The fabled forward tilt nerfs


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Jul 28, 2015
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So we all know how in patch 3.1.0 a while back Pichu’s ftilt got hard nerfs in its knockback, now killing average 20% later than it was. Its a contributor to why Pichu isnt top 3 any more and why Pichu isn’t taking tournaments by storm any more.

However, I believe this nerf wasnt nearly as bad as it seems to be, it’s still a frame 5 kill move that’s safe on shield, it would be like giving Fox’s ftilt asinine kill power. The kill power on it is still very good, especially at two frame situations, and the move is, at least in my opinion, still one of Pichu’s best kill options and over all one of the best ftilts in the game due to its early percent combo ability due tripping, and its late percent kill power at percents past 140% as opposed to 120%. It just means Pichu is just gonna have to damage the opponent a tiny bit more in order to kill, but with his combo’s and damage and frame data, this shouldnt be an issue.

What’s people’s opinions on the nerfs?


May 3, 2019
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I feel like some people were turned away by the nerfs to Pichu’s attacks that now deal more damage to himself than before. His FTilt nerf isn’t as bad as some say it is, but I feel like people were paying more attention to the overall increased damage from Pichu’s attacks which is why he isn’t top 3 anymore. If a Pichu player is a stock or two behind, it’s very hard for them to catch-up since they can easily damage themselves.
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