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the Double jump cancel: methods...


Smash Lord
Sep 9, 2006
While I was on a lesser Smash forum (not SWF) I was in conversation with someone (who does use SWF) about the DJC.
Sure, we all know that it is very useful in getting out Fair (with its lack of startup time) and maybe bair, but this is about button combinations for it.

The buttons are of course, Jump, Jump, Aerial, L cancel. While I say the L cancel button can be either, I have personal preferences for the others.

Y, X, A. The "circle". This is something that one person thought worked.
I guess you can switch X and Y, but I don't use this.

IMO, the C stick is too hard for this as well, so I'll exclude those...

My personal favorite is Y, Y, Z. I think it is very very efficient, plus I'll l cancel with L, so there's my stuff.

fine fine mk.


Smash Lord
Nov 11, 2006
I use X X A all the time. X Y A works pretty well too. Lol at YYZ. That's an amazing song by rush :p
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