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The ideal patch: Peach


Smash Apprentice
Dec 24, 2016
Peach is a fighter whose exact position on the tier list is controversial, due to many saying she is potentially a very high tier, whilst others say she is very flawed as a fighter. Hopefully these buffs will help tilt it towards the former rather than the latter. (Note: this thread is part of a project I am doing to make a finalised balance patch for the game.)

Air speed: 0.95 -> 1.00
Air acceleration: 0.1 -> 0.108
Float duration: 150 frames (2.5 seconds) -> 165 frames (2.75 seconds)
Jab 1 shield damage: 0 -> 6
Jab 2 shield damage: 0 -> 7
Dash attack (Hit 2) KBG: 140 -> 152
Utilt hitbox size: 5.0 (sweetspot) 8.0 (sourspot) -> 5.5/8.3
Dtilt shield damage: 0 -> 8
Fsmash (racket) angle: 28 -> 23
Fsmash (racket) uncharged damage: 13 -> 13.3
Dsmash (hits 1-4) hitbox active: 6-7, 11-12, 16-17, 21-22 -> 5-6, 9-10, 13-14, 17-18
Dsmash (new hit) hitbox active: 21-22, same properties as hits 1-4
Dsmash (hits 1-5) damage: 2/3 -> 3
Dsmash (hits 1-5) angle: 15/170 -> 365
Dsmash (hits 1-5) SDI multiplier: 1.0 -> 0.95
Nair FAF: 49 -> 46
Fair FAF: 58 -> 54
Bair FAF: 54 -> 51
Uair FAF: 46 -> 44
Dair damage: 2/1 (1-3), 5 (4) -> 2.2, 5.4
Dair FAF: 39 -> 37
Dair (all hits) shield damage: 0 -> 2
Toad (hit 9) damage: 2 -> 2.5
Peach Bomber shield damage: 0 -> 4
Vegetable (pluck) FAF: 43 -> 37


Smash Cadet
Jan 6, 2009
- For the Vegetable pluck I'd like to have something closer to melee's frame data (FAF of 29). 37 is probably still way too long.

- Fix Dash Attack's first hit so opponents don't fall out of it ;_;

- Bring back the Beam Sword in the available items to pluck for her Vegetable.

- Up Tilt could use less endlag and a bit more KBG for kill power, currently its uses are quite limited. Could even have less BKB to enable more combos at low-mid percents.

- Would be great if Peach's Jab 1 can have less FAF (like some of the other quicker jabs) so she can do even more mixups & shield pressure with it, since you can't really Jab 1 and then do something else before your opponent can react. Shielding against the Jab 1 usually puts Peach in a horrible scenario, and Jab 1 already has super short range to begin with.

- Toad's startup frames from 10 -> 7. Toad is a horrible Counter in terms of startup frame data (comes out at frame 10). It's one of the slowest Counters in the game, and decreasing the startup time would be much appreciated. Most Counters have startup frames from 5-8, and having a startup of 10 frames is horrible in this game.

- Down Tilt could have actual spiking power if used against an airborne enemy. Would be nice if Peach has a move that can spike enemies for a kill =)
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Alpha Princess365

Smash Rookie
Feb 7, 2017
Personally I would love if it the frames between grabbing turnips didn't take so long. it often feels like I need space to do so at times. in Melee Peach can grab turnips almost instantly, which allowed her to do so many insane things. i feel like having a speed time increased on how long it takes to spawn turnips would be greatly appreciated. i also miss the random objects that spawned as well. I always remember getting a lot of Bomb or Beam Sword KOs. XD

i feel Peach's U-tilt could use work too, I'm currently trying to figure out what its uses are. Toad should be faster too. Mainly on startup.


Smash Cadet
May 28, 2016
It would be nice if Peach had her 2 frame start n-air again. And I agree her jab need to be better.
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