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TC's Smash Café # 4, May 21st, 2011, Ferndale, MI

ZTD | TECHnology

Developing New TECHnology
Jun 13, 2010
Ferndale, MI
Doubles: 3 teams

1. Judge and Tech_Chase :random: / :dedede: :metaknight: ($60.00)
2. Van and DRDN :dedede: / :kirby2:
3. Apasher and LOE1 :marth: / :wario:

Singles: 14 Entrants

1: Lain :metaknight: ($84.00)
2: Judge :wario: :metaknight: ($42.00)
3: Bowyer :metaknight: ($14.00)
4: Gio :metaknight:
5: SS :marth:
5: Tech_Chase :popo: :dedede:
7: Scala :yoshi2: :gw:
7: DRDN :kirby2:
9: Van :dedede:
9: Xatic :wario:
9: JohnTheMesa :metaknight:
9: Gifts :metaknight:
13: LOE1 :wario:
13: Apasher :marth:

I just want to apologize to everyone for what the owner did during the beginning of the tournament. I had no idea that he would lie about booking a band and then tell me one hour before it starts. Because of that, I will be hosting a new venue. Details to come. Thanks again to everyone for showing up! Shoutouts later.


¡Me gusta tejer!
Feb 22, 2010
Richmond, MI
Tech tbh you don't need to apologize to any of us, I am sure all of us know that you had no control over what happened.

Besides the blistering headache from the terrible bands and the whole rapture thing I had a lot of fun.

Shout outs later cause I'm tired.

Sparta Kick

Smash Ace
Jul 22, 2008
No top 3 payout for dubs?! :troll: Looking forward to the next tourney not at this venue lmao.


Smash Journeyman
Oct 13, 2010
East Lansing
Alright I'll start off the shoutouts

1: Lain ($84.00) - Sorry I couldn't hook ya up, fun chillin' as always. Way to ****.
2: Judge ($42.00) - Fun friendlies, I feel so helpless playing against you...
3: Bowyer ($14.00) - lol at the bet you and will made, nice placing.
4: Gio - Way to represent da metaknights, also... you were right... about everything.... but mainly what you told me about sc2.
5: SS - Good pool matches, came down to the wire on game 3 and I have no clue how that last kill I got even worked. nice placing!
5: Tech_Chase - You not dropping CGs makes me sad... I might just start practicing mashing if I can consistently break out at 94% hahahah
7: Scala - Sorry I made you not count that first match, I just didn't know it was actually pools. If you're ever down to play I'm always looking for some practice.
7: DRDN - didn't play
9: Van - ggs, didn't think you were gonna pull that out on RC but ya did.
9: Xatic - didn't play
9: JohnTheMesa - Need to work on consistency, and getting more practice...
9: Gifts - Dammmmmnnnnnn, you play MK for 2 weeks and your already getting good with him. Really REALLY unfortunate match game 3, but ggs.
13: LOE1 - didn't play
13: Apasher - didn't play


Smash Master
Jul 13, 2006
8623 Hickory Drive, Sterling Heights MI 48312
1: Lain ($84.00) -congrats on the win and fun playing you we need more friendies
2: Judge ($42.00) - good **** on second and coming out even lol and ggs in doubles
3: Bowyer ($14.00) - congrats on placing still haven't payed you though
4: Gio - how did pimp daddy lose the mk ditto :(
5: SS - I think we played in the 3 person ffas keep it up and you'll be making money soon
5: Tech_Chase - You not dropping CGs makes me sad... we need our dreamland MM still
7: Scala - I was so worried about facing you first but I got my revenge for AP
7: DRDN - so you had some good and had some bad...still work on teams
9: Van - next time get some sleep
9: Xatic - fun paying marvel hope to see you next tourney
9: JohnTheMesa - didn't play
9: Gifts - thanks for the ride and keep on that MK
13: LOE1 -ggs in doubles hope you learned some thing from judges wario its disgusting how good his is
13: Apasher - ggs in doubles



King Arthur
Aug 13, 2010
Southfield, MI
1: Lain ($84.00) - ggs in pools. good **** winning

2: Judge ($42.00) - ggs in dubs. i still cant believe team attack was off and we had to start the set over xD

3: Bowyer ($14.00) - ggs in bracket

4: Gio - finally got to play you. fun friendlies even though i got ***** badly xD

5: SS - thanks for helping me with the :metaknight: MU. fun friendlies as well

5: Tech_Chase - NO :dedede: ON RC?! lol fun matches in pools. :metaknight: dittos ftw

7: Scala - didn't play

7: DRDN - ggs in doubles. nice seeing you again

9: Van - ggs in pools and dubs

9: Xatic - it was nice playing a higher leveled wario player lol. ggs in pools

9: JohnTheMesa - didnt play

9: Gifts - ggs in bracket. good **** placing higher than you did at TCSC2 andTCSC3

13: LOE1 - dude, everytime you double jump i know you're gonna dair and everytime i approach you i know you're gonna roll/spotdodge. work on being less predictable and you'll be a lot better (even though I'm kinda predictable myself.) see what happens when i play you all the time? :troll:

13: Apasher - get good
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