The ideal patch: Toon Link

Dec 24, 2016
As with previous characters in this project, I would like to focus on keeping Toon Link true to his original style, so I've made a rule: no changes to the range or damage outputs of his sword attacks (with one exception).

This thread is part of a project I am doing to create a final balance patch for every fighter in the game, focused mainly on buffs rather than nerfs. I am not, nor do I claim to be an expert on Toon Link, so there may be some issues with these patch notes. Please do be polite when pointing them out, as I do work very hard on researching for these.
Although it is unlikely we will get another patch, rumours of a port for the Switch do give us hope that there might be one, so please don't tell me 'there won't be another patch, so why bother thinking about it!'

Nothing special here, just some changes to make him a little faster

Run speed: 1.7325 -> 1.745
Air speed: 0.94 -> 1.02
Air acceleration: 0.08 -> 0.0824
Air deceleration: 0.01 -> 0.011

Ground Attacks
His frame data really should be better, given the short range and low power of his attacks. Also d-tilt combos

Jab 1 startup lag: 5 -> 3 (FAF adjusted accordingly)
F-tilt FAF: 34 -> 31
D-tilt angle: 361 -> 80
D-tilt Base Knockback: 30 -> 45
D-tilt Knockback Growth: 88 -> 80
Forward Smash hit 1 Knockback Growth: 10 -> 4
Forward Smash hit 1 SDI multiplier: 0.8 -> 0.5
Forward Smash hit 2 hitbox size: 5.5/5.5/4.0 -> 6.0/6.0/4.0

Air attacks
The frame data on some of these is shocking

Nair FAF: 42 -> 38
Nair autocancel: 1-2, 41- -> 1-5, 35-
Fair autocancel: 1-3, 51- -> 1-8, 39-
Bair FAF: 46 -> 37
Bair landing lag: 17 -> 14
Bair autocancel: 38- -> 30-

Grabs and Throws
giving him a very strong grab game

Standing grab startup lag: 11-10
Standing grab FAF: 62 -> 57
Dash grab startup lag: 13 -> 12
Dash grab FAF: 72 -> 65
Pivot grab startup lag: 14 -> 13
Pivot grab FAF: 72 -> 67
Back throw Knockback Growth: 120 -> 124
Back throw angle: 130 -> 142
Up throw Base Knockback: 25 -> 38
Down throw frame speed multiplier: 1.0 -> 0.9 (stacks with weight based FSM)
Down throw angle: 110 -> 95
Down throw KBG: 110 -> 75
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Dec 24, 2016
So... your saying it's not at all unfair for a fighter with short range and generally low damage output to have mediocre frame data and speed?


Smash Journeyman
May 17, 2017
speaking solely as an outsider, it doesn't seem too unreasonable to give a character iffy frame data and mobility in exchange for an amazing projectile setup game (not that i've seen a whole lot of good toon links, but regardless)
Dec 24, 2016
I do see your point, but my aim with this project was effectively to make every fighter top tier, and buffing his grab combos alone like ItsSonic suggested would not be enough. And since his projectile game is already good, and I made it a rule not to change his range, the best way to make him top tier would be to reduce the severity of his other weaknesses, i.e his questionable mobility and frame data (particularly in the air).