The Luminary's (& Friends) "I was wrong" thread.

Jun 21, 2013
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Because it doesn't exist yet, and it is tradition.

Personally, I actually was wrong about Luminary, I never really gave them a thought beyond "eh" while zeroing in on Slime and DQ III Erdrick as the primary candidates.


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Aug 12, 2014
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I was wrong, mostly because I thought they'd show someone else. I was kinda right and kinda wrong on Luminary being shown instead of Erdrick first though. Congrats.


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Mar 28, 2008
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I was wrong because I saw the horse and was already expecting another FE character. I wasn't caught very much off guard after that because Dragon Quest characters were in every leak under the sun.


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Oct 1, 2016
Luminary suprised me. Erdrick by himself wouldn't have but I didn't expect them to load them down with alts.
Nov 8, 2007
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I was wrong because I made a thread about the original Hero from DQ1!
(I really put my all into it when I made it, lol).

But I'm really happy. I always felt Luminary, Erdrick, and Eight made more sense (but those threads were already taken).

Still, he's in the Final Smash AND referenced as a costume to Solo, so no biggie. I just love his kickass armor. It was fan service enough that he was included in the Final Smash, instead of the one they wanted to retcon him with. Yes, you know the one.
Aug 23, 2013
After learning about the little to no Cloud content in the base game and realizing that Cloud was the last veteran to get into development, I actually thought Vergeban's leaked phone calls to Square was just Sakurai fighting them for Cloud Strife. I guess I was wrong. Is Dragon Quest going to get more stuff in Smash than Final Fantasy?


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Aug 11, 2018
I was wrong

I was convinced there was no way Erdrick could be actually coming to Smash. Not because he didn't deserve it or doesn't belong, but because I felt there was no possible way a DLC fighter could leak HALF A YEAR in advance, from a company that's known to put out misinformation to trap leakers and that normally has a very good track record of keeping leaks closed up tight: KH3 only leaked because someone outright stole from the warehouse and Cloud only got out so close to his reveal that it barely mattered.

But... hey, I was wrong: The worst kept secret in Smash history proved to be legit, and he looks really interesting to play.
Aug 10, 2013
I'm coming here to post about how I was wrong as well. Not because I didn't think the Luminary, Erdrick, or any general DQ character would get in, but simply because I didn't think a Dragon Quest character would be very interesting.

Just a few days ago, I posted this:
NeonBurrito said:
Don't have any experience with Dragon Quest outside of playing a little bit of the DS port of DQV and seeing the series' Slime in some Mario spinoffs (I do plan on picking up DQXI when it comes to Switch though), and I'm not really interested in any humanoid fighters that aren't going to be incredibly unique fighters. No matter how you slice it, "guy who fights with sword and magic" isn't all that interesting to me.

I'm not against his inclusion; Dragon Quest very obviously deserves its place amongst gaming's and especially Nintendo's top dogs. He's just not a character I'd be interested in purchasing. I'd rather we get the Slime for a Dragon Quest character anyway.
And I have to say, I'm really glad I was proven wrong. Not only do I feel like Hero's RPG-esqe Magic System is really intricate and unique, but everything about the character's inclusion feels really lovingly crafted. From the trailer, to the stage, the alternate costumes, the Slime's cute appearances here and there, to his moveset, to the Final Smash with all the series' past heroes, I really felt like this had to have really been a passion project for the devs working on the character. I've always known about Dragon Quest's impact and influence on video games, seeing it all accumulate into this one big moment was incredibly impressive, even as someone who has very little interaction with the series.

My favorite of the bunch definitely has to be Eight. Not only does he rock a sword that feels the most distinct of the bunch alongside that sick red bandana, but the little buddy he carries around with him, Munchie, is absolutely adorable.

I feel as though I may have been a bit jaded by Cloud's inclusion, due to the extreme lack of any major content from Final Fantasy. No songs, no spirits, no love in terms of alternate costumes (which aside from Advent Children costume, barely change his color), nothing. I feel like because of Square Enix being so greedy, that any Dragon Quest character would probably fall into a similar place. While spirits and music tracks are still on the fence, just the moveset of these guys alone was more than enough to impress me. If this was an attempt to sell me on Dragon Quest, then the folks behind the DLC did a stellar job.
Jan 22, 2019
I was in the camp that thought that even if "Erdrick" was a given, he would be a boring character that's too similar to what we've seen before.

I'm glad to see that he actually looks like he'll play very uniquely with his MP system, which reminds me of Kingdom Hearts and is probably the closest we'll get to Sora at this point. Depending on the mechanics when they're fully revealed, I'm actually really excited for the Hero now, and I may consider picking up a DQ game in the future if the price and timing are right.

Also, the four unique alts is a fantastic bonus. It really sells the idea of them as being heroes, and all are interesting designs.


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Jun 26, 2009
I guess I was part wrong and part right.

Part wrong because I thought it would be just Erdrick and female Erdrick. So happy to be wrong about this one because I got Eight along with Luminary and Solo.

Part right because Erdrick is in.

I assumed it would just be Erdrick, so I guess I was wrong, but I don't think anyone saw it coming that they'd go for a handful of different Heroes as alts, a la Red and Leaf.
Now that I think about it... I think it would be kinda cool if Pokémon Trainer had Red and Leaf (from FireRed & LeafGreen) AND Chase and Elaine (from Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee) as alts in the next Smash. They are the only Pokémon Trainers from Kanto so it makes sense they would have Kanto starters.