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THE GOD KAIS Present MWC-E #1 " Brawl Bootcamp Lv 2" Fairfield, OH (Oct.10) RESULTS!!

Infern Angelis

Smash Master
Feb 8, 2008
Dallas, TX
THE GOD KAIS Present " Brawl Bootcamp Lv 2" Fairfield, OH Results (Oct.10)
Midwest East Circuit Event #1



1: M2K:metaknight:
2: Judge:metaknight: / :wolf:
3: Lain :popo: / :dedede: / :marth:
4: Pierce :marth:
5: AlphaZealot :diddy:
5: Infern :snake: / :ike:
7: Nope :snake:
7: Champ :popo:
9: Sliq :bowser2:
9: Kel :metaknight:
9: Overswarm :metaknight: / :rob:
9: Y.b.M. :kirby2:
13: Fonz :lucario: / :ganondorf:
13: Blue Rogue:wario:
13: Renegade :snake: / :ike:
13: Xisin :marth:
17: Lou :gw:
17: Smash64 :ness2: / :snake:
17: Mr.E:rob:
17: Rofa :metaknight:
17: Mister Eric :rob:
17: Quivo :toonlink:
17: Capem :metaknight:
17: Hilt :olimar:
25: Cr4sh :luigi2:
25: King Beef :peach:
25: Argentstew :lucario:
25: Sil :rob:
25: Sneaky Tako :rob:
25: King Yoshi :pikachu2:
25: Wakka :diddy:
25: Notra:falco:

Drowned in a Pool due to not having their floating ducks:

33: Arc :pit:
33: Tyr :lucas:
33: Jiffyboob :ness2:
33: Dr. X :pit:
33: Framerate :jigglypuff:
33: Nicalobe :yoshi2:
33: The Great Muldini :snake:
33: Fizzleboy :lucario:
41: Solecalibur :zerosuitsamus:
41: Exile :lucario: / :lucas:
41: Baro
41: May-ling :pit:
41: Sai :diddy:
41: Airborne :yoshi2:
41: WTP
41: Suyon :pit:
49: Clowsui:marth:
49: Mr. J
49: Mike B :shiek: / :zelda: / :jigglypuff: / :peach:
49: Steel Samurai :marth:
49: Today :gw:
49: Calic :pikachu2:
49: Lunar :olimar:
49: Kassandra :lucas: / :metaknight:
57: Metaflair :pt:
57: Rage :metaknight:
57: D-day
57: Kregs
57: Shy Guy



1: M2K -Pierce ($209.00)
2: OS - Kel ($114.00)
3: AZ - Judge ($57.00)
4: Nope - Capem
5: Lou - Y.b.M
5: Quivo - Fonz
7: Lain - NOJ
7: Wakka - Sil
9: Rofa - Renegade
9: Frame - Tyr
9: Blue Rogue - Argent
9: Infern - Smash 64
13: WTP - Sliq
13: Exile - Airbourne
13: King - Mr. E
13: Xisin - KB
17: Mr. Eric - Metaflair
17: TGM - Steel Samurai
17: Kregs - Mr. J


Thanks again to everyone who help run this tournament. Special thanks to Lou,Nope, OS and King Yoshi. Hope you all had fun and im glad we got to finish the tournament this time lol So like always, thanks for coming and GOD KAIS!!!


Smash Legend
Feb 14, 2007
Chapel Hill, NC
As a placeholder for all of my shoutouts later I'll do a shoutout to myself:

You're not by any means a bad player, but you have a lot of work to do. You need to work on your basics and your patience (the latter in particular with Falco, the former with both characters). Don't rely so much on emotional momentum - each opponent should be the same for you. Everyone is just as nervous as you are... it's just who gets to who first!


Banned via Warnings
Oct 30, 2005
Ocean Grove, New Jersey
Good stuff, Pierce. I did amazing at a tourny this day too. :)

Let's try to steal the #2 spot from Atomsk this season, lulz.


Smash Lord
Mar 1, 2009
Canton, Ohio
<sigh> My name is spelled wrong in the results.

Shoutouts in a bit.

Edit: Thank you. :)

Another edit: Mike B used Peach and Jigglypuff.


Never Knows Best
Nov 8, 2006
Milpitas, CA
Since lain is the only guy who doesn't have a slash between his two characters, I'm going to assume that means he used Ice Climarth.


Smash Master
Jan 13, 2006
I lost to M2K/Lain. Again.

God **** it.
**** you, so did I and I play BOWSER so up yours *******.

I want to mention that I sent Nope to losers and he placed higher than me. Also I should stop counterpicking Lain to ******** stages because he ***s out and goes D3, because I almost beat his IC's with Bowser but lost badly with GW.

I should learn to play GW for the D3 ****** extravaganza.

I think Sliq is a pretty cool guy. Eh uses Bowser and doesn't afraid of anything.

Also, Lain had no business losing to Pierce, and I wouldv'e given Pierce the Bowser Business if I had saw him. Rawr.

Shoutouts and stuff later. Thanks to Nope for housing me and busting out Melee. Ganonford has top tires.


Smash Journeyman
Apr 22, 2008
Mt Pleasant, MI
Great turnout as usual, OH. Thanks for all the fun. I personally was off that day because of my van getting towed before we even got there. It was all that was on my mind. No johns though! I'll see you all next time, shoutouts as soon as I'm off work.

Mike B

Smash Journeyman
Mar 1, 2008
49 -MikeB I used Sheik/Zelda, Jigglypuff and Peach... Thanks :D

So glad for not placing last at least. Im happy getting away with resting into the water @ jape's left edge. Epic moments were worth the whole trip.


Smash Lord
Jul 2, 2008
In the Velvet Room
My shoutouts before someone criticisms and I can get this emo ness away and move on.

1: M2K:metaknight: Congrats on getting first on both events as usual you beast.

2: Judge:metaknight: / :wolf: I know your wolf will be just too good soon and take down M2K.

3: Lain :popo: / :marth: Stages are gay.

4: Pierce :marth: Nice job coming from EC.

5: Infern :snake: / :ike: You said you wanted to MM. I'll think about this next time.

7: Nope :snake: Thanks for housing us for Saturday night.

7: Champ :popo: Dang. This guy is getting amazing. He only needs Popo to win this.

9: Sliq :bowser2: I don't know you but you are already awesome for using Bowser

9: Overswarm :metaknight: / :rob: Either have weird stage list or custom only. That's what I think.

9: Y.b.M. :kirby2: We play at last. But it feels like you were sandbagging hardcore in pools lol. Well w/e.

13: Fonz :lucario: So I see you have a beast Ganon.

13: Blue Rogue:wario: Matchup practice then you have them. Also learn the other stages for MK.

13: Renegade :snake: / :ike: I didn't even talk to you when you were here lol. Perhaps next time.

13: Xisin :marth: Nice friendlies. See I do know that time in Back to School was luck. Your just tough for me to get you now.

17: Smash64 :ness2: / :snake: Thanks for housing man. You're just too cool. Thanks for housing us as well and hope to get my pillow thing back.

17: Rofa :metaknight: Thought you and Blue were in bracket but it was just friendlies. Sorry about that.

17: Quivo :toonlink: You're just starting to get back.

17: Capem :metaknight: Ggs. Good MK as usual.

25: King Beef :peach: Nice making it out here man. That MM was ******** in my view though <.<;;

25: Argentstew :lucario: Show them what you got next time. I know you got this.

25: King Yoshi :pikachu2: I feel like you're my coach now for some odd reason...car ride was interesting as well lol. I'll see you at SB4 I think.

25: Notra:falco: ggs

33: Arc :pit: Double Pit ditto was fun. We should do doubles next time.

33: Tyr :lucas: Lucas is mad fun to watch.

33: Jiffyboob :ness2: Starting to beast son. I think that Red shirt did help. Thanks for the ride too also.

33: Dr. X :pit:We meet at last. It was unfortunate that we didn't play that much.

33: Framerate :jigglypuff:I love this guy's Jigglypuff. So fun and amazing to watch.

33: Fizzleboy :lucario: ggs

41: Solecalibur :zerosuitsamus: Talking to this kid is just fun man. I didn't do BlazBlue with sticks!!!! ;-;

41: May-ling :pit: Sorry we didn't get to do friendlies. I'll get them next time I was just sad face.

41: WTP: Why hello there at McDonalds.

41: Suyon :pit: ..........Off day........forget and move on.............

49: Clowsui:marth: I'mma MM you sometime soon.

49: Today :gw: We should do some friendlies.

49: Kassandra :lucas: / :metaknight: It's Pit and there's Japes. Pit vs MK. Of course I'm going to camp and also not fire my arrows at you so you can heal too. Also I can guess you were cosplaying as Misa?

57: Shy Guy-Speak up man.

We Pits need to show them what we got next time.

Steak and Shake and iHopp. What hell is going on with you *******s!


Smash Champion
Mar 4, 2008
1: M2K - You're toooooo good man. Grats on all the cash.
2: Judge / - I didn't get to see you play Wolf...Great Meta as usual. Someday I'll take a game off you again...Moonwalker was great lol.
3: Lain / / - We need to play again. Good job in brackets. Sad to see you lose to Meta's. Don't lose to Pierce. That was stupid.
4: Pierce - Thanks for coming down. Great playing with you. Hope to see you again soon.
5: AlphaZealot - We never play lol.
5: Infern / - Good ****. You should've beaten Pierce though. Nice job beating OS.
7: Nope - Good job man as usual.
7: Champ - You did really well. Your Ice Climbers are really good. My Lucas will beat them though. Always.
9: Sliq - Wow man. Sick bowser. Super impressed. Low tiers for the win.
9: Kel - Nice job in doubles. Didn't watch you much in singles.
9: Overswarm / - See Kel. White castle monopoly is silly.
9: Y.b.M. - Best kirby in the nation. Good job.
13: Fonz - You're placing really well. I need to play your Lucario again. Good ****.
13: Blue Rogue - Wa wa wa
13: Renegade / - You're gay. Even Pierce says so. Surprised you didn't place higher.
13: Xisin - Marth is gay. Much love. No homo.
17: Lou - Thanks for trying to make me feel better lol.
17: Smash64 / - God Kais! You should've placed better.
17: Rofa - Good to see you again.
17: Mister Eric - Beep!
17: Quivo - Nasty TL as usual. Great seeing you again.
17: Hilt - Fun MM's. We're so back and forth lol.
25: King Beef - Good playing you. Have faith. Your Peach is good.
25: Sneaky Tako - We miss you Tako!!!
25: King Yoshi - Sorry I killed myself. I'll give you a better set next time.
25: Notra - Good Falco. Thanks for coming down man.
33: Arc - Thanks for coming down. Sorry to hear about your car getting towed.
33: Tyr - You suck. Stop being such a scrub.
33: Framerate - Fun teaming with you. We should've done better. Gaaah scary rest. We should do it again sometime. Puff is good in teams.
33: Fizzleboy - lol rematch for that dollar next time. Sorry if I was a jerk after you won but I was mad at my stupid mistakes lol.
41: Solecalibur - Brinstar is fun.
41: Baro - Thanks for the MM.
49: Clowsui - Don't stress man. It's all about having fun.
49: Today - Thanks for coming. Fun times.
49: Kassandra / - Goooo Lucas!

Great seeing everyone. Hope everyone can make it to the next event. Thanks for running things so well.

Doctor X

Smash Lord
Mar 1, 2004
Cincinnati, OH
33: Dr. X :pit:We meet at last. It was unfortunate that we didn't play that much.
Unfortunate indeed. I probably should have sought you out when there were free setups but I kinda got involved in Melee. Good **** in those one and a half friendlies we had, though. Especially the first one. I was all like... "****."

Mike B

Smash Journeyman
Mar 1, 2008
3: Lain - Thank you for the matches. Wished I saw ICs. Nice Japes john :p
7: Nope - why'd you leave Portsmouth????
13: Xisin - Keep up the Marth ****. Watch out for vegetables.
17: Smash64 - A joy to fight.
25: King Beef - We didnt have time for dittos.. oh well :(
33: Nicalobe - Major props for driving me. BEST YOSHI IN MIDWEST FTW!!!
49: Mike B - you suck get better
49: Calic - Loved your Pika, nice practicing with you.
57: Rage - Chin up always.


Smash Champion
Feb 29, 2008
Chi-town, come at me
1: M2K- GJ winning this hope u enjoyed yourself
2: Judge- GJ sir, never do jiggs vs him it wont work. wolf though lol
3: Lain- man stop bs'n around in winners this is the second time lol.
4: Pierce- Grats on doubles and placing in singles, hope you enjoyed your stay.
5: AlphaZealot- Grats, fun talkin as usual
5: Infern- oh shi nice placing, stepped yo game
7: Nope- grats, we shoulda got some friendlies, o well one day lol
7: Champ-grats, good talkin
9: Sliq- wtf bowser!?!?!??!?! GGs in pools, i was a bit overwhelmed game one lol
9: Kel-Fun chatting, always a good time
9: Overswarm- Even though we disagree, your still one of my favorite people at tourneys.
9: Y.b.M.- dang infern outplaced u, step yo game up
13: Fonz- Fun games in doubles, we will get yall next time
13: Blue Rogue- ha
13: Xisin- cool seeing you
17: Lou- nice talkin to you lou, see you again sometime
17: Smash64- yo thanks for housing us friday.
17: Mr.E- thanks for teaming, we can definetly do better if we team again
17: Rofa- hella cool seeing you
17: Quivo- ggs in pools, good to see you at a tourney again
17: Capem- fun seeing you
25: Cr4sh- Thanks for always being there with that wake up call...........SHORYUKEN!!!!!!!
25: King Beef- good to see you finally made it down, don't sweat it you'll do mucch better next time
25: Argentstew- confidence, get some. seriously you can do better just stop psyching yourself out
25: King Yoshi- wtf where you doing???? oh yea running brackets :p
25: Wakka-good seeing you again wakka
33: Tyr-gs very tough break for you, and very lucky breaks for me.
33: Jiffyboob- soo close, we just gotta play more so we all make it out
33: Framerate-omg we havent played in ages frame, somethings wrong with that.
41: Solecalibur- i hear you been improving by alot, we need to play agaiin sometime.
41: Exile-GGs dont get so down on your self man, especially mid match
41: Sai- cool meeting you, fun friendlies
41: WTP- good seeing you, i know you can do better
41: Suyon-STOP COMPLAINING, just do better next time
49: Mr. J-GGs
49: Kassandra- I expect a pikachu drawing next time, and there better be some sort crown there. Fun talking
57: Metaflair- I hope that my carpenters did a nice job of rebuilding your mansion, i guess i got a little too carried away lol. Fun matches as always WOOO

Fun tourney, i mean there where certain match things i didnt like(not people, just what the matches entailed) but other than that it was hella fun.

Steak and shake mission = Fail
my bad for suggesting IHOP(omg it was such a good idea though)
white castle worked to an extent


Smash Journeyman
Dec 7, 2008
I feel so forgotten xD
What I have learned: how pro someone is happens to be inversely proportional to how much sleep they get before a tournament.

but in all seriousness, it was a very valuable tournament.


Smash Lord
Mar 1, 2009
Canton, Ohio
Before I make shoutouts I just want to say the highlight of the tourney was the time I spent with all of you; espacially the car rides, housings, and the trips to various restaurants :laugh: So... with that being said, here they are.

1: M2K: Good stuff. Rep Ohio son!
2: Judge: Congrats on 2nd.
3: Lain: I had fun in our pools matches.
4: Pierce: Nice BSing with you for a bit in Springfield about general stuff. Hope to have you back here in Ohio sometime.
5: AlphaZealot: good stuff AZ. We didn't play each other in pools this time :(
5: Infern: Nice job hosting even though King Yoshi kinda took over the brackets a bit.
7: Nope: Thanks for housing the second day. I guess it was you who turned in my SD card to OS. Thanks for that as well.
9: Sliq: I heard you were from around Canton at some point. Goos dhit.
9: Kel: lol at your DK taunt in the car on the way to Steak-N-Shake. Good stuff.
9: Overswarm: I'm still iffy on the custom stages. This is really a bold move OS. I respect that though. For the most part, this tourney didn't have any bumps that I saw. You have that on your side. Green Greens is just silly though.
9: Y.b.M.: good stuff. God Kais?! :p
13: Fonz: Nice Lucario and Ganon.
13: Blue Rogue: Rep Canton son!! You were right about the venue. It was really fun. We need more smashfests and practice!!!! I'll see you around though.
13: Renegade: good stuff meeting you. Ness's FThrow on RC is too good. I'm going to try and post it on youtube when I can get a good quality video. Very smart Ike.
13: Xisin: Ness vs Marth is too fun to be honest. lol @ the criticism you were getting during our match though. Nice job though.
17: Smash64: Awesome Ness dittos. ON RAINBOW CRUISE!!! Get some! Just remember though, you won't be as cool as me until you go ALL Ness >.>. Thanks for the housing the first day. Hope you like the CD :dizzy:
17: Quivo: good playing some Turtles with you for like 5 minutes :laugh:
25: Cr4sh: Everytime you shoryuken!!!!! a chipmunk dies. :ohwell:
25: King Beef: I'm glad you came down, it was nice seeing you. Wish we had done more Ness dittos though. Our only one was too good. I'm thinking about picking up Peach. >.>
25: Argentstew: It's official now. The Browns offense sucks. Nice hanging out with you. You'll do better next time.
25: King Yoshi: Nice job running brackets. We need to play each other 1v1. We never do. :( Good times were had this trip btw. Nice seeing you. :bee:
25: Wakka: good matches in pools. I'm going to practice that Diddy matchup alot because of you. Our match was the deciding factor for 4th and 5th place in our pool.
33: Jiffyboob: :psycho:
41: Solecalibur: Soul Calibur 1 money match what?! Too bad they didnt have any Soul Calibur at the arcade. Nice seeing you again. I like the tourney idea for your mansion but weather could **** on it.
41: Baro: I have to say you are very unique. Very few people take tournies as lightly as you appeared to. Nice playing you in pools.
41: Suyon: This was a bad day :( Nevertheless, we will have to just practice and practice more. I really wish you could drive as well. It would be easier for you to attend some smashfests around the area. I think the shirt may have helped. Too bad about any of those SDs you may have had =o.
49: Mike B: I thought you had me on Japes. Klap Trap decided otherwise. Nice meeting and playing you.
49: Today: Too fun playing at the foosball table.
49: Kassandra: Earthbound/Mother fans unite!!! Hanging out in the corner talking Mother was too good. I'm gonna have to play that Mother 3 now. I know that drawing you make for me will be awesome :)
57: Rage: Our matches were too fun and very close. It was nice meeting you.

To all the other people I either didn't get to meet or talk to: maybe next time. Hope I didn't forget anyone.
<3 you all.


Smash Lord
May 7, 2007
1: M2K - Grats man, didn't think you'd win... But seriously, friendlies were awesome. I still think I could have DI'ed a couple of those...

2: Judge - Oh snap Wolf! Wish I had seen him in action.

3: Lain - We'll get you next time in doubles. I gotta try Puff vs your ICs.

4: Pierce - Good pool matches. Don't think I'll be CPing brinstar anymore, it's too aggressive and limits my mobility...

5: AlphaZealot - WTF still haven't played yet. That diddy is still smexy.

5: Infern - psh god kais. you're just lucky you didn't have to play me lol

7: Nope - wow you wrecked me. still need more snake experience. Good stuff!

7: Champ - lol play a good character. ICs are lame.

9: Sliq - I wanted to play you, but you got mad and started playing melee :(

9: Kel - nice job in singles and doubles. Tyr and I were really hoping to knock Lain and NoJ out of doubles bracket.

9: Overswarm - too scared to put me in your pool :p

9: Y.b.M. - One day our puffballs will fight. I wonder if the world will be ready. ZSS vs Fox friendlies were fun.

13: Fonz - It's about **** time! Too good. Finally getting the recognition you deserve. Needs more ganon though...

13: Blue Rogue - What a king. You do some absolutely crazy stuff. PS1 windmill, you jab jab, bounce off windmill to jab grab, forward throw, DACUS, bounce off windmill to jab f-smash. I think there may have been a couble farts and a final smash in there somewhere...

13: Renegade - So glad to see you back. Needs more Ike.

13: Xisin - Super pro. We should doubles some time.

17: Lou - Didn't get our rematch. I'm telling you, this match-up isn't as bad as they make it sound.

17: Smash64 - Back to Snake I see. So disappointed...

17: Mr.E - lol how have we still not played each other?

17: Rofa - pools were intense. Thanks for some awesome matches, I had a lot of fun playing you. I'll figure out the rest into tornado I promise!

17: Mister Eric - Beep beep. I jumped into significantly less bairs this time.

17: Quivo - Oh how I've missed the toon link. We need to play again.

17: Capem - Shame there were no DKs in the bracket for you to decimate.

17: Hilt - I'm still scared of Olimar. Mind describing how that picture is gonna look again? Something about mewtwo? Maybe some rocket legs?

25: Cr4sh - Good **** making it out of pools! Always nice to hear a couple Shoryukens.

25: King Beef - Friggin awesome set. Shouldn't have gone for the rest..... shoulda stuck with the puff.

25: Argentstew - Stick with it! Once you make it up there, things only get harder.

25: Sil - You better stop out placing me, you're making me look bad. Thanks again for letting us stay at your place, your mom is top tier.

25: Sneaky Tako - I wanna play you!!!

25: King Yoshi - Yeah dude, you scared or something? Let's play some friendlies or something next time

25: Wakka - Yay! You should go back to bowser from time to time, just look at sliq!

25: Notra - Way to make it outta pools. I hear you have a scary falco.

33: Arc - Would have liked to play you. Wanna see how I do against non-suyon pit.

33: Tyr - Dayum we had some good stuff going on in doubles. I had too many off-games and feel really crappy about it. We could have done better. Next time!

33: Jiffyboob - Too cool for pools. Represent that ness!

33: Dr. X - glad to see you back. have you tried jigglypuff yet? too fun!

33: Framerate - **** did you see all the honorable mentions you tied with? And you beat Lou at Back to School? And all of that with Jigglypuff? And and you drill rested M2K? You are amazing!

33: Nicalobe - Yes yes YES! Yoshi for God Tier.

41: Solecalibur - Awesome job at the tourney! You keep getting better every time we play. Nice work against Lain's Marth.

41: Exile - Fun doubles. Is it true you play puff?

41: Baro - $20 MMs are always a bad idea. Stacking apes is not.

41: Sai - Fun pools matches. You can thank Champ for my ICs experience.

41: Airborne - Fun doubles. More Yoshis = more fun!

41: Suyon - Ties in pools are misleading. You rock!

49: Clowsui - Don't let your emotions get the best of you. You gotta clear your head and have fun with the game. I get really upset when I lose, but I just gotta remind myself to enjoy my matches. You'll play better when you're having fun!

49: Mr. J - So glad you could make it. Having a tourney in an arcade makes me ADD... Hope you had fun, heard doubles was interesting >.<

49: Mike B - Rep the puff!

49: Steel Samurai - What happened dude? 3 way tie or something?

49: Today - OMG I had so much fun during our matches. I wanna play G&W now!

49: Kassandra - Go back to Lucas. Playing MK will only end in pain and dissatisfaction. Stop making Lucas and Ness make out...

57: Pokeflair - Woo! Hentai Princess gave me quite a scare, but Tonka truck was where the real pain is at. Crack Turtle is only there to clean up the scraps. Glad to see someone use Pkmn trainer!

57: D-day - Good set, I had a lot of fun playing you. You were probably more excited than I was to see those rests lol. Hope to see you at more tourneys.

57: Kregs - Thanks again for letting us stay at your place. Chin up! Stick with it and you have no choice but to get better. Just a couple things and you'll see yourself improving.


Smash Lord
May 7, 2007
The only things we know are:

1. She didn't draw the picture she showed us.

2. She wouldn't let us see the front half of her book, including multiple pages other than the one she showed.


Smash Apprentice
Jan 22, 2009
Springfield, ohio
1: M2K-good stuff
2: Judge-OMG Eff taking ur *** to brinstar!!!! lol good ****
3: Lain-You had this ****! what happened? and as always BOKE SMOWLS! lol
4: Pierce-
5: AlphaZealot-i didnt get to play ur diddy =(
5: Infern-good stuff man beat my *** in bracket next time ill get ya!
7: Nope-SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE!!! yay Smashfield!
7: Champ-BUrR its cold in here! i think i need some MITTENS!!!
9: Sliq-booser! to good melee was so fun! too bad i blow at melee.
9: Kel-
9: Overswarm-
9: Y.b.M.-YAY finally i beat you! <---best kirby B!tches!
13: Fonz-good stuff beating Louis
13: Blue Rogue-man u stomped my face in melee lolZ
13: Renegade-RENEGADEEEEEEeeee!!!! good talkin to ya as always
13: Xisin-Springfield Gauntlet!!!
17: Lou-what happened? =(
17: Smash64-i didnt see u much yesturday where were you!!! lol good stuff tho
17: Mr.E-
17: Rofa-Maui Wowie was too good man! lol thanks again.
17: Mister Eric-
17: Quivo-Friendlies were to fun but i wanna play that TL !
17: Capem-WTF! we'll talk noob BOKE!
17: Hilt-RAwr! revenge!!!!!
25: Cr4sh-too fun as always
25: King Beef-
25: Argentstew-
25: Sil-thank you soo0o0o0o0o much for the friendlies b4 bracket it helped so0o0oo much
25: Sneaky Tako-RoB is so hard my lil climbers =( u make my nana cry.. lol too fun hanging with ya all day
25: King Yoshi-good talkin to ya.
25: Wakka-B A N A N A S! thats my little diddy kong!
25: Notra-Pew Pew sorry i play Icys now =( hard match-up for ya. ur falco is too sexy on FD i need to take notes from ya.
33: Arc-thanks for the games
33: Tyr-drowned??? way to beat my *** in a MM Grrrr!!!! ill get ya next time
33: Jiffyboob-
33: Dr. X-
33: Framerate-=( nuff said
33: Nicalobe-NICK!!! Yoshi 2good!!!!!!!!!
33: The Great Muldini-
33: Fizzleboy-
41: Solecalibur-
41: Exile-
41: Baro-
41: May-ling-
41: Sai-
41: Airborne-
41: WTP-
41: Suyon-
49: Clowsui-Good seeing ya im sure ill talk to you soon on AIM.
49: Mr. J-
49: Mike B-
49: Steel Samurai-
49: Today-
49: Calic-taking a game off OS was epic loved it
49: Lunar-good oli
49: Kassandra-GrrrRrr! rockin my chair when im tryin to sleep! xD jk we need to play sometime!
57: Metaflair-POKEMON YAY!
57: Rage-
57: D-day-
57: Kregs-
57: Shy Guy-


Wise Hermit
Dec 20, 2006
Teaneck, North Bergen County, NJ, USA
I'll do individual shout outs when I get back home, I just wanted to say that I had a great time, OH is extremely hospitable, I spent the winnings buying my friend an anklet and affording to go home, and I'll definitely be back. I guess I'll shout out M2k, because it's always good to see you Jason, even if you're a **** LMAO <3.

Good stuff. Next time I come, let me fight more OH and less Michigan.


Sep 4, 2009
Cincinnati, Ohio ; Land of Happiness and Kindness

1: M2K- Good job~!! Sorry we didn't talk much, but I would love to be friends with you!
3: Lain- Lain! Awesome job getting third place!! Next time sleep and.. don't take my ice cream..!
4: Pierce- I had a lot of fun playing you! You were so nice!
5: Infern- Gooood job! I was most definitely cheering you on!
9: Kel- :3 Go Kel! I hope you had fun! I didn't see you much, though..
9: Overswarm- I barely saw you too! But thanks for Monopoly!! Awesome job~!
9: Y.b.M.- I think you did great, too! I was cheering you on!
17: Lou- Game and Watch ftw! You did great, Lou!
17: Smash64- Yay Ed~! I barely saw you too except at the SNK game..! But good job!
17: Mr.E- Appearing randomly behind me twice was surprising.. but good job!
17: Hilt- Hilt!! It was awesome talking to you! Sorry if I get too giggly, but I enjoyed it! We're teaming next Monopoly!
25: Cr4sh- McDonalds icecream fail was fun..! Good job too!
25: King Beef- Wah~! It was awesome meeting you too! You were so kind! I'm glad you manage to get a place to stay!
25: Sneaky Tako- Takooo! Thank you for letting me play that shooting game thingie with you! I really did have fun!
33: Tyr- Great job Tyr! I think you did well!!
33: Jiffyboob- We need to play more games together!
33: Dr. X- We're going to beat them at Monopoly next time!
33: Framerate- Judgment battle!! I had fun playing and talking with you!! Good job!
41: May-ling- Wah~! You're so cute!! It was a pleasure meeting you!! We'll play some Pit dittos one day!
41: Sai- Sai~! I think you did great!! :3 I hope you managed to learn new things with Diddy Kong!
41: Suyon- Friendlies next time for sure!
49: Clowsui- Chi~! I think you did good too!! I was cheering you on! Don't put yourself down or anything! You'll be #1!
49: Steel Samurai- SS good job good job~! Same with TGM! Thanks for letting me stay the night Friday too!
49: Today- Today you were great! You'll get top next time for sure! :D
49: Kassandra- Gooo Kassandra! You rocked hard! And you were really cutely dressed too!! I'm sorry we didn't get ice cream or anything!
57: Rage- Rage! Nice job! You got this next time!
57: D-day- First tournament, but I'm glad you had fun!
57: Shy Guy- You'll get the tops next time!! Good job, Shy Guy~!!

I think everyone did well! I hope we all had fun!! And I had fun at White Castles too! Thank you very much for hosting this~!


Smash Journeyman
Jan 26, 2007
5: Infern :snake: / :ike: - Congrats on 5th, nicely ran tournament as well, always fun to be back in Cincy.
7: Nope :snake: - We haven't played in forever! Nice to see you again though.
7: Champ :popo: - IC's scare me, but I'll learn them... You just wait... Good playing you, nice to see you again.
9: Overswarm :metaknight: / :rob: - Scary MK, I like how you play him, you keep it interesting.
13: Fonz :lucario: / :ganondorf: - Love when you pull out the Ganon, that thing is as beastly as ever.
13: Renegade :snake: / :ike: - Very nice Snake, couldn't figure out any way to hit you.
25: Sneaky Tako :rob: - RIVAL FOR LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!!!!111!!1!
33: Nicalobe :yoshi2: - So close, one less loss and you would have made it out of pools, just think about that, let it drive you crazy.
41: Airborne :yoshi2: - So pumped to finally see another Yoshi, let alone play one. Had a lot of fun in the dittos, hope to see you at another tournament.
49: Mike B :shiek: / :zelda: / :jigglypuff: / :peach: - Thanks for the gas money :chuckle:
49: Calic :pikachu2: - I was terrified to play you after you kicked my *** in friendlies, not sure what I changed but I was nervous the entire match.

Had a lot of fun this tournament, thanks for hosting it and hopefully I'll be better by next time. This is the first tournament I've been to in a while where I didn't fight a Diddy in pools, let's keep it that way. :)
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