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Test Your Might 7 OC#3, Cleveland OH, Sept. 12th


Smash Champion
Feb 29, 2008
Chi-town, come at me
Brawl Singles
1: M2K- MK ($235.20)
2: Lain- ICs/Marth ($107.80)
3: Alphazealot- Diddy ($68.60)
4: Shugo - Sonic/falco($39.20)
5: Kel - MK($19.60)
5: Y.b.M- Kirby ($19.60)
7: Blue Rogue- Wario
7: L- Snake
9: Smash64
9: Argentstew
9: Tyr
9: Beegs
13: SFG
13: King Yoshi
13: Falco400
13: BBoy
17: 4%
17: Suyon
17: Wisdom
17: Iris
17: Kawaii
17: Ithrowthings
17: King beef
17: Bead
25: omni216
25: Gigabowser XYZ
25: Matt
25: Glov
25: Newbreeze
25: XtacyFalco
25: Jiffy
25: Vidjo
===Pools Cutoff===
33: Ugean
33: Flan
33: Shred
33: Akron4
33: Nova
33: President Charly
33: WTP
33: Akron3
41: Marche
41: Amy
41: Maryo
41: MFMD
41: MD Lo
41: Thantos
41: Yogehi
41: Lii
49: PrinceAlus
49: Gibian

Brawl Doubles
1: I don't know (M2K & Shugo) ($121.00)
2: Bananahammock (AZ & Kel) ($66.00)
3: Don't Bother Playing Sonic (Blue Rogue & ArgentStew) ($33.00)
4: Falco400 & SFG (Falco400 & SFG)
5: Brown & Proud (Y.b.M & Smash64)
5: Shake and Bake (Ithrowthings & BBoy)
7: Michigan Sucks (What's the Point & Iris)
7: We don't throw things (L & Kawaii)
9: Vidjo is so pretty (Lain & Vidjo)
9: Newlyweds (King Beef & Beegs)
9: Semi-Phresh (Xtacy & President Charly)

Melee Singles
1: M2K ($93.50)
2: Vidjo ($59.50)
3: 4% ($25.50)
4: x :)
5: ****
5: Lain
7: Dobs
7: Impp
9: Kitty
9: King
9: Skyson
9: Blue Rogue
13: Sci Fi Mike
13: Hudge
13: Soap
13: God Voice
17: Kawaii
17: Ugean

Note: M2K and vidjo split

1: Zareidriel ($24.50)
2: Suyon ($7.00)
3: Ithrowthings ($3.50)
4: Thantos
5: Beegs
6: Newbreeze
7: Blue Rogue

hope everyone had a good time, im tired from all the running around ane yelling i was doing lol


Smash Master
Mar 29, 2008
We need more blazblue tounrys!
other than that im pretty sad I didnt make it and there seems to be alot of change of power rankings as a result of this tounry


Smash Champion
Mar 4, 2008
1: M2K- Thanks for all the friendlies and stuff. It was great getting to play you. Hopefully I'll do better against you next time.
2: Lain- I'm glad we finally got to play. Sorry for rooting against you but you kept playing Cincy players lol. Ice Climbers are cool. It's always good seeing something other than MK in grand finals.
4: Shugo - I need to play against your Falco more. Too good as usual.
5: Kel - Good **** beating Lain. Cincinnati just keeps stepping up.
5: Y.b.M- Good job beating Shugo. Kirby is the best.
7: Blue Rogue- Teach me Wario!!
7: L- Sorry I didn't give you a better match. I suck vs. Snake. Good job though. You earned it.
9: Smash64 - You shouldn't be tying with me lol. You'll get them next time.
9: Argentstew- thanks for the MM. I hate Lucario lol.
9: Beegs - You shouldn't be tying with me either. You're marth is too good. Win tourneys.
13: Falco400 - Thanks for the MM. Nice Wario.
13: BBoy - That grab release spike on Wario is sick.
17: Iris - Fun playing you again.
17: Ithrowthings - Great venue, great job running things.
25: omni216 - Nice Jiggs.
25: Vidjo - Thanks for housing us. We didn't get to Lucas ditto. Hopefully next time. You should get back into Brawl. Nice meeting you.
33: Nova - No worries, you'll do better next time. Lucas forever.

Great tournament as usual. Hopefully I'll be back again sometime even though it's a long drive.


Smash Journeyman
Mar 15, 2009
great i'm 25th again *sigh*

1: M2K- MK ($235.20)- i was hoping we could do those friendlies. anyway congrats for winning.
4: Shugo - Sonic/falco($39.20)- didn't brawl you this time :dizzy:
5: Kel - MK($19.60)- ggs and again sry for snapping when i lost to a tor- err mk :laugh:
13: Falco400- ggs. nice wario
17: Ithrowthings- ggs man. awesome sonic and yea i might have to switch out bowser soon.
25: Gigabowser XYZ- u suck at this game. get better already


Smash Ace
Feb 27, 2007
Canton, OH
S'yeah, like I said, I kind of left my little silver lunchbox thing of Yugioh cards at the venue. If those would happen to... turn up somewhere, I'd love to know. o_o;

M2K: 4 uptilts, dair, uptilt, fair, bair: SSB64 Kirby, down stat. Also great to discuss how great Link is at dying.

Lain: Switching to Yoshi's Story/Marth was a really stupid move on my part, I don't even play him, lol. Should've stuck with Sheik. Good **** in Melee, though. Set was fun.

Blue Rogue: JACKPOT!

Smash64: YEAYUHZ. SSB64 all day, son! You're too good, and we should've played a lot more than we did. Red Link raaaaaapes. =D

Iris: Nice friendlies at the end. Your Marth isn't bad, makes a nice character to practice with. You'll get better pretty quick, I'd imagine. Remember, TWO KNEES.

Ithrowthings: I got an easy button. 8D That alone ensures I am coming to every future Test Your Might. Thanks for running it well and making sure everything went down as proper.

Gigabowser XYZ: Good friendlies, Brawl and Melee. Mewtwo dittos, AUUUUUGH.

Ugean: Didn't mean to sound like a **** when I said I was gonna count the first game as not a warm-up. I was sick of losing by that point, and seeing how much you shaped up in the second game was startling. Good set. =P

Amy: Silver Lucarioooo! Friendlies all day and night were fun, I don't think I'll ever learn Lucario but I'll always be happy to play other matchups with you to give some insight against them. I hope you become a lot better like you want, you have the basics down pretty stat. =D

Steve: Daaaaaaaaaammit. 4 in a row. And this time I was so close to taking it! That ****ing suicide at the last stock first game.. I'm so sure that if I hadn't done that, I would've taken the Set. I don't know WHAT happened to you game 2, you SD'd, what, 3 times? I was the nervous one there, so I can only imagine that you.. went berserk or something. Very good **** taking 5th place, though, I'm glad I at least lost to people who placed high. =D

Dobs: Next tourney, THE FATED DOUBLES TEAM-UP. Kirby/Falcon, let's GOOOO.

Soap: Awesome friendlies, your Falco and Sheik are 2good. Sheik dittos are fun even with the massive chaingrabbing, and I would've enjoyed a couple more.

Guys that I played Yugioh with: Frogs. Get pwned.

Eddie G

Smash Hero
Nov 24, 2006
Cleveland, OH
I placed horribly. I'm very disappointed... 17th, disgusting. I know I can do better... >.>

1: M2K- MK ($235.20)- Congrats Jason. I only got to talk to you for a short bit before you started your matches, but I'll be coming over to hang with you and Jesse sometime soon and practice with you guys.

2: Lain- ICs/Marth ($107.80)- My buddy Omni calls you the "Demon ICs player" for some reason lol. At first I didn't know what you looked like so I thought you were some random but nasty ICs player. I eventually put 2 and 2 together haha. Thanks for showing up. Drag Judge and Anther with you next time.

3: Alphazealot- Diddy ($68.60)- Cool seeing you again. Your Diddy is still sexy as hell to watch. It's too bad we didn't get to play again.

4: Shugo - Sonic/falco($39.20)- Good **** in the tourney Shugo. Thanks for showing up.

5: Kel - MK($19.60)- When they start screaming "God Kais" you should scream "GUNPUNCH!". Take 'em back to the old school times son.

5: Y.b.M- Kirby ($19.60)- I'm sorry lol but you really do look like Will Smith. We had some close team matches but Beegs and I just couldn't close in on those last kills, haha. Thanks for coming up. The God Kais are some solid players.

7: Blue Rogue- Wario- It's a shame, I really wanted to go Sheik on you in tourney to see how things would have played out. I'm not too sure about taking you on with Peach anymore lol.

7: L- Snake- Wow...you did really well, congrats on 7th. I totally underestimated you going into our set, and I payed the price fair and square. No johns from me, I'll just bring it harder and play gayer next time so watch out. O.~

9: Smash64- Another Eddie! Good **** bro, you're really chill. That's a nasty Snake you got there. Hope to play you at Wings and Brew or something. Thanks for coming up.

9: Argentstew- **** you. I'll go Sheik on Lucario if I want to lol. Nah...I'll keep Peach for you "defensive" Lucarios. O.~

9: Tyr- Nasty Lucas as usual. I always cheer for you in your matches. Good **** beating Lain's ICs in pools. Hope to see you at WaB whatever the number is. :)

9: Beegs- Man...that was such a bitter-sweet set to play... :(

13: SFG- Eric you tall mofo! Let me know if you want to head to WaB. I'll see what I can do about getting/giving you a ride.

13: King Yoshi- Stop giving me funny looks. I'm not evil I swear. :(

13: Falco400- You're hawt.

13: BBoy- Brett bringin the heat. Let me know when you want to get together and practice.

17: 4%- Dude...I almost didn't recognize you at first. Grats on your Melee placing.

17: Suyon- Lol don't listen to me anymore if I suggest to go Pit. I guess I'm bad luck or something lol.

17: Kawaii- Ouch, you 2-0'd me, good ****. You're pretty solid. :3

17: Ithrowthings- **** Sawnik.

17: King beef- Eww...17th, wtf is wrong with you? You're way better than that... xP

25: omni216- Pikachuuuuuuuuu

25: Glov- You're silly as ****. Cool seeing you again man.

25: Jiffy- To answer your question, yes you are improving with Ness imo. You played the matchup a lot smarter than you did previously, and as a result made it harder for me to win. That's progress in my book. :3

25: Vidjo- Thanks for coming out and bringing the killer robot pimp with ya. I'll catch you on AIM sometime soon and see when we can hang out. See you around Jesse.


Smash Journeyman
Jul 31, 2007
Cleveland, Ohio
Skyson - Good **** in teams with kirby. I'll team with you at Steve's tournament since we didn't get to in PA.

Slart - Fun SSB64 pizza match. You've gotten better since the last time. Keep it up.

Guy with the green "Don't get hit" shirt (sorry forgot your name...) - Fun friendlies, roy has fire.

Blue Rogue - Awesome Ness (lame pun....).

M2K - Stop winning every event. JK congrats.

Lain - Fun falcon dittos I can't believe I missed the walljump tech knee. First time I've seen IC's played like that in brawl, kinda makes me want to start playing.

X - Good set man. You whooped me the last game, I'll have to get a rematch some time.

Steve - Don't get used to beating me, I'll see you again in the loser's bracket at your tournament. :chuckle:

Omni - Play melee.

KB - Play more melee.

Thanks ITT, the venue, and anyone else who helped for hosting.


Smash Lord
Oct 8, 2008
Really fun tourney! Too lazy and sick to do shoutouts atm ><. Oh btw there is a replay me vs quivo falco vs tl on battlefield that i saved on someones wii that i really want. If you guys can find it for me and give it to me somehow i'd appreciate it. Thanks! (btw no offense to you quivo >.> i wanna see what happened again lololol ilu <3).


Smash Champion
Mar 4, 2008
Oh yeah, I saved a replay of me vs. Iris on somebody's Wii (if I remember right it was on station 5?) If anyone has it and wants to send it to me that'd be super cool. No big deal though either way.


Smash Lord
Nov 15, 2006
Akron, OH
Thanks for doing a results thread. As soon as I got home I tried going to sleep but got a real nasty kidney stone that kept me up for another 6-7 hours. After I finally got some sleep I slept for another 15 hours.... Now I have to get ready for school so I'll do shoutouts later.


Smash Master
May 29, 2008
Dallas, Texas
1: M2K- You are one crazy drunk...I wanna see more of it hehe...

2: Lain- We need to smoke....I will make an oath to defeat you next time we meet in brackets...that is my Word!

3: Alphazealot- (Same thing I said to Lain)....Good stuff on 3rd though. You are a great player...Keep it up...GOD KAIS!!!

4: Shugo - Best Sonic Player and a really nice Falco...I beat you but you ranked higher than me WTF...I brought the Hood out of you...haha That was too funny....

5: Kel - Your MK will surely soon be the best in the MW(or really close to Judges, M2K excluded)

5: Y.b.M- God Kais!!! But you can do better

7: Blue Rogue- Nice Job...we both got the same placing we got last week haha....It sucks you SD'd on Rainbow...you are really good keep it up...

9: Smash64- It's better than Last week pimp....Good job though.

9: Argentstew- you have the best Lucario I have played. One day you will defeat me....But until then Keep up the good progress....

9: Tyr- GREAT JOB ON DEFEATING LAIN!!! You did something that I haven't did yet....Great placing...We both know that you shouldn't have lost to that Snake...We both know that. Your Getting Much better....

9: Beegs- Haha We both got the Same results as last week *sigh* We gotta do better pimp

13: SFG- Nice seeing you again...come to more tournaments...

13: King Yoshi- Thanks for Hosting the tournament...It was fun. Haha nice seeing you again pimpin

13: BBoy- Decent placing...Maybe my luck will rub off on you (no homo)

17: Suyon- Sorry we didn't get to play friendlys....next time though

17: Wisdom- Great peach...IMO you should practice more with her and drop Zelda

17: Ithrowthings- Thanks for hosting the tournament...If we can travel all the way up there for you...You can travel here for us...thanks...

17: King beef- Nice peach...you should have not lost that match against that Snake player...*sigh* Nice to finally meet you pimp...

25: Vidjo- Thanks for Housing us... You are the coolest dude ever. I wish Cleveland wasn't so far...It would be lots of fun kickin it with you all.

I Had a great weekend...probably one of the best weekends I had in a while.
The M2K training has really gotten us better i can see it...especially Kel.
Nice seeing Quivo again...it's always good having you around.
It was cool hanging out with Shugo and bringing the Hood at of him.
Paying for my entree fee and Smash 64- $47
Getting food after elimination- $9
Fun times messin with M2K (get some) and seeing him wear My Y.b.M. Hat .....Priceless....

haha great weekend...


Smash Lord
Nov 15, 2006
Akron, OH

1: M2K- Thx for comin out, gratz on first. We gotta do some friendlies sometime, you should come to one of King Yoshi's things.
2: Lain- Plz try to work on smokin in between sets a little better. Just do your sets first then when you have a long break you should do that. You're srsly gonna get DQ'd one of these times. You're still awesome though and you still have to train me. You've actually probably given me some of the best advice already.
3: Alphazealot- Thx for comin up. You threw your Diddy prize on the ground and left though, so BBoy is still officially the best Diddy player at this tournament two times in a row now.
4: Shugo - I really wanted to see you fight M2K. You totally should have had Lain and I'll probably put on an edgegrab rule of 60 next time. Once I learn the stutter step f-smash you have to teach me some new sonic trixies.
5: Kel - You know the sonic matchup too well.
5: Y.b.M- Thx for comin up. We didn't get to talk too much. Friendlies sometime for sure.
7: Blue Rogue- Your "Yelling" was the funniest thing.
7: L- WOW!!! Nice placing
9: Smash64 - God Kais!
9: Argentstew - I'll make it to one of those Thursday things sometime. Probly not the next one... but I'll make it to one eventually.
9: Tyr - Nice Job beating Lain
9: Beegs - Good seein ya again, we may have to revive teams sometime.
13: SFG - Go to more tournies, you're a good player but you only go to NE OH tournies
13: King Yoshi - You placed higher than me. Bout time
13: Falco400 - You shoulda beat L. Campiest matches ever, I'll get ya next time.
13: BBoy - Gratz on being best Diddy, we did pretty good in teams.
17: 4% - Gratz on your Melee placing, thx for helping run things.
17: Suyon - See, you didn't do too bad.
17: Wisdom - WOW, really good for your first tourney, you almost beat argent!
17: Iris - Thx for comin from MI for this.
17: Kawaii - Thx for comin from PA for this
17: King beef - Glad I didn't have to fight you. Our matches woulda probly been campier than me and Falco400's
17: Bead - Gratz on "beating" Vidjo j/k. Thx for comin out to this, probly see you at argent's or Kyosh's
25: omni216 - Nice seein ya again
25: Gigabowser XYZ - If you don't wanna drop bowser it's fine, but it's gonna be very difficult and filled with many losses. You'll also probably have to be about 2-3 times better than your opponent to win. It's doable, but very difficult.
25: Matt - Thx for comin out.
25: Glov - Why are all of
25: Newbreeze - Beegs' smash friends
25: XtacyFalco - next to each other?
25: Jiffy - You made it out of pools, you're getting better. Can't wait till you go super.
25: Vidjo - I FINALLY got to fight you. Thx for comin out, you should got with M2K to more tournies.

Thx to everyone for coming to this. I want to ESPECIALLY thank everyone from Lakewood for coming out to this and pretty much single-handedly saving this tournament.

I will probably be having the next TYM be in late october/early november. It "MAY" however, be the last TYM to be taking place at this venue. Unfortunately, the venue owners can no longer afford to pay their employees and money is looking real tight for them. Let's try to support the venue in any way that we can to show our appreciation for them helping us for these last couple of years. I know they are selling desktop PCs for $300. I think it's the tower only. If you or someone you know needs or wants a desktop PC, plz plz plz show your support and at the very least take a look at what they have to offer.


Smash Journeyman
Feb 17, 2008
1: M2K- MK ($235.20) - 1 word. COOKIES! ahaha good stuff
2: Lain- ICs/Marth ($107.80) - Good seein ya. and fun chillin.. you suck for losing
3: Alphazealot- Diddy ($68.60) - YEHH BUDDY! good stuff with diddy, hopefully we can practice together some day and ill be able to get some really good tips from you..
4: Shugo - Sonic/falco($39.20) - Good seeing you and good ****
5: Kel - MK($19.60) - good stuff
5: Y.b.M- Kirby ($19.60) - We still haven't played in tourney aha.. that would be nice to get some of that from ya :)
7: Blue Rogue- Wario - Goood stuff dude! you got me good 1st match...
9: Smash64 - Good seeing you
9: Argentstew - Good stuff..
9: Tyr - I know huh? good stuff against lain
9: Beegs -Good **** in singles dude, You killed me way to early... i did fine when I lived past 100 :p
13: SFG -Good seeing ya, fun matches in pools
13: King Yoshi -Good seeing ya
13: Falco400 -Good seeing ya, good games
13: BBoy - I feel Meh about this
17: 4% -Good seeing ya
17: Suyon -Good seeing ya don't get discouraged!
17: Wisdom - Good talking to you for like 4 seconds aha. u seem cool hope to see you again.
17: Ithrowthings - We will eventually play for that dollar again and I will win and you will be 2$ in debt to me ahaha.. I was **** in doubles sorry
17: King beef - Will do man, I think i have that peach matchup down better.
17: Bead -Good seeing ya
25: Glov -Good seeing ya
25: Newbreeze -Good seeing ya
25: XtacyFalco - love you no homo
25: Jiffy - You put up a good fight in pools
25: Vidjo -Good seeing ya


Smash Lord
Jan 17, 2008
Reston, VA
Shoutouts! Later than I usually post them...

1: M2K- Good to play against ya with my Lucario... I remember when you rocked my MK... I felt good about our set...
2: Lain- When are you going to play a random *** Lucario like me? :p
3: Alphazealot- You didn't take a single game off M2k and Shugo!? We almost won! What's your excuse?
4: Shugo - Didn't bother playing Sonic against me... Good games... Used to be I'd never lose to Falco, but now I lose to them left and right...
5: Kel - What's your excuse? I don't know what else to say... At least you knew I was there...
5: Y.b.M- You always get the last fsmash... No random OH PR shots? :laugh:
7: Blue Rogue- You...are...amazing... You really made up for my bad games... How'd you let M2K gimp you so many times though? I'm the gimpable character... :( I gotta get better or more consistent...
9: Smash64 - LOL @ the joke you played on YbM... God Kais!
9: Tyr - Finally got that MM... I went MK on Frigate because I'm honestly scared to play my Luc against an MK on that stage, and I think you second him... But my MK is getting really good...
9: Beegs - You came out of your slump really fast...
13: SFG - Amazing comeback #2 of the day... Why do you play MK? :laugh:
13: King Yoshi - We have to stop meeting in tourneys... :/
13: Falco400 - Next time I see you, help me with Wii hacks?
13: BBoy - Good MK dittos... Fun stuff... Like I said, you keep me on my toes!
17: Wisdom - You're good for a nameless player (ITT only knew you were from Akron)... Keep coming to tournies!
17: Ithrowthings - It's just because I stopped sending out reminders... I didn't think they were important...
17: King beef - It's the truth about Sheik... At least Peach has a good kill move...
17: Bead - Out of pools! Grats!
25: omni216 - I still can't believe you willingly took a Lucario to Japes...
25: Newbreeze - West Salem, right?
25: Vidjo - You were hiding like the entire time... Sorry I didn't get to play you... I'm still waiting for the day... Remember how much I sucked at your pre-release tourney?
33: WTP - I thought you were gonna make it out of pools...
41: Amy - Silver Lucario is win, right? :laugh:
49: PrinceAlus - Get better and make it out of pools!


Smash Ace
Mar 24, 2006
Awesome tourney as usual. Sorry I had to bail all of a sudden. Steve's getting pretty good. I'm gonna practice my techs, and put him in his place.


Smash Champion
Feb 29, 2008
Chi-town, come at me
1: M2K- Thanks for coming, grats on first
2: Lain- T.Os worst nightmare he'll hold your tournaments up and make you laugh <.<. lol fun times as always lain ill smoke wit u next time hehe
3: Alphazealot- Thanks for coming, fun as always
4: Shugo - thanks for coming out, you goin beat lain next time lol super excessive stallin but not really
5: Kel - grats on beating lain, glad to see your back into your groove
5: Y.b.M- thanks for coming out, of course the black man would get the chicken and drank haha
7: Blue Rogue- i hate you, but naw not really, you gotta beat shugo one day
7: L- GGs in pools, hopefully next time we do pika v snake
9: Smash64- thanks for coming out
9: Argentstew- ggs
9: Tyr- thanks for coming out
9: Beegs- lol at all your pirate ship shenanigans, good seeing you
13: SFG- thanks for coming out
13: Falco400- thanks for coming out, good chattin
13: BBoy-thanks for coming, good chatting
17: 4%- thanks for coming and for running melee.
17: Suyon- stop gettin so down on yourself, you got this
17: Wisdom-thanks for coming out
17: Iris-GGs gay MU's are pretty gay, thanks for coming out
17: Kawaii- thanks for coming out
17: Ithrowthings- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltqgP-Xgceg
17: King beef- thanks for coming out
17: Bead- oh my, look who made it out of pools. now to get you a secondary
25: omni216- Thanks for coming out
25: Gigabowser XYZ-Thanks for coming out
25: Matt-Thanks for coming out
25: Glov-GGs thanks for coming out
25: Newbreeze- Thanks for coming out
25: XtacyFalco-GGs in pools, lol at it being an mk ditto of all things
25: Jiffy- GJ makin it out, i know you had a close call in pools
25: Vidjo-wow finally got see vidjo after so long lol, cant wait to you get back in shape and we play
===Pools Cutoff===
33: Ugean- Thanks for coming out
33: Flan- thanks for coming out
33: Shred- thanks for coming out
33: Yami- GGs in pools, sorry we didnt get anymore friendlies in, hopefully at another event you make it too.
33: Nova- you should believe in yourself more, you coulda made it out easily
33: President Charly- Thanks for coming out
33: WTP- Thank you for coming out, i can house you guys anytime yall wanna come to ohio or anything
33: Akron3- thanks for coming out
41: Marche-thanks for coming out
41: Amy- thanks for coming out
41: Maryo- thanks for coming out
41: MFMD- thanks for coming out
41: MD Lo- thanks for coming out
41: Thantos- thanks for coming out
41: Yogehi- thanks for coming out
41: Lii-thanks for coming out, ggs in pools youll get better the more tournies you go to.
49: PrinceAlus- thanks for coming out
49: Gibianthanks for coming out

i had fun (co)hosting even though i almost had an heart attack(i think)
Jan 11, 2006
Ohio / Michigan
Shout outs finally!

Lain - Good set. Yea Pirate Ship kinda screwed me over but I'll fight you again soon.

AZ - Great set man. I was really wanting to win that game but couldn't pull it off. I'll fight you again soon.

Shugo - Great friendlies. I play you more seriously next time.

YBM - Yea ditto of what you said also. We will step our game up.

Blue Rogue - Gooood ****.

Smash64 - We will move up.

Argent - Yea I wanted out of that slump fast.

Tyr - Great friendlies. I've been working on placing higher but man I have been facing tough competitors.

Falco400 - Dood, ALWAYS great to see you man.

BBoy - Good seeing you. I'll fight you more with Marth instead of Snake / MK.

Suyon - Keep playing.

Kawii - Try not to get the kill so quickly. Keep your cool and play normal.

Iris - Great friendlies. Like you fight you more.

ITT - Thanks for taking my friends home. I appreciate it a lot.

King Beef - Wish I didn't have to fight you. You'll come back. I swear.

Glov - Lets place higher

Newbz - Keep going to tournaments.

Xtacy - I'm going to have to work harder on you than before it seems like. I have faith that you'll get up there.

President Charly - Mannnngggzzz you got it next time. One step at a time Marco.

Nova - Great friendlies. I'll have to fight you more.

Anyone else I missed, I'm sorry.

All of the MM's I had, great matches and would love to fight you all again.
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