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The King K. Rool Lab Repository

Guide The King K. Rool Lab Repository

Plague von Karma

The Resource Mogul
Jul 16, 2015
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chippy2000 submitted a new resource:

The King K. Rool Lab Repository - Everything you've ever needed to know about King K. Rool is right at your fingertips!

If you're up for learning about King K. Rool, you've come to the right place. The King K. Rool Lab Repository is long and far my greatest creation. Updated for the past year, this document contains so many resources it'll make your head spin. Do you need to know anything about King K. Rool? It's here. I promise.

Naturally not everything here is useful for you guys, it all varies in quality. Me and my friends just kinda lab anything. I still have so much I want to do...

This document...
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