as Omega-Xis' aura. This means that the Mega-Buster has been re-equipped.

Forward + B: Million Kick: In the Megaman Starforce games, Megaman can obtain a powerful move called the Million Kick, where he does a flurry of kicks at blinding speeds. You can keep attacking by pressing the B-button repeatedly while holding forward. The Million Kick does 6% per hit, but has very little knockback. Mostly used for Edge-Guarding and racking up damage for a finishing move. Megaman stands still when using this move, both on the ground and in mid-air. This move can also be done right after the AAA combo, if you have the right timing. This move can be comboed into some mid-air moves such as Up+Air, Neutral+Air, and Forward+Air. In terms of speed this is the fastest move in all of Megaman's moveset.
This is what the Million Kick looks like:

Up + B: Heat Upper: Another attack seen in the Starforce Games, Megaman hand is lit on fire and he uppercuts the enemy. This can work as a vertical recovery attack. The attack would do 9 hits, with the first 8 hits dealing 2%(16% in total)damage each and the last hit dealing 5% damage. Has decent knockback. This move can work well for vertical K.O.s.

Down + B: Tornado Dance: Another attack Megaman can use in the Starforce games. Megaman spins his whole body around so quickly that his body is wrapped in a tornado. This move can work kinda like Metaknight's Mach Tornado. The Tornado Dance does 10 hits, with each hit dealing 2% or 3% damage. This move's secondary function should as a horizontal recovery. The Tornado Dance can rack up damage quickly, to make up for its lack of knockback or K.O. potential.

The Tornado Dance should look as flashy as the Battle Card picture.

Mid-Air Moves

A(in mid-air): Megaman kicks forward dealing 9% damage that has a little bit of knockback. Think of this kick being similar to Mario's Neutral Air, but the kick has a bit more range, since Geo is a bit taller.

Forward+Air: Megaman summons Omega-Xis and punches forward. The attack deals 13% damage. Decent horizontal knockback. This attack's main advantage is that the attack has a large hitbox making it easier to hit enemies. The biggest drawback of this move is its speed. Given the decent damage output and the large hitbox, this is Megaman's slowest move.

Back+Air: Megaman does a spinning horizontal slash with his sword that deals 10% damage, this move has decent knockback. This move mostly serves as a means to push the enemy back in order to keep your distance, if you want to rely on long range combat. Holding down the A button will have Megaman continually spin while descending. But he will descend faster than normal.

Up+Air: Megaman attacks with a backflip kick. does around 12% damage that has little bit of knockback. The main purpose of this move will keep the enemy in mid-air a bit longer, though it should be a bit risky as Megaman's mid-air game is his main drawback.

Down+Air: Megaman does a dive kick that does 12% damage that has decent vertical knockback. This move mostly serves as a way to keep Megaman on the ground. This move can be canceled into Tornado Dance as well as the Heat Upper.


Throw+A: Megaman punches whoever he grabs in the gut. Each hit does 4%

Throw+Forward: Megaman shoots his buster at close range dealing 11% damage. This throw has a little bit knockback. This is just the basic throw, nothing too flashy.

Throw+Back: Megaman summons Omega-Xis behind him, who chucks the enemy behind him very quickly. dealing 14% damage. This throw has great horizontal knockback. This is the throw mostly used to get in any quick knockouts, it doesn't do much damage but makes up for it with being able to send the enemy flying.

Throw+Up: Megaman Summons Omega-Xis who then, strikes the enemy with a quick slash that deals 12% damage. this throw has great vertical knockback.This throw, while not quit as good as the back throw should be available to those who prefer vertical knockouts.

Throw+Down: Megaman summons Omega-Xis, who then grabs the enemy with both hands and slams them down, This throw does 24% damage, making it the strongest throw, but it has no knockback. This throw is mostly mean for racking up damage or to serve at the end of a basic ground combo.

Final Smash

(Option 1)Zerker Form:
I chose Zerker Form as its one of the easier forms to implement in the game, without changing his gameplay style too drastically. Zerker Form can more or less work in a similar manner as Wario-Man. Instead of unleashing a single powerful attack, Megaman cranks all of his attacks to 11 for a relatively short amount of time(about 15-25 seconds)and he becomes completely invincible during the Final Smash. Each of Megaman's Zerker Form attacks deal 3 times as much damage as his normal form. However there are a few differences when it comes to his moveset when in this form. Megaman's Forward Smash in no longer the Beast Slash that he uses with Omega-Xis. Instead its the Zerker Form's signature attack, the Thunder Slash. The Thunder Slash has Megaman grab his sword with both hands, and he slams down the blade with great force. Another move that is changed is his Forward+Air, Megaman no longer uses Omega-Xis for this attack, instead Megaman stabs forward with his blade with great force. Megaman's basic AAA combo is also changed. Instead of punching twice and then kicking, Megaman slashes horizontally, then vertically, then boots the enemy forward. Each hit of this forms AAA, deals 15% damage per hit. Even with another weapon equipped, Megaman will switch back to the Mega-Buster, once the Final Smash was activated. Like all of his other moves, the Mega-Buster will deal 3 times as much damage. The Mega-Buster also gains an electric spark effect while in Zerker Form.

I might make other Final Smash Ideas for Saurian, Ninja, and Black Ace forms.

qbMbp's Move Set (Classic Mega Man):

Mega Man's team color would be reflected on the parts of him that are normally dark blue (Arm cannon, shorts, helmet, boots) and his selected power would be reflected in the parts that are normally light blue. His Side and Neutral specials are changed based on the element that MM has selected. He starts the match as the Default Mega Buster.

Using a special from an element that isn't his standard Mega Blaster uses up that element's power, indicated by a meter near his health %.
When it runs out, MM automatically switches back to his Mega Blaster and MM can select a different power while the other recharges.
More powerful attacks use up more energy.
Energy recharges slowly over time... by the time he's used up all of his 8 powers, the first one he was using would probably be back to full charge.

Up Special
Ground (Rush Coil): Rush quickly teleports underneath Megaman and launches him up with a spring.
Air (Rush Jet): Rush teleports underneath MM and carries him around. Holding up or down controls his vertical movement, and you can still use your other specials while riding.

Down Special
When you hold Down+B, a little menu pops up that looks like a robot master stage select screen. The power you select is based off of the direction indicated when the button's released, with neutral being the Mega Buster.
MM's secondary color changes based off of the element selected (the font color).
The first power listed is that element's neutral special, the second is his side special.

Arm Cannon: Tap to shoot little pellets, hold to charge. Only three on the screen at a time, he can move while charging. Three different levels of power. If he's hurt while charging, he loses the charge.
Mega Arm (MMV): Mega Man launches a rocket fist that returns after hitting something or reaching the end of its range. This attack can grab small items from afar. MM can't make other attacks while his fist is out.
Pharoah Shot (MM4, Pharoah Man): Charges up a fireball above his head that can hurt enemies. When released, it launches the ball in the direction indicated.
Flame Blast (MM6, Flame Man): Tosses a ball of flame that sends a gout of fire out perpendicularly to the surface it hit, launching foes in that direction.
Ice Wall (Mega Man & Bass, Cold Man): Forms a wall made out of ice. Megaman can then hit it to send it sliding along the stage, pushing enemies and items along with it. Enough damage will break it.
Chill Spike (MM10, Chill Man): Launches a ball of gel in a parabolic arc. If it hits an enemy, they become frozen. If it hits the ground, it sets into a spike trap
Plug Ball (MM9, Plug Man): Drops a spark. When the spark lands on terrain, it starts moving in the direction MM was facing. Essentially, a mini Hothead.
Thunder Bolt (MM7, Cloud Man): Shoots a spark forward that goes through walls. When it hits something, it splits into two smaller sparks that go up and down.
Tornado Hold (MM8, Tengu Man): Drops a fan on the ground in front of MM that blows things upwards. Can deflect physical projectiles and helps MM get into the air.
Air Shooter (MM2, Air Man): Launches three small and weak tornadoes that spread out and fly upwards. Does low amounts of damage.
Super Arm (MM1, Guts Man): First use grabs a chunk of earth from the ground, second push throws it. Covers a lot of area and deals nice damage, but is slow and easy to dodge.
Power Stone (MM5, Stone Man): Three stones pop out and start to orbit Mega Man. When they hit something, it hurts and stuns them. Enemies can break the satellites with attacks.
Boomerang Cutter (MM1, Cut Man): Shoots a spinning blade boomerang that goes out and comes back. Catching the boomerang recovers some energy.
Slash Claw (MM7, Slash Man): Mega Man slashes out with a clawed combo. This move is very similar to Marth's Side B combo, but faster and weaker.
Danger Wrap (MM7, Burst Man): Sends a bomb encased in a bubble to the side that floats up and explodes. If an enemy is caught in the bubble, they get carried up with it until the bomb explodes.
Crash Bomber (MM2, Crash Man): Shoots a sticky bomb to the side that explodes after a couple seconds. In the air, it is shot diagonally downward.
Leaf Shield (MM2, Wood Man): He forms a spinning shield of leaves around himself. As soon as he moves in a direction, the leaves shoot that way.
Hornet Chaser (MM9, Hornet Man) MM shoots off a weak bee that homes in on enemies. If there are no enemies around, the bee will grab a nearby item and bring it back. The bee can be killed by any enemy attack.

Final Smash
Rush teleports in and fuses with Megaman, granting him the ability to fly via a jetpack and transforming his attacks to launching a powerful rocket fist that homes onto enemies. Flying quickly into foes also damages/launches. Eventually, Rush disconnects and teleports away.

Mega Man (or one of his incarnations) and how he plays is no doubt an important aspect of the game, but there's more to Mega Man than just him and the incredible musics that he would bring to the game. Other aspects of the game are also important to consider.
Mega Man will surely bring a new stage with him, which could be anything. Some great ideas have been proposed by supporters of him.
Robot Museum - Credit goes to Starphoenix
Central Highway - Credit goes to Starphoenix
The Internet - Credit goes to Starphoenix
Determining chances is a difficult thing and is indeed a subjective matter, but given that the Super Smash Bros. scene is very well-known for it's pre-game character speculation scene, it's good to be able to discuss whenever or not he might get in.
Certain characters like Palutena and King K. Rool are considered to be highly likely additions for good reasons whereas those like Travis Touchdown and Duck Hunt Dog have strong reasons as to why they're often dismissed as candidates. Mega Man falls in the large gap between highly likely and highly unlikely characters. He's not among the most likely with characters like Mewtwo and Ridley, but he is most certainly a plausible addition to Smash 4. Naturally, when arguing for Mega Man, bias is inevitable, but it's more of a matter of trying to keep the bias transparent (and preventing it from affecting my arguments for his inclusion). So with that said, let's begin!
Probably redundant, but it couldn't hurt to mention this. Mega Man is a third-party from Capcom that originated in Mega Man in 1987, so he already is a video game character of origin. He's also had countless titles on Nintendo system, so he also meets the basic eligibility requirement for having a title on a Nintendo system. Mega Man is eligible for Smash.
Every single character must fulfill Sakurai's four criteria that Sakurai laid down at GDC 2008 in order to be considered. At the very least, we know that all the Brawl characters had to fulfill this in order to get in, so it's logical to assume that for a potential newcomer to have a shot, they must fulfill all four criteria Sakurai laid down. Let's see how the Blue Bomber fair, shall we?
1. The character inclusion must make people want to play the game.
Mega Man is the most wanted newcomer and especially by far the most wanted third-party character for the game. Mega Man almost always in the Top 3 of polls of the most wanted characters and also frequently shows up as either the second or the most wanted (Shortiecanbrawl's current poll puts him at #1 by far). Even in Japan, Mega Man remains the most wanted newcomer, above that of every potential newcomer (only Mewtwo and Roy are more requested and they're returning veterans). Plus there are people who are willing to buy the game just for Mega Man, which can't be said for most characters (especially for any third-party). Mega Man obviously fulfills this.
2. The character must be unique
Mega Man has plenty of things to draw to make him stand out. He can use numerous Robot Masters (or Mavericks if we're talking about X) weapons at his disposal, in which plenty of move sets have been based off of. There have even been move sets based off of just modification of Marvel Vs. Capcom which have turned out well. Seems pretty obvious that he fulfills this.
3. The character must fit into the style of Super Smash Bros.
Let's not kid ourselves, fitting a third-party series in is extremely difficult as Sakurai has mentioned the difficulties of adding them in some ways, harder than making the game itself. However, fitting Mega Man in is certainly not impossible. Mega Man is an action-platform based game and we have to remember that Smash Bros. is a platform fighter. One of the things that kept Mega Man off of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 was because his action-platform roots did not integrate well into the game, plus Dante, Zero and Arthur could inherit part of his play styles better than Mega Man. Smash Bros. being a platform fighter makes integrating Mega Man an easier ordeal because his play style can play more of an advantage than a disadvantage as it did in Marvel Vs. Capcom (especially 2). I'd say that he's able to fulfill this and would have an easier time fitting in than most third-parties.
4. They must contribute to the game balance
Answering this one is rather difficult considering that it's asking that the character must be able to counter some characters while being countered by others as well as fitting into one giant mesh. But one thing we can say is that Mega Man already fulfills the first three criteria, so that's already a good argument for him contributing to game balance. One character that Mega Man can work as a counter to is Samus. I'd say he fulfills this one.

So with that said, Mega Man meets all four criteria. Of course that's not all the things taken into considerations about Mega Man's odds, so let's see about those arguments our Blue Bomber has to face...
Credit goes towards ---, Starphoenix and nLiM8d (outside of Smashboards) for help with these counterarguments. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.
Despite Mega Man being the most wanted newcomer, there are many arguments brought up against Mega Man’s inclusions. Some of these are valid, some are understandable but misguided, and then there are some that are just plain dumb. Here are the counterarguments to some of the common arguments brought up against Mega Man's inclusion for Super Smash Bros. 4:
Counterarguments #1: Mega Man would just be a clone of Samus and Kirby:
One thing that gets brought up from time to time is the possibility that Mega Man becomes a Samus/Kirby clone, which is due to Mega Man's ability to absorb weapons from other opponents (similar to Kirby's ability to absorb enemies) and the Mega Buster that Mega Man possess is comparable to Samus's Charge Shot. However, the situation favors Mega Man becoming an unique character in spite of these similarities. Kirby is able to absorb almost anything in his path (the majority of which gives him new powers to use), but the same cannot be said of Mega Man as he is only able to absorb inorganic weapons from Robot Masters after he beats them. The comparison to Samus's Charge Shot is flawed because unlike Samus, Mega Man has the ability to move while charging his Mega Buster. His Mega Buster fully charged would also be weaker than that of Samus's Charge Shot, not to mention that he has can shoot his Mega Buster instantly. Another thing is that Sakurai has been moving away from the concepts of clones. 64 and Melee had clones that were pretty similar to another character in regards to game play, but Brawl is a different story. The clones that were introduced in Brawl featured much less similarities than clones back in Melee (Wolf and Lucas are only five moves away form being unique). The only Melee-style clone in the game that got added in Brawl is Toon Link and even he plays significantly different from the rest of the cast (more unique than Young Link was in Melee). Even the two Melee clones that survived the axe in Melee (Ganondorf and Falco) got some revamp in their move sets (Falco was given a new Down B move set and some of Ganondorf's A moves were changed). Just because Mega Man shares similarities with Samus and Kirby doesn't mean that he couldn't be unique. Ike could have easily been a clone of Marth, yet he was made completely unique.

As for Mega Man himself, he has a ton to draw from. Mega Man is able to incorporate attacks from the Robot Masters he defeated into his own move sets (which can be integrated to his move sets from the start) such as the Metal Blade earned from defeating Metal Man in Mega Man 2. Outside of Robot Master's weapons, he also has his iconic slide along with Rush (he's able to fuse into him for one) to accompany him. As a third-party, Sakurai wants to make Mega Man's inclusion as inviting as possible. Making Mega Man similar to Samus and/or Kirby would defeat the purpose of adding him into the game, which is to make third-parties stand out on their own while maintaining synergy with the rest of the cast.

Mega Man is a candidate for a possible third-party spot, but other third-party candidates must be taken into account. However, a third-party from another company being confirmed before Mega Man would not affect Mega Man's odds.

Snake and Sonic did not have to worry about competition from other third-parties. For Snake, Kojima practically begged Sakurai to add Snake in Melee, but couldn't due to time constraints. However, when Brawl came around, Sakurai remembered Kojima's request to add Snake. As a result, Snake was added into the game. His shock reveal at E3 2006 would lead to third-parties becoming a very big deal among the fans.

Due to the insanity of the expectations of third-parties (as there were a significant minority that believed that third-parties would make the majority of newcomers), Sakurai said that only one to two third-party characters would be added after Snake. The third-party that emerged to become the most wanted character was Sonic. Not only was he the most wanted character, no one came even close. His popularity is what got him in Brawl.

Note that Sakurai said one to two third-party characters after Snake. Sonic was already one of them, so this meant that Sakurai considered having up to three third-party characters in Brawl. As such, after Sonic's confirmation, expectations for another third-party rose significantly. But by the time demands for other third-parties came up, it was too late as there wasn't enough time to squeeze in a new third-party. Plus none of the third-parties could become popular enough to make a late addition worth it.

Bottom line is that Sakurai only thought two third-parties were worthy of a spot; Snake and Sonic. Had another third-party character been deemed worthy in Sakurai's eyes, he would have put in the efforts to get said third-party in, but he didn't.

Another third-party character getting in is irrelevant to Mega Man's appearance in Smash 4. What matters to Mega Man are two things; if Sakurai deems him worthy of a spot and if Capcom will allow him to be in Smash 4. If both of these occur, Mega Man will show up in the next game and whatever third-party that may show up won't prevent his inclusion. Competition for Mega Man can only be argued is with another Capcom character. The problem with adding one of these is that unlike Mega Man, they are met with virulent resistance towards the idea of them getting in. As a result, the only Capcom character to pass all four criteria set by Sakurai is Mega Man, making him the only possible choice from the company.
It's difficult to determine what will happen to third-parties. There are a variety of factors involved and nothing has confirmed the presence of third-parties. Considering that it has been only one game with third-parties, how Sakurai will go about them remains a mystery. However, there are reasons to believe that Sakurai will have third-parties return for the next game.

As Sakurai has stated a few times, third-parties are incredibly difficult to handle. Sakurai has even gone as far as to say that they are, in some ways, harder than making the game itself. However, that does not indicate disinterest from Sakurai in regards to third-parties. What Sakurai is saying is that with third-parties, they must be incredibly careful with what third-parties get in and how they fit third-parties into the Smash universe. Nothing along the lines of "third-parties aren't worth the effort" is being said here and so far, nothing support disinterest in third-parties from Sakurai.

As a matter of fact, Sakurai has commented on them positively. On August 7th, 2012, Sakurai has mentioned that Sonic and Snake were fantastic additions into the Super Smash Bros. universe and mentions how they broadened the Smash Bros. arena. This shows that Sakurai sees good in third-parties that are done right. He does, however, recognize that too many third-parties being added will lose focus in the game and as such, recognize the need to narrow it down, indicating that Sakurai has been thinking over potential new third-parties but being careful not going overboard.

So while third-parties are mysterious, from what Sakurai has told us about third-parties, it is more likely that they will return than not. Not once has Sakurai indicated disinterest in third-parties in Super Smash Bros. 4 and instead, commented positively on Snake and Sonic's inclusion. It's just that Sakurai is very well-aware that third-parties are going to be incredibly difficult to fit in, so he has to be careful on who gets in and how said third-party is implemented.

When Mega Man was deconfirmed for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, many people were shocked. Most expected to see not only Sonic but another third-party along with it and for many, that character was Mega Man. People wondered why Mega Man didn't get in, despite Sakurai stating back in February, 2008 that only two made it because third-parties were incredibly difficult to add. A clear answer was given on September, 2008 when Keiji Inafune, then at Capcom, stated that Mega Man was not included because they were waiting for Nintendo to contact them but they never did. With nothing indicating that Capcom will push for Mega Man, it seems as Mega Man would be good as deconfirmed for SSB4. Except, not really. Just because Capcom isn't going to push for Mega Man does not mean that he has no chance.

When taking into account Mega Man's situation, it's easy to see why he didn't get in. Pre-Brawl, Sonic was by far the most wanted character period. Even after Sonic's confirmation, Mega Man's popularity didn't warrant the time it would take to make him a last-minute addition. Mega Man failed to appear in the Top 10 of the most wanted characters for Brawl overall and perhaps even failed to break into the Top 15 (Geno was also a more highly requested third-party that failed to get in). With Sakurai's concern about adding too many third-party reps, he was not going to make room for a third-party that while very popular, wasn't worth Sakurai making two last minute-additions and Sonic obviously had priority.

Five years later from Mega Man's deconfirmation in Brawl and Mega Man's in a much better position to get in SSB4. While Capcom isn't going to push for Mega Man, nothing indicates that Capcom of Japan is against Mega Man appearing. As a matter of fact, Yoshinori Ono, who is a big part of Capcom, has publicly expressed interest in having Mega Man appear in the next game. This is the same person who had a big part in reviving the Street Fighter franchise (was asked about Street Fighter characters) and Mega Man topped the list of characters he wanted to see from Capcom. Not only do we have no evidence of disinterest from Capcom, but evidence of interest. Sven has also contacted Capcom of Japan about Mega Man for SSB4. While Sven hasn't heard back from Capcom of Japan about Mega Man (but they did contact them back in June, 2011), it's very unlikely that Capcom would be against having Mega Man in the next Smash (more on that on the next counterargument).

Mega Man's fate relies on Sakurai and there are reasons to believe why Sakurai could go after Mega Man in the next game. The first thing to note is that Sakurai has already noticed Mega Man's popularity. During pre-Melee, Sakurai commented that Mega Man received lots of requests oversea during pre-Melee. What's important about this is that Mega Man was popular during a time when people would throw bricks at third-party supporters and there were already people wanting Mega Man. As such, Mega Man is one of the very few highly requested character left with a sizable fan base ever since the pre-Melee days. Since then, Mega Man has went from being maybe in the Top 15 during pre-Brawl to being in the Top 5 of the most wanted characters when the Smash 4 scene (starting after Brawl's release) began and now to the point where he is the most wanted newcomer in both Japan and the West. While Mega Man has still not achieved Sonic-like popularity (although no one could at this point), he is leagues ahead of other third-parties in regards to popularity and it is enough for Sakurai to take notice of his popularity.

One argument brought against Sakurai potentially going after Mega Man is Sonic's popularity. It's true that Sonic barely got in despite being by far the most wanted newcomer, but Sonic only became as popular as he did after E3 2006, after the roster was decided. Before then, Sonic failed to break into the Top 10 of the most wanted characters, so Sakurai was not going to add Sonic at that time. As such, Sakurai had to rush at maximum pace to get Sonic in knowing the outcry that would occur if he failed to get in because all the demand for Sonic came after he had decided the roster. Mega Man has the benefit of being known as the most wanted third-party character and being extremely highly requested for the past five years. If Mega Man gets into SSB4, he will not have to deal with being a last-minute character and Sakurai will have much more time to plan out his inclusion.

There's a good chance that if new third-parties are added, that Sakurai will go to Capcom about Mega Man. Nothing indicates disinterest from Capcom and there has only been interest shown. Mega Man failed to get into Brawl because his resume was not up to snuff for a third-party and Sonic was a bigger priority. Things have changed and Mega Man has the benefit of being requested ever since pre-Melee, being the most wanted newcomer and likely not having to be a last-minute addition as well. While Mega Man's popularity and likelihood can't compare to that of Sonic's in Brawl, Mega Man could very well have enough for Sakurai to consider him worthy of a spot.

The past few years have been a turbulent one for the Blue Bomber. Despite being a gaming icon, Mega Man has suffered from four gaming cancellation, a shoddy 25th anniversary celebration and missed out on Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. As such, many Mega Man fans have become pessimistic about a possible playable appearance for him in SSB4 due to most fans thinking that Capcom loathes the franchise. But for a company to immaturely hate on one of their most iconic franchise is simply unrealistic and can't explain the entire story. The reality of the situation indicates that with Keiji Inafune's departure from Capcom, the company has been trying to figure out what directions to take the game next and takes into much more variable than what many think. Because of this, recent events do not affect Mega Man's chances of getting into SSB4.

Mega Man Legends 3's cancellation is the largest cause of the assumption that Capcom hates Mega Man. Despite the hype surrounding the game after the wait was supposedly soon to be over, the game was cancelled on July, 2011, much to the dismay of fans everywhere (I myself was very upset as I wanted to buy a 3DS for this game). The way Capcom has handled the situation resulted in PR disaster, but the cancellation was not to spite the fans. The Legends sub-franchise did not have a good track record in selling well as both Legends 1 and 2 sold underwhelmingly on the PlayStation, which at the time had a massive install fan base. Legends 3, a sequel to the niche sub-franchise, was headed to the 3DS, which at the time, was struggling in sales and has a much smaller install base . Given this, the game probably would have met the same fate as it's predecessors and it was not profitable to keep developing the game (although not being green-lighted certainly didn't help). While there was a valiant 100,000 strong campaign, 100,000 fans simply can't get a game to break even in sales.

Other cancelled games were Mega Man Universe, Mega Man Online and Maverick Hunter, but they also had reasons why they had to be cancelled. Mega Man Universe had mixed reception and never received much hype, so the game likely would have matched Mega Man: Powered Up!'s sales (not exactly profitable). Mega Man Online was going to be a Korea-only game and suffered from not only many delays, but also the company developing the game restructuring. When it was revealed that Maverick Hunter was in development but cancelled, many fans breathed a sigh of relief that the game never came into fruition anyway, not to mention that the game was cancelled while Inafune was still at Capcom. As undesirable as four cancellations were, they were done for a reason and those can't just be attributed to a conspiracy that Capcom is trying to kill Mega Man.

Mega Man's absent from Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is also rather unfortunate (and I was also disappointed by this as well), but again, it wasn't due to Capcom's supposed hatred towards the character. It doesn't explain why Zero and Tron got in, why Mega Man X got an alt costume and why Mega Man received cameos in the game. Also important is that in Marvel Vs. Capcom 1 and 2, Mega Man was not well received as a character. Given the sharp criticism of the second game having a complete disregard for balance, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 aimed to balance the game as a response. The problem with Mega Man was that he did not integrate well into traditional fighting games (which is why Mega Man is a much better fit for a platform fighting game like Smash). As such, part of his playstyles were inherited by Zero, Dante and Arthur, which was a better move in the long run. Capcom's cross-overs also focus more on what the characters bring to the game in regards to the move set potentials rather than the characters themselves. As disappointing as Mega Man's exclusion was, it's at least understandable why.

Street Fighter X Tekken shouldn't be mentioned as a detraction against Mega Man. Despite Bad Box Mega Man receiving a mixed reaction from the fan base, the same idea was proposed by Keiji Inafune himself as a joke character that fans would laugh at. If anything, the fact that Bad Box Mega Man was kept only showed that Capcom upheld some respect for Inafune and were respectful enough not to pull Mega Man from the game. The only reason why there is even any controversy is because of the cancellation, so this is more of bad timing on Capcom’s part for the joke than an intentional insult on the fans.

Wreck-It Ralph is also brought up against Mega Man. Just because Mega Man did not appear in the movie does not mean that it was out of malicious intentions from Capcom. Mega Man still received shout outs in the movie despite being absent. Two occasions were when Felix gets a pie that the same sound effect in Mega Man 3 is used when Mega Man defeats gets an enemy weapon and at one point when Tamora Calhoun drews her guns, the charge sound effect made with the Mega Buster in Mega Man X4 and onward is made. Mega Man's absence can be explained similarly to Mario's and Pac-Man's absence; they were mentioned but did not show up in character. Another argument was Dr. Wily's absence as he was pulled from the movie; however, this can either be explained by Capcom already being repped by Zangeif and M. Bison or that Disney didn't want to pay for Dr. Wily (since he most likely would have had no lines anyway).

One way Capcom has attempted to celebrate Mega Man's 25th anniversary is by the iOS and Android game Rock Man Xover, released for free. When the game was announced, the game received extremely negative response from the fans to the point where the game even failed to see a release outside of Japanand needless to say, the game is nothing special. While much of the criticism of the game is certainly justified, a large portion of the venomous hate towards the game steams from the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 and being released at such a harsh time for Mega Man fans (which results in higher expectations from the fans). It's because of these things that became a death sentence towards an international release. The bitterness towards the game would be much less prevalent had the game not been released at such a turbulent time. Xover is also, in a way, a missed opportunity for the fans because despite it's subpar game play, Capcom has shown fan sympathy towards the game as they have hired artists from Rock Man X and Rock Man Gigamix artists to do some work on the game. Rock Man X has also done the first Robot Master contest ever since Mega Man 8 (with Arcade Man coming out as the winner). Rock Man Xover has been a frequent target for Mega Man fans and an understandable one as well, but with a lot of the hate coming from Legends 3's cancellation and Capcom having done several moments of fan service, the game didn't deserve all the loathe that it got.

Capcom has also allowed Mega Man into other companies's cross-overs. In Project X, X and Zero appeared in the cross-over along with numerous Capcom, Sega and Namco characters. While Namco had to go to Capcom to get the rights to Mega Man, what matters is that Capcom showed willingness to allow Mega Man into cross-overs. Capcom has also allowed Mega Man to be in a cross-over with Sonic in the twelve-part Worlds Collide. Despite this being a comic book, what this and Project X shows is that Capcom has no objections to allowing Mega Man in other companies's cross-overs and as such, making it very unlikely that Capcom would reject Mega Man being in Smash.

If Capcom truly hated Mega Man, things would be far worse. No 25th anniversary, no comic books, no recent merchandise, no fan games being supported, no attempts at fan sympathy, nothing. The fact that Capcom still acknowledge the franchise's existence shows that they have interest in the franchise. Capcom never conceived a master plan to kill the franchise after Inafune's departure as they have been thinking about where to take the franchise to. Once Capcom figures out where to take the direction of the Mega Man games to, they will continue to make solid games again. Whenever or not Mega Man gets into Super Smash Bros. 4 will be up entirely to Sakurai and if Sakurai does choose to go after Mega Man, it's almost a sure bet that Capcom will allow Mega Man in.

It's always good to keep on top of the Blue Bomber and Super Smash Bros. Anytime information regarding Mega Man in Smash is posted, we'll make sure that you are informed of the latest matter, so you never have to worry about searching for something you heard about Mega Man every again (or more realistically, not as often)
Sir Ilpalazzo's Character Essay - Mega Man's oversea popularity is noticed by Sakurai pre-Melee.
Characters mentioned on the original Brawl Dojo - Mega Man is mentioned twice. Just do be warned to take with a lot of grain of salt, but it is nevertheless interesting.
GDC 2008 - Mentions Sakurai's Four Criteria.
Infamous Capcom and SSB4 Interview - Sakurai mentions Capcom characters as a possibility, but also noted the difficulties of adding entire new universe from outside of Nintendo.
Mega Man and Smash Interview - Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono expresses interest in adding Mega Man in Smash. Shows that someone within Capcom of Japan has interest in him being in Smash.
Japanese Support - Finding by ToiseofChoice in August, 2011. Mega Man comes up in a decent amount.
More Japanese Stuff - Finding by ChronoBound on March 24th, 2012. According to him, Mega Man is by far the most wanted third-party.
Even More Japanese Stuff - Finding by ChronoBound on November 24th, 2012. Mega Man is by far the most wanted third-party and the only one to come up a lot.
GDC 2008: Sakurai on Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Sakurai mentions that adding third-parties is an incredibly difficult process, in some ways, harder than making the game itself. While Sakurai also mentions that while bringing outside characters can increase the amount of people involved in the game, he also mentions that adding too many of them can increase the amount of dissenters (which pretty much rules out almost all third-parties, thankfully, Mega Man is not one of them).
Masahiro Sakurai Talks Super Smash Bros. 4. - Speaks very positively about Snake and Sonic's inclusion, but also mentions that he cannot just add guests "willy-nilly", so he recognize the need to narrow things down.
Ask Capcom - July 1st - Skip to 29:25 in the video. Sven along with Snow noticed people wanting Mega Man in Smash 4. Sven has done to the extent that they could to talk to Capcom of Japan about Mega Man in Smash to Sakurai, but also mentioned that at the end, it's Nintendo game. As a result, it's up to them whenever or not Mega Man gets in.
Why No Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Keiji Inafune, who was then at Capcom, said that Mega Man didn't get in because Nintendo (or Sakurai) didn't contact them about Mega Man.
GDC 2008 Video - Sakurai stated that there was a large poll done in that Sonic was by far the most requested character, implying that Sakurai went after Sega to get Sonic.
Shortiecanbrawl's 2012 poll- Consist of twenty-five characters. Mega Man is currently in #1. Voting in the poll is no longer needed; here's the result as of 2061 votes (the last relevant data).*
Shortiecanbrawl's 2013 Poll - Shortie's new poll and more protected than the last one with more choices. Make sure to vote for Mega Man.*
*: Take poll with a grain of salt. The poll, while IP protected, is not perfect.
What would be a fan base if they came just to one place? There are plenty of places where fans support the Blue Bomber as well so anyone who wants to support Mega Man's inclusion in Smash 4 is free to do so. Here are some nice places to look into (even if they aren't directly Smash-related):
Mega Man For Super Smash Bros. - One of the websites dedicated to supporting Mega Man's inclusion for Super Smash Bros. 4. The site has went back to updating.
Capcom-Unity Mega Man for SSB4 Thread - The thread that got Capcom of America to contact Contact of Japan to talk to Sakurai about Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. 4. However, Sven said that it's up to Nintendo on whenever or not they want Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. 4 and the thread is dead, so please don't post in it.
Mega Man for Smash Bros. Forum - A forum created by PressStart to support Mega Man for SSB4. It's inactive and this is the main website for SSB4, but just in case this website crash, this is an alternate forum to go to.
Mega Man for Smash Bros. Topic - A thread on the Cutstuff Message Board discussing Mega Man's inclusion for SSB4. OP is PressStart.
The Mega Man For SSB4 Group - Capcom-Unity's group created by me. Like this thread, this is currently in construction.
GameFAQs's The Mega Man for SSB4 Group - GameFAQs's own variation of the group.
The Mega Man Network - Great place for Mega Man contents. Has a gallery, wiki, oekaki, and is a news source for the Mega Man franchise. Highly recommended that every Mega Man supporters checks on this on a regular basis.
The Official "Megaman in SSBB" Topic! - Just here for fun and for those who wondered what a SSBB variation of the Mega Man thread was like.
Fans love to contribute to the Blue Bomber in pretty much anyway possible. Music, fan art, even fan games are all allowed here. If you have anything in regards to fan arts to contribute, post away.
Fan Art
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It wouldn't be a Mega Man thread without various supporters being referenced as Robot Masters or Mavericks, wouldn't it? No doubt Mega Man has a massive fan base, so you'll see a lot of members down below that have already expressed support for Mega Man's inclusion.
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Surprisingly, I'm not the first OP.
People who recently come across this thread will know that I am the OP, but I am not the first one. Before me, there was another person who ran the thread, who was KishSquared. Not too much was done to the thread with him in the reign, but he deserves credit for the creation of the thread, in which he ran from June 23rd, 2012 to April 14th, 2013. And so in his honor, I have saved his post below for all that is curious.
[COLLAPSE="KishSquared's OP"]
With the additions of third-party characters, it seems inevitable that someone with as many Nintendo-based games as Megaman would make the official roster. However, the alliance with Namco Bandai makes me concerned about the fate of the Blue Bomber. It makes me wonder if characters like Solid Snake and Sonic will also be cut in favor of Namco characters.
Regardless, the hope can always stay alive! If Megaman made the final cut for SSB4, I might just give up the big man himself :bowserbrawl:
And before anyone suggests it - no, Megaman should never ever be a Samus clone. Let's get more creative than that.



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Jul 4, 2007
I think for the most popular 3rd party character thread you should put some more information and have a more optimistic title.

Edit: I should clarify that when this thread was first created, the OP was someone else and they have a VERY pessimistic view on Mega Man's inclusion in Smash


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Aug 10, 2011
This Thread
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I think Mega Man will be in. He's still heavily requested. In fact, he's the most requested 3rd party in the US and Japan, iirc. I say he's a safe bet.


The Eternal Will of the Swarm
Jul 4, 2007
1. More information about a game that hasn't even begun production? Okay...
2. The optimism is in the !? You clearly missed it

More information about Megaman himself. And "Is there a chance!?" sounds like whimpering


The Eternal Will of the Swarm
Jul 4, 2007
Something like: "Rock and Roll: The Robot Master" Or "Mega Man: Cyborg Boy Hero"

"Mega Man: The Blue Bomber"


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Aug 10, 2011
This Thread
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Or "Add Mega Man or I'll be Blue."


Yeah, never mind. I would go for a slightly more optimistic title, though.


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Jul 22, 2009
I question whether MegaMan will get in because of Capcom's collapsing reputation in the game industry. If he does, I think his moveset should probably focus mostly on MegaMan 1, 2, 9, and 10.

B: any MegaMan 1 weapon
>B: Black Hole Bomb.
^B: Rush (may be replaced with another weapon)
vB: Either Triple Blade or Metal Blade

I don't have much else to say, having never played any MegaMan games.


The Eternal Will of the Swarm
Jul 4, 2007
A discussion and a compare/ contrast of Mega Man's various incarnations is also a much needed thing in a Mega Man thread.

The blue Bomber himself, X, etc.


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Jun 26, 2009
I question whether MegaMan will get in because of Capcom's collapsing reputation in the game industry. If he does, I think his moveset should probably focus mostly on MegaMan 1, 2, 9, and 10.

B: any MegaMan 1 weapon
>B: Black Hole Bomb.
^B: Rush (may be replaced with another weapon)
vB: Either Triple Blade or Metal Blade

I don't have much else to say, having never played any MegaMan games.
You need to play Mega Man 1-10 and Mega Man X 1-8.


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Jan 27, 2008
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Don't know why everyone is worried about Capcom, Mega still has the most evidence towards his inclusion for a specific 3rd party character (non-specific would probably be someone from NB).

As for a moveset, I'm in support of a weapon switching (DSpecial) or all RM weapon based moveset. His MvC2 moveset should NEVER happen again. Hyper Mega Man is a disgrace. :mad:


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Jan 27, 2008
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During Pre-Brawl, as the rumors go, Nintendo was mad at Capcom for porting the supposed to be GC exclusive titles (V. Joe, Resident Evil 4, ect.) to other systems.

Though to be honest, Sonic wasn't planned for Brawl either, and was something that came up at the last second. Mega was by no means a shoe in for Brawl.
Oct 29, 2007
Ahh, back here feels so nostalgic! Just like the old Brawl days!

Except now that we're taking steps at the beginning of the event, hopefully our struggle will yield some fruit this time. Now Megaman has the advantage of being the most requested third-party character not yet in Smash. However, the past year hasn't been very gloriful for the ol' blue boy.

And honestly, with all that has happened in the past two years with Megaman and Capcom, I would not be surprised at all if Ryu somehow got in instead.:glare:

Edit: Nice Megaman 8 reference BTW!


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Feb 25, 2007
Livermore, the Bay repping NorCal Smash!
Aqua, I know what that's like. Except now, my other 2 more wanted characters (Toon Link and Diddy Kong) are already playable in smash bros games. :cool:


But yeah, it would be sweet if Mega Man (classic) was playable (maybe with an X outfit for Mega Man for an awesome reference). Mega Man, more than any other 3rd party character (well, Sonic and Snake excluded) just seems like he would just so easily "fit" into smash bros. It would be a hand and glove fit.

With Sonic out of the way, the struggles for a new 3rd party in smash should has most smash fans focused on Mega Man. And you know what=??? To me Mega Man is a shoe-in because of that, and the long and great history he has on Nintendo consoles. I would dare to say that in the 80's/90's he was the most recognizable Nintendo 3rd party character!

Also, a Mega Man "joins the smash" introduction video to Smash WiiU and 3DS like the one in Mega Man 8 would be awesome! :)


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May 22, 2012
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I have hight hopes for Megs but it seems Capcom is loosing it's reputation and common sense. They've lost the guys who made Resi and Megaman and they're apparently trying to kill Ono though overwork. If I had infinite cash the first thing I'd do is buy up Capcom and put them back on track.


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Feb 25, 2007
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@ Guybrush (and everyone else too, kinda sorta)
Mega Man in smash is pretty much free publicity for Capcom, especially if they could get Assist Trophies, stickers, and trophies of their other franchises' characters (mostly Street Fighter and Resident Evil, on top of all the Mega Man series).

It would also help hype up Mega Man and raise awareness for Mega Man if Capcom was about to make several Mega Man titles, or they were about to launch Mega Man into a new direction.


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May 22, 2012
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I've been thinking about MM's move set

A combo: tow punches and a pistol whip with Mega Buster
Dash: Slide kick (Charge Man's attack)

B: Mega Buster
Works like Samus's with a few major differences 1. three tiers of power rather than a scale 2. Can move while charging 3. can't store the charge fires when B is let go.

B Side: Beat
Megaman uses Beat as a homing projectile

B up: Rush Coil
Like Sonic's spring but Rush stays there in midair and Megaman isn't helpless after wards

B down: Weapon swap
MEgaman changes his B attack through this cycle
Mega Buster
Metal blade
Thunder beam
Leaf Shield

Final Smash

Hyper Mega Buster
Like his Hyper attack from Marvel vs Capcom

Super Rush Adapter
From Megaman 7. Give Megaman extra jumps more power and changes his B to A powerful rocket fist attack


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Feb 25, 2007
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Why in the heck is this thread not super active=??? Do I need to take this over=???

@ Guybrush
I'd prefer maybe a different side B (Zero's Sword=???), definitely a different up B, and to never hear of Mega Man's MvC's hyper attack referenced ever again! :laugh:

I do love the down B idea, though. Also, if you press B quickly 3 times, the Mega Buster should fire in bursts. That would be a neat and useful feature. :cool:

Also, Guybrush, when you mentioned his dash attack, is that the power slide Mega Man can do=???


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Aug 10, 2011
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That seems like an interesting and feasible moveset. Then again, I've never played a Mega Man game, so I could be wrong.
Dec 31, 2010
I still have this.

Weak Attacks: 123: Left Jab, Right Jab, Light Kick

Strong Attacks
Upward: Strong Uppercut(Medium Punch in MVC)
Forward: Slash Claw
Downward: Low Kick

Upward: (Crouching High Kick in MVC)
Forward: Flame Sword
Downward: ...Strong Sweep?

Dash Attack: Slide Attack(maybe Charge Kick?)

Aerial Attacks
Center: Top Spin
Front: Flame Sword(different animation in the air)
Back: Drop Kick
Up: Mega Upper
Down: Arm Cannon Blast

Special Attacks
Standard: Mega Buster(with Charge Shot)
Forward: Super Arrow(can stick to walls and be used as a platform)
Upward: Rising Uppercut(from Megaman 2: The Power Fighters)
Downward: Mega Ball

Grapples and Throw Downs
Uses the Wire Adapter to snatch his enemies to his position.
Pummel: Punch or Headbutt
Front: throws them straight or kicks them
Back: throws them
Up: tosses them and blasts them straight up
Down: trows them down and blasts them

Final Smash: Either Super Adapter or Black Hole Bomb


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Jan 27, 2008
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Hyper Mega Buster
Like his Hyper attack from Marvel vs Capcom
Oh god no. Let's leave MvC Mega Man behind us, I've never seen such a waste of moveset potential. :glare:

Mega Man has by far the largest moveset potential out of any character both in and out of Smash due to his countless amount of weapons and abilities, giving him the moveset he had in those games was a terrible waste. And since Smash is a platform fighter, it would be an even bigger waste. And the Eddie gimick was a little silly.

Sorry, but I just hate his MvC moveset with all my might.

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Jul 30, 2007
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One thing I felt would be interesting is that if Mega Man successful KO's an opponent, pressing Down B would allow him to use one of tHe attacks by the KO'd opponent. Mega Man could even change colors to fit that opponent.



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Jun 23, 2012
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one thing i felt would be interesting is that if mega man successful ko's an opponent, pressing down b would allow him to use one of the attacks by the ko'd opponent. Mega man could even change colors to fit that opponent.

You wouldn't even need to have 50 pallette swaps just 50 different projectiles coming out of his gun!
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Hmm, so it appears that Smash 4 has finally gotten a forum to itself, but I've already said my peace on characters in the Smash Bros. 4 thread that was once on and I don't have much else to say for now. I will make three posts before I return to my hiatus from Smash 4 discussion (which I will leave from once we get a trailer, whenever that'll be). I have made a post on the Zoroark thread earlier, now I will make my second one on this character.

If there is one newcomer I would buy a Smash game for, it is undoubtedly him. Heck, I would buy it if only the "necessary" characters I need to buy the game gets in and he was the only newcomer. I have been hoping that he would show up in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but he missed the cut. Now with Smash 4 on the horizon, I am hoping this will finally be his chance to be in a Smash game. One time is all I am hoping for and I hope this is the game because I do not think I will follow Smash 5.

If you haven't realized already, he is by far my most wanted character. No one else really compares at this point. Of course there are a lot of characters I do support (Mii, Mewtwo, Saki, Krystal, Toad and King K. Rool are some characters I heavily support inclusions of as well), but had I been around during pre-Brawl after Snake's reveal, I would have pushed as hard as possible for Mega Man's inclusion and he is my favorite video game character.

Luckily for us fans, he has a good shot of finally get in. Mega Man is, by far, the most wanted third-party character in the game and I would say he is in the Top Five as well. Of course he has very strong domestic popularity, but he is also decently wanted in Japan, so he has the benefit of international appeal.

Capcom has expressed multiple times that they wanted to see Mega Man in Smash. Ono in March, 2011 stated that he wants Mega Man in above everyone else from Capcom, which is good. Sakurai is also going to be considering Capcom characters and he wants one that people will care about. So far, the only highly requested third-party character is Mega Man.

Mega Man is not being abandoned by Capcom. He is still appearing in games and there is plan for his 25th anniversary. Once those plans are revealed (and they will be big), it will show that Capcom is not dropping the blue bomber yet. Heck, what if the 25th anniversary present to fans is his inclusion in Smash?

Something I want to say about the Namco-Bandai working with Sakurai thing and supporters of a Namco rep are not going to like this, but I doubt it means anything for characters. The influence will come in the game play, but I doubt we will see it expand to other parts as I doubt they are biased enough to push for such content just because they're working with Sakurai. It's the same mistake I made with Victini (when I was a supporter) and I hope Namco supporters realize how little this means for it. The only possible Namco rep as far as I'm concern is Pac-Man and that is literally hinging on if Miyamoto wants to push his favorite character into Smash and considering how Japanese are moderate, that's an unlikely situation.

There are only three third-party newcomers I can see getting in if third-parties do return (which is not a sure thing). Those are Mega Man, Professor Layton, and Pac-Man. We are not going to get all of them in and we probably won't even get two of them. If one of them were to be chosen, it will most likely be Mega Man. There are good reasons why so many support Mega Man and why every other third-party is generally looked down upon. Because Mega Man is the only one that can boast large fan demand and interest from higher up. No other third-party character has that.

I will be posting on this thread actively when we start to get confirmations on characters. Expect me to be on this thread a lot once that comes.

Until my return, might want to look at this; SmashChu's part of the essay on Mega Man.

Don't get me wrong, this guy is awesome and he is very articulate. But he has very strong arguments against third-parties and refuting them will take lots of work. Other arguments against Mega Man are pretty easy to argue (except of course being third-party, but that's an inevitable barrier for any non-Nintendo character to face), but this one will be very challenging.

If the supporters want to show that they can refute any other arguments out there against Mega Man, work on trying to refute this one. Because if the pans out in your favor, then it shows that the fans are articulate and know what they're talking about. Even if it doesn't work, remember that our opinions on characters means as much as dungs and if Sakurai takes anything into account by fans, it's that Mega Man is very popular. Now all there's left to do after all this is see if he can get in.

Stay gold and I wish for the best for everyone. :)

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Jul 30, 2007
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To the above poster,
who makes those SSB4 Character Support GIFS?
And where didja hear Sakurai wants a capcom character?
Sakurai commented on the possibility of including a Capcom character in this iteration of the series, saying that "[he] can't say that it's entirely out of the realm of possibility that some Capcom character could appear in the next Smash Bros. The big problem, though, comes from the idea of trying to get characters from a completely different universe to fit with the style that has been dictated by Nintendo's characters in a fighting game."[6] The balance of the character's power was previously only measured by Sakurai, but he will involve his staff more in this game to make sure the characters are competitively balanced.[7]
The Smash 4 wiki article.

Additionally, Yoshinori Ono, the producer of Street Fighter and big wig in Capcom commented he'd love to see both Megaman and M. Bison in Smash 4.



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May 22, 2012
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M. Bison vs Ganondorf would be a fight for the ages buy I'm getting side tracked

Assuming the MM is classic Megs what alt colours would he have?

I'm thinking
Protoman: Grey and Red
Bass: Black, White and Gold
Guts Man: Orange and yellow
Quint: Green and light green


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Feb 25, 2007
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@ smashmanx
Nah, classic all the way. Also, dem collapse tag. ;)

SmashChu's argument would be better... if Snake and Sonic weren't in Brawl. :smirk: Plus, again, the point of 3rd party characters is to add characters not like Nintendo characters.

Snake is original in the sense that his back story and his series' story isn't garbage (unlike every Nintendo series [minus Metroid] with playable characters in smash bros.), he is a real tough guy, and he uses moves, techniques, and weapons completely unlike anybody else. I mean seriously, Snake was the most original character in Brawl. I have never seen a fighting game or platform game character play like that.

Sonic, on the other hand, is speedy and yet versatile. We got all kinds of platform characters in smash, but none of them with Sonic's speed and sense of risk and reward. He also has that care-free, arrogant attitude, and also the anti-Mario that Wario wishes he could be. He also has several unique physical traits that are self-evident.

Mega Man fits that billing. Even though he looks like a Nintendo character, the way his games play, the way he plays in his games, and the moves, skills, and powers he acquire are unlike anything Nintendo has.
(if someone says he's like Samus, they should be banned from life)
He also brings a "flair" that would be unique to smash.

I also think SmashChu overlooks the new audiences Snake and Sonic brought to Brawl, and they were probably the only redeeming thing about Brawl (along with the music), because the online was crap, the story (mode) was crap, and the single-player was a downgrade from Melee.

The only problems 3rd party characters face are legal issues, which is easier the 2nd time around. Now Nintendo has the legal numbers/money split down with Konami and SEGA. Oh, and Mario & Sonic at the Olympics series still exists! :laugh: Thus, those characters can be almost as easily secured as 2nd party characters. This process is especially easy with a 3rd party developer as the primary developer of your game who has done this before. Every Soul Calibur game since Soul Calibur 2 (minus 3 and the Wii one, which had a Namco character) has had a 3rd party character. Add in that companies now do crossover games more, even 3 way crossovers like Project X Zone with SEGA, Namco Bandai, and Capcom (which all 3 do lots of crossovers), and you got yourself a winner.
Oh god no. Let's leave MvC Mega Man behind us, I've never seen such a waste of moveset potential. :glare:
Mega Man is trash in that game. Actually, most of the roster is trash in MvC... minus the 3rd one kinda sorta! :laugh:
Mega Man has by far the largest moveset potential out of any character both in and out of Smash due to his countless amount of weapons and abilities, giving him the moveset he had in those games was a terrible waste. And since Smash is a platform fighter, it would be an even bigger waste. And the Eddie gimick was a little silly.
DAT METAL BLADE!!! Also, I would love the Flash Man time stop. That move is freaking awesome. (maybe the secret platform creating weapon in the original Mega Man, too).
One thing I felt would be interesting is that if Mega Man successful KO's an opponent, pressing Down B would allow him to use one of tHe attacks by the KO'd opponent. Mega Man could even change colors to fit that opponent.
That would be freaking AMAZING!!!


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May 20, 2012
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Megaman's palette swaps should be based on the palette swaps that Megaman gets when he defeats a Robot Master and gains their weapons. Here's an example:

From left to right: Normal, Fire Storm (Fire Man), Leaf Shield (Wood Man), Shadow Blade (Shadow Man), Dust Crusher (Dust Man), Hornet Chaser (Hornet Man).


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Feb 25, 2007
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@ Hab-adabadooo!!!!
I think that we could use a orange (Heat Man? Flame Man?), Guts Man-esk, Cut Man-esk, Elect Man-esk, and Pharoh Man-esk colors would be nice, too. A helmet-less Mega Man would be pretty awesome too, along with classic Mega Man in a suit that looks like Mega Man X's! :laugh: Also, we should get a color palette as well! :bee:


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Jun 26, 2012
they could put other versions of Megaman as costumes without changing the moveset, and let him have moves from all incarnations of the character (original, X, .EXE, ...)
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