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Team OXY presents: Kings of Cali 4! RESULTS


Smash Master
Jan 2, 2005
LA, CA near Santa Monica

July 5-6, 2014
Dave & Buster's
Los Angeles, CA​

Teams bracket (44 teams)

Teams Bracket Pool A: http://oxy.challonge.com/KoC4TeamsA
Teams Bracket Pool B: http://oxy.challonge.com/KoC4TeamsB
Teams Bracket top 8: http://oxy.challonge.com/KoC4TeamsTop8

1: EMP P4K M2K + EMP P4K Armada
2: Fiction + Crs MacD
3: c9 Mango + MioM Scar
4: LiquidKen + DEHF
5: Lovage + S2J
5: CT ZeRo + Westballz
7: MikeHaze + Jace
7: P Spirit + VGBC aMSa
9-A: P + Sherigami
9-A: MYL + Bizzarro Flame
9-B: Catnip + Del
9-B: SFS Dayman + SFS A Rookie
13-A: Jago + Raish
13-A: OXY DendyPretendy + Big Boss
13-B: Tuxedo Mask + Skeeter
13-B: Shaqfu + Abaddun
17-A: Smash Gizmo + Tranmobile
17-A: Half Pint + Humble Dojo
17-A: pogo + Madman
17-A: SFS ToxicR + SFS KoopaTroopa895
17-B: Iateyourpie + Peaches
17-B: andymosity + Strain
17-B: Yeti B + Baja
17-B: NASA + Ped
25-A: Marf + Kestrel
25-A: Stalefish + GRat
25-A: RCA + Ironick
25-A: Nord + Guatamelon
25-B: Boba Fett + White Bear
25-B: Mr PBody + Dankrooster
25-B: Nonsense + Erock
25-B: Pie + Chives
33-A: Xentaku + Asean
33-A: Springbreaker + Lakergirl
33-A: Otaku + Maguckin
33-A: darknlight + doom
33-A: TheRogueTwinkie + Frog Venom
33-A: hamburglar + memnarch
33-B: MattGamer47 + BeepBoop
33-B: Fatomsk + sincerazero
33-B: D703 + Sam
33-B: saiki + Bacon
33-B: Belle + Beast
33-B: Big T + Blur

Singles bracket (32 man bracket)


Kings of Cali 4 Singles Top 32
C9 Mang0
P4K EMP Armada
P4K EMP Mew2King
Fly Amanita
Mike Haze
Bizzarro Flame
SFS A Rookie
Neighborhood P
OXY DendyPretendy
P Spirit
SFS Dayman
SFS KoopaTroopa895


44 teams * $10 per team = $440
$440 - $50 (5 staff entered doubles) = $390

$390 teams pot

1: EMP P4K M2K + EMP P4K Armada (50%, $195; $97.5 ea)
2: Fiction + Crs MacD (25%, $97.5; $48.75 ea)
3: c9 Mango + MioM Scar (15%, $58.5; $29.25 ea)
4: LiquidKen + DEHF (10%, $39; $19.5 ea)

208 entrants * $10 per person = $2080
$2080 - $130 (13 staff entered singles) = $1950

$1860 singles pot

1: c9 Mango (50%, $930)
2: EMP P4K Armada (25%, $465)
3: EMP P4K Mew2King (15%, $279)
4: Lucky (5%, $93)
5: VGBC aMSa (2.5%, $46.50)
5: Fly Amanita (2.5%, $46.50)

c9 Mango ($930 + 29.25 = 959.25)
EMP P4K Armada ($465 + 97.5 = 562.5)
EMP P4K Mew2King ($279 + $97.5 = 376.5)
Lucky ($93)
VGBC aMSa ($46.50)
Fly Amanita ($46.50)
Fiction ($48.75)
Crs MacD ($48.75)
MioM Scar ($29.25)
LiquidKen ($19.5)
DEHF ($19.5)

There are two payout options: Paypal or check via mail. PM me or contact me on facebook with your information (your username/email for paypal and your full name and address with state/country/zip code/etc for the check). I'd greatly prefer Paypal, but if you'd rather do check thats fine too.

Congratulations to our winners and see you guys next time :)
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Smash Journeyman
Apr 18, 2013
Some of these doubles teams surprise me. I like the mixup.


And I didn't realize iateyourpie and peaches played in the tourney, let alone play the game.


Smash Master
Dec 5, 2005
Neenah, WI
Some of these doubles teams surprise me. I like the mixup.


And I didn't realize iateyourpie and peaches played in the tourney, let alone play the game.
(this is peaches) I'm pretty oldschool, just super rusty. WI scene basically shriveled up in like 2010. This is my first real tournament in years, looking forward to more now that I live in socal :D

shadrach kabango

Banned via Warnings
Dec 8, 2011


Sheridan: We are a beast team. You got significantly better throughout the weekend; the team we were at the end would two or three-stock the team we started the weekend with.

And you're still growing. You can get tunnel-vision to be sure; the running downsmashes and dash attacks are best used sparingly. Needles conquer all. Once you started using needles and refrained from attacking from the ledge, though, there wasn't anything more I could ask. You could actually carry me when I played poorly in a match, and when we both clicked, we simultaneously dominated and frustrated our opponents with natural ease. We're going to be the best team in SoCal. Let's do this.

I had a sneaky suspicion we'd play each other in bracket, and that was unfortunate. If it was anyone else I would've stayed Fox. I am significantly more confident in my Fox than in my Sheik, but I simply counter-picked you, knowing you hate Sheik dittos and knowing it would help psyche you out. I don't care how it gets done; within the competitive confines of a tournament set, I'm all about dat W.

Tournament nerves. Struggling to keep focused when the crowd is geeking out over irrelevant trope. Channeling all those moments of practice, friendlies, and health and fitness into one-pointedness when I need it the most. I was proud of myself, but even more impressed with your performance in the loss. I knew I could do it; I knew I wanted it. I didn't know you did.

Ben: Enter teams, dude. It'll help release you from your tunnel vision.

Jason: I missed you. :( The only person who would be more perfect to team with than Sheridan is you. It's meant to be. One of these days. We can double Sheik too! How broken is that team?!

Practicing with you for just that hour helped me tremendously. My confidence vs Marth is through the roof. I focused largely on my neutral game this tournament, largely because your neutral game has inspired me, and I can already see significant gains. People think they're good at this game but they're really not. We're going to show them what's up.

Philip: Glad you made it out (Y). Practice tech skill!

Jocelyn: Angry Falco! That's a good thing. At the moment you're a bit too scrambled to dedicate much focus to this game, but if that ever changes, you will be pretty good. And even if you never pick up the game again, having feminine energy is always welcome when the scene is otherwise one big sausage fest.

Ryan: Hope to see you more often!

Bryan: I don't think HD is 909, but whatever. Sorry bruh, you missed out by not making it here. Sheridan done crept up and stole ya gurl.

Luigi: Sigh.


Michael Haber: You're alright. Improving slowly but surely. You're a try hard, which is both good and bad. It makes me want to pwn you every time I play you. It irks me when you go on about your results; they serve to distract you from the process. If your good results come from good process, then by all means: celebrate. If not... ?

Process-wise, imo you seem to be at a plateau. You're one of the best of the average players, but still far away from the good players. You're so head-strong that I'm sure you'll figure it out. Eventually. Until then I just leave you be to keep hitting your head over and over because you are stubbornly resistant to change.

You've also been through a lot recently, and I don't feel like I know you well enough to offer anything other than a player who shows you exactly how much further you need to go. It's my way of showing my respect. Stay passionate and optimistic! Hope to see and play you again before you depart to the Midwest.

P Spirit & Amsa: We were outclassed. Valuable learning experience. The salt is real, but at that point in time we simply weren't winning. Thanks for making us that much better. Looking forward to redemption.

Mogwai & your Fox teammate: Had no idea what to expect wrt skill level, and I psyched myself out a bit when it was a "name" I recognized. I played a bit flustered; thanks for carrying me, Sheridan. We should play more double spacies teams. I'm not very comfortable versus them in teams. I feel like experience and mentality carried us through this set. I was surprised we won so comfortably. It felt tougher, and was mildly surprised you guys didn't take a match.

Larry & Ken: A direct example of how far we came as a team. From getting pwned on stream friendlies to being that close to taking you guys out of losers.

I could wonder on whether how things would've been different if we remained double Sheik. But I have no regrets; I am a Fox main, and I am content with my play in Match 3. We lost to superior opponents.

KoopaTroopa: As a player: completely fraudulent. As a person I know nothing about you, so don't take this personally: as a competitor I view you as completely fraudulent. Grrrr! I love and hate playing you at the same time. Would love to take your money ;).

ROFL: Money match. Tournament rules. Sheik and Fox. $5 apiece. Would love it recorded. Me and Sherigami will also money match you and Daniel, or whatever partner you'd like.

MacD: Team friendlies with you and Mike was the highlight of my tournament experience.


Mike Haze: My biggest inspiration and rival. You're leveling up! I'm right on your tail, dude. Fox ditto and Sheik/Fox money match the next time we meet.

WestBALLZ: Couldn't tell if you were sandbagging or not. I was simply trying to play my best. I was focused and fairly relaxed. I am content with my play. Variance could've easily seen me take a game or two, but it doesn't really matter. Process over results. Back to the lab. Gotta work on shine out of shield.

Johnny K: You normally destroy me so thoroughly that it makes me question my Smash existence. Yes, playing you shows me I definitely am improving. You're a great player, but I have crossed the biggest hurdle: I am no longer intimidated. I am no longer nair-planing, naively trying to out-tech skill my opponent. I am beginning to understand and utilize the entirety of Fox's arsenal.

I will take you out next time. Let's play soon!

Zero: I reluctantly admit that you're pretty good. Your floor as a player is very high. Don't underestimate your opponent, though. I am also skilled. The couple of times I put together strong runs against you were when your head was not in the game. Whenever you are perceived to be the better player, your opponent's head will always be in the game. Wish I could've played you more. Stealing that bthrow shine gimp; it seems automatic if I don't DI away. Man, Fox's throws are so broken! Tell me again why Foxes just spam uthrow? Noobs, the lot of 'em.

Next time we play I'm taking you out.

Delphiki: Wish I could've taken your money.

Loki: Wish I could've taken your money.

Bizzarro Flame: We need to money match. A lot.

Brandandorf: Was looking forward to taking your money.

Tai: Let's money match.

Dendy Pretendy: Let's money match.

Joey Leung: Was hoping you'd be here so I could take your money.

Adam Hoeffler: You and Mike are my primary rivals. Both of you have the fire and both of you are adding skill at a rapid rate. Money matching you two every tournament are my highest priorities. Sorry I had to cheer against you ;). You're now up 2-1 in what will be a long series of money matches! And I am never going Sheik against your Marth because I will not cop out! Fox pwns Marth!

Iateyourpie: You have potential. Disciplined. Work on your movement. Stay true to your style and brush up on your spacing and you're going to be a good one.

Squid: Wish you were here so I could take your money.

Sung: I miss you. :(

David Kim: Wish you were here.

Lucky: I'm starting to realize your Fox is pretty clever.

Ken: I don't want to say too much, because you're the type of competitor that will use what I say as fuel. You're not someone I want to see improve. And take that as a sign of respect. But I can't wait to play you in tournament.

Scar: Just like KoopaTroopa, I don't know you as a person, so don't take this personally, but as a player I think you're completely fraudulent. Would be so down for a hype $20 money match at the next big tournament we're at. (Is that enough for you? I'm from Pomona, tryna get out the ghetto. Gotta exercise discipline. Not going to bet anything I would bat an eye at losing, so $20 is my limit.) Fox/Falcon. Bo5. Good luck. You'll need it.

Dunskies: Yeah, I woulda took your money. =P You're good, though! I heard Sherigami had trouble vs you. How did we still not play?!

Stinkyfat: Grrr, as much as I hate to admit this, you're good. For now. But as soon as I beat you I'm going to be the first one to call you fraudulent! Just kidding; I love you. The only other player who I feel helps me improve more is Jason (lE). Definitely will be acquiring Tafo training post-Evo.

Fly Amanita: You'll be the first heavy hitter I beat in tournament. Just sayin'. We should money match. Not next tournament, but soon. =P (Johns!)

Hope you start feeling like playing friendlies soon, because I want to start bugging you about playing again. Johnny is down. Jason is down. Ben is down. And if you are down, with the name power of you and Johnny, we can get pretty much any elite player in SoCal. I have no idea if that is appealing to you, because your motivations are far different from mine (or anyone elses, it seems =P), but just putting it out there.

OkamiBW: We'll be playing more. Soon I may need to start following you around to play you in friendlies. That one friendly wasn't enough. I'm coming for you.


P Spirit: Well played. Good games. Looking forward to redemption.

Zero: Wish it was streamed. Must strengthen mental resolve. I got a little happy to take a game off you and got pwned G3 as a result. Will learn and adjust.

S2J: Wish it was streamed. Virtually a repeat of our SSS set a couple months ago results-wise. Process-wise I was more patient and clever. You are extremely clutch.

Mew2King: Not impressed. You're wilting, and I have no problem being the vulture who picks at your decaying carcass the next time we play.

Smish: You need more tech skill and practice. You have potential but not sure you have the fire.

Garrett: Ditto.

Yuck: You're alright. Why so serious?

Andy: Let's play more, dude! Join IE Smash! I like you and I like your Samus. Hope to see you more often.

Sheik: Forgot your tag but playing you was fun. Keep playing. I saw enough to know that I like you.

Miguel: I been in the lab! Where you at?!

Toxic: I been in the lab! Where you at?!

Peach: Forgot your tag but playing you was fun. Not sure where you live or the status of your fire. If you have the latter, I will help provide the cultivation you need to improve. I see potential. I saw enough to know that I like you.

I have inevitably forgotten more than a few people. I enjoyed everyone I ran into and played (except for one exception, but pretty sure she's just crazy). I am extremely competitive in-game and couldn't care less outside of it. Don't take anything personally.

Special shoutouts:

EZYNJAY: Holla at cha boi!

THE BLUR: The GOAT tournament organizer. Well, duh: you know enough to root for the GOAT team, the GOAT organization, the defending champion San Antonio Spurs!

How in the world did you pull this off without a venue fee?!

Once the Smash Vault gets cubes... Wow. This tournament made every other tournament I've been to look like the Dark Ages. Now we have electricity. Smash Vault is the GOAT idea.

The same sentiments go out to anyone and everyone who helped put this tournament together. Team Oxy, SFS, the pool organizers, those who brought setups, etc. You know who you are.
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Smash Journeyman
Apr 18, 2013
(this is peaches) I'm pretty oldschool, just super rusty. WI scene basically shriveled up in like 2010. This is my first real tournament in years, looking forward to more now that I live in socal :D
Come play at SSS once the arcade has been renovated!!!
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