The 101 Types of Mario Maker 2 Levels WIP


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May 7, 2009
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How many times have you seen these levels? What did I miss?

Quick On/Off Block Speedrun
Tight spike swim
The "Wow I've never seen this before" Troll Funhouse
Spin Jump Bomb flight
Spin Jump Bomb Elevator
Training Course (Shell Jumps etc)
Single Room Puzzle
Extended Puzzles
Kaizo Rube Goldberg Machine
A kid made this enemy spam (with hidden dev star)
Poison Mushroom Evasion
Poison Mushroom spam
The House/City recreation
Koopa/Mole/Mushroom Escort
Music Level
Just Hold Right Auto Level
True Auto Level
Multi Cannonball Flight
Koopa Car and Springs Speedrun
The Clear Condition
The Pointless Clear Condition That's laughably Easy to Achieve
Boss Rush
The Mind Blowing Creative Level
"Kaizo" That's Not Really Kaizo
The "Just Kill Me" .05% Clear Rate Level
Baby's First Level
Multi-Player 4 Separated sections race
World 1-1 semi recreation
The Inconsistent Theme
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