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The Alien From Another World, Buddy joins the fight!


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Nov 4, 2013
The Buddy Support Thread!

Who is Buddy?

Buddy comes from the two part series which consists of games Another World and Heart of the Alien, the latter in which he was playable in. In this two part series, an Earth physicist, Dr. Lester Knight Chaykin (not Lester the Unlikely) is performing an experiment, which goes wrong and hurls him to another planet far away. There, he is captured, but escapes with the alien, Buddy, whose village was destroyed by a villain known as the Warden. Lester was playable in the first part, with Buddy playable in the second part. I was going to propose Lester be the playable, but, spoiler alert...

He dies at the end of the second part.

In the second part, Buddy goes to hunt down the Warden for destroying his village and imprisoning his people.

Why Should He Be Playable?

Because at the time of this game's release, which was during the Sega Genesis, Sega CD and Super NES, not only did this two part game, specifically but not limited to Another World, get good reviews, but this was known for being ahead of its time, due to the graphics this game had back then. This game was something not a lot of games had mimicked back then, graphics wise. Because of how praised it was and how it was ahead of its time, why not add a character from those games? Even if he does not get in Smash Bros. Ultimate, he could always get into the next game. I realize he is an old character, but old characters have gotten into Smash, so why not?

Here is some gameplay from both games.


Buddy uses his trusty energy whip to do battle, using it for many A button attacks. It needs charging, but it never goes below being full, so it is always at full strength. However, with the Shield and B button pressed, Buddy can charge his energy whip to make it more deadly, making it so that it will have more devastating effects on the opponents.

Standard Attacks
A: Buddy strikes with his whip.
A Combo: Buddy does a series of whip strike.
Forward A Tilt: Buddy does a long forward punch.
Up A Tilt: Buddy swings his fist upward.
Down A Tilt: Buddy does a low crouch kick.
Dash Attack: Buddy swings his whip as he slows down.

Smash Attacks
Forward Smash: Buddy charges and then does a strong forward whip attack.
Up Smash: Buddy swings his whip in a circle upward.
Down Smash: Buddy does a crouching, spinning kick attack.

Misc Attacks
Ledge Attack: Buddy uses his whip to attack opponents when getting up.
'Get Up' Attack: Buddy gets up while punching in one direction and whipping in another.

Aerial Attacks
Air Neutral: Buddy does a normal midair kick.
Air Forward: Buddy swings his whip forward.
Air Up: Buddy swings his whip upward in the air.
Air Down: Buddy does some kind of bicycle kick.
Air Back: Buddy swings his whip backward.

Grab & Throws
Grab: Buddy grabs his opponent with his whip.
Pummel: Buddy punches his opponent when holding them.
Forward Throw: Buddy simply swings his enemy away.
Up Throw: Buddy throws his opponent into the air.
Down Throw: Buddy slams his foe onto the ground and blasts them with an energy gun.
Back Throw: Buddy turns around and punches his opponent in the backward direction.

Special Moves
B: Superblast: Buddy fires a blast from his energy gun, which does more damage the longer it is charged.
B Side: Energy Shield: Buddy creates an energy shield that protects against damage for a number of attacks depending on how strong they are. but not from behind. Press the B button again when enemies get close at the right time to cause a deactivation explosion that will damage enemies some.
B Up: Teleporter: Buddy uses a teleporter to go upwards. If he does not make it to the ledge when off stage, he can always use his whip to grab the stage and get back on.
B Down: Bomb Activation: Buddy sets a bomb down, and can activate it at anytime, causing damage to nearby opponents. Just don't get caught in the blast!

Final Smash: Dragon Crash
Buddy charges at an opponent. If no one is hit, nothing happens, but if anyone is hit, a cutscene happens where Buddy is on the dragon front he end of Another World that the player can maneuver and control to hit the opponents over and over again, in the style of a vertical scrolling spaceship shooter game. Whether the opponents are hit a number of times or not, the scene always ends with Buddy crashing the dragon the opponents and back onto the stage, with the impact sending them flying.

So, would anyone like to support?

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May 17, 2020
Faraway Avalon
Oh yeah, this would be cool. Not cool as in "he's my most wanted!" but "I've never heard of him, awesome!"
I think we should probably get a few more Sega characters first (second Sonic rep, Arle, and Beat come to mind), but for now count me in as a supporter!
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