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The Lovable Lemon-Squeezing Waif! Caitlin Cooke for MultiVersus!

Pink Yoshi

Smash Lord
Jul 17, 2022
The kitchen, raiding the fridge

For many of you...this is probably the "WHO???" heard around the world. But some CN fans out there may recognize this pretty face from the pre-Adventure Time era of the network, where despite the fall-out of CN Real, Total Drama Island’s smashing success and the rising popularity of Johnny Test and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack were leading the network back to its glory days. Between all of that, though, there was a little show called 6teen.

This obscure little number, in my view, is the biggest sleeper cult classic of CN’s history. It had the deck stacked against it from the start, unfortunately…but in its own way it had an important impact. Just like Total Drama Island, it was one of the first TV-PG shows to appear on CN, and that would soon become the norm for the network. And while these episodes were banned in the US because someone in the government was probably high, 6teen was one of the first true bastions of LGBT representation in cartoons, setting the groundwork that Steven Universe now famously stands upon. While it has flown under the radar for a while, 6teen seems to be finally getting an interest revival as of late, with it mentioned in many “underrated cartoon” discussions and being seen as one of Canada’s finest animated offerings.

So, why NOT let the show’s arguable main character rock the shop as a playable fighter in MultiVersus?

Caitlin is one of the stars of 6teen, and one of the most well-remembered characters in Nelvana’s entourage. An uber-girly cinnamon roll with a heart of gold and an eye for fashion, she’s known for her romantic struggles and love for her friends! While 6teen has never been the most popular of cartoons, even from FreshTV (Total Drama came from the same creators), I think getting Caitlin in would be a great way to represent a forgotten era of animation AND Nelvana, one of Canada’s greatest cartoon companies!

“Isn’t she a bit too pacifistic?” I hear you cry…well hear me out. In Smash, we have Villager and Isabelle, two characters who, with many of their moves, aren’t fighting on purpose most of the time (well, Isabelle moreso). And I figured Caitlin’s moveset could be similar, though in a few episodes she’s a bit more willing to fight. Plus this wouldn’t be the first time a generally pacifistic character was in the game. Steven Universe anyone?

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to her inclusion is the fact that Nelvana, FreshTV and Teletoon aren’t ENTIRELY part of WB’s entourage. But 6teen was aired on the famous Cartoon Network back in the day, and is slowly becoming more of a cult classic with many animation fans. Just like a fair few characters in Smash, Caitlin would make a lot of 6teen fans happy just by being there and representing a classic cartoon of the noughties!

So at the end, even though her chances aren’t the highest with how obscure 6teen is, Caitlin as a fighter is still a big pipe dream, and I hope you can see why I’d like a lovable lemonhead like her in this game!

Support List!
1. Pink Yoshi (The Leading Lemon Lady)

Until then, I’m Pink Yoshi, and I hope I can convince y’all that Caitlin would be a fun addition to MVS! Stay squeezy, y’all!
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