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"The Dancing Bouquet" - Roserade (Pokemon) Support Thread

Which neutral special on the moveset in the OP do you prefer?

  • Venoshock

    Votes: 2 100.0%
  • Sludge Bomb

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Smash Lord
Nov 29, 2018
The 104 Building
Grovyle? Decidueye? Rillaboom? Who needs those uncouth starter Pokemon when you could have one of the most elegant Grass-type Pokemon of all time?

Originating in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl as an evolution of the previous generation's Roselia (alongside Budew being introduced as a pre-evolution of Roselia), Roserade is a Grass/Poison type that may be physically frail, but has great special stats and good speed, as well as neat tricks like Sleep Powder and Toxic Spikes.

The nature of Pokemon means that a large amount of them are far from a Smash Bros. spot thanks to lack of notoriety and promotion, and Roserade is unfortunately among them (unless the eventual Sinnoh remakes push it a lot for whatever reason). But if you can come up with a feasible moveset for a character, that character is worthy of discussion and consideration, even if only hypothetical. And I can confirm that you can come up with a feasible moveset for Roserade.

  • Attributes & Animations
    • Roserade’s movement and attacks are rather fast, but it’s rather light.
    • Roserade’s animations all involve elegant movements and betray little emotion beyond a vague sense that it likes playing with its opponents.
  • Basic Attacks
    • Neutral attack
      • Roserade punches with one of its rose-hands, then the other, then it kicks; the kick can lead into a rapid jab.
    • Dash attack: Petal Blizzard
      • Roserade twirls as it dashes forward, summoning a cloud of pink petals to lash at opponents during the twirl.
  • Tilts
    • Forward tilt
      • Roserade thrusts an arm forward, shooting out a short thorny whip.
    • Up tilt
      • Roserade does a jumping uppercut, spinning its body in midair.
    • Down tilt: Grass Knot
      • Roserade thrusts its rose-hand forward a short distance, and a knot made of grass grows forward out of the ground.
  • Smash Attacks
    • Forward smash: Poison Jab
      • Roserade jabs forward with one of its rose-hands, which starts glowing purple as it charges.
    • Up smash
      • Roserade holds its hands outward as it charges, then raises them upward and fires a multi-hitting cloud of poison from them.
    • Down smash: Seed Bomb
      • Roserade holds two large seeds on the ground on both sides of itself. The seeds then both explode simultaneously.
  • Aerials
    • Neutral aerial
      • Roserade spins in place while holding out its arms.
    • Forward aerial
      • Roserade kicks forward with both its legs.
    • Back aerial
      • Roserade punches behind itself.
    • Up aerial
      • Roserade does a backflip and kicks above itself.
    • Down aerial
      • Roserade spins in place while thrusting both its legs downward.
  • Grab & Throws
    • Grab
      • Roserade thrusts its arm forward, releasing thorny whips from its arm that wrap around the opponent.
    • Pummel
      • Roserade squeezes the vines around the opponent.
    • Forward throw
      • Roserade does a leaping kick into the opponent.
    • Back throw
      • Roserade does a 360-degree spin while holding its opponent, then throws the opponent behind itself with a 180-degree spin.
    • Up throw
      • Roserade throws its opponent up into the air, then swings its whips at them.
    • Down throw
      • Roserade swings its opponent into the air, then smashes them into the ground.
  • Special Attacks
    • Neutral special (concept 1): Venoshock
      • Roserade shoots a stream of poison out of one of its rose-hands, dealing continuous damage to anyone hit. This attack’s range decreases over time (like Bowser's Fire Breath), and it does more damage to poisoned opponents.
        • Behaves like Inkling’s Splattershot, except with a range-decreasing attribute like Bowser’s Fire Breath and the buff to damage against poisoned opponents.
    • Neutral special (concept 2): Sludge Bomb
      • Roserade charges up a ball of poison that it throws forward. The higher the charge, the more damage it deals. At max charge, the projectile also makes a large explosion (like Inkling’s Splat Bomb) on contact with a surface or opponent.
        • The projectile is thrown at at upwards arc and is affected by gravity.
    • Side special: Grass Whistle
      • Roserade blows into one of its rose-hands, making a whistling sound and expelling a misty green projectile that causes any opponent it hits to go to sleep.
        • Behaves like Hero’s Snooze, but smaller and slower.
        • (Fun fact: In Generation III, this move was only accessible by Roselia.)
    • Up special: Magical Leaf
      • Roserade stalls in the air as glowing leaves expel from its body and surround it. Roserade then flies through the air alongside the leaves, capable of steering itself through the air and dragging along opponents for multi-hitting damage.
        • Behaves like Lucario’s ExtremeSpeed, but more powerful offensively at the cost of being slower.
    • Down special: Toxic Spikes
      • Roserade throws three purple spikes forward; they land on the ground a short distance in front of it. If an opponent touches the spikes, they receive damage and are inflicted with poison.
        • The spikes disappear when Roserade is KO'd or when it lays another set of spikes.
        • (Should the spikes be made invisible after being laid? Maybe with a small visual cue like poison bubbles appearing at the spot?)
  • Final Smash
    • Petal Doom
      • The camera zooms in closer to Roserade, and paralyzing pink petals fly across the area the camera covers at max zoom. Roserade then performs a dance while more petals fly across the screen, doing continuous damage to all paralyzed opponents. At the end of the dance, Roserade expels a burst of green energy that launches all opponents.
        • (This attack is a combination of Petal Dance and the Z-Move Bloom Doom.)

Are you a big fan of Roserade? Do you like unexpected, lesser-known characters? Do you think Roserade has potential as a fighter? Chime in!


Smash Lord
Nov 29, 2018
The 104 Building
Some cosmetic ideas in addition to the moveset in the original post.

  • Render Pose
  • Entry Animation
    • Roserade emerges from a Poke Ball, doing a small bow as it becomes visible.
  • Idle animations
    • Roserade briefly crosses its arms.
    • Roserade holds one of its rose-hands to its face, examining it.
  • Taunts
    • Side taunt
      • Roserade closes its eyes and holds out its arms as a soft mist (Sweet Scent) emanates from it.
    • Up taunt
      • Roserade raises one of its rose-hands in front of itself and summons glowing leaves (Magical Leaf) to float above it. After a moment, Roserade swings its hand to the side and the leaves vanish.
    • Down taunt
      • Roserade does a short dance, ending with a coy look over its own shoulder.
  • Results Screen
    • Victory animations (all)
      • When Roserade wins solo (or if a team consists of only Roserades) pink petals fly over the screen during the victory animation until the name appears.
    • Victory animation 1
      • Roserade sniffs from one of its rose-hands, then slowly swings it from side to side, emanating a purple mist.
    • Victory animation 2
      • Roserade twirls for a moment; as it comes to a stop, it goes into a pose resembling that of its official artwork.
    • Victory animation 3
      • A Budew hops in joy, then a Roselia slides in and poses, then Roserade falls from above and poses itself.
    • Victory music
      • The regular Pokemon victory music.
    • Defeat animation
      • Roserade crosses its arms and slowly nods its head with closed eyes.
  • Colors
    • Green (default; red and blue roses)
    • Yellow (purple and black roses)
    • Red (blue and cyan roses)
    • Blue (orange and brown roses)
    • Purple (red and pink roses)
    • Black (yellow and white roses)
    • Gray (black and white roses)
    • Brown (orange and black roses; looks withered)
  • Boxing Ring Title
    • The Dancing Bouquet

Also, I started a poll about the two options for neutral special in my moveset.
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