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The High Functioning Psychopath, Reaper for Smash Ultimate's Fighter Pass 1!

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Aug 24, 2018
Center of the Zero Point
Switch FC


Who the hell is this guy!?

Gabriel Reyes was a military soldier and former agent of Overwatch who served to make peace between humans and omnics during the Omnic Crisis. He soon started to deny orders and betray the people who were by his side in war, and join Blackwatch. During that time, controversial geneticist Moira O'Deorain experimented on Reyes, causing his cells to decay and regenerate at an uncontrollable rate. He has proceeded to betray and kill the people working with him multiple times later after major events happened within the organization. Once Overwatch ultimately collapsed, Reyes became the black robed terrorist known as the Reaper. He would hide in the shadows and kill anyone in his path. Survivors described him as a black shadow ghosting unscathed through the most hellish battlefields. People tracking his movements began to notice a pattern of hunting down former Overwatch agents, and he indeed had a list of agents that he intended to kill. He's also a major edgelord!

Why should he be in Smash?

Reaper is one of the most important characters of the game's story, and is responsible for many of the major events that led to Overwatch's collapse. He is one of the biggest villains in the game, and was barely beaten out by Doomfist. He can deal massive amounts of damage with his Hellfire Shotguns, and can transform into a ghost to teleport and become immune to damage. He can also steal the souls of his enemies to regenerate his health. His massive damage and the ability to kill high health tanks made him my favorite hero, and my second most wanted character for Smash Bros.

Chances... or lack there of.

Sadly, Reaper's chances are pretty much dead. (Pun intended) Being third party doesn't help either. The main mascot Tracer isn't even in the game yet, and she has an OK shot of making it in. The only two ways of Reaper EVER making it for DLC is if he were included in a 2 in 1 pack for the fighter pass along with Tracer (which isn't likely in the first place), or he could join for season 2 of the fighter pass.

Moveset Potential
The moment you all have been waiting for... how the hell is he gonna' fight in this game?
Well I'm here to show you how!
NOTE: This is a work in progress, and moveset is subject to change at any given time.

Special Mechanic: The Reaping
Whenever Reaper does damage with any attack, he has a 50% chance to heal half of the health equal to the damage he just dealt.

Neutral Special: Hellfire Blast
Reaper's only long distance projectile, it can be charged for 2 seconds maximum. Once fully charged, it will release automatically. You can also shoot smaller Hellfire Bursts by releasing B early. The projectile looks exactly like his old Soul Globe mechanic before it got reworked to lifesteal in his home game. Fully charged: 15%.

Side Special: Phantom Charge
Reaper enters his Wraith form and charges straight for the opponent to unload his shotguns in the enemy's face. It can deal about 12-20% damage, but if you miss, you can be left vulnerable while Reaper is flailing his shotguns in the air for 1.5 seconds.

Up Special: Shadow Warp
It's self explanatory. It's a teleporting recovery like Zelda, Mewtwo, and Palutena's recoveries, and it deals a light 6% damage to any nearby enemies when he finishes the warp.

Down Special: Wraith Form
A counter move!? How dare you put a counter move on this character!? Unlike most counters, this one is VERY unique. Reaper enters Wraith form and can freely move around the stage for 5 seconds. If an enemy attacks him in this form, he will negate the damage and attack for double the damage of the enemy's attack. To avoid players spamming and abusing the move, it has a 10 second cooldown between uses that will appear next to his health percentage. If the player dares to use this move during the cooldown, Reaper will look at the camera and shrug at you, leaving you vulnerable.

Final Smash: Death Blossom
Reaper emits a big cloud of smoke around himself, (Just as big as Ashley's) and all enemies trapped in the smoke will experience a world of pain while Reaper shouts his signature quote: "DIE DIE DIE!" Deals about 40% to each player.

Jab: 4 hits with a shotgun. 14% total.

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash: A simple shotgun blast. 19%
Up Smash: Shotgun blast from above, then a toss of the shotgun. 17% + 4%
Down Smash: Two shotgun blasts of Hellfire next to Reaper's feet on the ground, then both shotguns get tossed to the side.
18% + 4%

Grab: Reaper grabs the enemy with his hand and chokes the enemy for a pummel. 4% grab and 3% pummel.
Up Throw: Underhanded swing. 8%
Forward Throw: A simple overhanded throw. 9%
Down Throw: Two shotgun blasts in the face while the enemy is lying on the ground. 15%
Back Throw: A kick with a shotgun blast. 6% + 8%


Neutral Air: Rotary swing with shotgun. 7%
Forward Air: Overhead swing with shotgun. Can meteor. 9%
Back Air: Backwards kick. 9%
Down Air: Downward dive with shotgun blast. Meteors, but risky. 11%


Up Taunt: Cackle (Maniacal laughter emote in game)
Side Taunt: Slice (Emote in game where Reaper pretends to slice his neck with his finger)

Down Taunt: Shrug (Victory pose in game)

1: Easy Win (Reaper will laugh or drop a condescending line such as "That was too easy..." or "You've gotta be kidding me...", and toss his shotguns behind him. The camera will then pan to a massive mountain of thrown away shotguns.
2: Shadow Step (Highlight intro from Overwatch)
3: Eternal Rest (Highlight intro from Overwatch)


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