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The Game Awards 2020 Winners


After the Smash Announcement, The Game Awards continued with many announcements of new games, updates for old games, and of course, winners for many awards. The Last of Us Part 2 took a lion's share of the awards with a grand total of 7 wins, but Hades, Among Us, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Ghosts of Tsushima all ended up being popular, too.

We last covered which Nintendo released games were on the ballot. We'll be sure to note when a game is available on Nintendo Switch

Best Game Wins:
Game of the Year:
The Last of Us Part 2
Best Independent Game: Hades (Available on Switch)
Best Family Game: Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Available on Switch)
Best Debut Game: Phasmophobia
Best Mobile Game: Among Us
Best Multiplayer Game: Among Us
Best Ongoing Game: No Man's Sky
Best VR/AR Game: Half-Life Alyx
Player's Voice: Ghosts of Tsushima

Best Genre Wins:
Best Action Game:
Hades (Available on Switch)
Best Action/Adventure Game: The Last of Us Part 2
Best Fighting Game: Mortal Kombat 11 (Available on Switch)
Best RPG: Final Fantasy VII Remake
Best Sim/Strategy Game: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Best Sports/Racing Game: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2

Best in a category Wins:
Best Art Direction:
Ghosts of Tsushima
Best Score/Music: Final Fantasy VII Remake
Best Audio Design: The Last of Us Part 2
Best Narrative: The Last of Us Part 2
Best Performance: Laura Bailey (Abby) in The Last of Us Part 2
Games for Impact: Tell Me Why
Innovation in Accessibility: The Last of Us Part 2
Best Community Support: Fall Guys
Most Anticipated Game: Elden Ring
Content Creator of the Year: Valkyrae
Most Anticipated Game: Elden Ring

Best Esports Wins:
Best Esports Game:
League of Legends
Best Esports Team: G2 Esports
Best Esports Event: League of Legends World Championship 2020
Best Esports Athlete: Heo "Showmaker" Su
Best Esports Host: Eefje "Sjokz" Depoortere
Best Esports Coach: Danny "Zonic" Sorensen

Author's Note: The new Smash announcement is exciting. Also, I wish Hades and Final Fantasy VII Remake got a few more awards. At least Disco Elysium is getting a new version. What did you think of the show? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Editing and Writing: Thirdkoopa Thirdkoopa
Graphics: @Zerp
Social Media: @Zerp
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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


It's not that I don't like controversial subject matter, or gore, or anything-I just think it's a bad story. Hell, I would've given Best Narrative to ACNH before I give it to Last of Us 2.
But yeah, it's not like I didn't expect this.
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