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Taunts During Transformation Final Smashes

Atomic Greninja

Smash Rookie
Oct 11, 2019
So I have noticed that the CPU (regarding level) likes to taunt when I use any transformation Final Smash — such as in this example, Mega Evolution. Though I wonder why this happens?

This has happened twice, once in Palutena’s Temple, and second in a large Custom Stage I’ve made. Both times I’ve played as Lucario and Charizard respectively, coincidentally enough, fighting Villager both times.

Anyway, I had used my Final Smash, and while the respective characters were transforming, Villager had used its Up-Taunt (though I don’t think direction has an influence).

Has this happened to anyone, before? And if so, why?

EDIT: This happened again this morning, in Smash Bros 3DS. I transformed into Giga Bowser and the Ganondorf CPU had used his up-taunt.
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