The Frisky Fairy Demon! It's Jack Frost, ATLUS' Finest, for SSB4, Hee Ho!

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First Appearance: Megami Tensei II (1990)

Jack Frost is a recurring demon from the Megami Tensei line of RPGs from Atlus, as well every spin-off of that series. He is most notable for being Atlus’ mascot, having over 24 appearances from Shin Megami Tensei to Persona to Devil Survivor and more. He also appeared in Snowboard Kids and even has had the starring role in his own game on the Virtual Boy, Jack Bros.

Jack Frost’s character is based on a well-known folkloric tale about a winter spirit responsible for chilly weather and nipping on your nose with his frostbite touch. Ever since I was a kid, I was aware of this elusive character through Christmas songs and movies. He is a mischievous snow elf who brings cold weather and is thought to be responsible for the frost that forms on the windows of homes and buildings. Jack Frost even has two ‘brothers’, Pyro Jack and Jack Skelton who are also recurring characters in the Shin Megami Tensei games. Jack Frost comes from the Fairy class of demons, who are characterized by their mischievous, playful nature.

Recent news regarding the fate of Atlus’ parent media conglomerate, Index Corporation, has put the developing studio in the headlines recently. Index is going bankrupt after proceedings about financial fraud practices in their business, leaving them to be dissolved and their properties to be auctioned off to the highest bidder The auctions for acquisition are taking place, with 20 companies including Sega known to have placed a bid. The auctions are being rounded off now and we may have a buyer as soon as September. Nintendo has taken particular interest in Atlus with increased partnership for games like Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, the eShop discount going towards the recent 3DS exclusive releases of those franchises, Shin Megami Tensei IV, and Etrian Odyssey Untold. It has been suggested that Nintendo has been getting them acclimated as a development studio under their wing. With news of this, the possibility of a character from an Atlus franchise has surged amongst the Smash community. Around the development of Super Smash Brothers for Wii U/3DS, assuming Nintendo adopts Atlus, this would be the perfect time to promote their partnership. But more importantly, the perfect time to promote their successful franchises that share a rich history with Nintendo.

Why Jack Frost though? Besides a possibility of direct Atlus relations, he’s a unique character in his own right. He fills all of Sakurai’s criteria of uniqueness, excitement, and meshing well with the universes presented. Out of all characters in the Shin Megami Tensei universe, he is the best fit for a Nintendo atmosphere, being insanely cute and having a design analogous of many ‘classic’ video game characters.

Pros & Cons


+Represents a new franchise and company
+Has unique moveset potential
+Would fit into Smash well
+Potentially a second party slot, saving space for a third party character
+Still relevant to video games


-Relatively obscure outside of Japan
-Not enough demand
-Atlus’ financial situation is uncertain, not guaranteeing Nintendo buyout


[collapse=Captain Hotcakes' Proposed Moveset]
In most games, Jack Frost’s stats are relatively well-rounded with a specific focus in Magic. He benefits most off of his Specials and can interrupt opponents with his Freeze chances on them. He generally excels at ground combat with a limited range. His Ice Column is his only form of recovery, having the best affect on the ground and giving him a limited boost in the air. He can easily reverse status effects with Me Patra, making him a tenacious fighter when used at necessary moments.

Special Moves

-Neutral Special: Bufula

Jack Frost charges a burst of ice magic. He releases an icy mist around him, causing ice damage and has a chance of freezing opponents. The higher the charge, the range of the mist and damage increase.

Light charge: 10% damage, 1 inch from Jack Frost
Medium charge: 14% damage, 2 inches away from Jack Frost
Heavy charge: 18% damage, 3 inches away from Jack Frost

-Side Special: Ice Breath

Similar to the Ice Climbers’ Blizzard, Jack Frost breathes misty breath with snowflakes, causing chip damage and has a chance to freeze opponents.

Damage: 2% > 2% > 3% > 3%, total 10%

-Up Special: Ice Column

Jack Frost’s hand glows and he places below him. Absorbing the moisture in the ground/air, he makes ice under him.

Ground: Creates a column of ice that gets taller the longer he holds. The ice column stops growing when the hold is lifted and cannot be increased after that. The column is a platform at its top. It takes 25% damage to destroy it and cracks as it gets more damage. Despawns after 50 seconds or when Jack Frost performs Ice Column again. Has the potential to lock opponents into tight spaces depending on where its placed.

Damage: 7%
Max Height: 3.5 normal sized Stage Builder blocks high

Air: Creates a block of ice that stops growing after 1 second. Falls immediately. Can give a spare jump off of. Breaks upon impact with another object.

Damage: 9%
Priority: Medium
Height: 0.5 normal sized Stage Builder block high

-Down Special: Me Patra

Jack Frost twirls before striking a proud pose, breaking out of any Sleep, Slow, Freeze, Stun, Buried, or Flower effect. Can also be used to remove sticking objects such as a Gooey Bomb or Mega Man’s Crash Bomb. Does nothing when none of these effects apply.

-Final Smash: Mabufudyne

Jack Frost says “Hee ho!“ begins dancing as a blizzard sets into the stage that lasts 15 seconds. All surfaces and platforms freeze, causing characters and other moving objects to drift. Ice damage is inflicted every second and opponents have a chance of freezing. The blustering snow makes vision harder except for Jack Frost who stands out with a blinking blue aura. Bright white drops of light also fall down randomly similar to Bob-ombs during Sudden Death. The drops will create a burst of ice magic on impact. If an opponent is hit by a drop, they will instantly be frozen.

Damage: 3% damage inflicted every 1 second with chance of freeze, total 54% if not blocked. Ice magic bursts from drops deal 20%. Freeze upon impact with drops deal 25%.

Other Potential Moves

Considering we don’t know how character customization will be implemented yet, these moves can replace the moves mentioned above in his default moveset.

-Ice Shot

Jack Frost uses the moisture in the air to freeze an icicle, which he launches forward. Slight knockback from the icicle.

Damage: 8%
Priority: Low
Travel Distance: 2 normal sized Stage Builder blocks long

-Summon Pyro Jack

Jack Frost calls out his brother, Pyro Jack. Pyro Jack moves in front of Jack Frost’s facing direction and fires a fireball from his lantern, homing to the nearest target. The fireball will aim for the closest target. If no target is within range, it will go straight and remain still for 2 seconds before bursting.

Damage: 10%
Priority: Low
*Travel Distance: 3.4 normal sized Stage Builder blocks long when straight

*= Must be within this range in Jack Frost’s circumference to detect a target.

-Summon Jack Skelton

Jack Frost calls out his brother, Jack Skelton. Jack Skelton flashes his jackknife, walking forward for 1 seconds before becoming invisible. Will walks forward to 5 seconds and then despawns in a black flame. If Jack Skelton is in an opponent’s range, he will appear from the shadows and deliver a slash to them. Cannot be used again when Jack Skelton is active. Jack Skelton will climb over platforms of a certain height or will turn around if collided with a wall too high for him. Will despawn if he falls off stage.

Damage: 15%
Priority: Low
Travel Distance: 5 normal sized Stage Builder blocks, 1.0 circumference for detection

-Final Smash: King Frost

Jack Frost says “Hee ho!” and is enshrouded in a blustery snowstorm. He grows half of Giga Bowser’s height and becomes King Frost for 10 seconds. He casts Cold World every time the Special button is pressed. This makes him wave his scepter and sends out huge ice magic bursts in front of him, freezing opponents and causing heavy knockback. His movement speed and jump height are hindered during this form.

Damage: 34% damage

Standard Moves

Neutral Attack: Punches with a left hook, then punches with a right hook, and finished with both his hands open in an ice burst. Very light push back with ice burst: 3% > 3% > 4%, total 10%
Dash Attack: Lands on his belly and slides forward: 3% damage every hit
Forward Tilt: Butts his head forward and flaps his arms: 10%
Up Tilt: Hops up with his hands forward: 8% forward, 3% when landing
Down Tilt: Does a crouching kick forward. Can be chained: 7%

Forward Smash: Stretches arms back for a few seconds before bringing them forward, sending an ice magic burst: 8% normal, 12% charged
Up Smash: Similar to Mewtwo’s Up Smash, he pumps a pointed finger up and releases a burst of ice magic which does chip damage: 4% each second uncharged, 5% each second uncharged with 10% on final second
Down Smash: Encased himself inside a ball of ice. Creates a shield that outprioritizes any attack 13% or lower. Shatters after 1 second: 7% normal, 10% charged

Ledge Attack: Throws and icy punch: 7%
Face Up Floor Attack: Does a break-dance spin from right to left: 6%
Face Down Floor Attack: Does a break-dance spin from left to right: 6%

Neutral Air: Does a rapid twirl in the air: 8%
Forward Air: Swipes arm forward with a brief ice magic burst: 10%
Down Air: ***** his head down, blowing a stream of misty breath. Sends him slightly upward: 4% each second
Up Air: Does an upward headbutt: 10%

Pummel: Does a punch: 1%
Back Throw: Tosses his opponent back: 4%
Forward Throw: Tosses his opponent forward: 4%
Up Throw: Pushes opponent up then butts head: 3% > 6%, total 9%
Down Throw: Knocks opponent to ground and breaths misty breath in their face: 3% > 4% every 3 seconds after, total 15%

Up Taunt: Hops while letting his legs out and does a twirl, making squeaky and swiping cartoon noises
Side Taunt: Says “Achoo!” then sneezes with a snot drop freezing in the middle of his face (where his nose is supposed to be). Then notices the frozen snot and jumps up in surprise, shattering it.
Down Taunt: Faces screen and says his catchphrase: “Hee ho!”

Newcomer Intro Video: Mario, Link, Mega Man, and Pit are navigating their own paths before the Cathedral of Shadows, where they all enter. They look at each other suspiciously before gazing back at the massive pentagram drawn on the ground before the cathedral. Suspenseful music begins playing as they watch the pentagram light up. The atmosphere becomes heavy with storm clouds as a spiral of energy circulates at the center of the pentagram. Snow starts falling and accumulates quickly. The camera switches to Mario, who flickers up a flame with a clack of his fingers. It then switches to Mega Man, who is scrolling through a holographic menu of his Robot Master powers and selects Thunder Beam. The energy in the pentagram blows out in a massive gust and fades away, with heavy mist over where the circle once was. Yellow eyes gleam out from the mist before it is blown away, revealing Jack Frost who does a dance before saying “Hee ho!” The trailer then showcases Jack Frost performing his various moves as well as the Cathedral of Shadows stage from Shin Megami Tensei in some of them. All while a remix of Grim Reaper’s Cave from Jack Bros. plays. The final scene shows him using his Final Smash, Mabufudyne. The next scene shows a close-up of Jack Frost with the caption “Jack Frost breaks the ice!” as snow accumulates at the bottom of the text.
Entrance: A pentagram appears, forming a cloud of icy mist above before bursting with ice. The pentagram fades as Jack Frost appears from the fading dust, waving to the screen and saying “Hee ho let’s go!”
*Crowd Chant: “Jack Frost! Hee ho! Jack Frost! Hee ho!”

*= Males say “Jack Frost!” and females say “Hee ho!”

Physical Attributes

Speed: 12.0 according to this
Height: Between Lucas and Meta Knight according to this
Weight: 0.910 , Light Class
Jumps: Double

Feel free to make your own! I will post them in this section.

Arguments & Counterarguments

[collapse=Arguments & Counterarguments]

1: The Shin Megami Tensei games deal with violent and religious themes that Nintendo just can’t handle.

Has the subject lines of any of the games represented in Smash every been an issue, like ever? The Super Smash Brothers series is an amalgamation of the greatest characters duking it out in a free-for-all battle and work well even in a limited moveset. If Jack Frost can’t make it in, then how come Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, an M-rated series, makes the cut in Brawl? Hideo Kojima’s request doesn’t make the whole deal. Snake worked well fitting in with the art style and fighting system of Smash without anything controversial happening. He used weapons from his series and even going as far as his chokehold grapple. All of which have deadly repercussion if used real life, let along Metal Gear Solid. From his codecs to his stage, Metal Gear Solid still had a faithful tone with nothing sugarcoated. What does this say about characters such as Bayonetta, a sexualized vixen who gradually strips with her combo attacks? All they have to do is tone it done to a suitable level to fit with the standard ESRB rating of T while still remaining faithful to the character’s representation. For Shin Megami Tensei, Jack Frost is the perfect fit out of the entire cast from his cartoony design, demeanor, and franchise representation. His character is an allusion to a folkloric character and not something that is still heavily recognized as a higher power such as YHVH or Lucifer. Ironically, the Shin Megami Tensei series has barely been censored on Nintendo consoles, while Sony, a company more tolerant of mature fare, has censored these games on several occasions, such as editing Adolf Hitler’s name to Fuhror in Persona 2: Innocent Sin on PSP. If Nintendo ends up buying Atlus, I’m confident they will retain their creative freedom as is the status quo.

2: The Shin Megami Tensei games are too obscure outside of Japan.

While Shin Megami Tensei doesn’t share the popularity of Pokemon or Final Fantasy, it remains a respected, well-known franchise in the West. Shin Megami Tensei games have been going as far back as the SNES days on Nintendo in Japan and has a hardened presence through the GBA onward here. RPG fanatics will surely remember the hardcore spirit of these games or at least have heard of them. Shin Megami Tensei is widely regarded as the 3rd biggest JRPG franchise of all time, behind the aforementioned two. As for obscurity or sales numbers, I don’t think that’s a big deal when it comes to Smash. Say hello to Nintendo’s middle child franchise, Fire Emblem! Marth and Roy were included in Melee due to high demand from fans, and at that point Fire Emblem was an unknown franchise in the West. The two characters became fan favorites and increased series awareness, resulting in the porting of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones as the first Western release of Fire Emblem. Speaking of which, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem is a thing. You’re getting associations due to relations with other franchises! What about Earthbound? Those games are regarded as cult classics and they are on par with Fire Emblem in terms of elusiveness. What about the retro characters who we see sequel after sequel? Ice Climbers? Game & Watch? Pit? Who da fack are dese guys!? Characters that appear in Smash are exposed to a broad audience, promoting the series with free advertisements and in turn, more interest in their games. Just look at the case of Kid Icarus: Uprising. If anything, having Jack Frost as a Shin Megami Tensei rep would boost the series popularity. They may holler “Who is Jack Frost?” for a little while, but many people will find an attachment to this strange character and remember “Hey, Jack Frost was so cool in Smash! I love that guy!”

3: Jack Frost is not iconic enough. Most people won’t recognize him and he won’t generate hype.

Please refer to the previous argument. Jack Frost is a recognized video game mascot with tons of cameo appearances in other games and in outside media. He certainly has a fan base. He never dried out like many of the other failed mascots like they were trying to catch up on the Mario vs. Sonic craze. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS doesn’t rely on one character alone to carry the hype train. Even if people aren’t familiar with him, they’ll at least want to try him. Most important, characters need to stand out as fun playable characters and not crutches or clones. Casuals will be curious about Jack Frost and try him out. Hardcore players might be more familiar and will explore his gameplay potential. Fans of his games or RPGs in general will be on board and will felt the draft of the hype the most. Overall, especially for the last two, they’ll recognize Atlus’ name and this will further promote their potential partnership will Nintendo. We can’t pander to an invisible target demographic for either of these three; they all have curiosity in common. Smash appeals to all those people and Jack Frost will end up as the next Marth or Roy. I didn’t know about Solid Snake pre-Brawl. He’s important enough to warrant a Smash Bros. spot and he’ll be even more after that.

4: Atlus’ acquisition situation is uncertain. If they don’t get picked up by Nintendo, it’s over for Jack Frost.

Now this is the most realistic. The game industry is a triumvirate of art, business, and trends and competition is fierce. Why do you think Atlus’ bankruptcy is such hot news right now? Because they are an established, respected game developer. To have their games under your wing, especially as a second party developer, is a huge asset. It’s very uncertain from the Nintendo front to the Sony front. Nintendo in particular has shown interest in Atlus and has a great relationship with them. From Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and their eShop discount, Shin Megami Tensei IV and Etrian Odyssey Untold being 3DS exclusive, and the hype circulating around Nintendo as a fierce contender for acquisition reinforce this more than ever. It could almost fill a gap that Rare left when they were purchased by Microsoft. In fact, Nintendo and Rare were so tight that its been remarked that Banjo & Kazooie and James Bond (from GoldenEye) were considered to be in Smash 64. If Nintendo does end up purchasing them, however, Sony will sadly feel the sting. Persona is a dedicated franchise on their front and this will affect the sale of those games on their systems. At worst, if the Atlus spoils are reaped by Sony or Microsoft, then Jack Frost will be down for the count. If everyone wants to be happy, 3rd party is also a viable option that won’t hurt Jack Frost’s potential whatsoever. All Sakurai would have to do is ask Atlus to use Jack Frost as a Shin Megami Tensei rep and it’s all cool.

5: Super Smash Bros. has always had an ice-based fighter; The Ice Climbers.

Super Smash Bros. has represented a diverse array of elemental attacks and effects. All of which have universal awareness and certain characters specialize in them specifically. Bowser breaths fire just as Ike unleashes a flame burst when he charges his Ragnell or when Snake’s grenades explode. Pikachu has an electric effect for most of his attacks while Olimar’s Yellow Pikmin applies a shock affect. Link can throw his Gale Boomerang while Meta Knight has fierce airplay. What’s so bad if Jack Frost and the Ice Climbers represent their own brand of nature in different ways? Besides, the Ice Climbers have been tested already and they seem to be causing programming and AI bugs on the 3DS. This doesn’t officially deconfirm them, but if they do end up getting cut, then who will carry their frozen torch?

6: Jack Frost isn’t getting the treatment that Teddie from Persona is as a company mascot.

Really? Then how come Jack Frost, Frost Ace, and Demonee-ho are included in Shin Megami Tensei IV? Not to mention, Teddie has a palette swap in Persona 4 Arena referencing Jack Frost!


“Hee ho no!”

Looks like I’m pretty bleak here. If anyone wants to contribute to any of the following, feel free to do so by PMing me, Captain Hotcakes. If you find anything that was made by others, please try to post the name of the original creator along with their content. Thank you!

[collapse=Palette Swaps]Normal
Strawberry Frost
Lemon Frost
Melon Frost
Milky Frost
Blue Hawaii Frost
Black Frost
Original design (straw hat, peppermint stripe scarf, red boots, cheek blushes, sparkier eyes)[/collapse]

(Courtesy of elemental-aura at Deviantart)[/collapse]

[collapse=Kirby Hats][/collapse]




Cathedral of Shadows (Megami Tensei)

*Creepy old guy not included.
**Yes, not the best picture. Stop complaining.
***Yes, looks like SMT III Nocturne to me. Stop complaining.

This castle has a key importance to the Shin Megami Tensei games, being the place where the fusion of demons takes place. It appeared as early as Megami Tensei and every game visits this location.

Not sure whether this stage would work best as platforming about the castle architecture or being in front of the stage. Possible hazards could be random magic effects manifesting as pentagrams or notable demons coming out every once and a while and attacking a la the Pokemon in Saffron City in Smash 64.

Mikado Keep (Shin Megami Tensei IV)

The starting locale of the latest installment of the game as well as the location where the main characters originate from. It's a feudal kingdom taking huge pride in its Samurai bushido code.

There's plenty of ways to go about this one. Should it be on the edge of a castle tower or a gate? Should it be a stage that cruises you to numerous locations like Delfino Plaza, Mute City, or Skyloft? Would there be stage hazards like massive demons appearing in the background?[/collapse]

[collapse=Assist Trophy][/collapse]

[collapse=Potential Series Icons][/collapse]

Support List

Captain Hotcakes
ryuu seika
God Robert's Cousin


Jack Frost Signature Button (Courtesy of 8-peacock-8)

Jack Frost Icon for SSB Roster Maker (Courtesy of SuperBrawler)


Resident Beedrill
Dec 13, 2012
Viridian Forest

Short answer: no.

Long answer: if Nintendo DOES buy atlas, probably for ssb5. not this game, though.


Smash Ace
Oct 21, 2007
A MegaTen rep in Smash? I like. Jack Frost is to Atlus as what Mario is to Nintendo.

Personally I'd prefer Flynn/SMTIV Hero to be the rep, but Jack Frost seems like a more fitting candidate for that.
Jul 23, 2012
Jack Frost is honestly the only SMT character with a chance. Despite the fact that others would prefer other protagonists.

Jack Frost as an Assist Trophy:

Jack Frost will appear, point to the sky, say his catch phrase "Hee-ho!", and summon a hail storm of icicles down to the stage. The range of this attack is slightly larger than Samus's neutral special, fully charged. (on both sides of Jack Frost)


Yung Zuby the Falco God
Aug 6, 2007
Fairport, NY
Add me to the list of supporters. I'm the one who asked for the Jack Frost emblem in the Roster Maker XD

While my main concerns are the timing, as in how little time they might have to make this character, and the whole buyout situation, I would love nothing more than to see this little guy in the arena.

ryuu seika

Smash Master
Jul 21, 2010
Amidst the abounding light of heaven!
Never played his games but, when I beat SBK and unlocked him, it was the most welcome surprise in any game I'd played for a long time. Jack Frost was cartoony, cheesily voiced, simply coloured and hilarious. He brought back almost everything that made the first two games good, including item variety. The only thing he lack was a nose.

So, I don't care if he's from SMT or not, this little guy will always be a Snowboard Kids rep to me and that's why he has my full support.

ryuu seika

Smash Master
Jul 21, 2010
Amidst the abounding light of heaven!
I'd be cool with that but the Mystery Snowball would also show off his SBK talents. I'm not really going to be fussy about his moveset, though from the little I've read of it in the first post, it sounds like he could be SSB's equivalent of Impmon, which I'd rather like.

One more (rather silly) argument against him to add to the list:
In 2004, the Shy Guy was revoiced to avoid saying "ho" in the english dub. Since this syllable is a major part of Jack's vocabulary, would it not pose problems for his inclusion in any Nintendo series in the west?


The Less I Know the Better
Jan 6, 2008
He'd definitely fit in Smash. And I'd like to see him. But unless Nintendo buys Atlus (which seems unlikely at this point), he's not going to make it in.
May 20, 2013
Jack has my support, but I just don't see him as very likely at all, even if Atlus is Nintendo's property by SSB4. Jack Frost would essentially have to be treated as a late 3rd-party character at this point due to how Sakurai's roster was finalized long ago. The man wouldn't have been able to foretell Atlus' merge a full year before it become a known possibility. Even if Atlus was suddenly second party now, there's still all the other second-party and even first-party characters waiting in line in front of Jack Frost. The most likely scenario is that we'll see Jack Frost in SSB5 or an even further off Smash Bros., if Nintendo wins the auction.

I'd nonetheless welcome him with warm regards if he ever were to get into SSB4.

Also, unrelated, but I find it funny that Shin Megami Tensei and Sakurai are being used in the same topic. He's only one letter away from being a samurai himself. Hee ho.
Jul 23, 2012
Again, i see them adding Jack Frost as a last minute assist trophy. (IF Nintendo buys ATLUS) It would be quick and it wouldn't require a delay.


The Spook Factor
Feb 12, 2013
Southern California
I want either a character based around the ice element or a character with different types of magic in their moveset.

Jack is my first choice for a character who would use ice in several parts of it's moveset.


Smash Lord
Jul 19, 2013
If Nintendo by any chance buy Atlus, could see the only reason that I would support DLC in Smash is to add Jack Frost as a playable character or an assist trophy but for now I will be gladly if at least they add first Shulk or Kalas or Lloyd, after one of those three is added I will not mind Jack Frost.



Smash Journeyman
Aug 10, 2013
I think a cool idea for a Final Smash would be if King Frost appeared in the background and a giant avalanche of Jack Frosts hits the stage and deals massive damage to everyone in its path. It would be a cool animation and there could be so many "hee-hoo!"s at the same time. :chuckle:


Smash Champion
Dec 10, 2013
I would make his final smash be Jack Bros, in which he and Pyro Jack create a random final smash out of non transformations...
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