Team Star Fox for Smash! Slippy Toad & Peppy Hare Fly In!


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Jun 18, 2018
I know whenever the topic of new Star Fox reps comes up, everyone's mind instantly goes to Krystal. But in all honesty, I'm more than surprised than a certain duo is often overlooked. And I'm talking about Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare. The two have joined Fox and Falco on every single one of their adventures, and while some may consider them annoying or unnecessary, I think that they are hilarious, and the perfect fit for a game like Smash. First off, as I have said in other posts, I feel in each Smash game we get our Fire Emblem characters, our Mario characters, our Pokemon character(s), and our new IPs. But a lot of the times, franchises such as F-Zero, Star Fox, and Kirby are overlooked and hardly get new additions to the roster. I think a lot of these lesser represented series deserve more attention. Also, Slippy and Peppy would be perfect additions to Smash Ultimate, as it is a celebration of Nintendo characters history. These two have stuck with the company for so long, and often are overlooked and not given their credit. At the very least, I think they deserved to be represented as Assist Trophies. So I'm curious, has anyone else pondered about these twos inclusion into Smash? Does anyone have Final Smash ideas?


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Aug 6, 2019
I've pondered but never really wanted them all that much despite my absolute adoration of the Star Fox franchise. Fox/Falco cover the original team well and I'm really not sure how the other two could be added without being overly similar. Peppy being older and Slippy being...Slippy...don't at all seem like they could hold their own in a ground fight (Slippy can barely handle his own in the air XD)

Krystal is usually seen as the better option as she'd be far easier to differentiate from the normal Star Fox character move set. She'd not need to borrow many, if any, moves from her team members, which is the crutch I feel Peppy and Slippy would do. Would I be mad if these two made it in as 'echo' fighters? Oh Heck no. I'd main Slippy just to hear FOOOOOOOOOX! SAVE ME! when he dies.
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