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TC's Smash Café # 2 - March 5th, 2011, Ferndale, MI - Results Thread

ZTD | TECHnology

Developing New TECHnology
Jun 13, 2010
Ferndale, MI
Doubles: 5 teams

1. Ally and Ori ($70.00) :metaknight: / :metaknight: :marth:
2. Jon and DRDN ($30.00) :metaknight: / :kirby2:
3. Xatic and TC :wario: :metaknight: / :dedede: :metaknight:
4. Abe and Gifts :snake: / :wario:
5. Apasher and LOE1 :marth: / :dedede: :wario:

- For some reason Tio refuses to let me save the bracket image for round robin type events. Otherwise I would put it up. The full details will be viewable on Allisbrawl when the results are confirmed on there.

Singles: 20 Entrants

1: Ally ($96.00) :metaknight: :snake: :marth:
2: Lain ($44.00) :metaknight: :popo:
3: Coco ($28.00) :olimar:
4: Gio ($16.00) :metaknight:
5: Tech_Chase ($8.00) :dedede: :popo:
5: Sailor Princess Twenty-Two. ($8.00) :sheik: :peach:
7: Kool Ori Bro :marth: :popo: :dedede:
7: Arc :pit:
9: Pzo :wario:
9: Xatic :wario: :snake:
9: Ron :falco: :metaknight:
9: DRDN :kirby2:
13: JTSM :snake:
13: Mr.C :snake: :falco:
13: Jon The Mesa :metaknight:
13: Abe :ike: :snake:


17. Gifts :diddy: :wario:
17. Apasher :marth:
17. LOE1 :wario:
17. Cello :kirby2:

Once again I would like to thank everyone for coming to this month's Smash Cafe tournament! Even though the weather and icy roads hindered attendance we still have a great time and there were some very hype sets. Next month's tournament will be April 16th so mark it on your calendars now.

Shoutouts later.

Awwwwww yeaaaahhhhhhh.

Sep 30, 2010
1: Ally ($96.00) - yo go back to canada
2: Lain ($44.00) - nub
3: Coco ($28.00) - imma learn dat olimar MU. next time i'll go GANON
5: Tech_Chase ($8.00) - go dedede next time! lolz
5: Sailor Princess Twenty-Two. ($8.00) - play a good char
9: Pzo - ughhh wario
9: Xatic - thx for the tips baby
9: DRDN - MK da besss lol
13: Jon The Mesa - keep comin out you hit money already lol
17. Cello - ggz, keep playing it's always rough when you just start

this was fun, i really didnt want to come (so much hw ahhh), but good times were had by all. also,


Smash Lord
Oct 9, 2009
Bay City, Michigan / Rochester, NY
1: Ally ($96.00) - Good job Canada, Thanks for being nice on the ride there/home :) BWW <3
2: Lain ($44.00) - We'll get that MM in eventually lmao
3: Coco ($28.00) - MONEYZZZZ
4: Gio ($16.00) - ****
5: Tech_Chase ($8.00) - DDD johns, BWW <3
5: Sailor Princess Twenty-Two. ($8.00) - Needs less bad characters
7: Kool Ori Bro - gratz on gettin in on dat carryin in Dubz. Ally needed you :3. BWW <3
7: Arc - You've gotten alot better, keep it up.
9: Pzo - TV johns
9: Xatic - Wario sucks and losing to horrible characters like Falcon, pick up a better character
9: Ron
9: DRDN - Nice meeting you, BWW <3
13: JTSM
13: Mr.C
13: Jon The Mesa
13: Abe - Nice meeting you irl finally. Nice Snake/Ike

ZTD | TECHnology

Developing New TECHnology
Jun 13, 2010
Ferndale, MI
^ LOL at the bagged milk post. That always freaked me out <_<


1: Ally ($96.00) You got lucky. Lol thanks for coming to this Elliot. Always nice to hang with you.

2: Lain ($44.00) You got me again baby. Thanks for coming to this :D And next time you'll get Ally. You did way better this time compared to WBST4.

3: Coco ($28.00) I'm surprised my Falco did so well against you. It was a fun set either way. And lol at you getting "Awwwwwwwww yeeaaaahhhhhh" a widespread phrase. lol

4: Gio ($16.00) - You surprised me. You played really well today. No johns you beat me. Good games.

5: Tech_Chase ($8.00) - This scrub made money in singles? What is this I don't even....

5: Sailor Princess Twenty-Two. ($8.00) - Thanks for coming Chi :D Switching mains is a gradual process though. Trust me I know this better than anyone in MI...LOL

7: Kool Ori Bro - Craziest set of the tournament. I can't believe I managed to come back on Game 2 and Game 3....LOL. F-Smash da bess. ;) You made more money than I did though <_<

7: Arc - Great seeing you again after so long and great set. You still got it with that Pit. Hope to see you at another TCSC.

9: Pzo - Dat Wario.

9: Xatic - Dedede vs Wario is too gay. Your Wario was looking good though. Thanks for helping me with the tourney :D And I am so sorry I failed us in dubs <_<

9: Ron - Heard you were actually playing well today. Good stuff.

9: DRDN - Thanks for coming out :D

13: JTSM - Nice to see you again.

13: Mr.C - Good games.

13: Jon The Mesa - You.....have improved a lot. It was doubles but still I see a clear improvement. We should play in singles soon :D

13: Abe - Nice meeting you and fun set and friendlies. Your Ike is solid keep up the good work and keep working at it. And don't CP a DDD to Delfino with Snake <_< lol


17. Gifts - You have an off day. It happens to everyone. I have faith you'll break this wall soon bro. We got some training to do.

17. Apasher - Nice to see you again.

17. LOE1 ^ See above.

17. Cello - Glad you could make it in time :D Thanks for coming.



Smash Master
Jul 13, 2006
8623 Hickory Drive, Sterling Heights MI 48312
1: Ally ($96.00) Good **** taking first and NOT getting *****
2: Lain ($44.00) Good Job getting second WFs was so close and you and I still have to play
3: Coco ($28.00) Getting that money :)
4: Gio ($16.00) congrats on beating me and most others
5: Tech_Chase ($8.00) Good Tourney thanks for having it and good job on making money again
5: Sailor Princess Twenty-Two. ($8.00) You had better work on that peach I dont want to 3 stock you again
7: Kool Ori Bro lol Kool Ori bro good job in teams
7: Arc GODDAMN PIT but ggs nice seeing you again
9: Pzo didn't face you
9: Xatic Cool car ride and thanks for piking me up also good job in dubs
9: Ron nice MK game 2 of pools wasnt very good for me lol
9: DRDN You suck stop rolling against pit and dont stale your bair so much
13: JTSM GG's in pools
13: Mr.C dont think we faced
13: Jon The Mesa Good teaming with ya we got money and kicked ***
13: Abe I dont think I faced you


17. Gifts Sad to see diddy didnt make it out of pools but fun playing you (never go G&W against me)
17. Apasher nice marth just neds a little more practice
17. LOE1 Wario was good and I liked how you played with a few others too just keep working on it
17. Cello for kirby Up B is only good in certain situations try going on the kirby boards to learn certain things but fun games


ignite the fire
Mar 6, 2008

1: Ally ($96.00) - Good stuff in doubles it was awesome being able to team with you! Good stuff in singles and thanks for helping me with my grab releases.
2: Lain ($44.00) - Good stuff in singles to bad we didn't play.
3: Coco ($28.00) - Good **** Trent dat Oli is still a threat.
4: Gio ($16.00) - Congrats on 4th and making money Gio.
5: Tech_Chase ($8.00) - SOOOOOOO close. Your D3 is your true calling as a main. I will get my revenge next tourney.
5: Sailor Princess Twenty-Two. ($8.00) - from what I saw, your Peach is really solid I want to play it at GSS.
7: Kool Ori Bro - Yesterday was a good day for you. Still need to learn that :snake: MU.
7: Arc - Great seeing you again dude. Your :pit: has gotten a lot better since MLG Columbus.
9: Pzo - <3
9: Xatic - ty for the ride man it. Your :wario: is still solid. BWW was too good.
9: Ron - Fun set your :rob: and :metaknight: are good just keep practicing.
9: DRDN - Good stuff in doubles your :kirby2: is really good.
13: JTSM - nice seeing you
13: Mr.C - nice seeing you
13: Jon The Mesa - fun stuff in pools and doubles glad I could help you against Abe.
13: Abe - You haved a solid :snake: dude I hope to see you at future events.


17. Gifts - great seeing you dude fun stuff in friendlies
17. Apasher - fun pool/doubles set hope my tips helped you.
17. LOE1 - fun doubles set
17. Cello - hope you come to more events.

Why was Elliot in Michigan?
He was visiting his gf
Sep 30, 2010
yo son MM next time i see you ;)

ps i'd just like to say all i've done since the last tournament is play melee so i'm not sure what happened i got lucky i guess LOlZ

Eddie G

Smash Hero
Nov 24, 2006
Cleveland, OH
Nice job to Lain, you'll get him next time.
Nice job to MI for popping out another tourney, keep it up. :)

Sparta Kick

Smash Ace
Jul 22, 2008
Good stuff Tech, coco, and Gio.

Special shoutouts to Gio for not SDing. (supposedly, though I don't buy it :troll:)


Smash Journeyman
Oct 13, 2010
East Lansing
1: Ally ($96.00) - Nice meeting you, not so nice getting ***** by you in bracket.
2: Lain ($44.00) - WFs too close, always fun hanging out with you and thanks for some of that pro insight.
3: Coco ($28.00) - Fun games in pools, second game was a lot closer at least.
4: Gio ($16.00) - You + Ally = Funniest conversations ever, also niiiiice on getting 4th
5: Tech_Chase ($8.00) -DDD pulls through again hahaha thanks for hosting
5: Sailor Princess Twenty-Two. ($8.00) - lols... Peach... It would be easier to say this seriously if you were bad with her....
7: Kool Ori Bro - Thanks for the coaching, good **** in doubles, tough break in singles, and lols at the ending of game 2 in our set.
7: Arc - Cool meeting you
9: Pzo
9: Xatic
9: Ron - I swear you must've gotten 200% damage on me from DC, who actually uses that as an attack lol fun games though.
9: DRDN - Dreamland Dream team too good!
13: JTSM
13: Mr.C
13: Jon The Mesa - New goal, win a set in bracket....
13: Abe -Real close set, all of those games were down to the wire and could've gone either way, your snake is pretty good.


17. Gifts - cool meeting you as well, you should be making bracket anytime now seems like you just had a few bad breaks.
17. Apasher - Your getting better, just mix up your approach more, you are a little too predictable, but once your fix that you should improve extremely fast.
17. LOE1 - Fun games in doubles, your Wario is pretty good
17. Cello - It was your first tourney so hopefully this just gave you a feel for what the real thing is like, don't get discouraged though, you can improve in no time.
Mar 2, 2011
Ann Arbor, MI
1: Ally ($96.00): Put in the work yesterday, Good **** have fun wrecking whobo
2: Lain ($44.00): The trip home was an adventure lol. Thanks for the advice and for playing that MM with me.
3: Coco ($28.00): The third olimar returns O:!
4: Gio ($16.00): Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
5: Tech_Chase ($8.00): Is this the first tourny you've won money in singles in? Congratulations dude.
5: Sailor Princess Twenty-Two. ($8.00): 30% Peach 70% Sheik. Y
7: Kool Ori Bro: yeah we gotta MM at GSS.
7: Arc: It was great seeing you again. Fun set today.
9: Pzo: Glad you could make it out, keep coming back man.
9: Xatic: I would quit maining bad characters if the people who used good ones didn't do so poorly in bracket ;o
9: Ron: Unfortunate set, but you're really good. You have some bad habits though.
9: DRDN: Thanks for recording, its always a great help to tourny's when some1 brings a set-up. You ***** me in pools y.
13: JTSM Glad to see you show up to more tournies, keep coming back man.
13: Mr.C Charles you and Adrian need to come out more, out of all the library kids you're the only ones that are good lol.
13: Jon The Mesa: I was watching your MK and it's gotten a lot better, just needs more real practice and you'll be there.
13: Abe: Great seeing new people to the scene, We didn't play at all but glad u could make it O:


17. Gifts: What happened dude? W/e these days happen just shake it off and move on to the next one.
17. Apasher: I see you on Smashboards all the time but I can never put a name to the face. Mind telling me who you were?
17. LOE1: I saw you playing some friendlies, keep it up dude.
17. Cello: Glad you could make it out.


King Arthur
Aug 13, 2010
Southfield, MI
1: Ally ($96.00): Good doubles set, and good **** getting first

2: Lain ($44.00): YOU DO NOT USE MY CHARACTER!!! loljk. good **** getting 2nd and ****** LOE1 xD

3: Coco ($28.00): Awwwwwwwwwwww Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh. Good pool matches. Ill learn the Marth - Olimar MU more

4: Gio ($16.00): You didn't make it out of pools last one and you got 4th this one? good ****!

5: Tech_Chase ($8.00): Thx for hosting and good **** makin the money

5: Sailor Princess Twenty-Two. ($8.00): I was the marth with the "APASH" tag. if u didn't see that, i was the light skinned black kid with the glasses and the gray shirt. btw, good ****, and **** peach >_>

7: Kool Ori Bro: Good friendles/pool matches/dubs matches. thx for the marth tips

9: DRDN: Good doubles matches/friendlies

13: Jon The Mesa: Good pool matches, 2nd tourney in a row with u in my pool xD. also, thx for the approach tips

13: Abe: Good pool matches, Ill learn the Marth - Snake MU more


17. Gifts: Good friendlies

17. Apasher: Nub, stop being so aggressive


17. Cello: Hope you come to more tournaments


Smash Apprentice
Jun 9, 2008
Nice job getting out of pools and winning a bracket match Abe!


Smash Rookie
Sep 18, 2010
Thank you guys for awesome feed backs I really enjoyed myself being there at my 1st Offline Tournament it was really amazing and I plan to go to many more now...this has always been my dream to be known and be the best player that I can be....it was really nice meeting everybody even Ally it was really an honor meeting the best Snake player in the world my eyes were shocked lol. All of you guys are awesome...I'll keep working more on my Ike and Snake....when next tourney comes I wanna try and play everybody :D and learn more about brawl and its secrets and tricks :D
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