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The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v4.07 - 7/04/17)


Smash Journeyman
Jan 3, 2013
Come to think of it, that's actually a sick bug.
The start button to enter that page isn't a bug, it's part of the whole mechanic of the debug menu. The part that the player can't leave that page really is a bug though.


Smash Champion
Jan 26, 2011
4.0 beta03 works great, I had a crash when going through the randomized playlist for music in the debug menu but it's not really a big deal for me.

Small question: in the debug menu, where is the option to turn off ingame toggles?
It's in Training Codes->In-Game Code Toggles
first option.


Smash Cadet
Mar 18, 2015
Alright, so how are you supposed to get the custom stage textures to work? I don't even see an option for the Smash 4 version of Battlefield and whenever I go into settings and set each custom stage texture, it's just the exact same as before when I start a match in that stage. What am I doing wrong?


Smash Lord
Feb 22, 2014
Bellevue, WA
Alright, so how are you supposed to get the custom stage textures to work? I don't even see an option for the Smash 4 version of Battlefield and whenever I go into settings and set each custom stage texture, it's just the exact same as before when I start a match in that stage. What am I doing wrong?
Only Battlefield's stage textures have been added, out of the ones that can be selected from the Debug settings. It's a beta build lol. The 4.0 beta release post mentions this as one of the missing features, for now.

The other custom stages, like the S4 Battlefield, can be found elsewhere. You'll notice that there is text at the bottom of the stage selection screen, indicating that "Hacked Stages" can be toggled by pressing down on the D-Pad. From there, stages can be toggled back to normal by pressing up on the D-Pad.
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Malachi Allen

Smash Rookie
Jan 30, 2015

I added a MD5 check in the script, so it will make sure the ISO provided is truly vanilla v1.02 (which could cause problems if it isn't). It can be bypassed if the user really wants though.

The download is just 4 files. After downloading and unzipping the download, all you need to do is drag-and-drop your vanilla 1.02 ISO onto the script, and your 20XX 4.0 Beta ISO will be automatically generated. If you don't know what version your vanilla ISO is, or need to convert it, you can look here.

After your 20XX ISO has been built, if there were no problems, the script will now also prompt the user to ask if they'd like to generate a hash of the finished product. So you can be sure it was built correctly. Of course, the "current correct" hash is simply taken from the build that I've put together (should still be up to date with everything that's been released so far though). Eventually @achilles and I can sync up and I can be sure I have the full, current build and truest of true hashes. Let me know if you guys run into any problems with the new script. So far I've only been able to test it on Win7.

This build contains what Achilles has released so far, so if you've been following along and updating with all the files he's posted, you don't need this.

Included updates from Achilles from Beta02:
- New Feature: Debug Menu --> Character Select Screen Codes --> Custom CSS Colors (screenshots)
- Bug FIx: Debug Menu --> pressing Start when two submenus deep does not load the victory screen and softlock the game.
- Bug Fix: Battlefield rainbow water BG toggle turned to OFF no longer loads Custom Battlefield 2 collision points.
- Bug Fix: v1.00 SDI/Hitlag code updated (thanks to new code from Magus posted today).
- Bug Fix: Widescreen toggle value is now applied immediately upon boot and no longer needs to experience a loading cycle first.
- Bug Fix: "Out-of-camera" magnifier bubbles in Widescreen mode now extend further to the sides of the screen (thanks to Dan Salvato).
- Bug Fix: Opening the Debug Menu and going directly to Stage Codes --> Custom FD Color --> RGB Color Viewer, no longer freezes the game. I also added in a text line to state that Rainbow FD takes priority.​

Included updates from Achilles from Beta01:
- Updated DOL file (Name Entry Additions)
- Fixed GrNKr.1at & GrNKr.2at
- Added Hyrule Maze Stages
- Updated MnSlChr (TrackPreview)
- Fixed PlKbRe.lat
- Fixed GrNFg files​
Please specify which build you're using when submitting a bug. And the more detailed steps you can provide for reproducing it, the better.

Btw, support for 20XX 4.0 will be added to DTW3 in the next version. So if there's still confusion, that should help a lot for seeing which files need to be replaced for various costumes. I also have another surprise along those lines. Primarily there are two things I want to finish before I release the update, but I don't think it will be too long.

When I said, "confused the statement" I was referring to my statement that you had originally quoted. Just look again at my post you originally quoted here, and it should make more sense. :p

Is there a way to toggle marth's sword colors? I've been looking for a while and It seems like it's just not in here :c


Smash Apprentice
Nov 22, 2011
Beta03 problem or didn't I notice that I changed debug menu settings without awareness?

I think all projectiles have become invisible.
can't see any graphics and hitboxes (but they can hit).
This seemed to be caused by change something in Debug menu.
I delete all data from memory card and reloaded 20XX.
Then I can see projectiles now.


Gordeau Main Paint Drinker
Sep 29, 2013
Canada, where it's really cold
Just got to play this and want to say. Thank you SO much Achilles! I can practice DI followups with SDR characters now, I have Chill version 2 from Smash 4 for my Doc lab....

Really, thank you so much! This is the most phenomenal version of 20XX to date! And thank you DRGN for your amazing wizardry and computer magic for making 20XX even easier to install! Kudos.
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Smash Apprentice
Feb 25, 2014
Mobile, AL


Smash Master
Jun 18, 2007
Cincinnati / Columbus OH
This seemed to be caused by change something in Debug menu.
I delete all data from memory card and reloaded 20XX.
Then I can see projectiles now.
Probably had "Invisible Items" on. Did the new Hyrule 64 fix the problems you noticed?

Is there a way to toggle marth's sword colors? I've been looking for a while and It seems like it's just not in here :c
I haven't put this back in yet.
4.0 beta03 works great, I had a crash when going through the randomized playlist for music in the debug menu but it's not really a big deal for me.

Small question: in the debug menu, where is the option to turn off ingame toggles?
What M!nt said. Even more conveniently, if you have a match paused and then hit D-Pad Right, you can cycle through toggling 20XX in-game codes as well as going into Develop Mode. Try it out.
What do I do if the debug menu is just a black screen?
Dolphin, I'm assuming? Change your video backend in the graphics menu.
tyvm Achilles imo a landmark in melee history

how many hps files can I have in melee? 256?
255, because you can't use 00.hps. You'll likely run out of available space in the ISO (~1.45 gb) before this point. Although, that can technically be circumvented, but I don't want to get into that discussion right now.
Will there be a download with the raw files as the updates go on?
Eventually. But I'm running into large annoyances with this, because I have now started to just completely delete vanilla files from the ISO to free up space for more music files and things. And if you wanted to purely work off file replacements, then I would have to take all those files I am deleting and tell you specifically which ones to delete, or turn them into "dummy" files of tiny size. Either way it's just kind of a pain, which is why DRGN's patches are nice.

Is there any way to set the computer to sheik like you could in previous iterations of 20XX yet?
Not yet.


Smash Journeyman
Aug 23, 2015
Bug report (console, I think): I was at the CSS and when I wanted to merge 2 nametags, I accidentaly pressed down on the D-Pad and it crashed (I didn't select any character yet).


Smash Apprentice
Oct 28, 2015
Hi. I have tried to download the 4.0 beta 03 on Chrome but it says that the software "is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it". Is there a reason for this and is there a way I can fix this?


Smash Cadet
May 9, 2014
Chatsworth, Ca
Hi. I have tried to download the 4.0 beta 03 on Chrome but it says that the software "is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it". Is there a reason for this and is there a way I can fix this?
did the same thing for me just press the downloaded file and it will give u the option to save it anyway


Smash Cadet
Oct 9, 2014
So, I made the 4.0 beta iso, changing only: the game code to 20XX40, the game name to SSBM 20XX Hack Pack 4.0 beta (making sure to preserve hex placement in my hex editor). When I boot it up in Nintendont, the screen flickers, and the game is in black and white. This doesn't happen with any of my other games (Notably 20XX 3.02). Does this beta force progressive scan, PAL 60Hz, or something?

EDIT: Changed my Nintendont settings to Force NTSC video, so no more black and white.

EDIT 2: Jigglypuff Left costume toggle freezes my Wii. Can't get Texture Hacks section of Debug Menu to work for any stage but Battlefield.
The second edit; It's normal if it only works for Battlefield. He said he still has to write the code for the other stages, so only Battlefield is in.


Smash Apprentice
Mar 31, 2014
Hampden, Maine
Switch FC
Bug report (console, I think): I was at the CSS and when I wanted to merge 2 nametags, I accidentaly pressed down on the D-Pad and it crashed (I didn't select any character yet).
You don't need to merge names anymore. Name Entry now allows eight characters. (Some characters take up two spaces, oddly.) D-pad Down is supposed to go to the controller rumble menu... I don't know how or why it crashed for you.

EDIT: D-Pad Left and Right change character movesets instead of doing name tag stuff. Left = SD Remix 3.1 Right = PAL (NTSC if you change the default moveset in the debug menu)

More details?
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Smash Apprentice
Nov 22, 2011
Thanks for keeping a keen eye on the new stages! Try this one:




Btw, if you guys didn't notice, I updated the Fourside hack for the 4.0 beta so the camera is a little more zoomed out, and the platform stops at each side for 60 frames, like Smashville. And as with all the other new stages, the insta-walljumping problem should be fixed.

EDIT: Just remembered the platform width was also modified [smaller] to be closer to Smashville.

Achilles1515 Achilles1515 ,
slopes were removed in the new file, but character looks weird (floating) on main place
(Fox isn't weird but Peach looks like floating).

Btw, musics sometimes become broken noisy sound in the both of debug menu and during matches.
and, in debug menu, I did A(play) -> Right(Next hps) -> A -> Right -> A....... again and again ,
then 20XX froze.
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Smash Master
Jun 18, 2007
Cincinnati / Columbus OH

Achilles1515 Achilles1515 ,
slopes were removed in the new file, but character looks weird (floating) on main place
(Fox isn't weird but Peach looks like floating).

Btw, musics sometimes become broken noisy sound in the both of debug menu and during matches.
and, in debug menu, I did A(play) -> Right(Next hps) -> A -> Right -> A....... again and again ,
then 20XX froze.
Sorry. Try this one:


DRGN DRGN (btw, I'd hold off on b04 for a bit, like you said)

Everyone replace your GrTPe.hat with this one.

Also Kou, I'm not sure about the music thing. Going to have to see if I can reproduce this.
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Smash Journeyman
Apr 29, 2006
Oak Park, IL
The beta looks amazing and I can't wait for the full version.

Just really need the CPUs to shine on wakeup during tech chasing :(

Otherwise it's all for nil!


Aug 20, 2005
Sacramento, CA
Edit: Almost forgot; the opening.hdr file Achilles posted earlier was missing the titles & description text. I added them back in, and here's the new file: opening.bnr

Heya! Thanks for the reply, DRGN. Let's see here... aha! Got it. Here it is! Yes, I know the website is kinda bare bones, but I swear by this little piece of software.
Cool, thanks. I'm adding a link to this for Mac users in the ReadMe.

Placebo, other than teching/missed tech getups and DI.
Placebo OP.
Sorry. Try this one:


DRGN DRGN (btw, I'd hold off on b04 for a bit, like you said)
Ok. I almost did it today, but got pulled away again. I'll just wait for your cue.

Although, since I was looking at the OP, I did do this real quick:


The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack 3.02

[20XX Start Menu by Qual_]

Latest Version

4.0 Beta03


3.02 Released 11/03/14

20XX Melee Hack Pack 3.02 File Replacements (with Instructions).zip
  • Important Note: Due to the way in which Dolphin caches sections of Melee's code, some of the new codes in 3.00+ may not execute their purpose correctly in Dolphin. Everything will work on console though, which is most important.

~UPDATE~ 3.02 Change List

Affected Files:
  • Start.dol
  • TyWtCat.dat (Termina Great Bay Hack)
  • MnSlMap.dat (Hacked Stage Select Screen)

Bug Fixes
  • Matches with Items enabled no longer freeze Rainbow & Custom Color Final Destination and Custom Platforms Battlefield.
  • New stages added to the Hacked Stage Select Screen!
    • All-Star Heal
    • Bonus: Race to the Finish [Classic]
    • F-Zero Grand Prix [Adventure Mode]
    • Escape from Brinstar [Adventure Mode]
    • Termina Great Bay Hacked [Milun]
    • Target Test Stages!
      • Choose which character's Target Test Stage is to be loaded in the Stage Codes Menu.

  • Target Stages Never End
    • Enabling causes any Target Stage match to no longer end when all 10 targets have been hit.
  • Disable Screen Rumble
    • Screen does not shake during matches. This happens during events like dying, throwing, landing a strong attack, etc. It's subtle, but when you disable it, you notice it immediately. In a good/cool/smooth way. It makes you see the game in way you never have before.

(20XX v3.01) - 10/19/14

Bug Fixes
  • If Hacked Stages was loaded as being ON from bootup, Brinstar lava and Corneria ships/gun would still be on.
  • Deleting a name tag would remove characters from an 8+ character name tag one slot higher.
  • Creating a new name tag on the CSS would ignore the Rumble flag for that player and always default the name tag to Rumble off.
  • "Random" is Default Highlighted on the Stage Select Screen
  • CSS Hand Cursors Default to the HMN/CPU Button
    • Small Bug: After creating a new name tag from the CSS, the player port will be switched to a CPU.
  • Tournament Mode now replaces Fixed Camera Mode
  • Disable CPU Taunting

  • Debug Menu Toggles:
    • General Codes --> Custom Shield Color
      • Create your own shield colors for all players!
    • Character Codes --> DK - Always Full Punch
    • Character Codes --> Peach - Always Pull Specific Turnip/Item

  • SNES Alternate Costume for normal C. Falcon!
    • Cyborg Ninja has been removed.

  • Link/Young Link Super Boomerang Jump
    • It did enable the superjump but caused other unwanted side effects as well when the boomerang was caught.
  • Cyborg Ninja alt costume, as stated above.

Planning to update this later.
(20XX 3.00) - 9/28/14
20XX 3.00 Download Link
(20XX v2.07)

(20XX v2.06)
Download Link with Instructions
- P2 CPU has an increased chance of hard DI'ing throws left/right.
- P2 CPU get-up attacks after a missed tech less often.
- Added the ability to make 8 character name tags [see the feature list below].
- Flash red on unsuccessful l-cancel is now a separate toggle in the Debug Menu, termed "FLASH NO L".
- The Debug Menu toggle "COLORS" now makes characters turn purple in shield stun and teal in hitstun.
- Teal hitstun overlay does not go into affect if the attack the character was hit with induces a color tint of it's own (e.g. shine, Falcon punch...elemental attacks).​
- Default game time limit set to infinite. (This is not the stock game timer, which is still set to 8 minutes)
- In-game code toggles now work when matches are started using d-pad up at the CSS.
- Disable KO star reset upon exiting the CSS is fixed and now works again.

- Load Save State is now D-Pad Left
- This change was made to hopefully avoid accidentally saving/loading a state when you are trying to do the opposite action.​
- Infinite Shield toggle is now D-Pad Down

(20XX v2.05)
Download Link with Instructions
- P2 CPU no longer Smash DI's hits.
- P2 CPU has an increased chance of teching.
- Easter Egg button activator is changed to holding A+B instead of just A at the start of a match.
- Unrestricted pause camera.
- New 20XX start screen (compliments of Qual_).

(20XX v2.04)
Download Link with Instructions
- Adds a toggle to the debug menu, termed "COLORS", that will make characters turn white during shield stun and flash red during an unsuccessful L cancel.
1 = Colors OFF (default)
2 = Colors ON
- Pressing d-pad down on the stage select screen no longer causes the game to freeze.
- Loading a save state when one has yet to be stored will no longer cause the game to freeze.

Variations that I have made for others:
20XX 2.04 - Rumble default ON.dol

(20XX v2.03)
Download Link with Instructions
- Adds a toggle to the debug menu, termed "INGAME OFF", for turning in-game button activator codes completely off.
1 = In-game code toggles ON (default)
2 = in-game code toggles OFF
3 = 1
- Fixes a bug that would cause the game to freeze if a P2 action toggle was executed when P2 was not present in the game.

(20XX v2.02)
Download Link with Instructions
- Fixes the bug where the game would not load a stage if P2 wasn't present in the match.
-Fixes 1P mode and force loading the SSS to play by yourself.​

- Boot to Character Select Screen removed. Better compatibility with Stage Striking and Random Stage Select.

(20XX v2.00)
Download Link with Instructions

Have a problem (not install-process related), comment. or bug you would like to post about? Check the FAQs first!
Wii Modding Guide - From vanilla Wii to hacked Wii with 20XX - Hectohertz <use this if trying to setup from scratch!>

Loading the 20XX Hack Pack via USB - Jackmorgan8
How to Play Gamecube Backups on a Wii U or Newer Wii - DoctorKirby

Video Instructions for Creating the 20XX ISO - Beanwolf
Video Instructions for Creating the 20XX ISO (Concise Version) - smoke070
Mac Installation Instructions - Waterdr1nker

Modify a Hacked Wii to Boot Straight to the Homebrew Channel (Goodbye, Wiimote!) - Achilles

If anyone is curious, I boot via SD card. Class 10 (fast) SDHC cards are a good option.

This method will work with replacing any single file that is smaller than or equal to the original file size of which it is overwriting.

1) Image --> Open --> Load your Melee ISO
2) Search the game filesystem for the file to replace and choose Import --> navigate to the new file.
    • The DOL file is located in the "&&SystemData" folder in the ISO filesystem.

The Complete 20XX Hack Pack 3.02 Feature List
(SSBM version 1.02 only)

  • DO NOT play on Japanese Mode.
  • DO NOT view trophies.
  • I cannot guarantee that Classic, Adventure, or All-Star Mode will not freeze.
    • Many trophy files have been replaced with alternate costumes. If the game tries to load one of these trophies to drop in-game, it will surely freeze.

General Modifications

Custom 20XX Game Banner [Achilles]

Memory Card Saving Compatibility [Achilles]
  • Debug Menu toggles are loaded on boot-up and saved to memory card after leaving the Debug Menu.

Boot to Character Select Screen [InternetExplorer, Achilles]

Default Tournament Settings [Magus, et all]
  • 4 stock, 8 min stock timer, infinite time for timed matches, items off, tourney legal stages on random select, friendly fire ON, rumble OFF for all players, deflicker off.

Unlock All Characters and Stages [Standardtoaster, JMC, Achilles]
  • All characters and stages will be unlocked.
  • Special messages that would normally appear with unlocking these items have been removed.

Normal C-Stick Functionality in 1P Mode [Zauron]

Normal C-Stick Functionality in Develop Debug Mode [Magus, Achilles]

Unrestricted Pause Camera [Achilles, strikebowler585]
  • Camera can zoom "indefinitely" out and can rotate around 360 degrees.
"Random" is Default Highlighted on the Stage Select Screen [Jorgasms]

CSS Hand Cursors Default to the HMN/CPU Button [Achilles]
  • Small Bug: After creating a new name tag from the CSS, the player port will be switched to a CPU.

Disable Trophy Spawn on "Snag the Trophy" Bonus Stage [wParam]
  • The only permanent stage modification in the pack.
  • Makes the stage playable in VS. Mode.
  • Affects Classic Mode as well.
20XX Closed Player Port Texture [Achilles]
  • File is MnSlChr.usd in the File Replacements Pack.
  • If you do not want this texture mod:
    1. Remove MnSlChr.usd from the File Replacements Pack and rebuild your ISO.
    2. -or- if you already have the ISO made, extract the MnSlChr.usd from a vanilla SSBM ISO and then use that file to overwrite the one in your current ISO.
Debug Menu Replaces Tournament Mode [Magus, donny2112, SypherPhoenix, Jorgasms]
  • Texture mod included to change the menu text.
  • Tournament Mode now replaces Single Button Mode.
Hold A+B for Salty Runback [InternetExplorer]
  • Hold A+B at the end of a match or during a ragequit and the match will be immediately restarted on the same stage, with the same characters.
---> gif <---
Disable Name Tag and KO Star Reset Upon Closing a Character Port [Ato]
---> gif <---
Disable KO Star Reset Upon Exiting the Character Select Screen [Todd Benney]
---> gif <---
Stock Dependent Revival Platform Colors [Achilles]
  • Only active in stock VS matches.
Stage Select Screen Color Modifications [Achilles]
  • Color borders have been added to show [generally accepted] tournament stage legality.
    • Top = Singles/Bottom = Doubles
    • Green = Starter
    • Yellow = Counterpick
    • Red = Banned

  • Past Stages Dream Land, Yoshi's Island, and Kongo Jungle have new icons that actually show the stage.
  • Pixelated background textures have been removed. Looks much cleaner now! [The Realest]
Stage Striking [Sham Rock]
  • Project M esque stage striking available on the Stage Select Screen.
  • Y Button = Strikes all stages except those currently on the random stage toggle.
  • X Button = Strikes currently highlighted stage.
  • Z Button = Unstrikes all stages.
---> gif <---
(This gif is old. Striked stages are now black instead of white.)

Disable CPU Taunting [Achilles]
  • Works for all CPUs

Disable P2 CPU Sheik --> Zelda Transform [Achilles]
  • If P2 CPU started the game as Sheik, transforming into Zelda will be disabled.
    • As soon as Sheik starts to transform, she will be immediately put into the "Wait" action state which interrupts the transform.
    • I think if she tries to transform while airborne, she will teleport to the ground - I haven't done a whole lot of testing with this, but I think I remember that happening.

P2 CPU Jumps Out of Hitstun [Achilles]
  • It is not a frame perfect jump most of the time, nor does it always occur, but jumping will generally be the first thing the P2 CPU will do out of hitstun.
P2 CPU Random DI and Tech Options [Achilles, Stratocaster]

P2 CPU will:
  • Randomly DI attacks.
    • CPU will not smash DI (or else the DI becomes very unrealistic).
  • Randomly tech and sometimes not tech.
  • Random get-up from missed tech (all options including get-up attack).
    • Timing mixups with this.
  • Fox/Falco will shine --> wavedash in place after teching/not teching.
    • I added a check in there so that they do not do this if they are by the edge of the stage, such as if they tech-rolled to the edge. Doing a shine --> wavedash in place would cause them to suicide (we've all done this before...).
    • Will occasionally double shine as well.
---> gif <---

20XX Custom Debug Menu
20XX Custom Debug Menu [Achilles]
  • All players can control the debug menu. [wparam]
  • Hold R to turbo (fast-scroll) menu items! [wparam]
  • Menu selections are saved to memory card after exiting the Debug Menu and loaded upon boot-up.

Memory Card Load
  • Not currently used.
  • Placeholder for future.

In-Game Code Toggles
  • Toggle ON/OFF the ability to use in-game code toggles which are outlined further down in this post.

Spoof Controllers > [Achilles]
  • Makes the game think a controller is plugged in for a specific player port.
  • Spoof controllers available for all player ports.
Use this to make human players without having a physical controller plugged in.

Animations > [Achilles, Akuryu]
  • Brings up a sub-menu for toggling:
    • Characters Face Forward
    • Posing Characters
  • Just fun/interesting things.

Custom Shield Colors > [Achilles]
  • Create custom shield colors for all players!
Control All Humans [Achilles]
  • The player that this toggle is switched to will simultaneously have full control over every human character in a match.
Use in conjuction with Spoof Controllers.

Skip Results Screen [Sham Rock, Achilles]
  • Results/Victory Screen after exiting a match will be skipped.
  • KO Stars = Games Won
Widescreen [InternetExplorer]

Random Stage Music [Sham Rock]

Disable Screen Rumble [Achilles]
  • Disables the screen from shaking in a match.
    • This happens during events like a strong hit, throws, missed techs, Pokemon transforming, etc.

Rainbow Final Destination [Achilles]
  • Final Destination will dynamically change colors in rainbow fashion.

Custom Final Destination Color > [Achilles]

  • Choose your own static Final Destination color!
  • Choose red, green, and blue color values between 0-255.
  • Rainbow FD will take priority over this option if they are both turned ON.

Custom Battlefield > [Achilles]

  • Sub-menu for creating custom Battlefield platform heights!
  • To play on your custom stage, toggle ON Hacked Stages at the CSS, and then choose the new Battlefield icon that was previously Brinstar Depths.
    • The default Battlefield is completely unchanged.
Note: This only works in a multiplayer versus match. Custom BF plats do not work in Training Mode at the moment.
Set a platform at a height of -0.10 to remove it from gameplay.

Target Test Stage [Achilles]
  • The Break the Targets stage chosen on the Hacked Stage Select Screen will be the character's stage that is chosen with this option.
Target Stages Never End [Link Master]
  • Enabling causes any Target Stage match to no longer end when all 10 targets have been hit.
Disable DL64 Wind [Zauron]
  • Whispy Woods will never blow wind.
Disable FoD Fountain Jets [Zauron]
  • Side fountain jets and platforms are removed from Fountain of Dreams.
Disable Yoshi Shy Guys [Zauron]
  • Shy Guys on Yoshi's Story will never appear.

Endless Friendlies [Achilles]
  • After a match ends, another one will be loaded immediately without having to press any buttons.
    • Stage is chosen from the random stage list.
  • Ragequit to get back to the Character Select Screen
  • Salty Runback still works with this mode.
  • Optional additional feature.
  • Each player can select up to three characters to have the game randomly choose between before starting the next match.

Color Overlays [Achilles, InternetExplorer]
  • Characters will turn different colors for specific action states they are currently in.
  • Individually toggle action state color overlays ON/OFF for when the code is active!
Note: I have noticed that teal hitstun overlay does not work correctly on u-throws and elemental attack effects take priority over the color overlay.

Flash Red on Unsuccessful L-Cancel [Achilles]

Flash White on Successful L-Cancel [InternetExplorer]
  • Can be used at the same time as "Flash Red..."

Auto L-Cancel [Achilles]
  • Every aerial attack is automatically L-Cancelled.

Frame Timing Window [Achilles]
  • Gives the ability to change the timing window used for L-Cancelling.
  • Default value is 7 frames (before landing, that L/R/Z must be pressed).
    • Increase this number to make it easier to L-Cancel.
    • Decrease this number to make it harder to L-Cancel.
My thought with this is that practicing L-Cancelling with a 3-4 frame window will make L-Cancelling, when playing normally, seem twice as easy.

N64 Mode [Achilles]
  • Zero landing lag after L-Cancelling.
    • Similar to Z-Cancelling in Smash 64.

Disable Tap Jump [Achilles]
  • Jumping with the joystick will be disabled.
  • Toggle on a per player basis.

Neutral Spawn Points [Achilles, Jorgasms]
  • Spawn Points for legal stages are modified to be in neutral locations.
  • Works for Singles and Doubles.

Dual 1v1 [Zauron, Achilles]

From Zauron (Original Code Creator):

This code allows simultaneous 1v1 matches to be played. All 4 players can play at once, but each "set" of 1v1 players can't directly interfere with the other fight (beyond things like messing with the camera, edge hogging, or "nudging" players).

To Use:
  1. Turn Friendly Fire to OFF.
  2. Switch to Team mode and set the team colors so that each set of players that should fight each other are the same color.Players will only be able to hurt other players set to the same team color.
  3. (Optional) Switch Team mode back off so players can switch to whatever costume they want.
  4. Start the match
Debug Menu Toggle:

OFF = Everything is totally normal and friendly fire being OFF acts the same as it would in vanilla.
WINNERS = Dual 1v1 ON.
  • The moment both set of 1v1's ends:
    • The in-game friendly fire value is switched so that those winners can attack each other and finish out the match.
WINNERS+ = Dual 1v1 ON.
  • The moment both set of 1v1's ends:
    • The in-game friendly fire value is switched so that those winners can attack each other and finish out the match.
    • The winner's from each 1v1 will have their percents reset to 0 and stocks set to 2.
      • So they get to play a little "mini-match".
Important Note:
Even if Dual 1v1 is ON, normal competitive 2v2 matches (with friendly fire ON) are completely unaffected and can be played normally without turning Dual 1v1 OFF in the Debug Menu. So Dual 1v1 only comes into play if:
  1. The debug toggle for it is ON
  2. The match is started with friendly fire OFF

Combo Count as Timer [Achilles]
  • The match timer will function as the "Consecutive Hit Counter" used in Training Mode.
    • Meant to be used for 1v1s or regular training, with the logic that in a 1v1 match, it is impossible for both player's consecutive hit counter to be greater than 0 at the same time.
  • When a combo ends, consecutive hit value will stay on screen for a second after the combo is finished (unless another combo starts up), giving the player enough time to look at the value before it goes back to zero.
  • This function will be applied in all Game Modes, so be sure to turn it off if you want to play a mode that uses the timer in a meaningful manner.
Frame Counter [Achilles]

Check out the instructional video below!

Rolling Forces Death [InternetExplorer, Achilles]
  • Original code has been modified to only apply to humans, not CPUs.
Always Bomb Rain [Achilles]
  • Bombomb rain used in Sudden Death mode will be enabled.
Note: Even with bomb rain ON, bombs will never drop for the first 20 seconds of a match.

B + Z Fires Slow Charge Shot [Achilles]
  • Fires at 25% speed.
  • An interesting mix-up.
Sword Swing Colors
  • Toggles Costume Dependent Marth Sword Swing Colors.
  • Color 1 of Marth's sword swing is changed on a per costume basis.
    • Blue costume [default] = Default swing color (teal)
    • Red costume = Red swing color.
    • Green costume = Green swing color.
    • White costume = Light purple swing color.
    • Black costume = Gold swing color.
Always Misfire [Achilles]
  • Brings a Lvl. 9 Luigi to a whole new level...Try playing three of them!

Always Full Giant Punch
  • No wind up animation at all. Just straight haymakers.

Flame Cancel [Achilles]
  • Enables the Flame Cancel glitch from SSBM version 1.0 /1.01.
    • Start-up lag is cancelled when landing.
Always Pull (Specific Turnips/Items)
  • Toggle Peach to only pull a specific turnip type or Mr. Saturn/Bomb/Beam Sword.
  • "Default" is normal turnip pulling.
Debug Level
  • This is the same vanilla Debug Menu toggle for switching the game level. Only use "Master" or "Develop".
    • Master - default, regular game.
    • Develop - adds button activators for various functions while playing a match.
      • Some of my codes interfere with these built-in toggles and may cause problems/freezing.
      • Frame Advance and Action State Display still work, which are amazingly helpful tools for figuring out frame data.
      • More info.

Character Select Screen Toggles
  • All players can activate these codes.
(D-Pad Up) Force Load Stage Select Screen [Achilles]
  • This lets you easily play versus matches with only one character.
    • Single character matches must be timed! Otherwise, the match will end immediately after starting.
  • Teams matches with only one team color.
  • If no characters are chosen and the game is started, it will freeze.
  • If at least one character is chosen and there is another human slot opened up but with no character chosen, [see gif], Master Hand will show up as their character.
    • Game must be quit out of or results screen skipped. Otherwise, it will freeze at the Winner's Screen.
---> old gif <---
(D-Pad Down) Alternate / Hacked Stages [Achilles]
  • D-Pad down while on the Character Select Screen toggles Alternate and Hacked Stages.
  • If alternate stages is ON, the Stage Select Screen will now look like this:

  • Hacked Stages have an orange border.
    • Note: Majora's Mask, Entei, Goomba, Home-Run Contest, Bonus: Snag the Trophies, Bonus: Race to the Finish, All-Star Heal, Adventure: F-Zero Grand Prix, Escape from Brinstar, Developer "Coffee Shop", Break the Targets Stages!
      • These stages do not have associated text changes on the left side of the SSS.
Battlefield: Custom Platforms [Achilles]
  • More info in 20XX Debug Menu --> Stage Mod Codes, section of this post.
  • Replaces Planet Zebes: Brinstar Depths

Kanto: Pokemon Stadium [Achilles, Jorgasms]
  • No transformations.
  • Blue stage texture.
  • Replace Mushroom Kingdom I

DK Island: Kongo Jungle [Milun]
  • No horizontally moving barrel.
  • No right side rock platform.
  • No Klap Traps.
  • No disappearing log.

Dream Land: Green Greens
  • No Whispy Woods.
  • No bomb blocks.
  • Islands merged center.

Eagleland: Fourside [Milun]
  • Only consists of horizontally moving crane platform and two flat buildings below it.
  • Original stage textures have been modified so the background buildings have less lights on them (not as strainful on the eyes).
  • Similar to Smashville from Brawl.

Hyrule: Temple [Milun]
  • Only the top left portion of the stage remains.
  • Small raised section on left side has been flattened.
  • Cannot drop through or enter thin floor.
  • Similar to Project: M Hyrule Temple.

Lylat System: Corneria [Zauron]
  • No Arwings.
  • Great Fox gun starts off dead, removing the ability for it to be a platform.
    • "Blown up" gun hitbox will remain for one hit and then disappear for the remainder of the match.
Past Stages: Yoshi's Island [Milun]
  • No top platform.
  • No side cloud platforms.
  • Side stage platforms lowered.

Planet Zebes: Brinstar [Zauron]
  • No rising lava.

Termina: Great Bay [Milun]
  • Only the upper platform remains and it is about as long as Final Destination.
  • Turtle moves to the left and right sides.

  • Hacked stages DO NOT permanently replace the original stages. Both versions can be toggled with D-Pad Down on the Character Select Screen!
  • Random Stage Toggle is automatically updated to include the hacked stages when the alternate/hacked stages toggle is ON. Hacked stages are removed from the Random Stage Toggle when the alternate/hacked stages is turned OFF (and changes back to only legal Singles stages).
See this spreadsheet for more hacked stages not included in the 20XX Pack.

---> gif from version 2.0 <---
(Note: The background for this stage has been changed to have less lights on the buildings to make it easier on the eyes.)
(Z Button) Start Game as Extra Characters [Achilles]
  • Hitting the Z Button while highlighting a specific character icon will toggle [semi-permanently] what character actually gets loaded by that character icon, until toggling back to the default character.

    • :bowsermelee: Bowser --> Giga Bowser [G-Bowser] **includes announcer voice**
    • :zeldamelee: Zelda --> Sheik [Sheik] **includes announcer voice**
    • :falconmelee: C. Falcon --> Male Wireframe [M Wirefrme] **includes announcer voice**
    • :peachmelee: Peach --> Female Wireframe [F Wirefrme] **includes announcer voice**
    • :icsmelee: Ice Climbers --> Solo Popo (always) [-blank-]
Tip: Change Zelda to Sheik and move CPU cursor token to Sheik to force the CPU to start the game as Sheik.
---> gif 1 <---
---> gif 2 <---
(L Button) Alternate Costumes [Achilles]
  • Hitting the L Button while a specific character costume is highlighted or selected, will cause the character's Character Select Portrait (CSP) background to change color and will turn the alternate costume ON.
    • If the character is fully selected and the alternate costume is ON, hitting L will turn the alternate costume OFF, but the CSP will not revert back to the default color value. At this point, if you remove your selection token from the character icon, the CSP color will change back to normal (since the toggle is truly OFF).
  • If an alternate costume is turned ON, it is permanently ON until being toggled OFF by a human.
:foxmelee: Fox
Default | 20XX Alternate | Costume Picture
Normal (PlFxNr.dat) | Golden Brawl (TyRoyR.dat) |
Orange (PlFxOr.dat) | Goku (TyFoxR.dat) |
Lavendar (PlFxLa.dat) | Cloud9 (TyFood.dat) |
Green (PlFxGr.dat) | Ground Mission (TyFire.dat) |

:falcomelee: Falco
Default | 20XX Alternate | Costume Picture
Normal (PlFcNr.dat) | Pink & White (TyMapB.dat) |
Red (PlFcRe.dat) | SS Falku (TyStar.dat) |
Blue (PlFcBu.dat) | Shiny Wargle (TyMapA.dat) |
Green (PlFcGr.dat) | Zombie (TyMapC.dat) |
[DarK LinK -X-]

:marthmelee: Marth
Default | 20XX Alternate | Costume Picture
Normal [Blue] (PlMsNr.dat) | CATS (TyLink.dat) |
Red (PlMsRe.dat) | Pein (TyEtcE.dat) |
Green (PlMsGr.dat) | Hylian Soldier(TyPola.dat) |
Black (PlMsBk.dat) | Empire Arcadia (TyEtcD.dat) |
White (PlMsWh.dat) | Robin (TyMars.dat) |

:falconmelee: C. Falcon
Default | 20XX Alternate | Costume Picture
Normal (PlCaNr.dat) | SNES (TyMapD.dat) |
Grey (PlCaGy.dat) | Batman (TyMapE.dat) |
Red (PlCaRe.usd) | LowLandLions (PlCaRe.dat) |
White (PlCaWh.dat) | Twitch TV (TyRick.dat) |
[Veggies, TerryJ]
Green (PlCaGr.dat) | Green Ranger (TyMew2.dat) |
Blue (PlCaBu.dat) | Captain America (TySeak.dat) |

:sheikmelee: Sheik
Default | 20XX Alternate | Costume Picture
Blue (PlSkBu.dat) | Midna (TyPlum.dat) |
Green (PlSkGr.dat) | Sothe (TyNoko.dat) |

:peachmelee: Peach
Default | 20XX Alternate | Costume Picture
White (PlPeWh.dat) | Gold & Black (TyMoon.dat) |
Blue (PlPeBu.dat) | Rosalina (TyMnBg.dat) |

:samusmelee: Samus
Default | 20XX Alternate | Costume Picture
Normal [Red] (PlSsNr.dat) | Iron Man (TyJeff.dat) |
[God with a Wavebird]
Lavender (PlSsLa.dat) | Dark Samus: Corruption (TyKart.dat) |

:ganondorfmelee: Ganondorf
Default | 20XX Alternate | Costume Picture
Normal (PlGnNr.dat) | Black & White (TyBalf.dat) |
Green (PlGnGr.dat) | Toon Ganon (TyCoin.dat) |

Want different alternate costumes than the default ones listed above?

Head to the Official Melee Texture Hack Thread to find others!
  • Overwrite the 20XX Alternate Costume File, defined in the tables above, in your 20XX 3.0 ISO with a new costume file for the same character color.
Know how to use Photoshop or other image editors?

---> gif 1 <---
---> gif 2 <---
---> gif 3 <---
(R Button) PAL Characters [Achilles]

The following PAL character versions can now be toggled at the Character Select Screen:

:foxmelee: Fox
Weighs 75 (All NTSC)
Weighs 73 (PAL)
Can tech out of Falco's Down Throw (PAL)
Down Smash does 15% damage (All NTSC)
Down Smash does 13% damage (PAL)
Up Smash does 18% damage (All NTSC)
Up Smash does 17% damage (PAL)
Up B does 14% damage (All NTSC)
Up B does 12% damage, and travels a distance halfway between Falco's Up B and Fox's NTSC Up B (PAL)

:falcomelee: Falco
Weighs 80 (All NTSC & PAL)

Down Aerial spikes during all frames (All NTSC)
Down Aerial weakly sends opponent up and away for the second half of the animation (PAL)
Down Throw allows Fox to tech out (PAL)

:sheikmelee: Sheik
Weighs 90 (All NTSC & PAL)

Up Smash tipper does 17% (All NTSC)
Up Smash tipper does 16% (PAL)
Up Aerial does 12%, and has 120 Knockback Growth (All NTSC)
Up Aerial does 10%, and has 110 Knockback Growth (PAL)
Down Throw allows immediate follow-up into most other moves (Trajectory: 80) (All NTSC)
Down Throw only allows immediate follow-up into dash attack (Trajectory: 60) (PAL)

:marthmelee: Marth
Weighs 87 (All NTSC)
Weighs 85 (PAL)
Maximum Aerial Velocity 0.90 (All NTSC)
Maximum Aerial Velocity 0.85 (PAL)

Down Aerial functions as a spike (All NTSC)
Down Aerial functions as a Meteor Smash (PAL)

:falconmelee: C. Falcon
Weighs 104 (All NTSC & PAL)
Rapid Jab starts automatically after 3 A-button taps, unless canceled (All NTSC)
Rapid Jab will only start after 4 A-button taps (PAL)
Weak Knee (the latter 2/3 of the animation) does 6% damage and has 35 base knockback (All NTSC)
Weak Knee (the latter 2/3 of the animation) does 3% damage and has 30 base knockback (PAL)

*Version difference information taken from this thread by Varist.
  • Press R Button with the selection cursor token hovering over the respective character select icon.
  • When a PAL version is toggled ON, the player's CSP will turn yellow with light blue trim.
    • PAL CSP colors will take priority over alternate costume CSP colors, so you will always know if PAL version is selected.
  • Alternate costumes can still be used with PAL characters, though!
  • An NTSC version of a character cannot play a PAL version of the same character. Just don't even try, it won't work.
  • Also see "Name Tag Hacks" section.

In-Game Toggles
  • All players can activate these codes.
(D-Pad Up) Frame Counter - Freeze P1 [Achilles]
  • This toggle only takes effect when Frame Counter is turned ON!
  • Taunt is disabled when Frame Counter is ON.
  • This toggle causes P1's character to freeze.
    • Only while P1 is frozen, can on-screen percentages be mapped as action state frame counters.
      • See more info for Frame Counter in 20XX Debug Menu --> Gameplay Codes.
(D-Pad Right/Left) "Save State" Store/Load" [Achilles]
  • I use the term "save state" for this code, but it is not a true save state, like one that can be achieved with an emulator.
  • What this code does though, is save the following information for each player currently in the match when D-Pad Right is pressed:
    • Action state
    • Animation state
    • Horizontal velocity (air, self-induced)
    • Vertical velocity (self-induced)
    • Horizontal velocity (attack-induced)
    • Vertical velocity (attack-induced)
    • Horizontal position
    • Vertical position
    • Horizontal velocity (ground, self-induced)
    • Platform [currently on] ID
    • Action state frame counter
    • Decimal percentage
    • On-screen integer percentage
    • Number of jumps used
  • Pressing D-Pad Left will load this stored data back in to each player.
  • A new save state can be stored at any time and will overwrite the previously stored state.
  • A save state can be loaded as many times as you'd like.
  • In summary:
    • D-Pad Right = Save State
    • D-Pad Left = Load State
---> Practicing U-Throw U-Air with Save States gif <---

[Notice how loading a "save state" only affects the players and nothing else (contrary to an emulator save state). As a reference, look at the background and game timer.]

Platforms are a little funky with this code as well. If you saved in the middle of a platform, it can't load the character back into that precise location on the platform, unless you are directly below/above the platform. Otherwise, it will just put you onto the closest edge of the platform. And if you are on a platform but saved on the ground, when the state is loaded, you will just move to the edge of the platform closest to the spot where you saved. It's kind of weird, check out the below gif. I shoot a laser after I save a state.

---> gif <---

  • Not all action states can be successfully stored and loaded. The action states that every character shares that aren't "weird" (ones like stand, nair, dash, tumble, etc.) seem to have no problem being synced. Loading special move action states is one occasion where problems come into play (game freezing). I don't have specific details as to why this happens - maybe InternetExplorer can shed some more light on this subject because action state loading is accomplished using his action state hack. I'm sure it has to do with other values.
  • Do not load a state when a character is in a "weirder" action state such as entering in on the trophy stand thing at the beginning of a match or while a character is on their revival platform.
  • Do not load a state stored during a different match.
  • If you save a state while holding a ledge, the game will crash if you load the state while not being on a ledge.
  • Avoid loading or saving a state while a character is grabbed.
I feel as though this is the most revolutionary new code in this entire pack that relates to training potential. Never has console smash ever had a tool quite like this. Practice efficiency for specific move combinations such as uthrow --> uair with Fox is literally increased ten fold. Coupled with the fact that P2 CPU randomly DI's and also [somewhat] buffers jump, the potential this provides for perfecting techniques is quite scary. Another amazing thing this code provides is the ability to consistently practice team combos and even things like recovering against a friend over and over and over to figure out all your recovery options at specific locations and percentages.
(D-Pad Down) Infinite Shields [Achilles]
  • Once toggled ON, shield depletion rate is set to zero, shield damage is disabled, and shield regeneration rate is set to extremely high.
  • If a player/CPU is holding shield while the code is activated, their shield size will freeze at whatever health it was currently at (Can practice pokes using this). It will stay at this size until it gets “regenerated”, which is only done when a player is NOT in shield. So the second after the shield is dropped, it will regenerate insanely quickly and become full again (so if this is used in combination with one of the CPU holds shield codes, just run up and grab them and next time they put their shield up, it will be at full health). Shield health will remain full until it is toggled off and rates/damage returned to normal.
---> gif <---
[OFF --> ON --> OFF]

(X+D-Pad Up) Invincibility [Achilles, JAY007]
  • Players suffer no knockback/stun but still suffer damage.
  • Affects all players.
  • Useful for nudging Player 2 around the stage as they are spamming moves.
---> gif <---
(X+D-Pad Left) Fixed Camera [Achilles, madewokherd]
  • Camera will show the entire stage and will remain stationary regardless of player movement.
  • Great to use in combination with “(D-Pad Up) Force Load Stage Select Screen" for playing solo vs. matches.
---> gif <---
(X+D-Pad Right) Collision Bubbles - Single Character [Achilles]
  • Collision Bubble Counter increases by 1 for only the character who activated the code.

  • Collision Bubble Counter:
    • 01 = Default.
    • 02 = Collision bubbles with no character texture. *[first press]
    • 03 = Character textures with overlayed collision bubbles. *[second press]
    • 04 = Repeat back to 01. *[third press]
---> gif <---
(X+D-Pad Down) Disable HUD [Achilles]
  • Removes the Heads Up Display items such as percentages, stock icons, game timer, name tags.
  • Same functionality as the toggle in vanilla Develop Debug Mode.
---> gif <---

(Y+D-Pad Up) P2 Percent Becomes Max Allowable Damage [Achilles]
  • The 999% damage limit is changed to P2's percent.
    • Affects all players.
  • The effect persists until toggled OFF.
Use this to "freeze" your opponent's percent.
(Y+D-Pad Left) SDI Freeze [Achilles]
  • After toggled ON, this player will be put into a frozen "damage receiving" state the next time they are hit.
    • Player will remain frozen until toggled OFF.
  • The only action available to this player while frozen is to Smash DI any further attacks.
(Y+D-Pad Right) Collision Bubbles - All Characters [Achilles]
  • All characters on screen increase collision bubble counter by 01.
  • Collision Bubble Counter:
    • 01 = Default.
    • 02 = Collision bubbles with no character texture. *[first press]
    • 03 = Character textures with overlayed collision bubbles. *[second press]
    • 04 = Repeat back to 01. *[third press]
---> gif <---

(L+R+D-Pad Up) P1 Choose P2 Action Spam [Achilles]
  • After button activator is pressed, P2 stands still and a color tint is given to P2 for 3 seconds.
  • After 3 seconds has elapsed, P2 will spam whatever input P1 is inputting at that exact moment.
    • So remember, it's not the last move you did. It's the button input you are doing after 3 seconds runs out.
  • Only applies to buttons and joystick. C-STICK IS NOT REGISTERED.
---> gif <---
(L+R+D-Pad Left) Frame Counter - Map Frozen Action State to a Percentage [Achilles]
  • This toggle will only take effect when Frame Counter is turned ON!
  • This toggle cycles through on-screen player percents and will program an action state frame counter to a percentage for the action state that P1 is currently frozen in.
    • The on-screen percent "to program next" is the one that was turned to 999% the last time this toggle was hit.

- Continuing to work on this description tonight -
(L+R+D-Pad Right) P2 Hitbox Freeze Repeater [Achilles]

Use with P1 Choose P2 Action Spam!
  • After toggling ON, P2 will be frozen in place and become intangible.
    • P2's hitbox will remain active if that character was frozen in the middle of an attack.
  • If another player is damaged by P2's frozen hitbox, P2 will immediately upon hit:
    1. Become unfrozen (and continue to spam a move like normal)
    2. Will freeze again at the exact same frame at which they were previously frozen with an active hitbox out.
This allows for amazing ledgetech practice!
  1. Have P2 spam a move by the edge (such as Falco d-smash).
  2. Freeze P2 when the hitbox is out in a location that will hit you as you are trying to recover to the ledge.
  3. Run towards edge of stage and jump over the frozen character --> *Save State*.
  4. Go below the stage and try to recover / ledgetech!
  5. When you are about to die...*Load State*.
  6. Repeat 4-5.
If you ever clank a hitbox with P2 or are invincible (halo) to the hitbox, then P2 will not repeat and freeze the move and a dead hitbox (inactive, but visible) will remain. At this point, you will need to just toggle the freeze repeater OFF and then ON again.
(L+R+D-Pad Down) Disable Any P2 Action Code [Achilles]
  • Currently enabled P2 action code will be disabled.
  • P2 is returned to a normal CPU.
  • Seen in some gifs below. Specifically, the end of the "Hold Shield" gif.

(L+D-Pad Up) P2 Grab OoS [Achilles]
  • P2 will shield grab after suffering shield stun.
---> gif <---
(L+D-Pad Left) P2 Hold Shield [Achilles]
  • P2 will hold the L button.
---> gif <---
(Infinite Shield code is ON in gif)
(L+D-Pad Right) P2 Nair OoS [Achilles]
  • P2 will buffer jump forward out of shield stun and do a frame perfect neutral air.
---> gif <---
(L+D-Pad Down) P2 Random C-Stick Buffer OoS / Roll Backwards OoS [Achilles]
  • P2 will hold shield and buffer a random c-stick direction out of shield stun.
    • If P2 buffers jump, they will do a frame perfect nair in place.
  • Hit the toggle a second time to make P2 always buffer a backwards roll out of shield stun.
---> gif <---

(R+D-Pad Up) P2 [Fox] Dair --> Grab --> UThrow --> *Intelligent* Uair [Achilles]
  • The uair after the throw will only work against P1
  • Fox will spam dair --> grab (grab doesn't always come out after a successful dair)
    • If he successfully grabs his opponent, he will then *intelligently* uthrow --> uair (straight up).
      • Intelligently: When fox is jumping, the difference in vertical positioning between P1 and P2 is calculated. If this value falls within a certain window, Fox will double jump and then uair. If the value is below the window (meaning the characters are too close to double jump uair), Fox will not double jump and will simply uair. If the value is above the window (meaning the chars are too far away to double jump uair), then Fox will input nothing. The thing to remember at this point is that he is still moving up from his jump, and hence getting closer to the opponent. This vertical position subtraction is executed every frame, so the moment he gets close enough and the value falls within the designated window, Fox will double jump uair to hit Player 1.
      • Works well against floaties. For ex., the uthrow --> uair will hit Marth every time from 0 - death.
      • Only works against fastfallers when they are at higher percent.
  • Useful for practicing smash DI (on the dair and uair).
---> gif <---
(Disable P2 action was input at the end)
(R+D-Pad Left) P2 [Spacie] Offensive Shine Pressure [Achilles]
  • Insane (yet 20XX realistic) spacie shine pressure.
  • Random dairs or nairs after a forward jump.
  • Random aerial timing mixups
  • Random double shine and shine-grab mixups
    • If second shine is aerial --> wavedash down in place (Westballz - 20XX certified member).
    • If P2 successfully grabs an opponent, the uthrow --> uair command is executed (only works against P1).
  • Practice your out of shield options.
---> Falco gif <---
---> Fox gif <---
(R+D-Pad Right) P2 [Falco] Short Hop Lasers [Achilles]
  • Falco will short hop laser in place.
  • Powershield practice.
---> gif <---
(R+D-Pad Down) P2 [Spacie] Shine OoS [Achilles]
  • Frame perfect shine out of shield after suffering shield stun and then a wavedash in place.
  • InternetExplorer's action state hack is used for the shine to get it to be frame perfect. This makes the shine look weird/not really appear sometimes, but I can guarantee you the hitbox comes out.
  • Will more than likely cause the game to freeze if this code is toggled ON and P2 is not Fox or Falco.
---> gif <---

Name Tag Hacks

(Z Button) While Selecting an Alphabet Character to Force Lowercase [Achilles]

Symbol Additions [Achilles]
  • The following symbols have been added to the English Alphabet page:
# .......... number sign/hash
| ............ bar
_ ......... underscore

(D-Pad Right/Left) Extended Name Tag Length [Achilles]
  • Create name tags up to 8 characters long by combining two separate name tags.
  • Only works on the Character Select Screen.
    • Instructions:
    • 1) On the Character Select Screen, select a name tag that you want to "store" (these will be the last 1-4 characters of your extended name tag).
    • 2) Hit d-pad right to store the name tag (no visual feedback for this is given).
    • 3) Select another name tag that you want to use as the base for the extended name tag (the first 4 characters).
    • 4) Hit d-pad left to combine the stored name tag onto the end of the base name tag.
    • 5) Open up the menu to choose another name tag and you will now see your new 4+ character name tag.
Note: The code to constantly write "Achilles" to the first name tag slot has been removed.

Easter Eggs
Ganondorf Sword Mod [Achilles]
  • Hold A+B while starting a match as Ganondorf to have him hold his sword throughout the entire match.
    • Does not affect gameplay.

---> gif <---
Spacies Gun Size Mod [Achilles, Bazza]
  • Hold A+B while starting a match as Fox or Falco to have huge guns (~6x the size).
    • Both space animals share the same memory location for gun size.

---> gif <---
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I have played around with the new beta for a bit and it's lovely.
With the toggles for CPU DI, it boggles me why you haven't included combo DI.
That would be super usefull!
Please concider it


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Jan 26, 2011
Just two things, I apologize if these have already been mentioned.

1. Turning off pressing down on dpad going to rumble screen in the debug menu doesn't work.
2. On the "single player" maps screen hacked hyrule castle, great bay, green greens, brinstar and probably others are just the normal stages (sorry if these just haven't been added yet).

Also, just wondering how do you get more than 4 characters on the screen?
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Apr 27, 2015
The second edit; It's normal if it only works for Battlefield. He said he still has to write the code for the other stages, so only Battlefield is in.
Yeah, I saw that mentioned a bit ago as I was reading through the thread. Thanks for your response, though!

On another note, I'm guessing that the upper limit of files you can remove from Melee would be the movie files and the trophy files. I'm not aware of anything else that's nonessential to gameplay. Is 1.46 GB the largest size that GCN games go? I've never seen a size larger than that for an iso, so maybe that's near the disc storage size. What I'm really asking is if iso size is really a limit here.
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Mar 18, 2015
3+ people have asked this question already and its in the first post about the beta under an italicized and underlined header saying "things that are missing."
Refer back to what I said earlier. Either way, I found the Smash 4 version of battlefield after a bit. No thanks to you, lol.


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May 13, 2015
I downloaded the 4.0 Beta3 and have to iso with the file replacements. However, if I try to start it up with Nintendont, it doesn't recognize it. Will it work on another homebrew app or is mine just messed up?

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Yo I've been trying to add custom music forever and I keep getting nothing. Yes I've been following this guide but every time I start up my ISO and go to the music section of the debug menu, the list stops at 68.hps as if nothing has been changed. Are you only able to add one file at a time or does it work if you add multiple? I honestly have no idea why this keeps failing. The only thing I can think of that's causing this is because I'm using the 4.03b builder and then extracting the ISO rather than just creating it from scratch, though that doesn't make much sense either. If anyone can help me figure out why it's not working, I'd be really grateful.
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Oct 25, 2015
R-Alt for Green Sheik/Zelda gives Sothe/Micaiah, who are both Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn characters (which is why a red costume was assigned to a green slot lol). R-Alt for Marth is based off of PM's Purple Marth costume. Not sure about others, but make sure to check the OP for the names that correspond to the returning 20XX 3.02 costumes (CTRL+F "alternate costumes"), if you're still trying to update your list.
I'm checking in for any updates. Thanks for your contribution.
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