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"That's the Power of the Eight Leaves!" | Rean from Trails of Cold Steel for Smash Ultimate DLC! ToCS3 coming to the West!!!


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Oct 7, 2014
Since I didn't see a thread for the great series's characters, I guess I would start with our main guy here since I would love to see him being DLC (I know I know even if the chances are probably slim, BUT WHO CARES!)

NOTE: I will only cover ToCS I and II, since those are the once available for people currently because the other ones aren't here yet (outside of Japan). So please bare with me when I am only covering those 2 games, since I also want to introduce more people to these games and encourage them to give those a try :)

ALSO THERE WILL BE MINOR SPOILERS! I will try to avoid anything crucial, but when talking about his mechanics and moves, I can't avoid to go into some details. I won't spoiler anything story related or explaining why he has certain abilities, since I want you people who haven't played those games yet to give them a shot. So if you are fine with it go ahead and read those details. I will also put them in spoilers just in case!

So without further ado, I will now introduce the series's main protagonist Rean Schwarzer to you guys and will also be talking about his background, his move-set, how his trailer should be like (in my opinion of course) and why I personally think that he would make a fantastic and unique addition to the smash bros series.


Who is that guy?

Rean Schwarzer is the protagonist of the Trails of Cold Steel Series. Rean starts as a student at Thors military Academy, where pupils are trained to master the ARCUS (devices which provide the pupils with powers similar to magic when using Quartz in it, which have different abilities) and learn how to develop bonds together. So he and his friends learn how to handle themselves in battle when the time comes.

Thors has a "class system" which divides commons and nobles. Those classes were a tradition for many years. However Rean and his friends were assigned to a brand new class called "Class VII" in which commons AND nobles are put together. After their very first trial, Rean and his friends decided to form the very first "Class VII" in history and from there on they would take theoretical and physical exams to master their whole education.

Rean is a kind, dependable and beloved person throughout the series and helps people whereever he can. However when it comes to his sister (or family in general) or his friends, Rean can also be ruthless which can be seen in certain scenario's in battle. He is also the leader of Class VII everyone has voted for.

Rean uses the so called "Eight Leaves One Blade" Style which is unique to him and his master Yun Ka-fai who is a well-known swordsman in Erobonia (the continent of the ToCS series).
This sword style focuses on extreme speed, strength and technique at the same time. With his Tachi (the sword type he wields), he can cut through almost anything or anyone staying in his group's way.

So I hope that was kinda understandable explained since I wanted to keep this kinda summarized and almost spoiler free.

Wouldn't he be just another swordsman?

I know that this is probably the very first thing that would come to some people's minds, however Rean's fighting style, abilities and ARCUS can make him an insanely great unique fighter. You will see the details on how I would imagine his moves in smash in a minute.

Since I and probably lots of other people haven't heard about that guy, why would he be DLC?

That's an absolut valid point. And I and probably many other ToCS fans are also aware that his chances might not be the greatest considering other franchises.
HOWEVER, I want to introduce the characters to as many people as possible so we could have potentially more fans of the series which would help, since people would also push for Rean at some point. And that's kinda my main focus while I am creating this thread :)

Alright I think those are kinda the 3 main questions I wanted to answer since they would very likely come up .



In my imagination, Rean's trailer would go something like this:

Zelda, Roy and Richter are having a tough time fighting Rathalos in the Monster Hunter Area. While the 3 can't seem to land a crucial hit against him they kinda fall on their knees with limited options to fight him.

Just when Rathalos is about to "charge" a giant fire ball while he is flying in the sky, a giant Mech is slashing quickly his back and landing on the ground causing Rathalos to fall.

The Mech looks as following:

While Rathalos is trying to recover from that hit, you see someone leaving that Mech with cat beside his boots (the cat's name is Celine btw).

She whispers something like "You could have beated him in one blow, you know... And now Valimar's remaining energy is gone for a while!" while the camera is zoomed at her sitting next to Rean's foot.
Then you see Rean's back to get a look at his jacket while he says "Yeah sometimes I feel like I haven't mastered Valimar's (Mech's Name) potential to it's fullest."
Then you see the camera zooming to his mouth, "However..." ,
Then you finally see Rean's face "...now is our chance, LET'S GET HIM!"
Camera zooms out to get a look of his full character model.

REAN BRINGS THE COLD STEEL!!! (I think that one was kinda fitting, but let me know if you came up with something better lol)

While you see his move-set introduced the battle theme of ToCS II is being played:

I will go into details regarding his move-set in a minute but I am not done with the trailer yet. Rean seems to have defeated Rathalos (after beating up other fighter for showcasing his moves lol), but as soon as he turned his back to Rathalos, Rean gets hit by a fatal fire ball of him.
While he recovers, barely standing he says "Looks like I've got no other choice..." while Celine screams "REAN DON'T!" . Rean then turns into his ogre form (yeah yeah insert shrek joke here I know) and the music starts to change:

Rean's form now has changed to his ogre form:

While Rean is in his Ogre Form, he will be slightly faster and stronger while he damages himself constantly. I will go more into detail about this mechanic in a second.
After showcasing all of his remaining moves and his 2nd final smash, Rathalos runs away as fast as he can. Rean then puts his sword back into it's sheath, breathes deeply and gives Celine a thumbs up while saying "Phew in the end we managed to beat it."
Celine: " Oh you are so..."

Smash Ultimate Logo ends the trailer.


Note that this is only one way to make Rean work as a unique fighter since there are so many options.

Rean slashes sideways, yelling "ARCUS ACTIVATE" and connects a Fire Bolt which can kill at very high % .

Rean's regular attack move in the ToCS games.

While crouching and holding his tachi in a backward position like he always does in the main games, Rean spins at a 360 degree hitting both sides and covering those spaces. However you will be left very vunerable if you miss it.

Rean still holds on to his Tachi with both hands swinging it upwards quickly which can kill at much higher % but is a nice combo starter for early %.


Rean his holding his Tachi right before him touching each end with one hand yelling "ARCUS ACTIVATE", unleashing a more powerful version of the Fire Bolt (Fire Bolt EX) which covers his body with a hitbox. This move however must be spaced correctly to avoid getting grabbed.

Rean slashes sidewards, while his sword is covered with the Orbal Art (the "magic" you get when using certain Quartz) Earth Lance, which has some start-up but kills at high %/about 90% .

Rean quickly turns backwards, moves his hand forward and yells "ARCUS ACTIVATE" while casting Air Strike which is a ball with green wind-effects which can also kill at high % if you hit with the center of the ball.

Rean swings his Tachi upwards and sends Flare Bombs into the sky which are multi-hits and explode about 3-4 times (similar hitbox to samus's charge shot). You need to connect all of them so the move can kill at mid-high % depending on the distance to the blastzone the opponent has, however if a single one misses because you missed the move, the enemy will be able to escape out of it.

While Rean is looking down his body "looking" forward, he holds his sword with both hands and the bladepart points towards the ground and rushes towards the ground while causing flame effects underneath his body. This move is very powerful, but has more lag if you use it from further above.


Valimar appears behind Rean and both of them unleash a powerful strike towards the enemy. (Each of them uses their own sword and the hitbox is similar to Bayonetta's FSmash)

Rean's body stands towards the players while charging an attack with his tachi similar to Ike's Eruption while Valimar is behind him. Together they hit a powerful strike downwards which can kill insanely early, but will leave you wide open if you miss.

Rean and Valimar will both punch into the air launching every enemy that is above them which can kill decently.

NOTE: Valimar's seize equals the size of the ground from battle field to the point between the first and the highest plattform (I hope you can imagine what I acutally mean, otherwise I will gladly try to showcase it with my OP paint skills)



One of Rean's Eight Leaves techniques is Gale. Rean quickly vanishes and slashes through EVERY enemy on the battlefield in the main games. In smash however I imagine the move like this:
Rean can charge Gale up to 4 times. Each charge takes about 20 frames and he flashes every time he gets into the next level (every level will be more powerful). For each level you charged, you hit each enemy once. For example if you play against 2 opponents and charged gale to the 2nd level, you will hit each opponent once (the one with the higher % first). If you fight one opponent, than that opponent will get hit by gale that many times and will be launched when the last one connects. This move is extrem powerful depending on the level you charged and can also be used as a recovery tool. It also damages the opponents shield when fully charged by ~90%. However the further you charge the more lag you will have afterwards. So if your Gale gets shielded,parried or perfectly dodged, you will be very vunerable and open for any kind of punish the game has to offer.
So use this move cautiously.
NOTE: After the hit you will be right there where your opponent was before he/she was launched/hit.

Rean quickly draws his blade and swings it towards the opponent and shoots a cutting projectile to that direction. This move is very quick and Rean can immediately follow-up so that his Arc-Slash can actually cover his body if he runs at the same speed as it does (The Arc Slash isn't that fast, kinda like Duck Hunt's Side-B). Travels about 3/4 of BF length.

Dragon Impact:
Rean holds his Tachi upwards while saying "Burn to ash..." and charges a powerful fire attack which takes the form of a dragon. The longer you charge the bigger the dragon will get until the move unleashes automatically if you charge for too long. This move covers about half of BF and reaches barely above the first plattform. It has an huge amount of start-up and is only safe, if you fully space it or hit an opponents shield so they can't immediately drop it. Fully charged this move can OHKO an opponent, but if you miss, you will be left very vunerable (depending on how long you charge). When Rean unleashes the move and hits the ground he yells "...FALL!!!"

Rean's very first and signature Eight Leaves technique. Rean can angle this move to any direction you want OR cancel it to make a fake out. If you do a fake out however, you can't immediately use this move again. After Rean quickly slashes into on of these directions, the spot where he stood before will be covered in "cutting-effects"/sword slashes. That zone will be covered about 30 frames with those effects and you can only use those effects again once the old once are gone. The spot where Rean will appear will be covered with a decent hitbox of his tachi but can also give opponents the opportunity to meteor you, if they time it correctly.

Final Smash:
Rean has his tachi in it's sheath and prepares to strike (kinda like Lyn does as an AT). The will be a white glowing Light right before Rean (similar to Shulk). After that there will be a little cut-in where Rean says "My blade will cleave your ignorance and light the way" which after he bursts out a powerful scream and starts slashing the opponent from every possible direction, slashing from each angle once and finally putting his blade back to it's sheath. After that the enemy will be launched away. The enemy will lose a stock if the gets hit by this at ~45-50%.


Rean does his victory pose that he also does in the main games. He puts his tachi back into it's sheath and says "That's the power of the Eight Leaves!".

Rean uses his Craft-Skill "Motivate" from his original games. He yells "ALRIGHT, LET'S DO THIS!".

Rean crouches and pets Celine's head who seems annoyed by it.

And now for the important mechanic I was thinking about for Rean. His Ogre Form.

How do you turn into the Ogre Form?
The Ogre Form can only be triggered, if Rean falls to his last stock while the opponent at least has one stock more than you do. If you get to your last stock while your opponent was on his/her last stock, the form won't trigger.

What changes while you are in that Form?
First of all Rean will get a boost in Damage and Knockback on all his moves of 25%. All of his moves will also be 1-2 frames faster. The current music will also be replaced with "Exceed" from Trails of Cold Steel (see the spoiler "Exceed" above). Taunts will also be disabled while you are in your Ogre Form. All Special Moves will change (see below).
However it comes with a great cost. Every time you hit an opponent or an opponents shield, Rean will receive damage equally the move would deal to the opponent*0.5 (basically 50% of the move you threw at your enemy). If your moves don't hit the opponent or the opponents shield, then you won't receive any damage. You will also have less weight, which makes it easier to kill you early.
As mentioned all your special moves will change into much more powerful versions. I will now explain how each move will change.

If Rean uses Fatal Autumn Leaf Cutter, all the spots up to the point where he will appear, will be covered in sword-slashes/cut-effects which will stay about 10 frames each. However Rean won't have any hitbox while appearing with his tachi.

This is the big one. Rean will still have all the properties from before, HOWEVER he will have a lot more power this time around. Each level will charge in 10 frames instead of 20. After you confirmed (either on shield or hurtbox) ALL of your hits while your Arcane Gale was fully charged, Rean will automatically follow up with an Arc Slash, which the opponent has to block since it's a true blockstring. This will 100% break your opponents shield, if he/she gets hit by this at max charge.

When Fatal Arc Slash hits the opponents shield or hurtbox, it will unleash 4-5 slashes which combo into each other and allow Rean to go for follow Ups.

Rean can charge the Dragon much faster now. During the whole animation he will have super armor, until he can act again.

This time Rean will angle his sword downwards, while the same white light will appear before him. After the light hits an opponent another Cut-In will be shown, where Rean first says "Fall to ruin..." and starts covering his tachi with flames. After a fiercely scream he will quickly approach the enemy and quickly hit him with 2 strong sword slashes,charges his last powerful strike, yells "...PERISH!!!" and ends it with a clean strike through the enemy. This Final Smash will take your stock at 0%.

NOTE: Now I know some moves work kinda differently in ToCS, but I wanted to give them some newer properties, to make his playstyle better fitting for smash (in my opinion of course). So I hope you kinda like the ideas I had for this character :)

So that's it, took me forever lol. So I hope you like the concept of Rean and might give Trails of Cold Steel a try if you didn't already!

As for ToCS fans, if you have any suggestions, ideas, criticism,... feel free to say it right away.
If you find any grammatical mistakes, I am very sorry for that. English isn't my 1st language and it was A LOT of typing :D So if I messed up at certain points, feel free to let me know!

LAST NOTE: I will try to make gifs to showcase some moves a little more, so people can imagine certain moves better.
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Dec 10, 2013
Bumping this because I support. Real excited to play Trails of Cold Steel soon.
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