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The Electromaniacal Freak of Nature Xurkitree For Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass 1!

Do you think Xurkitree would be a cool fighter in Smash Ultimate?

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Aug 24, 2018
Center of the Zero Point
Switch FC


Xurkitree is a new Pokémon introduced in Generation 7. It's an electric type Ultra Beast with a ridiculous base SpA of 173. After using it in battles, it quickly became my favorite Gen 7 Pokémon and my most wanted newcomer. (Besides the obvious fan favorite suggestions.)

Xurkitree would be a middleweight, large sized character with its standard attacks having long range like Simon and Corrin. It moves fast on the ground and packs a lot of power in its melee and special attacks.

Neutral B: Thunder Cannon
Xurkitree manually charges an electrical beam with four different stages, and launches it at the opponent.
Stage 1: Small electrical cannonball that explodes for minor damage.
Stage 2: Slightly bigger cannonball that explodes and stuns opponents.
Stage 3: Medium sized electrical projectile that does medium to high damage and stuns opponents.
Stage 4: Giant electrical laser that flies across the map at a quick speed and deals high damage.

Side B: Dazzling Gleam
Xurkitree lunges forward and flashes a mid-ranged blinding light in the opponent's eyes, launching them and leaving them dizzy and open for attack.
(Same range as Palutena's Autoreticle)

Up B: Galvanic Rocket
Xurkitree surrounds itself with an electric force field and propels itself a great distance into any direction chosen.

Down B: Beast Boost
Xurkitree plants itself into the ground for 3 seconds and boosts the power of its special attacks. The effect lasts for 10 seconds.

Final Smash: Viva Las Ultra Space
Xurkitree rips open an ultra wormhole and sucks nearby players in. It will then summon the rest of the ultra beasts and perform a team attack in a cutscene final smash.

Smash attacks:

Forward Smash: Power Whip
Xurkitree lashes its long arm at the opponent

Up Smash: Spikes
It attacks by planting itself and hitting opponents with its spiky head.

Down Smash: Shock Pillars
Xurkitree summons two pillars of electricity on both of its sides and hits nearby opponents

Grab: Xurkitree uses its long tail and grabs enemies from a distance
(Similar to Lucas' pet snake)

Up Throw: Xurkitree throws the enemy above it and strikes with a thunderbolt

Down Throw: Xurkitree brutally whacks the enemy into the ground three times before letting go. 50% chance to bury after 3rd hit.

Forward Throw: Xurkitree swings its tail in a circle, and drags the enemy across the ground before throwing and firing a mini laser.

Back Throw: Xurkitree spins its body and throws the enemy back, with a mini laser as a goodbye present.

Taunts (these will be legendary and meme worthy for years to come within the Smash community)
Up: Guard Duty (Plants itself and wiggles its arms while emitting a loud shriek for intimidation)
Side: The Wiggle (Does an iconic dance seen in Pokémon Refresh when feeding it)
Down: I Have Awoken (Plants itself and gets woken up by getting struck by lightning. Lightning can spike opponents on the ledge.)

Victory Animations
1: Xurkitree flies out of an Ultra Wormhole head first, and strikes a pose during landing
2: Xurkitree is overflowing with electricity while the camera rotates, and releases it all from its hands in a pose. (Think of Moira's Transformation highlight intro from Overwatch)
3: Xurkitree does its famous dance that already appears in one of its taunts

The rest of its moves (dodges, aerials, etc) are up to your imagination.

If this character gets in, I will be really happy, and I hope you all decide to support it. I will add you to the list very soon. Also feel free to share your own moveset ideas! I will also add them in another list.


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Jan 29, 2018
I want to see an Ultra Beast on this Smash game's roster. And, while Pheromosa is my personal favorite, Xurkitree is right there at second place. Count me as a supporter!


Smash Champion
Jan 23, 2014
Yes, please! I would love to see an Ultra Beast in Smash, and Xurkitree is one of the wackier ones.


Smash Hero
Oct 17, 2007
I'd love to get a playable Ultra Beast in Ultimate.

There being so many interesting options in Alola for a playable fighter is going to make it being Incineroar even more of a letdown. :(

(You can add me to the supporter list)
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Smash Rookie
Mar 10, 2018
Ill support him! my hope for Buzzwole is almost gone and while I'd rather him be in, I would be glad for any Ultra beast! Sign me up for support!
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