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Terry Bogard Presentation Announced for November 6th

Smash fans were surprised by a sudden announcement by Nintendo that a video presentation featuring Terry and Fatal Fury by game director Masahiro Sakurai is set to air on November 6th, 5 am PT.


The presentation will feature Mr. Sakurai demonstrating how Terry plays in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate much like what we saw for Banjo & Kazooie and Hero. We will also see the Fatal Fury stage, spirits, and music as per usual. Something important to note is that this presentation is a whopping 45 minutes in length! Discussion is currently about everyone trying to guess what could possibly occupy this 45 minute time-frame as most newcomer presentation streams were around the 20-30 minute mark. Some (jokingly) believe Sakurai might go in-depth about SNK history and lore. It’s also a nice touch to see the NeoGeo Arcade Stick X in the bottom-right hand corner. It also has been confirmed that unrevealed characters will not be making an appearance in the presentation.

As mentioned earlier, the video presentation will be set to air at 5 am PT which is 8 am ET and 10 pm for Japanese fans. Make sure you check your local time so you can view the live-streamed event.

Author’s Note: What do you think we will see in this presentation? Are you excited to see Terry and Fatal Fury in action? Let us know below!
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Venus of the Desert Bloom


i guess ill watch, but only to see mii costumes and the off chance we get number 5
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So should we expect for Terry to become available immediately after the video presentation? My body is ready.
Looking forward to it Ready for Terry, the Mii costumes and his stage.

Presentations by Masahiro Sakurai for characters have been fun this will be as well!
So should we expect for Terry to become available immediately after the video presentation? My body is ready.
Considering the typical "save your replays" post on Nintendo's Twitter, I think he releases right after the presentation.
right so sakurai wishes he had worked for snk instead of nintendo and he wants us all to love terry as much as he does

those were my main take aways
Bro terry is so complicated looking, I hope he’s better than the previous DLC “fighters”, and bro put Sly Cooper in smash Sakurai
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