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TC's Smash Café: January 29th, 2011 Results

If the owner were to give us more time, would you like to attend another TCSC event?

  • Sure Tech!

    Votes: 24 82.8%
  • Nah bro, you should find another venue.

    Votes: 5 17.2%

  • Total voters

ZTD | TECHnology

Developing New TECHnology
Jun 13, 2010
Ferndale, MI
Doubles: 16 teams

1: Flame & Kenny ($192.00) :snake: :metaknight: / :metaknight:
2: Judge and L_Cancel () ($96.00) :wario: :metaknight::snake: :lucario / :olimar:
3: Cuz you are long in the pants, short in the weiner suckin my muff like a vacuum cleaner (Lain and Gio) ($32.00) :metaknight: / :metaknight:
4: Rizk's Boys (Sparta Kick and What's the Point) :snake: :metaknight: / :metaknight:
5: Selena Gomez & The Scene (Boxxy and Goddy) :metaknight: / :metaknight:
5: One us of is hungover, the other one throws Pikmin (TC and Coco) :dedede: / :olimar:
7: We Stank (Xatic & BigDaddy) :wario: / :rob: :metaknight:
7: 4242564 (Ori & Oblivion) :metaknight: / :snake:
9: Team Roith (Jcav and Dogma) :wolf: / :marth:
9: Comet :random/:random:
9: fzk & rabbi :gw:/:metaknight:
9: Team One (T_Bonz & Bix) :random: / :random:
13: Team combo :random: / :random:
13: Uncle Jeff Extravaganza :random / :random:
13: Gifts & Roller :gw: / :pikachu2:
13: Apasher & Zeldamaster :random: / :random:

Singles: 36 Entrants

1: Lain ($172.00) :metaknight: :popo:
2: Judge ($80.00) :wario: :metaknight: :diddy: :lucario:
3: L_Cancel ($50.00) :olimar:
4: Sparta Kick ($28.00) :snake: :metaknight:
5: Boxxy ($15.00) :metaknight:
5: Flame ($15.00) :snake: :metaknight:
7: Azure Kenny :metaknight:
7: Coco :olimar:
9: Tech_Chase :dedede: :popo:
9: Tutu :sheik: :random:
9: DarkLouis :snake: :wolf:
9: Sumer :metaknight: :snake: :marth: :wario: :wolf: /half the roster ;)
13: Dogma :marth:
13: Ori :popo: :metaknight:
13: Fzk :diddy:
13: What's the Point :falco:

*******POOLS CUTOFF********
17: BigDaddy :metaknight: :rob:
17: Xatic :wario:
17: Roller :popo:
17: Oblivion :snake:
17: Mesa :metaknight:
17: Mxmrm :zelda:
17: Maz :metaknight:
17:Jcav :wolf:
25: T-Bonz :wolf:
25: Goddy :metaknight:
25: Oria_Sister :metaknight:
25: Gifts :diddy:
25: Apasher :marth:
25: TPS :gw: :snake:
25: Zeldamaster :mario2:
25: Gio :metaknight:
33: SHero :ike:
33: Ryuts :rob:
33: Chris :wario:
33: Bix :metaknight:

If there is a question mark by a team or person it means I need their info. Please contribute to Ripple's project by making this as accurate as possible. Thank you <3.

Also I talked with the owner and he said he is willing to give us more time if we want to use his venue again. He seems very willing to host again. Its up to you guys. I think all we needed was more time and this would have been perfect. Cast your votes.


Smash Champion
Jun 30, 2007
Rockford, MI
Flame also used snake in doubles. o: Judge also used Lucario and Snake in doubles. lol

Awesome tourney! Full shoutouts in a little bit. <3


Smash Legend
Feb 14, 2007
Chapel Hill, NC
^ this man will never write shoutouts because he is the ultimate procrastinator and just munches on pizza all day.

pizza monsters unite!!!!!


Sparta Kick

Smash Ace
Jul 22, 2008
lol, I read the poll wrong. I voted no because I didn't see the "more time" part...

Shoutouts later

What's The Point

Smash Master
Feb 5, 2008
Plymouth, MI
Maz used MK. That's all I know.

I'm going to stop entering singles when I don't really feel like it.

If they don't take your time the venue is fine.

SK, my bad. I died on Rainbow to early to many times from stupid shuttle loops.


ignite the fire
Mar 6, 2008
I only used :popo: and :marth: my set with lain was pretty much me going random twice

Bigdaddy used MK as well as ROB
TPS used GnW and Snake
Mxmrm used Zelda
Bix was an MK
Zeldamaster was a Mario
Sep 30, 2010
1: Lain ($172.00) - u suk
2: Judge ($80.00) - always a pleasure to see you baby. good stuff in dubz omg wario is scary
3: L_Cancel ($50.00) - thief! :awesome: good stuff in dubz. we got you guys next time! friendlies!!!!!
4: Sparta Kick ($28.00) - one day, i wont SD against you lmao
5: Boxxy ($15.00) - raaaaaaaaaape
5: Flame ($15.00) - you're scary in doubles
7: Azure Kenny - next time i want those 6 MMs
7: Coco - GANON
9: Tech_Chase - ****
9: Tutu - stay free :bee:
9: DarkLouis - ggz
9: Sumer - thx for the wolf tips
13: Ori - mm next time
13: What's the Point - close dubs set ggZ
17: BigDaddy - ****
17: Xatic - ****
17: Roller - daaaaaaaaaaang we got this next time
17:Jcav - ahhhhhh wtf wolf lol
25: Goddy - free as a bird ;)
25: Gio - maybe i should just enter dubs... camping is too boring :urg:

doubles was really fun. me and lain would've won if we had gotten some sleep the night before ;). this is the beginning of a MI dynasty in dubz!! :cool: kenny & flame prepare for the next time we meet cuz severe spankings are going to be implemented. same goes to judge and L :p

and SK and I are basically pool buddies. next tournament even if we aren't in the same pool, i'm going to play him thinking we have a pool match lmao


Smash Lord
Nov 30, 2008
Dearborn Heights,Michigan
Lmfaooo, Rizk's boys XD. Good stuff SK and WTP. Everyone else congratz and better luck nextime if you wanted a higher placing, except Roller you suck lol.


Smash Lord
Feb 2, 2008
1: Lain- Didn't get to talk to you much but I will MM your DeDeDe with my Wolf
3: L_Cancel Man, you're good! Nice to see you, great job, and good friendlies :)
4: Sparta Kick- I like your Wolf, your Snake is good too. If only you woulda used Wolf against me in our Wolf pool ;)
5: Boxxy- Great to see you again! You've gotten soooo much better and you're a really good player now
7: Azure Kenny- We had prolly like 5 reasons why we didn't friendly lol
7: Coco- ***** us in doubles lol, good ****
9: Tech_Chase- Thank you for hosting and kicking my *** in doubles as well, I'd like to play you in singles some time when you aren't so busy. I'd say the only thing you need to become like Vayseth YELL REALLY REALLY LOUD :)
9: DarkLouis- needs more wofl. Jkjk. Seriously, you have improved vastly since last time we played, using less and less Wolf is prolly the best thing you did lol
9: Sumer- Wolf dittos are da bessssssss
13: Dogma- eh
13: Ori- Nice to see you again too, you also have gotten much better and we had some good friendlies. I still remember the time you countered my Wolf tricks >:o

*******POOLS CUTOFF********

25: Gio-we had a good set, you'll prolly get me next time lol

All in all, a fun tourney and I'm really glad I went. It was nice to see all of you guys again and I hope to go to more tournies in the future and hopefully bring JKBUK along too :)

Rabbi Nevins

Smash Lord
Aug 11, 2009
East Lansing, MI
yoo tourney was good until we had to leave early. Venue seems okay if you can stay longer. I mean of course if you find a better option then you should by all means go for it. Good seeing everyone at the tourney though <3

1: Lain ($172.00) : ****
3: L_Cancel ($50.00) : hope you enjoyed my breadsticks ;) We should friendly next time
5: Boxxy ($15.00) : OMG i wish I had been hungry for five guys when we went <3 you da bessss of course. Wii ****. Where was toy story??
7: Azure Kenny : good meeting you, keep up the *****. Cold hand johns apply for you ;)
7: Coco : niice friendlies, thanks for teaching me infinitely more than i knew about the olimar matchup. Oh and ggs on the doubles matches.
9: Tech_Chase : thanks for running the tourney, nice doubles matches. Me and fzk got you next time though
9: Tutu : Thanks for serenading us with ocarina music of course
9: DarkLouis : didnt get to friendly you but i witnessed some ****
9: Sumer /half the roster : EL son. We ****.
13: Ori : yooo0o0o0o wb reppin. Thanks for the ride, we didnt even friendly i just realized that -.- Oh well, lets work on getting that venue for the summer circuit
13: Fzk : We **** so hard in doubles. Good thing for everyone else we were too busy deriving nobel prize worthy physics equations and were preoccupied.
13: What's the Point : EL ****.
17: BigDaddy : Friendlies son, we need them. Teach me the rob matchup -.-
17: Roller : good matches of course. Money match next tourney though. raaape
17: Mesa : DOGGGG. Im so proud son. Youve been playing the game a month and are already holding your ground against people. Too impressive.
25: Goddy : Good ***** in doubles. Halo xbc sometime son
25: Oria_Sister : I ****.
25: Gifts : Sleep johns are acceptable for you lol. Good matches though
25: Gio : Get a job

ZTD | TECHnology

Developing New TECHnology
Jun 13, 2010
Ferndale, MI
1: Lain ($172.00) - Hey baby. Good **** on winning again. We didn't play each other this time at all. Ah well cya again soon.
2: Judge ($80.00) - DUDE. Club ICE was so much fun! I got sooooo ****ed up lol. Good stuff on making a sexy return ;)
3: L_Cancel ($50.00) - HOLY **** YOU MADE IT. lol Glad to see you again Jason. MI needs more Pikmin slingin'. And great job at this tourney. You almost had Judge.
4: Sparta Kick ($28.00) - Placing well yet again. Great stuff..and way to **** me in doubles. Your MK got WAYYYYY better.
5: Boxxy ($15.00) :metaknight:
5: Flame ($15.00) I got ***** in singles and doubles lol. Usually I put up much more of a fight. Next time I got you.
7: Azure Kenny: Ugh I think I can beat you next time but you're a great player. Nice placement as always Glad you could make it!
7: Coco: Baby it was so much fun teaming with you! I'd love to do it again <3
9: Tech_Chase: Scrub. Stop placing at 9th lol. Nah it seems like your D3 is getting legit. <3
9: Tutu: Great seeing you as always.
9: DarkLouis: So happy you could make it! We gotta stop getting 9th..lol We're both better than this.
9: Sumer: Still using half the roster I see. You're still an MK main though. ADMIT IT!
13: Dogma: Fun games in Loser's. Your CP was very smart! I wasn't sure if I could edge out the win on Lylat. I learned something.
13: Ori <3
13: Fzk: Dude your G-dubs **** on my D3 in doubles lol
13: What's the Point: Stop sandbagging. We all know you're better than this.

*******POOLS CUTOFF********
17: BigDaddy: Nice seeing you!
17: Xatic: <3 You're always a great big help at my tournies.
17: Roller: I feel bad about pools. I hope you can forgive me.
17: Oblivion: Good games in doubles.
17: Mesa Game 2 in our set was terrible. You deserve a rematch. Good games though <3 Nice to meet you.
17:Jcav: Good stuff in dubs. Let's play a singles set some time soon!
25: Goddy: Good seeing you again lol
25: Oria_Sister lol @your name. Good games in doubles.
25: Gifts: Hey you're getting better and its showing! Keep it up.
25: Apasher: Good games. Keep working at it.
25: Gio - ****
33: Ryuts Nice hanging with you on Friday. You're a cool dude. Hope to see you again soon.


Smash Hero
Dec 18, 2006
Land of the free

Kenny and Flame- rapeee about time, and no one listened to me when I was trying to sell you guys on
Boxxy- mad lucky against Kenny
Kenny- SD moar scrub
Tech- told ya ddd's your best char
Tutu- these people let you get 9th??? They obviously dont know about tripping to utilt or bair offstage shenanigans, but pizza >>> 9th place
fzk-does your name originate from a force vector in the z direction (k hat)
roller- get *****
Oria_sister- <3 you lets date
Gifts- we gotta play more, and ill teach you diddy tricks
Gio- LOL GET RAPEEEEEDDDDD :awesome: :awesome: :awesome:

Sparta Kick

Smash Ace
Jul 22, 2008
1: Lain ($172.00)- Good stuff winning... again...
2: Judge ($80.00)- lol at how much you hate Snake. ggs, fun set for me at least lol
3: L_Cancel ($50.00)- Good stuff, you really figured the matchup out more. I'll get you next time :o
4: Sparta Kick ($28.00)- wifi Snake
5: Boxxy ($15.00)- You were playing so bad lol. We both SD'd too...
5: Flame ($15.00)- MK is my savior.
9: Tech_Chase- Good stuff, I like your DDD. I still think DDD is your best character!
9: Tutu- That Ocarina LOL
9: DarkLouis- I SD game 2, you SD game 3. >_> Fun pools set, I could tell you were a little out of practice.
9: Sumer- Trying to time me out ;-; ggs lol
13: Dogma- Fun friendlies, I was so shocked that you teched Wolf's Dthrow every time lol
13: Ori- Not in the same pool as me? wtf
13: Fzk- I completely forgot I wanted to MM you. NEXT TIME!!
13: What's the Point- We did alright in teams, the issue seems to be we don't know who to use lol...

*******POOLS CUTOFF********
17: BigDaddy- Haven't seen you in a while. Fun dubs friendlies
17: Xatic- Haven't seen you in a while either, nice to see you again.
17:Jcav- Your Wold is so flashy, I love it lol. Come to more tourneys, it was fun playing you.
25: Goddy- Game 3 of dubs was pretty dumb
25: Oria_Sister- Who the hell is Ori's sister?
25: Gio- lmao, the SDs continue. Fun friendlies too


Smash Cadet
Jan 24, 2010
i used all snake in doubles besides the set we lost to judge and l cancel in dubs. ill do shoutuots later
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